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DEI Done Right: Building Genuine Diversity Practices in Your Business

Implementing Authentic Strategies for Lasting Inclusion and Equity

By andrewdeen14Published about a month ago 4 min read
DEI Done Right: Building Genuine Diversity Practices in Your Business
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Over the past decade, the prioritization of DEI principles and practices has steadily increased in popularity across a variety of industries. If you’re a business owner or operator, it’s important for you to understand the best, most effective ways to approach the cultivation of DEI ideals in your organization.

Becoming familiar with key strategies and practices can simplify this process and empower you to make meaningful changes as a business owner.

Here’s building genuine diversity practices in your business.

Defining DEI

Before digging your teeth into some amazing DEI practices for your organization, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what this concept represents. Put simply, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), are ideals that many organizations are now trying to bolster.

Ultimately, these ideals are meant to help business owners like yourself ensure that all levels of staff, clients, and customers feel comfortable, accepted, and respected. By putting time and effort into making your organization a paragon of DEI practices, you’ll be able to benefit your business in keyways.

Strategies for Improving DEI in Your Business

Now that you’re clear on the concept of DEI, it’s time to build an understanding of how to put these ideals into practice in your business. By becoming familiar with some effective and meaningful practices, you’ll become capable of making radical and positive changes in your organization.

Here are some key strategies for improving DEI in your business.

Educate Employees About DEI Principles

While you as a business leader may have all of the drive, ambition, and motivation in the world to transform your organization into a perfect picture of DEI principles, your efforts will be in vain if you’re unable to get your employees on board. However, you can bypass these persnickety obstacles by taking the time to educate your employees about DEI principles and practices.

What’s amazing about this practice is that it is broad and can be accomplished in a myriad of different ways. From providing online classes so your employees can engage in remote learning to sending your teams to seminars, you’re able to educate your employees about DEI principles in whatever way you see fit.

With your employees having a clear understanding of how to uphold and strive for DEI ideals, it will be much easier for you as an organizational leader to cultivate a culture of diversity. As such, educating your employees about these principles is a great first step for building genuine diversity practices in your business.

Create a DEI Committee

One of the most effective and common ways for businesses to keep themselves accountable for DEI goals is by creating DEI committees. Ultimately, these committees act as an extension of DEI leadership and get employees of all levels of organizations involved.

In addition to being a powerful force for DEI leadership, these committees are also able to bring problems you may be unaware of to your attention. As a result, you’ll become more effective at ensuring that your organization is truly living up to your DEI standards.

Another keyway that DEI committees help businesses accomplish their diversity goals is by empowering all employees to have a voice and power. This being the case, it’s clear that creating a DEI committee can help you truly make your organization more diverse and accepting.

Incorporate DEI Principles Into Your Hiring Process

In order to actually make your company more diverse, it’s crucial to have a diverse array of employees that bring their own unique perspectives to the table. The best way to achieve this goal is by making DEI principles a guiding foundational philosophy that informs your hiring decisions.

One keyway to hire in a DEI-friendly way is by using blind practices in the hiring process. Ultimately, these types of practices involve hiding the race, gender, and other characteristics of employees during the vetting and hiring process. In the end, this should result in a more diverse workforce with different idiosyncratic and diverse perspectives.

Another way to bolster DEI principles in hiring is by partnering with hiring organizations that pool candidates from a wide range of places. This practice will ensure that the candidates you consider to fill roles will come from many different places and will reflect many different cultures and backgrounds.

It’s Possible to Make Your Organization More Diverse in Meaningful Ways

Though it may seem like an overwhelming process at first glance, the truth is that you’re more than capable of transforming your company into a paragon of DEI ideals. By engaging in some key practices, such as educating employees and creating a DEI committee, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal of making your organization more diverse easily and effortlessly. This being the case, give these practices a shot and watch as your organization grows more diverse and accepting of all individuals.


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