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A New Hope: How Jupiter in Aquarius Will Affect Your Sign

On December 19th 2020, Jupiter entered the progressive and idealistic sign of Aquarius where it will stay until May 13th 2021, for a brief stint in Pisces until entering Aquarius again on July 28th before finally leaving on December 28th 2021. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 23 min read

On December 19th 2020, Jupiter entered the progressive and idealistic sign of Aquarius where it will stay until May 13th 2021, for a brief stint in Pisces until entering Aquarius again on July 28th before finally leaving the sign on December 28th 2021. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Transiting through the sign of Capricorn since December 2nd 2019, Jupiter has been having a rough time this year. Traditionally, Capricorn is the sign of it's fall. While Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of limitation and delay, Jupiter is very much the opposite: a planet associated with abundance, luck and faith. With Jupiter in Capricorn, that faith was put to a test. After all, this transit did coincide with a worldwide pandemic. Reality came crushing down on us during this time and we began to doubt whether our dreams could actually be realized. The opportunities brought to us by Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius a year before seemed so much less possible now that the practical implications have set it. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and in Capricorn, it brought us more hardships, more limits, more challenges, more delays. There was a lesson to all this, however. By showing us how bad things could get, we were forced to take care of our own shit, taking all the practical and painful steps necessary to get what we want. Think of Jupiter in Capricorn as being like a test to see if we're really ready for it. The dream is there and we can have it but it's going to take work.

With Jupiter entering Aquarius on December 19th, our faith is being restored. Although Aquarius is technically ruled by Saturn as well, Jupiter is actually much happier here than it is in the sign of Capricorn. While Jupiter is ruled by the signs of Sagittarius & Pisces (fire and water, respectively), the planet itself is actually associated with the air element and an air triplicity lord by day. It makes sense, in some ways, because air is the element of ideas. It is free and uncontrolled like the wind and accessible to all who breathes it. Despite not being domicile in an air sign, Jupiter has a similar nature. Its not only a planet of abundance and luck but liberation and freedom as well. It is also associated with knowledge, particularly the 'higher mind' and philosophical principles or belief systems. Furthermore, Jupiter and the air element are both classically associated with the sanguine humor, a temperament marked by its joy and child-like optimism. Aquarius, in particular, is depicted by the constellation of the water-bearer, often interpreted as a symbol of technology and innovation. It is often stereotyped as the 'humanitarian' of the zodiac, wanting to make the world a better place for all who live in it. These themes go hand in hand with Jupiter's characteristics of evolution and growth. Esoteric astrologers even go as far as to give Jupiter secondary rulership over Aquarius. While I don't personally subscribe to this system, I do believe Jupiter's transit into Aquarius is going to feel like a breath of fresh air for many.

Jupiter in Aquarius: a Breath of Fresh Air for Many

The myths associated with the sign of Aquarius are rather dark but ironically, in their own way, tend to capture the spirit of Jupiter quite well. First of all, it is associated with the Great Flood, when God poured water down from the heavens to cleanse the earth of its wickedness and created a new race of women and men to replace them. This makes Aquarius a symbol of purity and regeneration. Aquarius is also associated with the Greek prince, Ganymede, the most beautiful man in Troy, who became a 'cup-bearer' or basically a slave for Zeus (the Greek counterpart for Jupiter). But of course, one day Ganymede got tired of the way Zeus treated him and decided to pour out all the ambrosia, wine and water of the gods out of the cup, refusing to be Zeus' slave any longer. This caused the Earth to rain for days. At first, Zeus was angry but realizing he's been unkind, he had a change of heart and decided to immortalize the boy as the constellation Aquarius. This myth not only reflects Aquarius' association with "the people," (as opposed to Leo's association with royalty or "the king,") but it's association with revolution and upheaval, as well. Some people are confused how a sign ruled by Saturn can be associated with egalitarian values like freedom, liberation or equality but I feel this myth highlights why pretty clearly. Unlike the other Air Signs, Aquarius is fixed, giving it the ability to focus on a vision and see it to the end. Aquarius is associated with both the creation and overturning of social structures.

