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Creating Positive Relationships

How bettering your relationships will better you.

By Mikkie MillsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Choosing good people to have around you is very important for your overall growth as a person. It is important to keep people around that bring positive energy into your life. Even as an adult, choosing your friends wisely has a lot to do with how you think, feel, and behave. During adulthood, life is busy; it can be hard to foster and be present in relationships. Here are some tips to help you strengthen the relationships you have and foster new, positive relationships, even with a busy lifestyle.

Find Friends Similar to You

It is easy to be influenced by people who don't hold the same values and standards that you do. Diversity in friendships is usually a good thing. Different cultures and attitudes can be good in helping you grow as a person. Though diversity is good, still try to make sure to keep friendships with people who have the same general values and beliefs as you. Having diverse friends is great as long as there is a common ground in values or attitude. Having friends with a different attitude than yours can literally change yours.

Even choosing friends that may have the same common goals as you could be a good thing as well; it brings balance to your life and helps you focus on the common goal you share, and in turn, this can push both parties towards success and creates a lasting friendship. Choosing friends that have the same interests as you is also a good thing. You're able to go on outings together and experience things that you share the same interest in. This in turn can make life more fun and create a better bond between you and your friend.

Choose Friends Who Motivate You

Hanging around toxic people can have a negative impact on your personal growth, health, and outlook on life. When you think about your friendships think of how each individual friend makes you feel. When they leave do you feel drained? Do you find yourself wanting to avoid them altogether? Do they breeze over your accomplishments like they aren’t worth the celebration? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions it may be time to clean house.

Friendships are supposed to help you grow and encourage you to be better, so if you’re constantly dealing with friends that leave you with a negative taste in your mouth, it may be time to cut ties. Friends that downgrade your accomplishments, negatively comment on your growth, and distract you from your dreams are not really your friends. The criticism of toxic friends will cause you to fail if you keep them in your life, so to ensure your personal growth, remove them from your life.

Maintaining Friendships

With everything that goes on in life, it's sometimes a little hard to maintain the friendships we create with the people around us. Studies have shown that maintaining friendships can help with overall health by keeping you alive longer, and can also benefit you by warding off depression and boosting immunity. Friends are also needed to lean on and offer amazing support in times of need; they can help you find resolutions to problems and they actually care about your growth. Having great friends impacts the quality of your life, so make sure to prioritize the friendships that you have with the people around you.

Keeping good relationships with the people around you can benefit you in many ways. These relationships can help you by motivating you to move in the right direction and push you toward success, helping you to become a more productive individual. If you notice that the friendships that you keep are not helping you to become a better person is better to sever the negative ties early. Protect your peace.


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