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Beth and Sarah

The Reunion

By Eliza VargasPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Beth and Sarah
Photo by Courtney Nuss on Unsplash

"Oh, it's that time, look at what came in the mail for you!"

"Nooooo. No no no-no-no. How did they find my address?"

"Okay, you realize it's just your high school reunion right? Your acting like the mafia is out to get you and they sent you a note to say they're coming." Sarah chuckles to herself while looking at her girlfriend in awe.

"You don't get it I have no desire to go back there. Exes that I can't stand, other people I can't stand that will be their, friends that I haven't talked to in years so we're probably not even friends any more..." Beth sends a blank stare to Sarah hoping she'll pick up on why she doesn't want to go. After a while, Beth just sighs at Sarah's silence.

"I doubt it was really that bad. Or is it that you don't me to go? You know classic closet case doesn't want anyone to know she's with a woman-"

"You know if I didn't know you were joking I'd be seriously upset that you even suggested that. You know that would never be the case. I love you. I just hate all those people. And I was hoping that they wouldn't find me ten years later so I wouldn't feel obligated to go. Or that you wouldn't make me go." Sarah bursts out laughing, sort of confused as to why Beth is so against the idea of going to such a small and meaningless event. Beth just stands there unamused with her arms crossed. This goes on for a while. Sarah starts laughing so hard that her stomach aches. Beth walks away now half smiling, infected by the contagious laughter.

"Wait, wait. I'm sorry okay. I just find it so funny because you are so against this but it's not even a big deal. And if you don't want to go nobody is going to make you go. You're a grown woman, not a child." Now they both laugh. They make their way to the coach and sit there in silence for a moment. Beth contemplating on putting on the television, Sarah still going over the conversation in the kitchen. Beth finally decides to turn the tv on, and she scrolls through the guide as Sarah gets up and walks away towards their bedroom. The cooking channel is airing another baking competition show and being such a sweet tooth Beth just can't resist turning it on. This episode's theme is big and bold birthday cakes. maybe she could get some ideas for her nephew's birthday in a couple of weeks. After the first challenge is completed Sarah walks out in this wine red jumpsuit. Not too casual not too formal. It has a flattering neckline wither back exposed, short sleeves. Accessorized with gold-colored stilettos, long dangling earrings, and a simple gold necklace. It takes a moment for Beth to notice, but when she does she is both stunned and bewildered as to why all of a sudden her girlfriend is all dressed up.

"Do you have a hot date that I don't know about?"

"No, I just figured, if I was going to a high school reunion, especially with my girl, maybe I'd wear this. Or something like this, you know I have to show off just a little to show people who's at the party."

"Come. On. I thought we talked about this, I said I didn't want to go. And you said you wouldn't make me."

"I know I'm just saying 'IF'. Plus you know I didn't finish high school, well not traditionally anyway, so I always wondered what it would be like to go back after a few years and show off the person I've become." As she says this she walks back in forth in front of the tv as though on a runway strutting her stuff in hopes of getting her way. For a while, she pays no attention to Beth's face, knowing one way or another she looks good and Beth will break. At first, Beth continues to be annoyed but can't help but look Sarah up and down.

"So how long were you planning this?"

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about."

"Yeah ok, and how badly do you want to go to this reunion?" A brief pause.

"You know on a scale of one to ten."

"Oh, one hundred." To this Beth just has to laugh. Not only from the answer but the fact that it was immediate and without a doubt. Now the tables have turned. Beth is the one laughing uncontrollably and Sarah is the one who seems to start getting annoyed. Now Beth could see what Sarah was talking about earlier. She was trying just as hard to avoid going to the reunion as Sarah is to go to it. It was such a little thing that both of them were making a tremendously big deal about. And it was hysterical. Beth felt like she was laughing for hours. She didn't even notice when Sarah walked away a few minutes ago.

"Oh my god. That was the most I've laughed since the movie The Heat came out. Wow, I needed that."

"Well, your welcome babe. Glad I could amuse you with my wanting to go." Sarah mumbles under her breath.

"I'm laughing because you were right....and I think we should go. But don't get too excited, because if we go we're also going to see your brother and his frat bros next month for his game." Sarah's face dropped, Beth knew exactly how to get her back. Sarah tried to think of something clever to say or some way of getting out of it, but she had nothing.


"Sorry what I didn't quite catch that."

"Fine, If we go to your reunion we will go see my brother and his obnoxious friends and their stupid game."

"Wow I'm surprised, I really thought that one would get you but great. It's a date!" Sarah leans back on the couch with her arms crossed. Beth gives her a peck on the cheek, smiles at her then gives her a big hug as she starts giggling again.


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