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For Me

by Gisselle Canales 3 years ago in love

Kill for Love?

I wake up to the sunlight hitting me in the face. My head is killing me so I don't dare to move but it's not the only thing that is not allowing me to move. I realize my arms are tied to the headboard of the bed I am on. My feet are also tied to the end of the bed. Another reason to why my body is in pain.

What the hell happened last night that got me in this situation. Was it even last night? How long have I've been here? I start moving my wrists to see if maybe I can get free but the knots are really tight. While I try to escape the door to the bedroom opens. A man wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans walks in. When he sees that i'm awake he smiles.

I am anything but happy to see him so I glare at him.

"Don't give me that look love. It hurts me." He puts a hand over his heart while smiling at me.

"Why Christian? Why am I here tied to this bed?" He is my best friend and the only man I love with all my heart. It hurts me to know that he has me like this and I don't even know why which hurts even more.

"Last night we went out to a party which we should never had gone to. You were almost killed." What!

"What do you mean?"

"You were drunk and a man convinced you to leave with him. I followed you out and he was in the process of killing you after you refused to have sex with him. So I killed him." No way. I can't believe it.

"You didn't have to do that. There were other ways."

"I couldn't control myself. When I saw him readying his knife I just saw red and I attacked him. I punched and punched until I took his knife and slit his throat. My love for you is what made me do that. I wasn't about to lose the only good thing in my life."

"So how did I end up here?"

"I didn't want to end up in jail so I took you and brought you to a cabin I owned in the woods. I'll be damned if they take me away from you. I'm going to untie you but you have to promise me that you won't do anything." I have to go along with him if I want to escape. The thing is, do I want to escape? Christian comes over to me and starts to untie my wrists. Once they're untied I rub them. They're bruised and it hurts to move them.

"I'm sorry that I tied you too tight. i couldn't risk you getting up and making your way outside without knowing what happened." Once he unties my feet he sits on the bed then grabs me and puts me on his lap. I'm confused until he wraps his arms around me making sure my arms are behind my back.

"Do you have to do this?"

"Can't take any risks." He's way stronger than me so this works in his favor.

"So what now?"

"You are going to be locked in this room while I go get your passport and plane tickets. Ever been to Spain?"

"Are you crazy? I am not going anywhere with you. You killed someone Christian. I can't be with a killer. I have a life."

"So working as a waitress and having no family what's so ever is called a life. You will never travel because you need the money to buy food and pay your rent. How is that a life?"

"It beats not having to be with you."

"How can you say that when you like me."

"Who the hell said that?"

"I've seen the way you look at me. Don't lie to my face Gisselle. I'm sorry but you're coming with me. With time you'll love me again and your anger will go away." He then starts kissing my neck. I try to move away but he's holding me in place. Damn his strength. Eventually I let out a moan because this feels so good. I can feel him smiling against my neck. "You were saying?"

"Stop Christian. Let go of me please." I don't yell it. Instead I use a soft and calm voice. He releases me and allows me to stand and I back away from him a little.

"You stay here while I go get your stuff, your place isn't far." He attempts to kiss my cheek but I move slightly. He looks down then makes his way towards the door. He brings in a tray. "Have some breakfast. I'll be back soon." He leaves and I hear him lock the door. I go over to the tray and see eggs, bacon, and toast. My favorite. Because he's my best friend he knows what I like.

I look out the window and see the forest. I have always like the forest. I have to escape the forest but who knows how many miles. I have to escape right now while he is away. But I don't know if I really want to. Despite him killing someone and kidnapping me I still love him. But what's to say he won't hurt me? I'm wasting time. I'll escape but I won't tell on him which means I have to leave the state.

Alright I can't go out the main door so I have to think of something. The window. I can break it with something. I grab the chair and throw it breaking the window. I look out the window and I am happy that it's a one story cabin. I climb out and look around. I spot where Christian's car was parked and follow the tracks. This will get me out of the forest.

As i'm walking I hear a noise. I hide and wait. It's some guy walking around. Should I go up to him? What if he tries to hurt me? No I won't go up to him. I start moving quietly but them a twig snaps under my foot. Oh no.

"Who's there?" He heard me. Should I run? I hear his footsteps coming closer and closer towards me. Screw it i'm running. I break out into a run while still following the tracks. The man is running also.

"Stop! Why are you running?" I don't stop nor look behind me. That doesn't even work because I end up tripping on something and fall to the ground. I go to quickly get up but i'm flipped around. I start trying to kick the man away but he grabs my wrists and pins them to the ground. I let out a cry of pain because my wrist are still sore from the rope.

"Let go of me!"

"I am not gonna hurt you! Why were you running?!" I stop as soon as he says that.

"A man kidnapped me and plans to take me away. You have to help me please!"

"I'll help you. Look we need to head back to where he kept you prisoner so I can knock him out then call the cops."

"No please no!"

"We have to or else he'll get away." I take in a deep breath then realize that he's right. But at the same time I don't want Christian to get arrested. My love for him doesn't want that but I have no choice.

"Okay. I'll lead the way."

"Got it." He helps me up and I start walking back to the cabin. Once we get there the man asks me to step back while he opens the door and looks around to make sure Christian isn't home. I wait outside while the man looks around. I then hear something being knocked down followed by a scream.

I run straight into the cabin then let out a scream when I enter the kitchen. The man is laying dead on the ground covered in his blood. Sitting on the table is Christian with a knife in his hand and his shirt has some blood on it. He killed him.

"You see, nothing will keep us apart. Stop fighting it Gisselle and just come with me. I love you and I know you love me too. Please." He makes no move towards me and I stand there thinking. I let out a long sigh then look at him.

"Alright I'll go with you. Maybe my love for you is still there despite everything." He drops the knife then comes over to me and hugs me.

"I knew you'd come around. You will not regret this."

"I know I won't."

"Let's get in the car. Everything is packed and I have all we need to get on the plane. I'll change shirts in the car."

"Okay." He grabs my hand and leads me to the car. Christian was left millions of dollars when his parents died. Therefore we will never worry about money. My new life starts now.


Gisselle Canales

Whenever I go out I wear jeans and a shirt with a cool design. I may be a huge tomboy but I am a sucker for romance.

I love films which is why I want to be a film director. Batman is my favorite superhero, rock and roll music is my favorite.

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Gisselle Canales
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