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The owner of the company is not bad, the market does not love it.

Stirring up conflict among subordinates is a must for bosses

By Clemmens CroftonPublished 4 months ago 15 min read
The owner of the company is not bad, the market does not love it.
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I have written a few articles related to the workplace before and the response has been overwhelming, with people saying that they have learned and want to know more tips on how to line up with their bosses and to go line up with them themselves.

I s a pity that when you ask this question, it means you haven't learned atlearnedThose who have lelearnedsking for tips on sparring, will also ask which crematorium is strong, where the cemetery has appreciation potential, how to give your boss a dream in the netherworld and whether there is inflation in the netherworld by burning paper year after year, etc. We all still need to consider the issue more comprehensively.

And really smart people, are directly consulting the workplace touch fish paddling skills because they have long seen through that effort is verythatportant, but the pure effort will only make the boss richer, and older will be the boss to ollie to.

The only way to not lose money is to feel the fish.

Because many peoBecauseic illusions about creatures like the boss, so today, I intend to give you the boss's mindset and see things from the boss's perspective.

Do you guys think that boss mismanagement is as easy and cool as you think?

I'm telling you, your imagination is wrong because you can't imagine the coolness of the box not being a human being.

I hope this will help you to see reality as early as possible, give up your illusions and test your interests.


First, the choice is indeed more important than effort, but only if you can choice is indeednd enjoy the rights.

Many bosses especially like to tell their employees that choice is more important than effort, which is true in itself, but there are two problems.


The first is, who defines whether the choice is right or wrong?

When you don't think about it, you're defaulting to the fact that it's the boss who defines whether the choice is right or wrong.

When many bosses speak this line, they are implying that he is the right choice, so you have meat to eat by following him.

He white whoring you are not white whoring, but the painful beating of love, beating in your body, pain in his heart.

Every sleepless night, after the paper-drunk boss in the Big House thinking about you still working overtime to create profits for him, moved by the thought of you because of the white whoring nourished a lot of experience, gaining growth, he would even leak a smile of relief for your growth.

That's how social education works, the boss tells you from personal experience that there are bad people in society.

Secondly, the choice is a harder thing than effort. Many choices you think are right at the time may be big holes when you look back years later.

Just like when so many shared bicycles, I realized the risks involved, so I wisely chose one of the most financed bosses with the hardest background to fill the deposit, the result is that the deposit is still gone, recently it seems that the company has news that the office is lost, many suppliers can not find them, even the court said they could not find anyone, look at me dumbfounded, obviously a bicycle how to run away can run so fast, this is nuclear power Is this a nuclear-powered bicycle? If you have this ability, why don't you just work in the electricity industry?

The most abominable thing is that people are inviting me under the relevant questions of Zhihu, and I was so angry that I hit a full partition in the toilet on the spot.

As a part-time worker, you need to realize that although the choice is more important than effort, only if you can clearly define the choice as well as the reward, otherwise the phrase has no meaning for you.

For example, if you work for an industry-leading company, where the pay is not high but you are exposed to advanced industry experience and can jump ship at a high premium when you do in a couple of years, that is what you call choice over effort.

If there is no such gain that you can control, then it is better not to listen to your boss's nonsense. If the exposure cannot be turned into money in the future, then there is no point in getting less money at this stage.

In particular, don't choose between right and wrong as defined by your boss, because you can't escape him any way you choose.

It is the higher power to define the rules.


Second, calling your employees brothers is a good way for your boss to squeeze them.

Many bosses like to talk to their employees as brothers, and employees like these bosses don't have a shelf.

But bosses and employees are in a transactional relationship, and any emotional behaviourbehaviorhe transaction can easily lead to an imbalance at both ends of the transaction.

The essence of brotherhood is to make you more willing to be squeezed and less calculating about your salary.

Normally, if you are asked to work overtime and take on more work, you either want more overtime, or you start fancy groping, or you reluctantly don't do your job properly; you have the white whoring mechanism, I have paid to shit, and we split 50/5to shit

But a lot of things change once you introduce the variable of emotion.

When we become friends or brothers, this time then ask you to pay more, many people will feel that this is doing a friend a favor, helping a friend's favor how can be so calculating again? The kindness of the staff is the boss white whoring the soil.

