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Experience the Thrills of 'Abigail' in Theaters

You are in for the best horror time!

By Marielle SabbagPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Do I have any vampire knowledge? Are you crazy?

Abigail sunk its fangs into theaters in 2024. A group of criminals kidnap the ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure. They hide out in an isolated mansion. Locked in the confines of this mysterious manor, they learn that this is no ordinary child.

Abigail is a terrifyingly AWESOME time! As the movie began, everyone in the theater was stone quiet. Abigail is a fresh fantasy-thriller story with a talented ensemble and bloody horror that appeals to all horror fans.

A fantastic team of actors was cast in Abigail. Led by the new scream-queen icon Melissa Barrera, she plays a fierce woman who is always on her toes. Joey has a knack for reading people, which may get her into trouble. Berrera has grown as an actress and I cannot wait to see what else she does.

Alisha Weir is INCREDIBLE as Abigail. I first saw her in Netflix’s Matilda and was not expecting this frightening performance. I was mesmerized by her performance. Weir dictated the role well, changing from innocence into an evil and threatening young girl. Weir implemented most of her ideas in her performances, like the lucid dances.

According to sources, Weir did most of her stunts, like the dance across the stair railing. I hope she gets nominated for an award because her performance goes down as one of the best child performances in a horror movie.

More credits include Dan Stevens, William Catlett, Kathryn Newton, Kevin Durande, and the final film for Angus Cloud. They are spectacular in how they dictate their characters and interactions. Newton was a highlight, having funny deliveries and reactions.

The film does an outstanding job with character study. I have missed films, especially horror, taking the time to implement character dynamics. The interactions and dialogue between the characters are the best part of Abigail, leading up to the terrors.

Speaking of the terrors, prepare for the bloodiest time of your life. The makeup team achieved squeamish effects, but mostly a lot of blood. Blood explodes everywhere, covering the floors, clothes, and faces. The cast remarked that it was the goriest film they’d ever done. The vampire makeup is also creepy with the protruding sharp teeth and glossy oculus eyes.

The designers merit praise for their work, creating a comfy and ominous mansion. Hallways stretch on for miles and you never know what occupies each room. The editing team also achieved great effects. My favorite scene was Abigail controlling a character through dance. The creative cuts achieved a bewitching sequence.

Matt Bettineli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet incorporated original twists, ideas from the cast, and time for the characters to evolve. Their approaches to the film were executed well, but there are a couple of issues in story formatting.

I have mixed opinions about the lead-up to the vampire revelation. Abigail’s vampire identity is not revealed until at least fifty minutes into the film. Initially, I thought the trailer shouldn’t have spoiled the vampire surprise, but this film has more twists than that.

The build-up allows for clever dynamics between the characters and suspenseful scenes. A couple of times my friend and I were on edge as characters walked through silent halls, and jumped at loud noises. The film got too carried away in the end with one twist and bloody kill after another.

You are in for the best horror time! Experience the screams and laughs of Abigail in theaters. I had so much fun watching this film and I could see it several more times.

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