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Stupid Cupid: What To Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde in Gemini this Spring

On May 13th, 2020, at around 2:44 AM, Venus, the planet of love and beauty will station retrograde at 21'50 degrees Gemini. It will continue it's journey backwards until June 25th, where it will station direct at 5'20 degrees of the dualistic and mutable Mercury-ruled air sign. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 4 years ago 29 min read
"Arrows for Eros," by Jake Baddeley

On May 13th, 2020, at around 2:44 AM, Venus, the planet of love and beauty will station retrograde at 21'50 degrees Gemini. It will continue it's journey backwards until June 25th, where it will station direct at 5'20 degrees of the dualistic and mutable Mercury-ruled air sign. Here's what to expect, both in general, and for your sign.

What Does it Mean For Venus to be Retrograde?

A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving in the opposite direction. Astrologically, this means that the energies of the planet are directed backwards or inward.

Retrograde periods are often said to be riddled with delays and disruption, but they don't have to be. These periods are not so much a time for action as they are for reflection. Retrograde periods are often loaded with synchronicity and karma. So, they can also be periods of magic and manifestation if you just focus on within rather than without. Things from the past will return to us. This could be people from our past, including from our past lives, situations or memories that we thought we had forgotten about, or maybe just lessons that we're getting a second chance at learning after having failed the first time.

You may have heard of Mercury Retrograde, but actually, all planets go retrograde, save for the Sun and the Moon. Venus's retrograde periods are the least frequent, stationing retrograde about every 18 months over a period of about 40 days.

While Mercury Retrograde periods affect areas of technology, transportation and communication, Venus Retrograde affects areas of love, sexuality, relationships and beauty.

It is said that during these times, that relationships begin to go haywire. You may begin to rethink any partnerships or potential partnerships you formed pre-retrograde. It's a time to get in touch with yourself, and reflect on what you need and want in your relationships, regardless of whether you're partnered or single. If you're single, it's a good time to prepare yourself for what you want. If you need to heal from any past relationships, or reflect on patterns that might have been holding you back from what you want, now is a good time to do that. If you are in a relationship, break-ups are possible, but most likely, it won't do harm to just ask for a little bit of space if you need it, to reassess where the relationship is headed and whether this is something that is really right for you at this time. If you and your partner have been having any problems or setbacks, it's a good time to hash things out together and see if it is something you both can work through. In any case, self-love and self-care are big themes for this transit.

It is also common at this time to find ourselves thinking about, maybe even fantasizing about, our exes. This can be a good time to reflect back on all your past relationships and to heal any past negative patterns. It is also a good time to receive closure from any past partners. Sometimes, our exes or other people from the past will come back. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If your relationship was riddled with serious issues, such as abuse and power imbalances, it's probably best that you don't invite this person back into your life. Always remember to set boundaries. However, this can also be an opportunity for a second chance. Sometimes, we meet the right people at the wrong time or place and the break up has nothing at all to do with the person themselves. This can all apply to old friends as well, especially if they were close, not necessarily just romantic partners.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020

After cruising through her home sign of Taurus since March 4th, Venus, the goddess of love, entered the curious and conversational sign of Gemini on April 3rd. While Venus's transit through Taurus was certainly an enjoyable and very sensual time, this fixed earth sign is more commitment-orientated, deepening our connections with the people we already know. Venus's entrance into Gemini opened things up a bit for those looking to swipe on the apps. Love in a time of social distancing can be tough on those of us without (live-in) partners, and Venus in Gemini opened up opportunities for us to meet new people, and enjoy each other's company, through text or phone call, even if we can't see or touch each other face to face.

Love is a breeze when in this super social air sign - normally that is. Witty, flirtatious, and fun, Venus in Gemini knows how to use the power of words to get what she wants. As intellectual as she is, however, conversation is best kept lighthearted and playful. Whether if it's a result of unnecessary drama or a lack of stimulation, if things stop being fun for her, she is onto the next one. Gemini is a mutable sign, after all.

When she stations retrograde on May 13th, however, at 21'50 degrees, Venus in Gemini will become more thoughtful, more serious, more introspective. The extroverted, party-loving twin has taken a break, allowing her more introverted, bookworm sister to take over. How can we expect this to affect us? Well, you may have even seen a glimpse of it around April 9th, when Venus passed the 5'20 degree mark into her retrograde shadow phase.