If you argue your case, the boss can still stand on the moral high ground to urinate and defecate anywhere, accusing you of having no morals, no conscience, brothers working overtime, you are a designer and so o,n.

You see, that's when you can't say anything.

Many bosses are smart enough to realize that confusing professional deals and friends helping out are two things that work well to save costs.

Even better, a lot of employees can't figure out what's going on in there and will go to battle with their brothers with enthusiasm, and in a way, it can be considered a painless harvest.

It's like a lot of things that are a scam, but a tea master can make you feel like you're paying for love, and then move yourself to feel so infatuated and passionate that I'm embarrassed to wake them up.

Don't be self-touched friends, work is work, colleagues are colleagues, not make friends and talk about feelings.

These days, face and face are hedged. You should take advantage of being scolded than give others the chance to take advantage of you.

Remember, we all go to work to sell, it's too bad to be whoring, and even worse to be whoring out your sense of honor and emotions, it's ridiculous and pathetic, it's like whoring out PTSD.

Don't think I'm saying this too utilitarian, I'm telling you, it's a kind of expectation management, if you've always been this kind of catty look that doesn't give people white whoring, you help people once in a while regardless of the gains and losses, people will appreciate you for a long time.

On the other hand, if you keep giving people a free ride, one day you'll have to spray them to death if you want to claim your rights.

That's how complex human nature is.

So think carefully, my friend, we are here to sell our time for money, not to find a mother for a tadpole.

If it's just brotherly love, it's still normal.

Some bosses are particularly able to pretend, not only white whoring, but also in a paternal posture pretending to X, moving to say that employees are his children, but just do not give money, it is recommended that we do a recording in advance, and so one day he died, the funeral to go up to share the inheritance, you dare to say, I dare to believe.

Winning and losing are very happy.

Happy most important.


Third, in most cases, the boss will not give those old bulls a promotion.

A lot of people have a misconception in their thinking that as long as they do enough to be good enough to be on their own in a certain business module, then they will be seen by the boss and then promoted.

Don't be ridiculous, no one becomes a property developer by moving bricks and mortar on a construction site.

In reality, hard-working old bulls often don't get promoted, and sometimes the harder you work, the less you get promoted.

Why? Because there is too much to do.

If you think about it differently, if you were the boss and you had a man who was particularly energetic and did a lot of work, and now had a chance to be promoted, he might stop doing the work after the promotion, and you would have to find another person or recruit a new person to fill the holes, and in the process, the operation would be inefficient and there might be a basket case, how would you choose?

A qualified black-hearted boss is of course to paint the pie, delayed gratification and choice are more important than the effort to arrange first, and then brotherly relations go up, can drag a year is a year, and finally really can not fooled also almost the person drained, and finally can send him off again after the pot to his head, by the way to the newcomers to establish an image of their domineering president.

This is the real juicer.

The kind of people who insist on giving people promotions without any worries is often professional managers and senior wage earners, which are spending the boss's money to run their network.

I used to work for people to lead a team when I particularly like to generous boss lament, anyway, not my money, how much can be sent to send how much, as much as possible, send more subordinates will thank me, when I run away one day to jump ship to another, people are willing to consider going with me, which is not the same as having their small team, it.

This is not the same as using the boss's money to dig the boss's corner? This, then, is called white whoring.

When you're not the boss, you're certainly generous when you're handing out the boss's money.

But when you are the boss, you must be stingy, because it is your own money.

It is the basic quality of the profession of the boss to recognize only money and not people, and it is the same for anyone who is a boss.

So as a wage earner, you should never let yourself fall into this kind of petty hell. Do less work that is not worthwhile, preferably dump it on those who are particularly motivated, and only rush to do worthwhile work.

When you've had the misfortune to fall into this role, all you have to do is approach your boss to negotiate a bare-bones deal, taking advantage of his fear that you'll suddenly run away and cause more trouble and profit for yourself.

This is the art of negotiation.

As for the boss to kill you after the negotiation, do not panic, your salary base has been adjusted up, and go to the next one of the increases calculated by the new base, just open a new ruby this time can be long snacks.

Of course, if you hate these things, but also do not want to jump ship, there is no way, then you can only endure, the world is bullying honest people.


The fourth, provoke subordinateonflict, is the boss of the mandatory course.

