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Second Chances: Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius 2021

On Sunday, June 20th, 2021, at approximately 11:05 AM EST, Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, will station retrograde at 2'11 degrees its home sign, Pisces before heading back into Aquarius by July . Here's what it means, both in general and for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 18 min read
Credit: Hans Zatzka

On Sunday, June 20th, 2021, at approximately 11:05 AM EST, Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, will station retrograde at 2'11 degrees its home sign, Pisces, before heading back into Aquarius by July. Here's what it means, both in general and for your sign.

What does it mean for Jupiter to be in retrograde?

A retrograde planet is a planet that appears to be moving backwards. All planets go retrograde at some point, save for the Sun and the Moon. From an astrological perspective, this means that the energies the planet represents are directed backward or inward.

As I wrote here, retrograde periods are known to be riddled with delays and disruption, but they don't necessarily have to be. These periods are not so much a time for action as they are for reflection. These periods are often loaded with synchronicity and karma. So, they can also be periods of magic and manifestation if you just focus on within rather than without. Things from the past will return to us. This could be people from our past, including from our past lives, situations or memories that we thought we had forgotten about, or maybe just lessons that we're getting a second chance at learning after having failed the first time around.

You may have already heard of Mercury in Retrograde, when communication goes haywire, or maybe even Venus in Retrograde, when our relationships are put into question, but what does it mean for Jupiter to be in retrograde?

For starters, Jupiter goes retrograde only once a year, but its retrograde period is longer, lasting for about four months. As with all of the larger planets, the length of time causes it to go unnoticed by some. Traditionally known as the great benefic, some astrologers consider Jupiter's retrograde period to be "less negative," than the other planet's, but that doesn't mean it's without its challenges.

Jupiter brings blessings to whatever area of the chart it's located in. But when Jupiter goes retrograde, you may find out that blessing isn't what you thought it was, or isn't yours at all. It's as if the Universe gifted you with most magical thing you could possibly imagine only to snatch it away from you just like that. Why? You may wonder. Well, think of it as a test. A test to see whether or not you're really prepared for the gifts Jupiter is about to bring your way. In order to receive what you want, you have to learn how to be happy without it. You can't depend on an external source for your happiness. True happiness comes from within. Think of this as a period of learning how to be happy on your own. Once Jupiter goes direct, you may find you don't even want it anymore. It may come back, or you may be blessed with something even better. Perhaps what you thought you wanted wasn't really what you wanted, anyway. Either way, you'll find that the knowledge you gained during this retrograde period paid off. Whatever difficulty you went through, it was really just a blessing in disguise.

To give you a good example about how Jupiter in retrograde can play out, a few years ago, when Jupiter was in Scorpio, my friend thought she had met the man of her dreams. It's worth noting that Jupiter ruled both of their seventh houses. They seemed to have a telepathic connection, their meeting seemed fated, and he seemed to feel the same way about her too. It seemed magical, he was everything she wished for, it seemed too good to be true, and it was. On the exact day that Jupiter went Retrograde, he called her to say it wouldn't work out. For personal reasons, he wasn't ready for a new relationship just yet, and wouldn't be ready for a few months. Being a bit of an astrology fanatic herself, she took note of the date, thinking he’d be back by July 10, when Jupiter went direct. Four months. Perhaps, he'd be ready then. She dated other people, a wide variety of other people, and tried to cultivate happiness from within, but she couldn't let go, until by the end of Jupiter's retrograde period, when she was starting to gain more and more confidence in herself, she met someone else. A new boyfriend. Someone unexpected, someone even better. That man she thought she liked never did come back, but by then, she stopped caring because she already had all that she wanted. Of course it could play out in many different ways!

More than anything, Jupiter retrograde is a time for philosophical reflection and spiritual introspection. It helps us to become aware of whatever is hindering our spiritual development so we can move forward and grow.

Credit: John William Waterhouse

Jupiter Retrograde Pisces & Aspects

Jupiter is at home in Pisces, a constellation depicted by two fish, swimming in opposite directions but joined by a chord. As a water sign, Pisces is most comfortable swimming in the realm of the deep. Sensitive to the suffering of this world, Pisces longs for a better one, seeking to escape the constraints of materiality. One way a person can free themselves from the limitation of their human form is through religion; if not through an actual church or institution, then through a deeper and more personal form of religion, or what today we might call 'spirituality,' a topic traditionally ruled by Jupiter. As a mutable sign, the beliefs of a Pisces may change, ebbing and flowing with the tides, but their mission remains the same: Pisces seeks to transcend the boundaries that separate us from our dreams, enabling us to achieve our higher purpose and connect with one another more easily.