"Gemini," by Jake Baddeley

Gemini, the Communicator

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, who in mythological terms was believed to be the messenger of the gods. So, first and foremost, I believe this current Venus in Retrograde period will highlight issues relating to communication in our relationships. Any communication problems will come up to the forefront at this time, made obvious so that we can fix them... if they are indeed worth fixing, that is.

Have you been open with your partner? Are there secrets that prevent your relationship was reaching it's highest potential? Is the relationship loaded with miscommunication? Are your communication styles in conflict? I would suggest looking at your Mercury signs to figure this last one out. Is your communication style harmful in some way? Are you passive-aggressive, just plain aggressive? Remember, communication isn't just about talking. Communication does involve radical honesty to the point of vulnerability, and asserting yourself, yes, but it also involves listening. Communication also involves empathy, really actively going out of your way to understand what the other person is saying. Do you really listen to your partner, or do you yell and scream without allowing them to get a word in edgewise? Do you make assumptions before hearing them out, not even giving them a chance to tell their side of the story? Do you constantly overthink the subtext behind their words, reaching for clues and cues they don't love you, refusing to take them at face value? It's important you really sit down and ask yourself these questions. Get painfully honest with yourself.

If there are indeed communication issues in your relationship, it's important you and your partner(s) figure out how to fix them. If single, of course, this could also refer to a pattern of how you communicate in your relationships, or people, in general. The way you communicate could be interfering with your ability to find the love you deserve. If in a relationship, you'll benefit most from this transit by meeting your partner half-way, talking things through. Whether you're single or partnered, however, it's important you focus on being honest, truthful, vulnerable, but also tactful, empathetic, and a good listener, silent when need be. Gemini is flexible, adapting their communication style to match the needs of the person they are interacting with.

On the other hand, if you really feel misunderstood in a relationship, if you've made yourself clear over and over again, but your boundaries still aren't being respected, then perhaps it's time to let that relationship go. People enter into relationships for many reasons, out of passion, for security, but a mental connection is important too. If you aren't getting the mental stimulation you want in a relationship, no matter how much you've asked for it, maybe that person isn't for you. Maybe by prioritizing things like passion and security, you've neglected to realize how important a mental connection really is to you. Unless the relationship is outright abusive and/or toxic, however, I would advise waiting until the retrograde period is over to make any final decisions.

Most importantly, it's important you get really honest with yourself about your own needs. This is a good time for questioning what you value in a romantic partnership, or what kinds of things do you value in a person in general. What do you want in a relationship? What are you looking for? What do you expect from your interactions with other people, whether intimate or just simply platonic? It's important that you be honest and open with others about these needs as well, once you're able to figure out, pinpoint and find the right language to describe what they are. That way, you can ensure that you're getting what you really want out of the experience. It's essential that you set boundaries. It's important that you let people know what you want from them and what your limits are early on in a relationship, so that you can ensure that it's the best experience for both of you.

The Magician from the Buckland Romania Tarot Deck

Loving from the Mind, not the Heart

In addition to ruling communication, Mercury also rules the mind, and Gemini placements often have a habit of overthinking things. Venus, however, is all about love, which comes from the heart, not the mind.

Venus is ruled by both Libra and Taurus, and exalted in the romantic, emotional and dreamy sign of Pisces. In it's Libra form, sure, Venus is mental and airy, learning about it's self through it's interaction with others, much like Gemini does, albeit on perhaps a more personal, one-to-one level. But looking specifically at it's Taurus form, Venus is rooted in the body. Taurus Venus is rooted in the present moment, the here and now, and a Mercury-ruled Venus does not allow for that.

A Mercury-ruled Venus prefers to examine every possibility, dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, obsessing over every little thing that may (or may not) go wrong. On the negative side of things, this Venus in Retrograde period could have you pulling back from relationships that would otherwise make you happy, or sabotaging your relationships with people who would otherwise be really good for you. An overactive mind that persistently looks for problems and doubts it's self can cause problems in your relationship at this time, so watch out and be careful. Your own overthinking can lead you to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On a more positive note, if you use this time for focusing on yourself instead of dating or engaging in any new romantic pursuits, you may reap Mercury's benefits. Mercury correlates with the Magician card in Tarot, and what is magic but a simple process of using your mind or will to make changes in the material world around you? The Law of Attraction. By retraining your brain, and restructuring your mental patterns, you can transform your reality.