If a provoking does not know how to provoke the contradictions of subordinates, then it is bound to be a failure of the boss, because he will lose in the game with the staff.


Because the core reason why the boss can crush the staff is that the resources at his disposal are richer than those of a single employee, note that this is a single employee.

And once the employees have coalesced, then the resources at their disposal are richer than the bosses.

When a line of business staff relationship is loose, the boss can get whoever he wants, if you don't do it, there are plenty of people to do it.

But if a business line is united, the boss can only come over to kneel, the big guys must not leave the stall, and if something goes wrong tomorrow I have to gis o to the club to work.

In short, it is not in the boss's interest for the staff to end cordial and united.

Only a loose or even a little conflicted relationship can maximize the boss's interests.

Tell A a few bad words about B, then compliment A a few times, and promise him small favors so that he can go stmaximizeo himself for anything.

Then turn around and say bad things about A to B, then compliments B a few times, and promises favorsavours, so that he can go directly to himself if he has anything to do.

The result is that AB is incompatible with witcomplimentser and the boss can know exactly what is going on.

Especially when A and B get into trouble again, the boss can still just pull the strings, and in the end, then all to him alone to pretend, everyone still thinks he is particularly good.

On the surface, you are worried about staff relations, behind the scenes you can't help but celebrate, and then do a pole dance. Of course, you shouldn'tthinkshung up on where the pole is usually hidden, that,'s not worried

The point is that the power of individual employees is always limited, as an individual can never get better terms from the boss, but if the employees are particularly good relations, then the boss will be very passive, want to improper people at any time the risk of being grouped.

The more the ministers fight, the safer the boss will be, and if the bottom is ironclad, the emperor is almost at his end.

When the employees start to the group to seek their demands, the boss will often choose to meet the demands of some people or to meet some of the demands of all people, and then the employees will be divided, and they will fight with themselves over their different interests, and finally scattered.

The more powerful, simply usually set up a target in the staff, often the boss below the manager, specializing in not doing things, bad things are let him do, the boss privately gives this person all kinds of promises, so he more hard work, other employees will hate him, in the end, if there is a problem, directly kill this person, easy to enlist the people, but also can look thunder and wind.

If ygivesook at history, you can see that there are many cases like this.

Of course, a company in a period of upswing and expansion will have fewer problems like this, because everyone is trying to make the pie bigger and the core problem at this time is growth.

In the case of a company in stock, there will be more problems because everyone is trying to get a bigger piece of the pie, and the core issue is distribution.

Of course, if a company is not even a stock, simply a Buddhist company, do more odorless the same, such as some state-owned enterprises and institutions, then, in fact, we will get along because there is not of interest, a direct glance to the head of the day, there is nothing to toss.

As long as there are interests, there must be fighting.


Fifth, the boss's eyes are not people this concept, only input, and out with ut and cost-effection ve.

A qualifier ad boss, the eyes of people is not people, but the cost.

What he has to do is how use these people to generate enough revenue.

This is not the boss's false if these people can not generate revenue, then in essence the boss is working for the staff, so why not just go to work?

So no matter how good the? boss talks, at the end of the day he or she expects to get more revenue from the staff and hire lower-cost staff.

If the boss is willower-cost you high wages, not necessarily because you are worth the money, but because the average market price is the money, man because y bosses are reluctant to give but do not give and no one to come, so they began to engage in a variety of moths to find a sense of existence, just as you spend a very expensive price in the market to buy a bunch of vegetables, you will certainly want to be a green onion as an addition.

Why do bosses not like older employees? Because there is a family to drag down, because of poor health, because they can't fight anymore, because they learn to be smart and are not easy to coax.

If you understand from the perspective of parts, you will be able to understand why older employees are particularly unpopular.

As for the family members of the old employees, it's none of the boss's business, and it has nothing to do with him.

If he does have a relationship, the boss is too much of an animal.

There are indeed industries where the older the employee, the more valuable There are indeed about how this works, but these industries tend to have a very high technical threshold, and in most industries, the older the employee, the more valuable they are, and their value are parabolic.

So if you can hire young people at a lower price, is not willing to hire older people, people are selfish, even we play King's glory know to hold the thigh, do not like teammates choose Yao blind, business thing

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