Those born with Jupiter in Aquarius tend to be idealistic visionaries who want to do everything they can in their power to make the world a better place. They are often attracted to any ideas new and different. Like natural born scientists, they love to test things out and experiment to see which ideas hold truth. Usually, these people can be described as "humanitarians," valuing ideals such as equality and liberty for all people, although the interpretations of what these words mean varies. While some folks with Jupiter in Aquarius are more what you might expect, champions of the oppressed, others are more concerned with liberating humanity from the reptilian elite. In its darker form, Aquarius may seek to liberate the planet from humanity itself or a dystopian form of governance may arise out of warped attempts to enforce their ideals. With Jupiter in Aquarius, however, the more positive positive qualities of the sign are brought out and those astrologers who insist on holding on to this gloomy view are reaching, in my opinion.

Instead, Jupiter's transit through Aquarius will most likely be a breath of fresh air after a dark and gloomy period in the sign of Capricorn. It will be a time of freedom, tolerance and acceptance of new ideas. New technologies may arise to help people live easier lives. Of course, it may also be a time of chaos, a time of radical changes and the overturning of structures, but these changes are not only good, they're necessary.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: We Create our Own Realities


The most important aspect made by Jupiter is the Great Conjunction to Saturn on December 21st. These conjunctions happen every 20 years or so and historically have been associated with the rise and fall of empires and societies. To give one example, almost every U.S. president who has been elected under a Great Conjunction has died in office. However, this conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn is even more significant because it is also a Great Mutation. Essentially, Great Conjunctions occur in cycles called Trigons, with Jupiter & Saturn meeting exclusively in signs of the same element for a period of about 200 years or so. For the last 200 years, conjunctions of Jupiter & Saturn have been occurring almost exclusively in Earth Signs, but this current conjunction at 0'29 degrees Aquarius is the start of a new cycle in Air Signs. The first degree of any sign is a symbol of new beginnings, and in the sign of Aquarius, this will likely involve new beginnings regarding the structure of society. The last Great Mutation, in Aquarius coincided with the establishment of the Magna Carta, a document limiting the king's power, and the beginnings of parliamentary government in Britain. I have a feeling, however, that this Great Conjunction in Aquarius will see the beginnings of something much bigger than that. On another note, some people have also associated this particularly conjunction with manifestation. This is because while Jupiter represents hopes, wishes and beliefs, Saturn is all about structure and longevity, giving weight to the idea that our beliefs create our realities. Essentially, it's a good time for undertaking new projects because what we start now will likely reap successful and long-lasting results.

On January 11th, 2021, Jupiter will make its conjunction to Mercury at 5'16 degrees of the water-bearer. This is a good day for coming up with new ideas. We could be inspired to take a leap of faith and create something new, as this transit helps us to think positively, seeing abundance rather than limits. It's a good day for communication, as well, as we're more able to speak freely and tell people the truth about what we really think. Conversations may go well at this time. However, it's also possible our thoughts may race or this conjunction might lead to information overload. Due to Mercury's Retrograde from January 31st to February 21st, this aspect will repeat itself again on March 5th.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus: a Rebellion to Maintain the Status Quo

Because Jupiter's next aspect, a square to Uranus at 6'44 degrees Taurus, will mark the most chaotic time of the year. Uranus is the planet of revolution and rebellion, all things unique but also unexpected. Interestingly, Uranus is Aquarius' co-ruler in modern astrology. Taurus, however, is more associated with tradition and personal security. While Jupiter in Aquarius wants to implement a new vision for humanity, Uranus in Taurus stubbornly holds on to the ways of the past, believing this new vision to be a threat to their individual freedom. On one hand, this is essentially an indicator of political instability and chaos. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and with a square to Uranus, the times are more turbulent than ever and there is a spirit of division in the air. On the other hand, however, Taurus is associated with agriculture. This goes back to ancient times, when bulls were used to plow the field. This association can extent to the economy, ecology and our resources in general. I suppose in it's most apocalyptic form, this could be a blackout or a shutdown of the national grid, since Aquarius is associated with technology, leading to famine and food shortage, with the communal nature of Aquarius being seen in humanity's way of dealing with it as a group, or continuing down that dark note, this could also represent a natural disaster due to global warming. However, I think political instability and revolution are much more likely. This square is exact on January 17th, just three days before the U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day. Expanding on the idea of Taurus being a symbol of economy & ecology, it may be that economic collapse and widespread poverty will be the driving force of a new revolution that will put an end to the system as we know it.