Venus, Mercury & their child, Cupid, or "The lesson Amors by Venus and Mercury," by Jean-Baptist-Claude Gagneraux

Venus, the Flirt, Meets Mercury, the Trickster

Venus, the goddess of love, is a natural flirt, and Gemini, ruled by the mischievous planet Mercury, is a bit of a trickster. We may feel like outside forces are playing tricks on us; we may feel like our love life is some sort of cosmic joke, as if we were unknowingly actors in some sort of twisted romantic comedy film on TV for the gods to laugh at.

Of course, this could also take the form of outright duplicity on the part of humans. Especially when dating has been restricted to the realm of the internet, people don't always portray themselves in a way that reflects who they really are. I can't count the number of times I've come across men whose dating profiles list them as being 6 ft, only for me to meet them in person and find out they're 5'3. Similarly, I've spotted men that I know personally to be in their 40's with children trying to pass themselves off as 24 on dating apps, which is worse than deceptive; it's predatory. Don't forget about straight-up cat-fishing, which can be defined as the act of "luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona." This isn't just lying about a detail or two, but creating a whole false identity, stolen profile picture, made-up name and everything. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the show.

It's amazing how much of our romantic & social lives are based on lies. As humans, we often try to cast ourselves in a more likable light, pretending to be someone we're not in the hopes that others may like us. But Venus in Retrograde won't stand for that. If you lie about anything, you can expect it to backfire... you can expect yourself to be caught in the most embarrassing ways possible. Similarly, I would avoid investing serious feelings for anyone new (especially if met online) until Venus goes Direct on June 25th, because people don't usually show their true colors until you're already in too deep, and you may just find out that person you've been flirting with online is not at all who they appear to be.

"Tannhäuser in the Venusberg" by John Collier

Three's a Crowd

As the sign of the twins, of course, Gemini is also a sign of duality and multiplicity. With that in mind, I believe third parties may present a problem when Venus goes Retrograde. This could mean many things, it could play out in many ways.

Perhaps, you're forming crushes on multiple people and you're being forced to decide. Maybe you're being given ultimatums, "it's either me or them," and being made to make a choice. This could be causing you a lot of stress. Who is it that you really love? Who is it that you really want to be with?

If you're in a relationship, perhaps you've developed a crush on someone who isn't your partner. Maybe you're questioning your ability to remain monogamous. Is monogamy really even worth it, anyway, or is it merely a convention that has been forced on us by society? Perhaps, this has brought upon conflict in your relationship, if one partner is strictly monogamous and the other is not, or maybe you're trying out other things. Maybe you've cheated or been tempted to cheat, or maybe your partner has. If polyamorous, or in an open relationship, perhaps it has brought upon feelings of jealousy and insecurity and you're questioning your ability to handle it.

On another note, it could be that other people or outside forces are interfering with the relationship through the use of judgement or gossip. Maybe your friends are saying things that are causing you to doubt your partner, perhaps out of jealousy, or maybe you've heard a nasty rumor that has you questioning if this person is really the one. My advice is to pay attention to the intentions of whoever you're hearing this from. Do they have your best interests at heart or might they have an ulterior motive for saying this? If their intentions do indeed seem pure, I'd still advise you to talk to your partner before making any rash assumptions. It could also be that other circumstances, religious, familial or cultural factors, are keeping you apart.

Neptune in Pisces square Venus Retrograde in Gemini, chasing after illusions

Aspects on May 13th

Perhaps, the most important aspect Venus will be making is it's square to Neptune in Pisces, which will be exact twice at 20'40 degrees, both on May 3rd, before Venus stations Retrograde, and on May 20th, only a week after. When Venus is square Neptune, feelings of fated love and romance are in the air. You might even feel like you met your soulmate! However, it may not be what it's all cracked up to be. The same could apply if an ex comes back convincing you they've changed. Venus square Neptune indicates feelings of idealization, the type of idealization that happens when you project your hopes, dreams, and desires onto another person. With that idealization comes the disappointment and disillusionment you face when you learn who that person really is. That's why I wrote in the "Venus, the Flirt, Meets Mercury, the Trickster," section is so important. This aspect carries potential for deception, even cat-fishing, so be careful not to view things through rose colored glasses. When we idealize a person like that, it allows us to potentially get taken advantage of, if the person's intentions are not pure.