Between May 14th through June 20th, you may have gotten a taste of what such a better world might look like. Perhaps, you felt you found your higher calling or maybe your dreams had seemed to be coming true. But Pisces is also associated with illusion, the trickery of the siren's song. Sometimes, I suppose, our feelings can distort reality and our beliefs can get in the way of facts, and when Jupiter goes Retrograde in Pisces, we might begin to feel a sense of disillusionment, like maybe our dreams have deceived us, but have they, really?

Magical Things are Happening

The aspects of Jupiter's station retrograde are overwhelmingly positive: Jupiter at 2 degrees Pisces makes a trine to the Moon, 'planet' of emotions, in Scorpio, a sign known for it's penetrating emotional insight. The Sun, the illuminating light of the conscious mind, is at 29 degrees Gemini, about to enter Cancer where it will be making a grand trine to Jupiter and the Moon, an aspect pattern known to indicate good luck. With Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity, trine the two luminaries, it is clear that whatever 'disillusionment' we might experience is only temporary: we know what we need to do in order to be ready for what we want, and this is a time to listen to our intuition and work on that. Similarly, Venus, planet of love and beauty, which is exalted in Pisces, at 22 degrees Cancer will be trine Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces, showing a continued sense of idealism and a feeling of connection to the divine. Maybe we didn't believe we were deserving of our dreams...maybe we sabotaged them due to feelings unworthiness...and maybe now is actually the time for restoring our sense of faith in life? Just a thought.

On the other hand, the positive aspects behind this Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces have me thinking that maybe we'll get a second chance at a missed opportunity, a do-over of a dream we thought had died. This retrograde may give us an opportunity to go back and fix things, re-tracing our steps, and making peace with the past so we can build a better future, one more in alignment with our visions and goals.

Credit: Eugenia Loli

Jupiter Retrograde Aquarius & COVID-19

While Jupiter's Retrograde through Pisces may be more positive than say, last year's Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn, in many ways, there is still the possibility for illusion on a collective level. This may actually be most evident when Jupiter enters back into Aquarius on July 28th or 29th. Many of the themes we experienced when Jupiter was in Aquarius from December 19th, 2020 to May 13th this year.

Aquarius, or the water-bearer constellation, is associated with politics, social groups, science and technology. As a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, it essentially represents the new ideas and innovations that govern human society. It should come as no surprise, then, that when Jupiter first entered Aquarius, a vaccine for COVID-19 was approved for emergency use. While the progress was slow (a quality characteristic of Saturn-ruled signs), by the time the freedom-loving Jupiter entered Pisces, the sign where it's most comfortable, in May, many countries began to ease their restrictions. But yet, in most of these countries, less than half of the population is fully vaccinated, leaving many others vulnerable and at-risk. Is it really safe to go maskless and back to our normal life or is such 'freedom' only an illusion?

Since Aquarius is a Saturn-ruled sign, I think it's likely that Jupiter's Retrograde here will bring about more restrictions, even another lockdown in some countries. It is probable that when Jupiter entered Pisces, we opened up too soon, leaving the population vulnerable to scarier new strains and increasingly high numbers of cases, and the government will put us on lockdown again. On the other hand, more vaccine side effects (such as the heart issues found in young teens) might begin to show themselves

While a lockdown might not be the most favorable situation, it could be that our return to hermit mode might make it easier for us to achieve the spiritual growth, mentioned in the last section. Or maybe since Aquarius is an intellectual and creative sign, we can get a second chance at our dreams by listening to our minds as well as our hearts, thinking up some real & practical solutions to our problems, and learning to be okay with taking some risks; most of the time, originality is what leads to success, not conformity.

Credit: Yasushi Matsuoka

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter will station direct at 22'19 degrees Aquarius on Monday, October 18th, 2021. It will be making a favorable trine aspect to Mars and the Sun in Libra, at 21 and 25 degrees respectively. This marks a period of good luck, optimism and opportunity. If there is another surge in COVID cases that leads to another lockdown, or if it turns out that any of the vaccines truly are dangerous, I think by the time Jupiter goes direct, we should be able to find a solution to such a problem. This trine between planets in air signs suggests that as a result of social progress, justice will be served and things will be brought back into balance. On a personal level, we may have more courage and confidence in ourselves and we might have a better idea of how to put the lessons we learned over the past four months into action.