On a similar note, Jupiter will be making a square to Mars in Taurus a few days later. The idea of revolution and protest is further highlighted by the conjunction between Mars and Uranus on January 20th, Inauguration Day in the U.S. However, Mars will meet Jupiter by square on January 23th. I will repeat that Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Mars is the planet of war. Expect violence and worsening divisions on or around this date. For Americans, this may have something to do with Trump supporters, rioting and inciting violence in response to the Inauguration of Joe Biden. The stubbornness of Taurus can be seen through Trump's refusal to give up his seat in the White House. However, around the world, there may also be protests and revolutions in response to worsening economic or ecological conditions.

Jupiter conjunct Sun and then Venus: Good Luck and Protection Abounds, along with Spiritual Growth

Assuming we survive January, things should get better from there on and out. In fact, the month ends with a conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun on January 28th. Taking place at 9'22 degrees Aquarius, this conjunction brings confidence, freedom, happy feelings and good fortune. It is often said to be the luckiest day of the year, and I would say a good day to put the creative energy of Aquarius into good use.

Then on February 11th, Venus will join Jupiter at 12'24 degrees. Taking place only three days before Valentine's Day, this aspect brings good luck and wish fulfillment pertaining to all matters of love and beauty. It is a perfect day for romance or time spent with loved ones, but also for new beginnings pertaining to aesthetics (anything from a new look to a new painting to new decorations for your home). Relationships started now will be rooted in mutual growth - respect for each other's freedom and individual souls rather than the toxicity that many have unfortunately come to associate with romance.

On February 26th, Jupiter will be trine the North Node at 16'09 degrees Gemini, which I also believe to be a symbol of good luck or spiritual growth. The North Node represents destiny, where we're going in life, and the trine to Jupiter will likely give us opportunities for expansion and happiness, especially related to all things social (considering this is in air signs). We may be rewarded for something good we've done in the past. As they say, what goes around comes back around. Jupiter will later be making a trine to Mars in Gemini on April 17th, which will see more positive action compared to whatever happened around January 23rd: people speaking the truth and fighting to make changes for the things that actually matter.

Jupiter will enter it's home sign of Pisces on May 13th, which should be a more emotionally fulfilling time overall. However, it's retrograde motion (station June 20th at 2'11 degrees of the fishes) will bring it back into Aquarius on July 28th. Jupiter Retrograde, generally, is a time for reflection and going within rather than seeking happiness without. In the sign of Aquarius, we may be reflecting on our ideologies and hopes & wishes for society or the world at large, or perhaps, we may be reflecting on what we have to offer society as individuals: what unique gifts and talents do we have to bring to the table? The tension between society and the individual will be felt strongly, potentially even leading to conflict, on July 29th, when Jupiter makes an opposition to Mars at 29 degrees Leo. However by October 18th, 2021, when Jupiter goes Direct at 22'20 degrees Aquarius, we should be given more clarity, feeling more light-hearted and free overall. On December 27th, it will be squaring the North and South Node at 29 degrees of Taurus & Scorpio respectively, leading to challenging growth and evolution for many, before leaving Aquarius on January 28th, not to be seen again for another twelve years.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing. If you want to know more about how this transit will affect you in depth, on a more personal here, click here to schedule a reading with me.

"All Fun & Games" by Eugene Lolli: Have Some Fun With Your Friends, Aries

Aries Rising (or Sun)

Your circle of friends is becoming wider, Aries! With Jupiter in your house of friends, you may be finding yourself running into the right people at the right time, forming both meaningful friendships and coming across more networking opportunities, as well, although with Mars conjunct Uranus in your 2nd house in January, there may be some issues with issues with money or perhaps a lack of financial stability is preventing you from spending as much time with your friends as you would like. However with Jupiter rules your 9th house, you could be put in touch with friends who share the same belief system as you or who open up your eyes in some way. The friendships you develop now are likely to be meaningful. You may also benefit from getting involved with politics or some kind of community service or activism. You're a fighter, Aries, but it's about time you fight for a cause and do what you can to make this world a better place for all who live here.

