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Clockwatchers - A Movie Review

While entertaining and supplies a strong female ensemble, 'Clockwatchers' is left too ambiguous.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Sometimes things begin again - everything is temporary.

Clockwatchers was hired and distributed to the movies in 1997. Iris is a new temp at a business firm. She makes friends with three female temps. During her time in the credit company, supplies vanish, suspicions arise, and a new hire arrives.

I was drawn to Clockwatchers for its notable talents and story. Work films are a necessity both for entertainment and executing relatable messages. After watching it, I had mixed feelings about the film. The story was left too ambiguous about one character’s actions and it was missing a certain element.

As a huge Toni Collette fan, I have a long list of Collette films to binge. Collette was early into her career at the time of Clockwatchers, nevertheless, she was already on the bandwagon to success with her exceptional talents. As Iris, she is a timid woman trying to find her place in the work world. She is very relatable.

However, Iris’s motivations are too ambiguous. In Collette’s narration, she has a mysterious and offputting tone when narrating the events. Iris’s personality doesn’t make sense with how the story plays out. I thought her character had different intentions, but her nature is downplayed.

Joining Collette are a strong cast of female actors. Lisa Kudrow, Parker Posey, and Ariana Ubach made an excellent team. The actresses had strong chemistry. I liked their interactions, especially the characters they developed. No matter what, Kudrow will always be Phoebe Buffay to me.

Throughout my experiences, making connections with your co-workers is valid. Their friendship is a good example of co-worker relationships. It is also a lesson in learning to watch your back. Always pay attention to your image in business corporations, especially how you treat your industry.

Several recognizable faces are in Clockwatchers. Debra Jo Rupp is an incredible comedic actress. Right after his Scream appearance as Randy Meeks, Jamie Kennedy plays a small role as an office mail carrier. More credits include Stanley DeSantis, Bob Balaban, Paul Dooley, and Helen Fitzgerald.

In Jill Sprecher’s directorial debut, Clockwatchers is a relatable business sitcom that evolves into a subtle thriller. Something is missing in this film. Clockwatchers takes a different route from its sitcom tone, but it’s unfinished. Ambiguity is a smart tool for any story, but I wanted to see this film asses more risks.

What was the story of the new hire? Nothing transpires in the subplot with Cleo (Fitzgerald) and her vague rivalry with the women. Along with an abrupt change of events that causes tension in the office nothing transpires, characters keep going about with daily activities. It’s possible that I missed it in the subtle execution.

The cinematography slowly turns the office into a claustrophobic setting. The mundane office setting becomes a character, looming in on the character’s struggles. The setting highlights the monotony that defines the woman’s daily existence.

What starts as a friendly office with kind smiles and a welcoming atmosphere, transpires into tense feelings, pitting paranoia and arguments among the women. I also like how the wardrobe team supplied darker clothing. Tension, relationships, and paranoia have escalated too far.

Let’s talk about its message regarding the work field. The importance of this indie film lies in its ability to address universal themes. Exploring our careers is fun. Our careers transform throughout our lives, just like ourselves. Don’t wait for your dreams to happen. Go after your goals and accomplish them. Sitting around won’t do anything.

Clockwatchers is worth seeing for its talented actresses who make the film stand out. Put Clockwatchers on your list because it is underrated.

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