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A brief intro to some shamelessly raunchy webcomics

By Bri CraigPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Post from The RedDot Instagram page

In the pre-internet days, many prominent comic artists were limited to subjects suitable for print magazines, newspapers, and books. However, in the age of the internet, more and more comic artists and illustrators could follow their dreams, and find an audience who will love comics in any niche. With this emergence of talent and freedom, A larger breadth of comic genres can come into the light, including dark humor, raunchy subjects, slice-of-life, niche nerd humor, and wholesome comics - all of which might have been passed up by typical print sources.

I've already talked about wholesome, slice-of-life webcomics, but now it's time to delve into the dirty. Besides in adult magazines (such as Playboy), raunchy comics didn't often have a place out there in the wide world before the internet - especially raunchy comics that were queer-inclusive, sex-positive, or oriented towards female pleasure.

So today, I've gathered a small handful of raunchy webcomic artists that meet some of these criteria. I find these artists to be funny, relatable, or just plain entertaining, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Note - This is not a collection of pornographic comics (those exist), but rather a collection of webcomic artists who find humor in raunchier subjects and poke fun at taboo topics related to sex, masturbation, and/or puberty.

1. Adam Ellis

Instagram: @Adamtots

Originally a Buzzfeed comic artist, Adam Ellis has left the popular site and become his own powerhouse comic creator. Not only does Adam create some of the funniest comics I've ever read, but he also occasionally illustrates horror stories on his page - which are actually incredible and psychologically terrifying.

However, there's a reason that Adam Ellis makes it onto my list of raunchy webcomic artists, and that's because nothing is off-limits. For example, one of my favorite developments in Adam Ellis' comics, is the self-described "bimbofication" of his comics, where Adam redraws an old comic to exaggerate the "bimbo" elements (See below for an example).

Earlier, Pre-Bimbofication Comic:

Later, Post Bimbofication Comic:

...And here are a few more of his comics:

2. The RedDot

Instagram: @the_reddot

The RedDot might just be the most dedicated raunchy comic creator on this list, but that is why we love her. Created by Kim Winder, the RedDot is a comic full of dirty jokes and dark humor. Nothing better describes this comic than knowing that a green, talking buttplug named Gary is one of the main characters (and is even hidden in some Instagram posts as a little game).

3. Vulga Drawings

Instagram: @vulgadrawings

Created by "Feminist cartoonist and Hot Girl™" Lily O'Farrell, Vulga Drawings is an incredible page to follow. What I love more than the artist's sense of humor and satire, is her loud approach to feminism, race, and sexuality. Her comics push back against sexual inequality, white feminism, and patriarchal structures. Her outspokenness about misogyny and the incel communities has made her subject to threats and doxing attempts by people angered by her posts; however, she has not let that stop her, and for that I really respect her.

NSFW Note - In her drawings, this artist sometimes includes nipples and anatomically correct drawings of the vulva. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but maybe you personally don't want to flip through these comics while sitting next to your boss at work.

(Although I usually try to find comics on Instagram that don't require flipping through the post, I could not find such comics for Vulga Drawings. Therefore, to view a few of these comics in their entirety, flip through the posts, or find the artist on Instagram).

Honorable Mentions

War and Peas creates some excellent comics that delve into raunchy territory. However, I already wrote about them in my delightfully dark webcomics article, so I won't write a full blurb on them here. Here's one of their comics to help you get the gist though.

Cyanide and Happiness is another popular comic that could have been added to this list. However, I would classify this series more as dark humor with occasional dirty jokes.

Thank you!

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