The Future Is At Your Fingertips, Taurus

Taurus Rising (or Sun)

You tend to lean on the side of caution, Taurus, but with Jupiter transiting your 10th house, you're being asked to follow your dreams and go after the career you want, even if that involves taking risks. Jupiter's square to Uranus & Mars in your 1st indicates some tension between who you are & what you want and what other people expect you to be. However, you may be blessed with a life-changing work opportunity or you may achieve some sort of major success of recognition. Since Jupiter rules your 11th house, it is also a good time for networking and you may even find an opportunity through friends. Since Jupiter rules your 8th as well, even if you do wind up losing a job, it will likely be for the best because it was probably one that stifled you and you didn't really feel comfortable in anyway.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Child & Explore the Universe, Gemini

Gemini Rising (or Sun)

You're already known for your curiosity and love of knowledge, Gemini, but with Jupiter in your 9th house, your mind is being expanded beyond your wildest dreams. With Jupiter squaring Mars & Uranus in the 12th house, there may be some unexpected mental health difficulties that are preventing you from going after those dreams. But once you overcome them, there will be opportunities for both travel and education. Maybe even studying abroad! Perhaps, you're going to grad school to pursue the field you want or it may be something smaller like studying a new topic or getting more in touch with your spirituality, or even going on a small vacation. Since Jupiter rules both your 7th and 10th houses, travel or education may even lead to new opportunities in love as well as career. In any case, your mind is opening up to new and exciting ideas, which is something you love, and you feel like just about anything can happen to you.

"Beauty of the Fury," by Jim Warren: Walk Away from the Ugly, Cancer

Cancer Rising (or Sun)

You're known for your heavy emotions, Cancer, but with an Aquarius Jupiter transiting through your 8th house you're about to break free from the things that are no longer serving you. The 8th house is traditionally known as death but rarely it is a physical death. More often, it is a house associated with endings and loss, but with Jupiter here, these endings are likely to be more benefic in nature. Whether this be heavy emotions, negative mental health patterns, situations, people or things, you're allowing yourself to let go of the things in life that were holding you down. With Jupiter squaring Mars & Uranus in the 11th house, there may be certain friends or groups you're a part of who want to hold you back and keep you stuck in your ways but you're learning to say no to them, By doing this, you might see benefits in both your health and education, as well as travel or spiritual connection, since these are the areas of life ruled by Jupiter. Since the 8th house rules over other people's money, you might also receive an inheritance or a large sum of money from someone.

Let Love Take You On An Adventure, Leo

Leo Rising (or Sun)

Your social circle is expanding, Leo, and with that includes love. Jupiter in Aquarius is transiting your 7th house of partnerships. If single, you may finally meet the person who you can connect with on a soul level. If dating or in a relationship, this transit will help smooth over any problems and make the relationship smooth sailing. Business partnerships and legal cases also benefit from this transit. Creative projects, children and financial endeavors may also benefit since these are the areas of life ruled by Jupiter in your natal. When Jupiter squares Mars and Uranus in your 10th house, there may be a conflict between love and career. Perhaps disruptions in your career prevent you from giving your all to your partner. However, it should be a generally romantic period overall and if you were stuck in a rut or a dry spell of some sort, this transit should help you get out of it.

Wake Up To a Fresh & Healthy New Day, Virgo

Virgo Rising (or Sun)

You're a very health conscious person, Virgo, and the good news is that with Jupiter in Aquarius transiting your 6th house, you may see benefits in this area of your life. If you suffer from any sort of health problems, whether mental or physical, you may expect to see an improvement or this transit may help you find the antidote you've been looking for. If already healthy, you may be even more health conscious than usual and focused on making your life better and more fulfilling. Romantic relationships and your home or family may also benefit from this transit since those are the areas of life ruled by Jupiter in your birth chart. School or problems with travel may take a toll on your health when Jupiter squares Mars and Uranus in your 9th house. This could also be your ideology or belief system. But overall, your health, relationships and family life should see an improvement.

"Wake Up in the Morning," by Naci Posca: Enjoy Yourself, Libra!

Libra Rising (or Sun)

This is going to be a liberating time for you, Libra! Jupiter in Capricorn was especially heavy for you, due to the square it makes in your natal chart, but Jupiter in Aquarius makes a trine. This is an especially great time to start creative projects, getting in touch with your inner artist and having fun. Your romantic relationships may also benefit from this transit, as will your relationships with children. I would even say this is a good time to have a child, if that should be what you want. When Mars and Uranus in your 8th house square Jupiter, you may experience the sudden loss of something that was important to you, but from there on out, the year should get better. Interactions with siblings or communication in general, as well as your health and fitness, should also benefit from this transit as these are the areas of life that Jupiter rules.

