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saleh (as) part1

Beyond HUD (as)

By Abo godaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

After the death of the Prophet of God, Hud, and days passed, people returned to disbelief again under the whisperings of the accursed Satan who does not leave people, and this time another noble prophet, Saleh, peace be upon him, came.

Saleh is an Arab prophet, one of the descendants of Thamud. He is Saleh bin Ubaid, son of Isaf, son of Mashah, son of Ubaid, son of Hazir, son of Thamud, son of Ad, son of Aram, son of Shem, son of Noah.

Thamud was from the Banu Aad. Thamud left Yemen and moved to the north of the island and lived in an area called Al-Hijr. This is a noble name for another surah in the Qur’an.

Who are the owners of the stone?

They are the people of Saleh Thamud. They lived in Mada'in Saleh in Al-Hijr, an area northwest of Medina. 380 km northwest of Medina. They carved dwellings for themselves in the mountains, where they inherited this industry from Aad.

The people of Thamud were famous for carving mountains to be their homes

Their dwellings still exist, these and those, and God mentioned how they carve mountains with amazing power.

After Aad, they were the ones who ruled and inherited the land, and the same way as Aad, and God was gracious to them as He was to Aad, so that they might learn from what happened to Aad.

The same way as Aad, they had plains with houses and mountains with palaces, gardens and springs, and God renewed the experience for them and gave them the opportunity that they might learn from what happened to Aad, but they disbelieved in God and did not consider it, nor did they learn the lesson, and they worshiped idols.

The mission of the Prophet Saleh, peace be upon him

God sent the Prophet Salih, peace be upon him, to the people of Thamud. He was wise, and they sought help from him and relied on him. When he asked them to worship the One God, they refused and said, “O Salih, we were hoped for before this.” That is, we were hoping for something for you. So he kept calling them and said, “O my people, worship God. You have no god other than Him,” and this is a call. All the prophets.

And he said to them, “God created you from the earth and settled you in it, so seek His forgiveness and then repent to Him. Indeed, my Lord is near and responds.”

And he said to them, “Why do you hasten with a bad thing before a good one? Were you not asking God for forgiveness, perhaps you would receive mercy?” So fear God and do not obey the command of the extravagant ones, who make mischief on earth and do not reform.

That is, he mentioned them as Hud mentioned the people of Ad, but they refused and wondered if the message had come from heaven from among us. They accused him of being a liar and said to him, “You are bewitched.” They came to the believers who believed with him and asked them, “Did you believe in Salih?” They said, “Yes.” They said, “Indeed, we disbelieve in what you believed.” So Salih kept calling them. He called them and it reached the point where they began to expel him from among them.

The people of Thamud asked the Prophet Saleh for a miracle proving that he was a prophet from God

They said to him, “You are evil, stay away from us.” He responded to them and said to them, “You are a people who are being tempted.” When the matter came to that, he warned them and said: “O my people, if I am upon clear proof from my Lord and He has given me mercy from Him, then who will help me from God if I disobey?” meaning, they assumed that he was a prophet and you were commanding disobedience, even if If I disobey God, I will lose, and you will lose. They said to him, “Bring a sign.” They began to make conditions, and they said that they wanted this rock to split open and a she-camel would emerge from it. They began to be creative, and one of the large assembly said, “The she-camel must be ten months pregnant.” Another said, “It must be red,” and another said, “It must be.” She has a lot of wool, and she must be a huge camel, such that she drinks from the well one day and we drink another day.

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  • Salman siddique5 months ago

    Everything written in story form I love it bro Keep it up

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