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6 Ways to Rediscover Joy in Tumultuous Times

Practical soul, mind, and health tips for wellbeing

By Roxann DrakePublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Image taken from Ross Gay's Inciting Joy

1. Go to the Source of all things First.

The first tip for rediscovering your peace and joy involves where you go first to seek. The place to seek first is the Source of Life, Energy and Inspiration; it'a a spiritual place, and it is here that we will renew our strength, inspiration, and joy for life. The scripture in Psalms 16:11 describes this Divine Space: “In thy presence is fullness of joy: and at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”

Setting aside time at the beginning of the day to spend time at the Fountain of life is a good habit. Set aside a space where you will be uninterrupted. Take quiet time to listen deeply, ask the questions that need answers, journal, affirm truth, and visualize a glorious outcome to your circumstances. Express Divine reverence and gratitute for what you already have. Listen to inspirational music and uplifting songs. Be sure to have pen and paper ready for any ideas you may receive during this time at the Fountain of Life.

2. Maintain Faith and Positive Thinking:

Those who have faith in a "Higher Power," and believe that a Divine Plan is in motion, can fall back on a strength and confidence beyond themselves. Furthermore, those who practice gratitude and believe that things will work together for good in the end, will have a more upbeat attitude. Cultivate spiritual activities, and connections to others in groups that are going to sustain you during testing times.

All it takes to believe that something powerfully wonderful is at the root of Creation is to look at the gloriously spectacular galaxy formations seen through Hubble Telescope; gaze through the clear aquamarine waters of the Carribean at the intricate sea life; or read yet another news story about the heroine who sacrificed her life by shielding a child from a stray bullet. To observe the beauty and complexity of Creation, and power of Love that humanity can display, surely leads one to have faith in a benevolent Divine Plan.

3. Use Excercise & Nutrition to increase your wellbeing.

According to an article by Harvard Health Publishing, “Exercise reduces levels of the body's stress hormones...also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body's natural painkillers and mood elevators.” In other words, exercise can keep us happier.

So what’s your favorite activity? Walking? Basketball? Hiking? Whatever it is, current Physical Activity Guidelines suggest engaging in about 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle strengthening activity. I like to make it enjoyable. For example if walking is your form of exercise, choose a scenic, nature walk. Also, it’s important to pick an activity that’s fun for you. If you need motivation, try finding a fitness group or partner.

Nutrition also plays a part in our mood and energy levels. Dieticians agree on some things. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, is beneficial for health. Also staying hydrated and avoiding to much sugar and carbohydrates. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be associated with insulin spikes and mood swings. Do your research.

Here’s some interesting information about Vitamin D and mental health: There is research indicating that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression-like symptoms. Furthermore, medical professionals are finding that many people are deficient in Vitamin D. As an aside, please note that Vitamin D has been shown to be absorbed better when taken in conjunction with other minerals/vitamins. You may want to seek professional advice on adding a Vitamin D3 supplement to your diet.

In addition, there are many other naturally derived supplements that are worth researching for purported health benefits, including turmeric, magnesium, and raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

4. Plan Regular Nature Excursions:

There’s nothing like taking a deep breath of fresh air while gazing at green meadows. Or, strolling beside a brook under the shade of towering trees. Or how about hiking up a hilly slope to reach the top of a mountain for a breathtaking view of what’s below? Getting out among nature is a great way to find a quiet place to relax, breath in fresh air, and reflect.

Did you know studies in psychology have revealed that the color green is associated with feelings of abundance, refreshment and peace, and rest and security. Still other studies show that some hues of blue–as in a pale blue sky–can evoke feelings of calmness, relaxation, and spirituality. No wonder that visit out to the huge green, grassy field with the blue pond makes us feel so much better! Most will agree that nature provides us with an opportunity to refresh ourselves and renew our energy for life.

5. Continue to Set Goals for Yourself.

A goal is like a command that's given either inadvertantly, or consciously to the brain and nervous system. The nervous system responds by releasing the stimulants and energy to bring about the desired results, whether it's taking a step down the street, or taking an exam. A goal also implies that there is a vision or picture in mind of a desired outcome. We all have intentions, whether we realize it or not. Some intentions and beliefs are subconscious, so it's a good idea to consciously create visions or goals for different areas of our lives. The more satisfaction and fulfillment there is associated with reaching the goal, the more potential there is to experience energy and anticipation of joy.

In fact, without clear goals, we may remain in stasis in many areas of our life. What goals can you set for yourself this year in the area of personal development, health, spiritual growth, etc?

6. Take Care of Yourself and Do What You Enjoy!

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a lot to accomplish with our lives. And sometimes, taking care of our personal needs can be at the bottom of the list. This may especially be more true for females, who are more often caregivers. Remember, giving the best of yourself to the world requires cultivating your gifts and keeping yourself healthy, strong, and happy. Make time to engage in the interests and special activities you love to grow your capacity for fulfillment and for giving.

Re-igniting joy may be as simple as giving ourselves the extra sleep we need, or the time to engage in a hobby. Hobbies, AKA special interests, often point the way towards our gifting and purpose in life. Your interest might include music, art, literature, or starting a business. Finding a practical way to participate in your interests will be beneficial for self development, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life. We often "light up" and open to new pathways for ourselves as we pursue our gifting. Healthy fun, good energy, and joy are complementary to each other.

With these five pointers in mind, I hope you’ll find a way to incorporate them into your routine and restore life’s gusto.

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