Marielle Sabbag

Writing has been my passion. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction, and I even enjoy writing reviews about movies and plays. I would love to become a freelance writer and leave the world inspiring minds.

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North Shore Music Theatre's 'A Christmas Carol' Is a Brilliant Ghostly Tale
9 days ago
North Shore Music Theatre’s A Christmas Carol is a brilliant ghostly tale! It puts together the magical narrative of Charles Dickens’ famous short story. Ebenezer Scrooge is sour towards the Christmas...
'A Charlie Brown Christmas'—A Review
10 days ago
A Charlie Brown Christmas has aired on TV for over 50 years now! Along with other Christmas specials, it is one of the most popular as it involves all of our favorite Peanuts characters imagined by Ch...
Sarah's Mountain (An Original Fiction)
12 days ago
Danielle couldn’t walk another step feeling her muscles collapsing as she trudged up each rock on the steep mountain. She’d been hiking for hours lugging along a backpack, a stick in one hand, and an ...
Innocent Until Proven Guilty (An Original Fiction)
12 days ago
“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Donna agreed and sat in the chair next to the judge. The whole courtroom was staring at her. At the table, sitting across ...
A Knock at the Door (An Original Fiction)
12 days ago
There was a knock at the door. It was a Friday night, but not the Friday night I wanted to have. It was such a fresh summer night, with the wind lightly blowing and it was quiet. I could have been out...
'The Holiday'—A Movie Review
13 days ago
You know what movie I never expected to enjoy? The Holiday. It’s a movie I discovered some time ago. I have rewatched the film a couple of times and with each viewing, the story and its character have...