Mars, planet of action, will enter the dreamy, and idealistic, sign of Pisces shortly before Venus stations Retrograde. While the aspect does not go exact, it will also make a close square to Venus in Gemini's ruling planet Mercury at 2 degrees Gemini that same day. This square between Mars and Mercury could potentially indicate argument and the exchange of harsh words, especially between partners, based purely on misunderstanding.

While the conjunction is very, very, wide Venus's station Retrograde will also be conjunct the North Node at 29 degrees Gemini, showing us that this is a time filled with many karmic and fated events, but more than that, it is a time of growth. You'll get the most advantages out of this transit by using this time to work on yourself and further your spiritual growth.

Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: Another Beautiful Illusion

Other Aspects

On May 22nd, Mercury will make an exact conjunction to Venus Retrograde at 20'12 degrees, Gemini. This may potentially give us a moment of clarity about our relationships in an otherwise hazy and elusive time. The best way to take advantage of this aspect is by finding the words to express how you feel in your relationships, and heal any communication issues. Be careful of how you word things, however, because later that same day, Mercury will be making an exact square to Neptune at 20'42 degrees Pisces, causing communication to remain elusive and unclear. This aspect could indicate outright deception but it could also simply indicate misunderstanding, so make sure you word things as clearly as possible.

Venus will square Mars at 14'03 degrees Pisces on June 2nd. Passions are heightened, but they may manifest through feelings of love and hate, cat and mouse, on and off again relationships. This aspect indicates strong sexual tension, but also sexual frustration. Any arguments that happen during this time may be the result of pent-up sexual energy between two parties.

Lastly, the Sun will conjunct Venus at 13'36 degrees Gemini on June 3rd. The Sun's conjunction to Venus Retrograde marks a symbolic turning point, called an inferior conjunction, that only happens once every 18 months. This conjunction marks Venus's change from Evening Star to Morning Star. The Ancients saw the Evening Star as Venus's Love Goddess phase, and the Morning Star as her Warrior phase. On another note, the Sun's conjunction to Venus marks a day of self-love. It's a good time to express your love for others, and a good day to express beauty through the use of art, fashion or make-up.

Love and Romance is Ours Again

Venus in Gemini Direct

Venus will finally station Direct on June 25th, at 5'20 degrees Gemini, allowing us to put the lessons we learned into practice and go back to loving as usual. On June 25th, Venus will be making one additional aspect, a wide trine to Saturn at 0'26 degrees, helping to solidify bonds and make commitments to those we most love and care about.

However, Venus in Gemini won't completely return to her usual self until after July 29th, when it passes the 21'50 degree mark, exiting the retrograde shadow phase. That one month period will allow us to fully wrap up any lessons we need to learn around love, beauty, and communication, before Venus enters into the watery and emotional sign of Cancer on August 7th.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing.

People with angles or personal planets (or even the North and South Node) between 5 and 22 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will most especially be affected by this transit. If you have angles or personal planets between 5 and 22 degrees of the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius, you may also be heavily affected by this transit.

Use your words to express how you feel, Aries


With Venus Retrograde in your 3rd house, miscommunication may cause your relationships to go haywire. Conflicts could arise as a result of misunderstanding. You're being asked to be really clear and concise about what you want in a relationship, and honest with your partner(s) on all levels. Generally, it is pretty easy for you to be assertive, Aries, but that doesn't always mean it's so easy for you to be vulnerable with your feelings. You're being asked to express your softer side, speak from the heart. You're reexamining your communication skills and it's important to remember good communication isn't just about talking, but listening, and being empathetic as well. On another note, you may also get a text message or phone call from an ex-lover, or you may unexpectedly hear from a family member or old roommate or neighbor who you haven't heard from in a while.

Pretty possessions are nice, but what do you *really* value, Taurus?


