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Evolution Is A Lie

For Some People

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a month ago 3 min read


Yes, the title is clickbait, but so many people see that as a truth, too many in fact.

The fact is that people who think that way will probably not evolve themselves, but evolution is with us every day in so many forms.

There are a few definitions such as this:

The thing is evolution can relate to biological things (thinking Darwin here) and non biological things as well.

I included the Guinness advert soundtracked by Sammy Davis Jnr which is a fun take on evolution.

My Thoughts On Evolution:

When we talk of evolution we think of Darwin's "On The Origin Of The Species" which should be available for free on the link below:

And to some that is all the evolution is. It isn't. Darwin's theories may not be perfect and, like all science, are always open to question, but life started accidentally in the oceans, which again was another fortunate accident.

In the beginning, there were no plants, no fish, no mammals and certainly no humans, but something happened, and life progressed in many forms.

There is no evidence of any interference from externals that brought humans into being, and this is where Creationists join in and where they can't explain it it becomes "God did it".

I know many deeply religious people who are fine with science and evolution, with the premise that God created the environment which allowed these things to happen.

My thoughts are that life generally tries to improve itself, and we are so lucky that we can use our minds to improve ourselves even further.

My modus operandi for life is "There Must Be A Better Way".

We have seen improvement in plants and livestock through selective breeding, although some of the pets look more like devolution than evolution, I think you know the ones that I mean.

If you look at horticulture and gardens you see that there are always new strains of flowers and plants being developed, and that is daily aided evolution that is going on every day. It will never stop.

Ageing is a form of evolution. I feel that I am better today than I was yesterday because I have learned more things and my mind, and therefore I have evolved.

Going Non-Biological

Look how language has evolved from grunts, to pictures, to symbols to writing and typing as I am doing in this piece. Is that not evolution?

I know there are some people who still communicate in grunts and to whom writing is an apparent esoteric mystery.

Look at the tools that we have and how they have developed. From the first flint hammer to the machines and computers that make our life what it is today.

I remember writing my stories by hand using a cursive script, then getting a typewriter and believing I could write a book. Even when I got a word processor I just ended up trashing my efforts and spent fifteen years on a blog hoping I would gain ideas and inspiration and that never happened.

Then I found Vocal and actually, accidentally published a book.

Now, in my humble opinion, that is another example of evolution.

If you look at life you will see that our world is constantly evolving. For us humans, our life expectancy was increasing until very recently but it's still pretty good. Seriously I expect to reach my century without any problems.

When I spoke with my cancer surgeon he said "We're both the same age and I expect to reach a hundred, and I am sure that you will too, your body is in such excellent condition".


Evolution is real. Parts of it have still not been explained but they will be one day thanks to science.

And by tomorrow I expect to have evolved a little further.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Totally agree with you Mike! Very well explained!

  • ThatWriterWomanabout a month ago

    I love that ending line! And going on these stream-of-consciousness adventures with you is always a treat!

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Good article. Well done.

  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    Wow! I couldn’t agree more! Well done!

  • Mariann Carrollabout a month ago

    I agree

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