Eliza Vargas

College student in LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

The Power of Performance
3 days ago
Today I went to see the Dance Concert, one of many performances, that are put on at my performing arts college. It touched on a lot of topics like "we the people," "justice for all," "powerful women" ...
Two Bodies, One Spirit
7 days ago
The creature frozen in place lies there on the ground. Breathing slightly, emulating how I felt with the wound in my side. Weak, growing colder by the minute becoming more and more lifeless. I stared ...
23 days ago
Sometimes I think there is nothing better Then a genuine smile One that goes from hear to hear Even bigger then the nile A simple thing Taking little effort That could brighten someone's day A small g...
a month ago
The color of ocean and sky The beauty in his eye Makes me think of the clouds in the air And how I wish I could run my fingers through his hair I want to feel serene and calm When our hands are touchi...
What's the Deal with Relationships Today?
a month ago
Recently, for whatever reason I started online dating again. I was on a few for a brief amount of time back when I was studying in New York a couple months ago. So I figured now that I'm in a complete...