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Born This Way

Love Wins

By Nagarathinam BPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Gender is no matter

In the ancient kingdom of Yanxi, where reflection of banned legends travels in the air and shadows of the past dance across the walls of ruined palace, two souls found themselves caught up in a story as old as time. Their journey was one of disallowed love, marked by the fight of their opposing natures and the weight of their family's expectations. But among the trouble of their world, they discovered a love that was truly born this way.

Enter Prince Kim, the calm and indifference successor to the throne of Yanxi. With quiet strength and steady will power, he crosses the false waters of court politics and royal duties with grace and poise. Kim was ready to bear the burden of his kingdom's future. He hid his true desires behind a face of calm and hide the confusion that was destroy his heart.

Before him stood Prince Karan, the arrogant and impulsive second son of an enemy kingdom. With a carefree attitude and a careless nature, he enjoyed the thrill of adventure and the chasing of pleasure. Open one’s heart by responsibility, Karan lived his life on his own terms, paying no attention to the outcome that awaited him on the earth.

Their paths first crossed one fateful night under the light of the full moon, when fate intervened with a chance encounter that would change the course of their lives forever. Kim was on a secret mission to broker peace between their warring kingdoms and came across Karan deep in the entrance Forest, where in a moment of pure chance they locked eyes.

From that moment on, their fates were twist in ways they could never have imagined. Despite their initial ill feeling toward one another, Kim and Karan were united by an attractive force that go against logic and reason. With each passing day, their bond grew stronger until they could no longer separate the end of their feelings.

But their love was not without challenges, as they soon found out. From the hard unfriendliness between their kingdoms to the control of royal tradition, they faced challenges at every turn that blackmailed to tear them apart. Yet they remained steadfast in their commitment to one another, refusing to let anything or anyone come between them.

For Kim, accepting his feelings for Karan meant disobeying his father's wishes and risking the easily broken peace of his kingdom. The weight of his duty be cruel to him, unsafe to destroy his spirit and smother the flame of his love. But with Karan by his side, he found the fearlessness to stand up for what he believed in and was willing to fight for his love against all on bad terms.

Meanwhile, for Karan, loving Kim meant facing his own devil and taking on the responsibilities that came with his heart's wish. Raised in a world where passion was hated and duty rule supreme, he struggled to balance his wish with the request of his position. However, when he allowed himself to be at risk with Kim, he discovered a strength he never knew he had and was willing to risk everything for his love.

And as they stood together among the ruins of their kingdoms, Kim and Karan hold their love, knowing that they were destined to be together, no matter what the future might bring. Because in each other they had not only found a lover, but also a close friend, a partner and a better half. Born this way, they accepted their love with an open heart and mind, ready to face whatever challenge awaited them, hand in hand, now and forever.


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