The Moon will be at 27 degrees Pisces, conjunct Neptune, showing a greater amount of faith in a universe, a trust that everything will happen as it is meant to. Meanwhile, Mercury at 10 degrees Libra will be sextile Venus at 11 degrees Sagittarius, making conversations pleasant at this time. It will be easier for us to speak the truth about how we feel, in a way that doesn't hurt or backfire on us.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing. If you want to know more about how this transit will affect you in depth, on a more personal level, click here to schedule a reading with me.

Be With People Who Uplift You, Aries

Aries Sun or Rising

Over the past month, you may have become more spiritually aware. Time spent alone might have lead you to become more in touch with your intuition, higher calling, or religious beliefs, for those of you who practice. But with Jupiter Retrograde, it may be that subconscious fears and insecurities creep back in to your mind, perhaps exacerbated by the people around you. In fact, with Jupiter in Aquarius, it's possible that a toxic friend from the past may return, invoking bad memories. However, it's also possible that the progress you made on your mental health during Jupiter's short transit through Pisces, may allow you to repair an old friendship with someone you've missed. This time is best used for discerning who your true friends are, dear Aries: you want people in your life who uplift you, not people who only bring you down.

Spring is a Social Time, Taurus credit: Sandro Botticelli

Taurus Sun or Rising

These summer months have been great for making new friends, dear Taurus. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather's been getting warmer, allowing for more group activities to be spent outside. Your social life may seem to slow down, however, when Jupiter goes Retrograde. Perhaps, this is due to too much activity at work. On the bright side, Jupiter's Retrograde through Aquarius could lead to a promotion or career opportunity that you thought you had missed out on. But this needs to be one that will allow you to feel fulfilled; what's the point of working your ass off to make money when you have no time to spend it with the people you enjoy?

Dream the Life You Want, Gemini credit: Rafal Olbinski

Gemini Sun or Rising

It looks like you've found your higher calling. But with Jupiter in Retrograde, you could be having doubts: is this goal really something that you're able to achieve? Jupiter's journey back into Aquarius is a time for preparation. Some of you, for example, may need to go back to school to accomplish what you want. Others may need to do some more research. On another note, this transit can also be about exploring your personal beliefs and ideologies. Your mission is to make the world a better place, dear Gemini, not a worse one. Knowing what you value makes it easier to find a job that brings your life meaning.

To Grow, You Must Transform, Cancer

Cancer Sun or Rising

Jupiter in Pisces has been an exciting time for you, dear Cancer. Perhaps, you've found a belief system or school of thought that brings you enlightenment and speaks to your inner soul. Maybe, you've even had an opportunity to travel, now that countries have started to open up. But when Jupiter goes Retrograde, you may be starting to have doubts. Perhaps, the loss of something you held dear may lead to a crisis in faith or a delay in an exciting plan. You may have to pay off a debt, whether karmic or financial, before you carry on with your plans. Perhaps, you'll need to let go of something that was burdening you before you experience true freedom and knowledge.

Meeting With a Blast from the Past, Leo? credit: Yasu Matsuoka

Leo Sun or Rising

Break-ups are hard, Leo, and if Jupiter's ingress into Pisces helped you to walk away from an ex, it's entrance back into Aquarius may have you crawling back. This may not necessarily be a bad thing: Jupiter Retrograde may help you to work things out, potentially giving your relationship a second chance. In any case, relationship issues are the predominant focus right now; you're learning more about what you want in a partner: someone who brings meaning to your life and allows you the freedom to be your complete self.

Are You Ready for a Fairytale Romance, Virgo? credit: Sir Francis Dicksee

Virgo Sun or Rising

It looks like you've found the love of your life, but are they who they say they are? With Jupiter Retrograde, you may start to have fears and doubts. For some of you, it could be that a health matter is getting in the way of a healthy love life; this could be physical or it could be mental. In any case, you're needing to focus on yourself and your own healing. You're not one to let romance cloud your judgement, dear Virgo, so rather than go along with the whirlwind, you're needing to take a step back and assess this situation from a more logical, practical perspective. Then, and only then, are you willing to give your heart away.

