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The Great Buck Howard - A Movie Review

The film discerns how to evolve your career while remaining true to yourself.

By Marielle SabbagPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Keep experimenting with career choices.

Upon performing a magic trick, The Great Buck Howard appeared in theaters in 2008. Troy drops out of law school to focus on writing. He becomes the new assistant to Buck Howard, a declining illusionist. As Troy becomes immersed in this world, he discovers what success truly means.

The Great Buck Howard is a cross between a film about magicians and a young man transitioning into adulthood. What do you want to do when you grow up? The film discerns how to evolve your career while remaining true to yourself.

Troy Gable’s search for a purpose is a relatable storyline for all post-graduates. Colin Hanks did a great job in his portrayal of the role. Hanks deserves more time in the spotlight because he is a talented dramatic actor. Troy is observant of everything. I also liked his view of life, never being negative or calling out anyone. We need more people like that.

As Buck Howard, John Malkovich played the character well. Buck is an enigma wrapped in several layers. Malkovich accomplished the character’s nature. I didn’t realize until after the film that Howard is based on a real illusionist.

Buck Howard’s techniques raise questions and suspicion, but he provides a helpful learning lesson to Troy. This character is a good example of celebrities being open to suggestions and updating their regimens often.

The film incorporates an ensemble of unexpected actors. Emily Blunt has had a versatile career as an actress. She is excellent as Valerie, a young woman pursuing a career track, like Troy. Troy and Valerie’s captivating dynamic intersperses several relatable conversations about careers.

Be open to making connections in work travels. Adam Brody and Steve Zahn appear in small roles. More credits include Ricky Jay, Griffin Dunne, Debra Monk, and Tom Hanks.

There’s also an appearance by Tom Hanks! Hanks only has a small role in the film as Troy’s father. Father and son in real life, the pair accomplished a genuine dynamic. Their discussion about life is the most important scene in the film. Parents need to allow their children to pursue dreams in their own direction.

The Great Buck Howard is a film about life. Sean McGinly devised a film about orchestrating your career and enforces that it’s okay to take as long as you need to find what makes you happy, but in between, you need money to get you by.

McGinly highlights show business in his direction, including magic shows. Magic shows are slipping away from the mainstream. While the entertainment stream is not all that it’s cracked up to be, the spotlight on show business serves as a reminder that success is not defined by fame or fortune. It’s more about the fulfillment that comes from entertaining people.

In addition to its story, The Great Buck Howard conducts a sharp and witty screenplay. The dialogue is crafted well. The dialogue is realistic between the characters, often argues about the right motivations.

The Great Buck Howard’s main appeal is the message. Never give up on anything you do, especially your career. Similar to Buck’s act, if you don’t think something will be accomplished, try it anyway.

Build connections and try something new. You never know where any opportunity will lead you. This crucial lesson has helped me in my career journey. Post-graduation is intimidating, but learning about what makes you happy is fun. Be aware when it’s time to move on and pursue other goals.

Take a look at The Great Buck Howard. It’s another underrated gem that needs to be resurrected. The film is streaming on HBO.

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