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Thank you

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in love
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When do we say "thank you"? It may be a person who has a good influence on you so that you feel the flowers and clouds in the journey of life

Thank you
Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

When do we say "thank you"? It may be a person who has a good influence on you so that you feel the flowers and clouds in the journey of life; it may also be reading a volume of books, realizing the warmth and coldness of classic literature and history, wanting to thank the author or the characters in the book ...... in my life there is a wisp of bitter cinnamon fragrance, that is a small regret the happy time, and I still I want to say "thank you" to the person in that time.

One late autumn day two years ago, I was staring at the laurel tree outside my window when the door was suddenly thrown open and my mother rushed in with the test papers, followed by a quarrel over my grades. The neighborhood was empty, except for a car selling noodles parked under a laurel tree in front of the neighborhood, with a grandmother sitting in front of it.

I walked over, the grandmother's hair has long been white, the root of silver reflecting the moonlight, and face wrinkles comfortably unfolded. Seeing me sitting in front of the car, she didn't say anything, just gave me a bowl of noodles. Only after a long time did she ask me, "Little girl, why aren't you home at this late hour?" I told her about the argument with my mother, and she nodded: "It's common to quarrel with family members and fail in exams, so you can't stay away from home because of these things. "I don't want her to worry about it!" I retorted excitedly. She frowned slightly and added, "Try this bowl of noodles first, and come to a grandma with anything that bothers you in the future, and grandma will listen to you." I silently picked up my chopsticks, the noodles were tempting, and the beef swam in the bowl, I tasted a bite, the noodles melted in my mouth, and the simple noodle fragrance and strong marinade stimulated my taste buds, intertwined into the unique taste of homemade noodles, the cilantro was an excellent garnish, its light fragrance subtly dissolved the strong beef, delicious but not greasy. Under the moonlight, the Plum Blossom tree swayed its slender branches with the breeze, sending a burst of sweet and elegant fragrance.

"I especially like the Plum Blossom at night." Grandmother said, "Look, although it does not have a beautiful appearance, at night, it is even more fragrant than during the day. Life is the same, a momentary disappointment is nothing, maintain an optimistic attitude, and finally, one day can emit their fragrance." I looked up at the laurel tree, and my heart was filled with the fragrance of the flowers. "On a certain night, can I also emit such a fragrance of Plum Blossom." I pondered quietly. After that, I let go of my anger at my mother and went home. In this way, I became a regular visitor of my grandmother, and the scent of Plum Blossom remained with me throughout the autumn.

However, last fall Grandma never showed up pushing her cart. I heard that my grandmother had passed away, and I could no longer taste the delicious noodles, smell the elegant Plum Blossom fragrance, hear my grandmother's delicate whispers, or see her gentle smile.

This year, when the Plum Blossom was in full bloom again, I stood under the tree and looked up at the sky from between the gaps of the Plum Blossom trees: "Grandma, look, your favorite Plum Blossom blooms every year, but why don't you come back? But it doesn't matter, even if I never see you again, I will still remember your advice." Life is inevitably difficult, only an optimistic and confident view of life, to "pass through the hurdles", the old Plum Blossom fragrance again.

In the following days, learning, interpersonal and other kinds of pressure are still very big, the difference is that I began to look forward, and become optimistic. I believe that I am also a laurel tree, holding a million stars on its branches, and one day I will be able to emit my own "laurel fragrance". I want to thank my grandmother for teaching me the truth. "Thank you," I said in my heart.


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