"The Greater Outdoors" by Eugenia Loli: Adventures Can Take Place at Home Too, Scorpio

Expect abundance in your home life, Scorpio. Whether this means fun time spent with family or re-decorating your home with new furniture, Jupiter in the 4th house places the focus on all things related to the home or family life. Since Jupiter in Aquarius is a liberating transit for most, you may find yourself liberated from some early childhood or family-related trauma, or you may even make an exciting move to a new home or maybe even a new city or country. Since Jupiter expands whatever it touches, it could also be that your family grows larger, whether this be due to a marriage, a child or something else. Jupiter does rule your 5th house of children after all but also your 2nd house so you can expect financial abundance as well. When Jupiter squares Mars and Uranus in the 7th house in January, there may be issues in your relationships with others, particularly arguments or maybe a need to seek freedom somewhere else. These arguments may potentially make your home life stressful or may be what inspires you to move. But after that, things should get much better and your home life should be a place of peace, freedom, abundance and serenity.

Time To Hit the Books, Sagittarius

Sagittarius Rising (or Sun)

You're known for you big mouth, Sagittarius but with Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your 3rd house of communication, you're mouth is about to get even bigger - in a good way, of course! Expect lots of socializing, talking, blogging, reading, learning and hanging out with friends around the neighborhood - or just in a zoom room. You may take a new class or go on a short journeys or a road trip somewhere interesting. There may also be a lot of fun times spent with siblings or other extended family during this transit. Watch out for your health when Mars and Uranus conjunct in your 6th house this January. Jupiter will be squaring these planets, meaning that a sudden health problem may distract you from siblings, prevent you from going on a trip somewhere or interfere with your communications / studies. However, since Jupiter rules your 1st as well as your 10th, this should be good for your health, particularly your mental health, overall, as well as your career. If you've been considering a career in writing or something of that nature, now would be a good time to pursue it.

Who needs boys when you can make $$$, Capricorn?

Capricorn Rising (or Sun)

No offense, Capricorn, but you're known to be materialistic, even greedy at times, or perhaps I'll just call you ambitious. Well, good news for you - Jupiter in Aquarius will be transiting your 2nd house meaning that your bank account is going to get bigger! It's possible that when Jupiter squares Mars and Uranus in your 5th house in January, romance, children or creative projects may detract or distract you from your financial pursuits. Since Jupiter rules your 12th and 3rd houses, you may benefit financially by spending times alone and focusing on reading and writing. Overall, however, this should be a time of financial abundance.

Love Your Life, Aquarius

Aquarius Rising (or Sun)

It's your lucky year, Aquarius. Jupiter in the 1st house provides you with all the abundance you need! Perhaps, your circle of friends and bank account, in particular, should grow, since these are the areas of life that Jupiter rules in your birth chart. However, Jupiter in the 1st is a positive sign in all-around, lifting your mood up and making you confident enough to manifest the things you want. Of course, with Mars and Uranus in the 4th house and squaring your sign this January, there may be some chaos or conflict in the home, but after that, things should get better. For you, this will be a year of optimism, learning and growth, maybe even travel. Qualities of wisdom and cheerfulness are brought to the forefront of your personality, and Jupiter maintains a protective influence over your health as well. Just make sure not to over-do it!

Cherish Your Alone Time, Pisces

Pisces Rising (or Sun)

With Jupiter in your 12th house, you may be spending a lot of time alone. However, you're a spiritual person, Pisces, who cherishes your solitude, and this time can be used as an opportunity for growth and connecting with your higher soul. When Jupiter squares Mars & Uranus in your 3rd house, this January, you may find the stress of everyday life to be overwhelming, and you might even want to retreat. Arguments with siblings, roommates or extended family may be particularly stressful. But Jupiter in Aquarius is about liberation, and with Jupiter in your 12th house, you may find yourself liberated from any institutions that burden or oppress you. This transit also helps you to release any internal suffering you might have been going through. You may also find that this transit causes your intuitive abilities to increase and you may have meaningful dreams. You may also find that you gain more wisdom as a result of going within and listening to what your soul has to tell you. Since Jupiter is your ruling planet and rules your 1st house as well as your 10th, this time is best used as an opportunity for personal growth but you may find that this time helps you out professionally as well


While the first few months, particularly January and perhaps February as well, may be a tad chaotic, due to Jupiter's square to Uranus & Mars in Taurus, Jupiter's transit through the sign of Aquarius should be a freeing & liberating time overall. In contrast to the restrictions and depression of Jupiter in Capricorn, where it was placed in its Fall and acting as a functional malefic, Jupiter in Aquarius should come like a breath of fresh air. Especially due to it's conjunction to Saturn being a Great Mutation, this is a time period for revolution, change and new beginnings.


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