Venus is not just about love. It's about beauty, as well. What we value. You know this, Taurus, it is your chart ruler. It's also about money, possessions. This is especially true when Venus Retrograde is transiting your 2nd house. There may be issues with money matters, limitations and delays in acquiring the possessions you want. On another note, you could also be giving away old possessions, cleaning things up, getting rid of the items that are no longer useful to you anymore, selling them perhaps. Which possessions do you really still value and treasure and which are you just holding onto and hoarding for no real purpose? Of course, this could work on a more abstract and/or metaphorical level as well. This could refer to relationship habits, methods of communication, things you like and dislike about yourself, anything. What do you value in your friendships, your intimate partnerships? What do you truly value and what could you use getting rid of?

You don't need to be a Barbie to be Beautiful, Gemini. You're perfect as you are.


Venus is the planet of beauty, as well as love, and with Venus Retrograde in your 1st house, you may just get an urge to change up your appearance, get a make-over. It's generally recommended we avoid any drastic changes, such as plastic surgeries, when Venus goes Retrograde, because they may not go the way we planned, but when we're stuck in quarantine, I say there's no harm in giving yourself a haircut or playing with your appearance in some other non-permanent way. Your hair will probably grow back before society re-opens, anyway, so why not. On a deeper level, however, this transit may trigger issues relating to self-esteem, particularly as it pertains to issues of love and appearance. You are attractive, Gemini, and you are definitely, definitely, worthy of love, but you need to develop a sense of self-worth first. If you have a habit of seeking validation from others, this transit is asking you to go within and find things you love about yourself. You can't depend on others to give you confidence, but once you develop a true sense of confidence, then you will be ready to receive the love you deserve.

Relationships at this time feel karmic + familiar, Cancer, but use this to help you grow


With Venus in Gemini retrograding through your 12th house, your relationships may be threatened by secrecy, or feel threatened at the very least. Paranoia is also a concern when Venus Retrograde is transiting the house of self-undoing. Un-dealt with trauma buried deep within your subconscious could lead you to patterns of self-sabotage. You may be dealing with intense feelings of loneliness but with the right perspective, you could use this time of isolation to your benefit - to go within and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Past life challenges could come back to haunt you; you may come face to face with a karmic relationship. You could also receive some important messages related to themes of love and relationships in your dreams.

Do you think your friend might actually be something more, Leo?


What is it that you truly value in a friendship, Leo? With Venus Retrograde in your 11th house, this transit is helping you to realize who your true friends are. There may have been some setbacks in your social life recently; you may have lost a friend or few as a result of miscommunication. You may feel lonely or isolated, but this has given you an opportunity to ask yourself some important questions. What qualities are most important to you in a friendship? In what way, and how often, do you expect your friends to communicate? Is there any changes you can be making in the way you communicate with friends? Could you be more clear about what you want, more assertive when there's a problem, while still maintaining an air of compassion and diplomacy? You could be missing old friends, who you fell out with or grew apart from long ago. Don't be surprised if some of them reach out, and definitely don't hesitate to reach out to them. If there's someone you're missing, now is a really good time to repair a broken friendship. On another note, you may find yourself crushing on one of your friends and wondering what the distinction between 'friend' and 'lover' really is, anyway.

Dating (or working) for money and status won't always make you happy, Virgo


Who is it you really want to be, Virgo? Venus Retrograde in your 10th house may have you questioning your career, how you want to present yourself to the world, and what is it you really value in a job. Some people value a profession that pays well, or one that increases their social status, but Venus is about pleasure, enjoyment, what makes us happy. On another note, Venus is about love & relationships, so you may have been choosing partners based on these more "superficial," qualities. Instead of paying attention to the way a person made you feel, or who they are inside, you may have been more worried about how much money they made, or how good they would look on your arm. You may have even sabotaged relationships with the people you really cared about based on fears of what people might think. You may have treated your partners more like trophies than human beings. But this transit is having you question all that, bringing you face-to-face to what you really value in a relationship, not what you were merely taught to value.