Dance Your Way Through the Storm, Libra credit: Rafal Olbinski

Libra Sun or Rising

For you, Jupiter in Pisces has been a period of good health, and with Jupiter in Retrograde, perhaps you'll be awakened to the areas of your life that most need healing. What better way to heal than through the arts and creativity? Perhaps, you'll re-visit a project that you walked away from. It's time to have fun again, Libra, just make sure to balance it out by taking care of yourself, as well. Overall, this is a time to find healing through expressing yourself and taking part in the things you love.

Play Your Song, Scorpio credit: Michael Cheval

Scorpio Sun or Rising

Jupiter's transit into Pisces has been a creative time for you, dear Scorpio, but now, you may be suffering from a little bit of artist's block. Either that, or the short-lived period of fun you got to experience is coming to a close. This could be due to COVID-19 and related restrictions, because with Jupiter in Aquarius, you'll be spending a lot of time at home. But why let this bore or depress you when you could use this time for getting more in touch with your creative side (or at the very least finding new hobbies)? This transit can also be used for solving family conflicts or even making a move. Matters related to the home and family may prove to be inspiring for you.

Get Some Fresh Air, Sagittarius credit: Bette Levine

Sagittarius Sun or Rising

Home and family matters have probably been going well this month, Sagittarius, but now, you may be starting to feel cooped up. You want to get out there and see the world, get some fresh air, but something may be stopping you from doing so. On the other hand, it's possible that you may finally take the road trip you've been planning on for ages. Maybe this is a trip to see family, or something like that, but it's also possible the trip gets delayed. In any case, this is a good time to work on your communication skills, especially on a more personal one-to-one level. It's also a good time to get closure, seek therapy or speak up about the things you've been bottling up.

Make That Cash, Capricorn

Capricorn Sun or Rising

It looks like Jupiter in Pisces has brought you out of your shell, dear Capricorn. Now that the weather's nice and warm, you may have even planned to take a road trip or a vacation somewhere. However, when Jupiter goes Retrograde, it looks like such a plan will be delayed, possibly due to money issues. But it's not all bad: you may receive a gift or a delayed check may come in the mail. Essentially, now is the time to work hard and save up. That way, you can finally follow through with those plans you had made.

Figure Yourself Out, Aquarius credit: Rafal Olbinski

Aquarius Sun or Rising

You've been so focused on money, Aquarius, and while a large paycheck may have made you happy, it's equally possible that you've been overworked. Things may feel lighter and freer for you, with Jupiter retrograding back into your sign, like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. You're focused on you again and the things that make you happy, getting a second chance at any opportunities you missed out on between December and May. However, rather than just relax and let it pass, it's better if you work hard to take advantage of the good things that come your way. This transit can also be used as an opportunity to focus on your growth and self-development, helping you find a path that's actually meaningful to you, and not just materialistic.

Things Will Get Better, Pisces credit: Kinuko Craft

Pisces Sun or Rising

After a month of feeling happy, healthy, and full of faith & wisdom, when Jupiter goes Retrograde, it may feel like depression has set in once again. Another rainy day after a short period of sunshine. However, this retrograde isn't all bad, dear Pisces. While you may be spending more time alone and shut-in with Jupiter in Aquarius, you can use this time to your benefit by focusing on your spirituality, getting more in touch with the light within. This time can be used for healing and self-development, working on the things you want to change about yourself. That way, when Jupiter goes Direct, you can come out a new person, reborn once again.

Credit: Sir Edward John Poynter


Jupiter goes Retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces on June 20th, only to move back into Aquarius on July 28th, going direct on October 18th. While on a collective level, Jupiter's initial transit through Aquarius brought us the vaccine and when it entered Pisces, countries who believed they had enough people vaccinated began to open up. This leads me to believe that Jupiter's station direct will either bring delayed side effects or more likely, new variants that prove we opened up too soon.

On a personal level, however, I think this Jupiter Retrograde period will be very positive, due to the many positive aspects it will be making, such as a grand trine to the Sun and Moon which in itself is a sign of good luck. It could bring us a second chance of some kind, a do-over of an opportunity we thought we missed out on. Overall, it's a time for reflection and a time for preparation, helping us get ready to receive our dreams.


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