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Funny webcomics recommendations that can make (most of) us smile

By Bri CraigPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Top Story - March 2022
Art from Nathan Pyle's instagram

As many of you might know, I'm a bit crazy about webcomics. So much so that I've created a bit of a mini-series about the webcomic artists who I've grown to love. These articles have covered a variety of comics that suit a lot of different, and sometimes niche interests such as:

However, I found that there was a handful of comics that just didn't wholly fit into one of my categories but still deserved a mention. This article is dedicated to those uncategorizable webcomics, the comics that I love, but didn't quite make it into the above articles. I believe these comics tightrope the lines between family-oriented and dark-humored, wholesome and raunchy. They are the vanilla-flavored comics, if you will. And by that of course, I mean most people will enjoy the taste when you give it to them.

So here they are, webcomics that I couldn't categorize so instead I'm just going to claim that they are universally likable.

1. Strange Planet - Nathan Pyle

Instagram: @nathanpylestrangeplanet

The Strange Planet comics were comics I saw shared around everywhere before I finally caved and started to follow them. Created by Nathan Pyle, the Strange Planet comics focuses on reframing everyday life through the lens of blobish, bluish aliens. The fun in these comics comes from the relatable humor and the reader attempting to translate just exactly what these little guys are talking about (after all, they are aliens, they don't know what we humans call things)!

It's also worth noting that Nathan Pyle occasionally branches off from his prized aliens to explore humor in other ways. See below for an example:

2. Sarah's Scribbles - Sarah Andersen

Instagram: @sarahandersencomics

Sarah Andersen is a talented cartoonist and illustrator behind several graphic novels, including the bestseller supernatural romance webcomic, Fangs. However, today we are talking about her cartoon series, Sarah's Scribbles. Sarah's Scribble is an incredibly funny and relatable comic about the artist, Sarah, and her outlook on the strangeness of life and our little brains.

3. Matt Reuter

Instagram: @_Mattreuter

While Matt Reuter is perhaps less known than other comic artists on this list, I adore his content and hope he gets more recognition soon. He has a single panel, black and white, New Yorker style with his comics, and the result is one of those classic, funny paper comics. I love his sly commentary on life and his witty sense of how to set up a punchline in a single frame.

4. Awkward Yeti

Instagram: @theawkwardyeti

The Awkward Yeti is all about body humor - and by body humor, I mean talking organs. But hear me out here, they are funny talking organs that chat about the way we operate in our world. While most of The Awkward Yeti's comics feature conversations between the brain and the heart, sometimes we also get to know what other parts of our body think, such as our liver, intestines, and spleen. But perhaps instead of trying to convince you, I should just let the organs do the talking.

Honorable Mentions

The Oatmeal (IG: @theoatmeal) The Oatmeal is one of those comic artists that have been on the internet for over a decade and has since developed a bit of a cult following (which includes the likes of me). I absolutely love most everything that comes out of the creator's mind, and I recommend checking his work out. However, these days, The Oatmeal has created quite a name in the board/card game industry, with a series of wildly fun and zany games such as Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito, Bears vs. Babies, and more!

Mark Parisi (IG: @Mark_parisi_otm) is an excellent comic. I fell in love with Parisi's comic style online, however, I could not put him on this list because I cannot truly classify him as a webcomic artist. Mark Parisi is also a prominent print comic artist who created the newspaper comic "Off the Mark," and designed many greeting cards sold by major retail stores.

Cassandra Comics (IG:@cassandracalin)

Cassandra makes comics for the curly-haired femmes out there. Which, okay, maybe does not make it universally likable. But as a curly-haired lady myself, I really like these comics, so I'm including Cassandra as an honorable mention anyway.

Thank you!

If you liked this collection, please check out the other articles in my mini webcomics series:

Please, let me know if you would like to see more webcomic features. You can leave a heart to let me know you like this series, or you can let me know on Instagram or on Twitter (I also love webcomic recommendations!)

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