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15 truths about always being poisoned by reality that made me finally find out.

That's a good thing too

By Clemmens CroftonPublished 4 months ago 8 min read
15 truths about always being poisoned by reality that made me finally find out.
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I often think that someone is better off because of me.

That would be a beautiful thing too.

I recently looked at the demographic data of my public website and found that 83% of my friends are aged 18-35, the absolute core of the population.

Among them, 37% are aged 18-26, which is the age of most readers who are in school, have just graduated, or have been working for a year or two.

Although this is not the largest age group, it occurred to me.

If I had to give some advice to me when I first entered the workplace ten years ago, what would I say?

Could I share some of my insights as a veteran with these readers who are about to enter the workplace or those who have been working for a while?

Of course.

If you don't mind, I'll rant a bit, and every word is true. The old workplace people are also welcome to correct.


When you first enter the workplace, don't be too calculating: this is not what I should do, that I won't do, less money and more work.

There is no harm in learning more and doing more, young people should be awake to fight well. Do more things, the mindset is right, either get or learn, really no loss.


Learn to stand in the perspective of others to think about the problem, not everything is based on what you learned in books or your subjective perception.

Many newcomers to the workplace are always "unable to understand the words". It is not that he is dumber than others, but that he lacks empathy and cannot think differently. Always think that the boss is a fool with blind decisions, and the leader is a stickman with chaotic command ......

Some things they do not need to report to you, and there are so many stupid bosses and leaders. I have never seen one in all my years!

3. Confidence

Back view

Remember, we are not here to work and not be inferior to others. In business, we are in a free and legal labor relationship with the company we are partners with.

Then, stay confident, and don't let your confidence be easily shattered.

You don't have to squirm, you don't have to be afraid to even speak up, you don't have to be afraid to speak up even if you have an opinion. Even if the waves are raging inside, you have to be calm on the surface.


A sense of ownership can be interpreted as treating things at work as if they were your own, being able to "think like a boss" and doing everything to the best of your ability.

Many people say this is a slogan for the exploitation of all things capital, I can only say save it. Anything you do at work is supposed to be your CV, and the biggest beneficiary of doing it well must be you. There are a lot of people who spend all day bargaining with the company, but in the end, they did not do anything and muddle through.


Can not care, but must have their principles. A person with strict principles will gain respect; without any principles, will only be reduced to the workplace work machine. It seems to be loved by all, but in reality, it is not highly regarded.

For the sake of the principle, rather leave than give up, otherwise not only will suffer, but also regret life.

6, the right to speak

Do not always spit out that the newcomers do not have the right to speak, and others do not seem to listen to what I say. It is useless to complain about this, and it is useless to cry and hang oneself.

The right to speak is earned, not given by others, even if others are kind enough to give you, and can not be pocketed is also in vain. Do a few things, do a few things beautifully, adhere to and make good use of their profession, and the right to speak will come naturally.

7、Doing things in a high profile

There are no bad ground to plow, only tired cattle. Although I still believe that as long as you insist on paying will be rewarded, the workplace will indeed "come to things", to reveal themselves, to externalize their work.

After all, you think that leaders and bosses are watching you every day and they know every move you make. But in fact, they don't know. With so much going on every day, how can they have the time to observe you every day? The so-called silence, in their eyes, maybe inaction.

8、Comfort Zone

If you want to stand out, if you want to get promoted, a more effective way is to expand your scope of work and escape your comfort zone to shoulder greater expectations. Then go for it and exceed expectations.

Don't always hide in your acreage and just do what is expected of you.

9、Do it right

You can know a lot, but the ability and energy can not be evenly distributed, must be a certain ability to do fine, to make a competitive barrier, to have the right to speak. A meter wide, a thousand meters deep, is probably what this means.

The signal sent out by enterprises to the outside world always says that they need comprehensive talents, but many people will be wrong, the so-called comprehensive is not everything that will point, but 1 + N, a core competence + N auxiliary skills. Without the front 1, the back N is just miscellaneous.


No chance to perform in the workplace? Or the company does not give any big opportunities? I used to think so too. But then a friend made me change my mind. Every time I couldn't see or didn't think there was much value in a project, he made it into an opportunity to express himself.

He put his heart and soul into it, and he did it in such a way that it wowed the crowd, and although it might have turned out to be a failure at times, his drive to improve won him a lot of applause.

So what is an opportunity? Everything that comes into your hands is an opportunity. Others do, can be done; you do, can do different, not only done but also beautiful, that is not to seize the opportunity?

11、Small smart

When I first started working, I always liked to find shortcuts, speculate, play a little smart, and was quite dejected.

Later, I found that when my boss talked to me, he always mentioned that I was a smart person. That's not right. It's not good to be labeled as just smart in the workplace, I'd rather be labeled as something else, like dependable.

It's just a case of being small-minded and thinking you're successful by being clever all the time. Stop it! It's better to keep your feet on the ground and do real work to consolidate your hard work.

12, optimistic

Stay optimistic, or reality will make you very unpromising. If you fail, learn something from it; if you fall, get up; go for more challenges and face them with a positive mindset. Don't be sad all the time, work is not easy enough, don't be upset with yourself, and no one likes to work with someone bitter and upset.

If you open your heart a little bit, you won't have so many problems to overcome. Sensible people are always right, optimistic people tend to succeed.


Summarize and think is the workplace must do. Because you have to do a lot of repetitive work every day, if not to think, summarize and improve, growth is very slow, equal to wasting a lot of effort every day.

The harder you work, the more you have to think, otherwise, you just keep making brute force. What I fear most is that not thinking will become a habit, and I will become a skin without a soul that works mechanically every day, for ten years as one day, for one day as ten years.

I forget who said that what destroys young people now is that they are too busy every day and have no time to think about life.

14. Synergy

Business is not a place to highlight individual heroism. Those who will make good use of the team are the smart ones, and those who will aggregate resources are the ones with talent.

Don't think about being a lone wolf all day long, think more about how to collaborate with others, what resources are currently available, and how to amplify the power of the platform and yourself together, rather than just your power.

15、Do not do

The first two years after graduation, can accept low wages, can accept heavy tasks, can accept frequent over time, and can even accept grumpy leaders ...... But there is a premise, this company can learn the real thing.

If a large group of people in the company is just muddling through, don't do it before it's too late. The environment can affect people, especially a bad one, for life.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of being young is that you can constantly change your environment and find a company with a good team atmosphere, that you like and that you are passionate about. There are not so many worries.

Don't wait until you're middle-aged and ask yourself every day: what have I done for half my life, I've been muddling through for so many years and I don't dare to quit.

These are some of the things I would like to say to teenagers who have just graduated, or who have been working for a while.

If you find them useful. It's not a big deal.

After writing this, I finally realized that there is no such thing as quiet time. It's just that all the wounds I've ever suffered have turned into light before my eyes.

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