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Bask in Womanhood: The Secret Comedy of Women at The Regent Theatre

'The Secret Comedy of Women' weaves skits, songs, and memorable audience interaction.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Performers and creators of 'The Secret Comedy of Women,' Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein reading memories from their diaries.

Women never fight battles alone.

The Secret Comedy of Women is a laugh-out-loud immersive showcase of the relatable saga of womanhood. Performed by the dynamic duo, Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, they take audiences on a hilarious journey through the perks and challenges of womanhood.

The Secret Comedy of Women weaves skits, songs, and memorable audience interaction. I can’t remember the last time I was in a theater where the crowd cackled. Audiences are brought together for bold conversations about important feminine topics that should not be overlooked.

Created and performed by Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, the women are an enthusiastic and talented pair who embrace their witty personalities and body positivity to audiences of all ages. Both women have an extraordinary background in theater and comedy. I admire their impressive improv skills.

When entering the auditorium, Gehring and Klein are already present sitting in this beautifully crafted bedroom that resembles a teenage girl. Horse pictures and posters of famous idols hang on the pink walls along with several items from childhood memories strewn about.

The show’s theme explores girlhood to womanhood in relatable tales and conversations. They drew the audience into their world through the merriment of relatable subjects, like bras. The performers sing about bras - dressed only in their undergarments. It was quite the opening, getting audiences into the humorous antics.

One of the show’s highlights is audience interaction, which adds excitement. Gehring and Klein made every person in the audience feel like a part of the act. From playful banter to hilarious improvisations, they kept the laughter rolling as they incorporated unsuspecting audience members into their skits - even me!

For one routine, they asked to borrow women’s purses to do a game. I was reluctant, but then I said to myself, ‘Just go with it.’ With mine and another woman’s handbag, the duo searched through the contents, making up funny jokes. My new nickname for my glasses case is crocodile skin!

The Secret Comedy of Women creates a space where women from different generations can come together and share experiences in laughter. Gehring and Klein were conversational, asking questions about everyone’s lives and what subjects deserve recognition. They also read from their diaries, sharing embarrassing memories about crushes.

Prepare for the funniest skit where the women put on a show with feminine products. The audience belted out laughing as they used menstrual pads in comical ways, like blindfolds. They fling tampons everywhere and into the audience! You never know, you may walk out of the theater with a souvenir.

Recently, the media has portrayed more storylines about female menstrual cycles and feminine products. We need to be more open about this. The menstrual cycle is not a harmful topic. It’s a subject that a lot of women find difficult to express. Shows like this are what women need to help express themselves

I was honored to experience this uproarious show with a generation of women. The laughter is something I will always treasure. My cheeks hurt by the end! We all have our own unique journeys, but we have found common ground through relatable stories. Sometimes you just need to laugh about how accurate things are.

Wait until you see the final dance number of the show. The Secret Comedy of Women plays at The Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA until May 19. I guarantee that no performance is ever the same with the women’s quick-witted improv skills. I cannot recommend this show enough so buy your tickets, take your girlfriends, and enjoy a night out.

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