Eliza Vargas

College student in LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

Looking Through the Glass
a month ago
Suffering We all feel it But why? Why must we put that feeling upon others? Because we can overpower them? Because we feel Inferior. This feeling is depressing. To not think, What if it was me? It cou...
The Hardest Part
2 months ago
Saying goodbye was the hardest part. He had been my whole world for so long and now it was just over. I thought we were happy, I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together but when ...
Where Has the Love Gone?
2 months ago
Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era, One where no one seems to want anything serious or lasting. And those who do have already found someone, So then I ask, What about me? What happened to t...
The Dreamer
2 months ago
I love the idea of magic! I wish it were real. But who am I to say it’s not? Some say magic comes in a feeling, One that it is like no other, Like in love or in a kiss, More powerful than any other. L...
3 months ago
When you look at me what do you see? A girl with dark brown hair and eyes, Short and curvy reaching for the skies. Do you see a friend, Family member, Someone you admire, Or someone who is simply ther...
3 months ago
Things fall apart in the dreary world we live in, Whether it’s due to loss, failure, heartbreak, or simply utter defeat. We try and try everyday to break through and see the light, We all have have ou...