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they invented immorality that no one in the world had done before them.

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Lot, peace be upon him, lived in the time of Abraham, the father of the prophets. This story happened in the life of Abraham, peace be upon him. Lot is Abraham’s uncle, as he is the nephew of Abraham, peace be upon him. Lot’s name is Lot, son of Haran, son of Tarikh, and Tarikh is the father of Abraham, peace be upon him.

God Almighty mentioned him in the Holy Qur’an 27 times in 14 Surahs. His father died when he was young, so he was raised in the house of Tarakh (Azar) with his uncle Abraham. He was in the same house as Abraham, peace be upon him, and he loved him with all his heart.

Lot was the only one who believed when he witnessed Abraham's escape from hell

When the miracle of fire occurred when Abraham, peace be upon him, was thrown into it, it was coolness and peace for him, and the people saw this scene and did not believe. Lot, peace be upon him, believed.

Lot's migration to the village of Sodom and its people

When Abraham, peace be upon him, immigrated, Lot migrated with him, and when Abraham, peace be upon him, returned from Egypt to Palestine, he ordered him to go to Al-Mutafaka (Sodom), which is at Lake Lot at the Dead Sea, and it was a commercial center and a travel station.

Al-Mutafaqa also refers to the four names of Lot’s people, which are (Sodom), (Gomorrah), (Admah), and (Zeboiim).

The people of Sodom were infidels, and there was no believer among them

That is, only the house of Lot was Muslim and all the rest were infidels, and Sodom was an immoral person, one of the most immoral and immoral people, and they invented immorality that no one in the world had done before them.

God’s Prophet Lot calls on their people to abandon perversion and worship God

They would sleep with men in public, hit the road, and commit indecent acts without any shame. They would even fart in clubs and laugh. God wants everyone to know that this is a very bad thing.

Evil traits gathered in them and he began to invite them

It was the same call as all the prophets, but what was the response?! The answer of his people was nothing but that they said, “Bring us the punishment of God if you are truthful.” This is the same response given by the people of Noah, Ad and Thamud, when they asked him to be punished by God.

Lot's people want to expel him from the village

He warned them of torment, but they did not care, and when he called them, they said, “Get him out of your village. They are people who purify themselves,” and they did not want in the village except people of indecency, immorality, and debauchery. They were all people of immorality except Lot and his daughter, and the rest were all people of infidelity.

They decided to expel Lot from the village

He did not have a large family, but he sat and prayed for them. He said, “My Lord, grant me victory over the corrupt people.” Then all the bad descriptions gathered upon them. Then God Almighty responded and sent the messengers, the angels Gabriel, Michael, and the Angel of Death. In one narration, Israfil, peace be upon them, was with them, and they went to Abraham to give him good news of Isaac, and he asked them about the story of a people. Lot.

The angels were entrusted with sending clay stones bearing the name of each person who was disobedient, deviant, and extravagant.

No descriptions of evil were gathered against anyone except the people of Lot.

Ebraham, peace be upon him, argues with the angels to postpone the torment for the people of Lot

When the angels in the form of three men arrived at Abraham’s house and a discussion took place between them and they gave him good news that his wife Sarah would give birth to Isaac, peace be upon him, he argued with them about postponing the torment for the people of Lot because they had God’s prophet Lot, but the order had been issued for the disobedient to be tortured and for Lot to be saved.

The angels headed towards Sodom and were in the form of extremely beautiful young men to establish evidence against them and await the testimony of their Prophet against them.

These angels arrived in the form of humans at the outskirts of the village, and one of Lot’s daughters was watering. She was afraid for them because she knew that if anyone from the village saw them, they would attack them. So she rushed to her father and told him that there were young men who had come. Lot rushed to them and said to them, “What is the matter with you?” They said, “Guests.”

So he was ashamed to reject them, so he said, “Come.” On the way, he wanted to warn them, but at the same time, he did not want to choose bad words, so he chose his words carefully and said: “O these people, I do not know anything on the face of the earth that is more wicked than these.” So they continued on the road with him, and he repeated it again and again, and the angels counted his testimony against them, so they arrived. He went home and hid them.

Lot's wife was an infidel, so she told the people, saying to them that there were men in Lot's house whose faces I had never seen before, and the news reached the corrupt people of the village, so they rushed to the house of Lot, peace be upon him, and before that they had been committing evil deeds, meaning they had come from one indecent act to commit another indecency, and they rejoiced and rejoiced in the presence of strong young men. beauty.

So Lot stood in front of the house defending and said, “O people, these are my daughters.” He meant women, as he considered the women his daughters in the village and considered them their father. As for the one who said that Lot, peace be upon him, offered them to commit adultery with his daughters, he was obscene and wrong. Far be it from him, for he is a noble prophet, and he asked them to fear God and not take him for granted. His guest.

They said, “You know what right we have over your daughters, and we know what we want.” God Almighty says, reporting on the authority of His Prophet Lot, peace be upon him: Indeed, Lot threatened them by saying: “If I had power over you,” that is, I would have cursed you and done evil to you [of torment, vengeance, and infliction of affliction]. How much] for myself and my clan.

In the noble hadith, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “May God have mercy on my brother Lot. He used to resort to a strong devotion to God.”

The commentators say that God never sent a prophet after him except that his family protected him.

Lot's people tried to enter the house, so Gabriel came out to them and struck them with a blow that blinded them all, and they began to threaten and said they had bewitched them and promised him to come the next day.

They began to feel the walls and did not repent, and then the angels told them to torture them in the morning and asked Lot to move with his family and not to pay any attention to them.

That is, all of Lot's family were saved except for his old wife, who was an unbeliever.

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