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By Bri CraigPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Art posted on the Fishballishere Instagram account, creator of My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

As some of you may notice, I am deeply obsessed with comics and anything that can make me laugh. While this passion bloomed from the early days of Sunday papers and print collections of Calvin and Hobbes, I eventually found the wonderful and weird world of internet webcomics and fell in love. With webcomics, I found rich diversity in artists and comics that might not have existed outside of the freedom of the internet. And while Slice-of-Life comics existed already, I do believe the internet changed the game in who got to tell their stories, opening doors for more women and people of color to share their own slices of life.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, the "Slice of Life" genre refers to stories that reflect the real world and our experiences as humans. There are no supernatural, fantasy, or sci-fi elements, just good old fashion earth living. Sometimes these slice-of-life stories can be fictional stories, but in today's article, I'll be talking about comic artists who create stand-alone comics about their day-to-day lives with a dash of humor.

1. Giant Nerd Boyfriend

Instagram: @FishballisHere

Webtoons: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

Listen, I've been reading this comic since the year it came out (2017), so I'm incredibly invested in the life of the artist (who goes by Fishball), her Giant Nerd Boyfriend, and their small dog Biscuit. I have read nearly every one of the nearly 700 comics published on Webtoons. So, maybe I am biased, but I consider this comic to be an absolute gold standard for Slice of Life comics; Fishball has created something funny and sweet, but also beautifully honest. Also, as you might expect, there are many geeky references to anime, board games, and video games that I simply adore.

Side Note - My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is best enjoyed on Webtoons, as it tends to be a longer format than the typical 1-4 panel comics that translate well to the Instagram square. In fact, most webcomic artists I highlight have a strong Webtoons presence, but for formatting/embedding link purposes, I use Instagram posts. Just know you may have to scroll on the below posts.

2. Catana Comics

Instagram: @CatanaComics

This is the most disgustingly cute slice of life comic series out there. Catana Comics simply focuses on the artist and her bearded fiance, John, as they do adorable things and continue to be all cute and in love. The perpetual honeymoon bliss of this comic is refreshing, and you'll be sharing these comics with your favorite person in no time.

3. Murrz Studio

Instagram: @Murrzstudio

Another long-standing Webtoons presence is Murrz Studio. My favorite thing about these comics is that the artist is a master at exaggerated facial expressions and body language. Her style is so fun, and these comics seem to always pull a chuckle out of me even when I'm in a grumpy mood.

4. One of Those Days - Yehuda DeVir

Instagram: @jude_devir

I've been following this comic series for a while, and it's been amazing to watch it evolve. While the comic began with the antics of Yehuda and his then-girlfriend, Maya, the comics have slowly evolved as the two got married and began the adventures of pregnancy and young parenthood. What I love most about this comic series is its dynamic and detailed single-panel style. Not only is this series a hilariously accurate look at relationships and young families, but the artist does an incredible job of making a joke (or showing a sweet moment) in just a single scene.

5. Yes I'm Hot in This - Huda F

Instagram: @yesimhotinthis

Described as the "misadventures of a slightly sweaty Muslim-American woman," Huda F creates fun slice of life comics that touch on marriage, family, and the quirks of being a Muslim woman in America. What I like about this series is its good-humored approach to life, but also the comic tackles anti-Muslim discrimination in a super satisfying tongue-in-cheek way.

Thank you!

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  • The Webtoon Elementabout a year ago

    I'm not actively reading any of the slice-of-life webcomics you listed above but I have heard of them all. I might read a panel from time to time. :) My top three slice-of-life webtoons are The Little Trashmaid by s0s2, What's Up Beanie by whatsupbeanie, and Mao Daily by Bichi Mao on Webtoon!

Bri CraigWritten by Bri Craig

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