Eliza Vargas

College student in LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

a day ago
When you look at me what do you see? A girl with dark brown hair and eyes, Short and curvy reaching for the skies. Do you see a friend, Family member, Someone you admire, Or someone who is simply ther...
6 days ago
Things fall apart in the dreary world we live in, Whether it’s due to loss, failure, heartbreak, or simply utter defeat. We try and try everyday to break through and see the light, We all have have ou...
Not Your Typical Girl
7 days ago
Did you think I was your typical girl Sweet and innocent like the girl next door? Sorry to tell you I am not that girl. I’m the one you’d never expect to be your perfect match The one you usually woul...
A Love that Destroys
8 days ago
Where are my friends? A mist all the noise and people in the bar she feels the sensation of someone staring at her. Who did I come with again? As she looked in the direction she felt the sensation com...
The Nightmare
14 days ago
I'm in the top bunk in the cabin getting ready for bed, sneakily eating a doughnut before my aunt comes in to check on me. She never allows us to eat any sweets after eight, even though I was now fift...
Sex With Bloody Mary
16 days ago
It was just another Saturday night when me and some of my friends were playing Truth or Dare. You could say we were inspired by all the Truth or Dare gone wrong movies that are out there. So we were f...