Be with someone who respects your beliefs/intelligence and expands your mind, Libra


Ethical, philosophical, and religious differences can cause problems between you and your partner when Venus goes Retrograde through your 9th house, the house ruling over ideological and spiritual beliefs. This transit is making you ask yourself, how important is it that you and your partner share the same belief system? In what areas are you willing to compromise and in where do you need to set boundaries? It could also have you questioning your own belief system, particularly your beliefs around love and relationships. On another note, however, the 9th house also rules over education and travel, so if you were considering going back to school, now would be a good time. An old flame from school may also come back, Libra, or a person you had a fling with on vacation somewhere. It could also be that physical distance, and our current social distancing restrictions, have gotten in the way between you and a loved ones. Perhaps, you were planning on visiting someone and now you have to make alternative plans.

When one thing dies, another is born, Scorpio


With Venus Retrograde in the house of death, something may have recently come to an end, Scorpio, or you may feel like it is coming to an end, fearing it. This may have been a relationship, or it may be something else, but it is forcing you to reevaluate the way you deal with loss, the way you deal with change. Perhaps, you've been clinging onto what's familiar, but this transit is teaching you how to accept the necessary changes in life. When I refer to the 8th house as the 'House of Death,' I am also saying it's the house of rebirth, and you may be undergoing an internal transformation as well. Killing the parts of yourself that no longer serve, to be reborn as a better version of you. Sex is often looked at as akin to death and reborn, and you may be reexamining the way you deal with sex, the way you deal with intimacy. Perhaps, trauma or insecurity has been preventing you from having the most healthiest relationships. This in particular is something you may be trying to change when Venus goes Retrograde in your 8th house. Because the 8th house is also the house of other people's money, this transit could also indicate an inheritance or a tax return, getting your money back on something.

Have you been waking up next to skeletons from your past, Sagittarius?


Venus Retrograde in your 7th house could have you doubting your most intimate and treasured relationships. You love your freedom, Sagittarius, and perhaps, you may be doubting your ability to commit to one person, or in contrast, you may be questioning whether you're good enough for anyone to ever want to commit to you. In any case, you may be confused about what it is you want out of a relationships. You may have contradictory desires, inconsistent needs, and this transit is asking you to be honest with yourself and pinpoint what it is that your heart wants most. On another note, people from your past may be returning. An ex may come back, even multiple exes. This transit is great if you're looking for closure or a second chance. Reconciliations are possible, even probable, now. But this could also cause confusion in itself; past patterns and mistakes could come back to haunt you, or perhaps a lover from your past comes back, throwing your current relationship off balance. This may have been the one that got away, the one you really wanted, and you would have never settled for your current partner if they hadn't rejected or left you. Of course, now that you've built something, you can't give it up that easily for someone who has shown to be unreliable. This transit is forcing you to ask yourself what you really want and value.

Don't let unrealistic beauty standards affect your mental health, Capricorn


Has love taken a toll on your mental health? Have unrealistic standard beauty standards taken a toll on your body? It's time to reexamine your daily routines, particularly how it pertains to your health and hygiene, as well as beauty, when Venus goes Retrograde through your 6th house. You're often a busy person, Capricorn, and this transit could also have you reexamining what you have time for. Does your busy work schedule allow time for dating? Could you be investing more effort into making time for your partner? It's also a good time to reexamine the day-to-day routine of your partnerships, specifically. Have you and your partner got stuck in a rut? Could you be making more of an effort to spice things up? Would your relationship benefit from more date nights? Now is a great time to rearrange your schedule, look for more of a balance in life and in love.

You're getting in touch with the deep creativity hidden inside you, Aquarius


What sparks joy in you, Aquarius? Whose your muse? What inspires me? When Venus goes Retrograde in your 5th house, you're reexamining what truly makes you happy. The things you used to have fun doing might not be fun for you anymore. Aquarius are often creative; if you're an artist of some sort, your medium may be changing. If you're normally a musician, you may suddenly find that writing poetry is more fulfilling. On a positive note, you may be revisiting an artistic or creative project that you've long given up on. Perhaps, our current social distancing restrictions have given you the time to do things you enjoy & work on creative projects that you don't normally have time for. The 5th house also rules over children & casual affairs. You might be reexamining your ideas about children; do you want to have them, do you not? Something may cause you to change your mind, or another note, you may also have you questioning your ideas about dating. Perhaps, you don't find casual dating as fulfilling as you used to. Maybe you want something more meaningful or perhaps your tastes have changed or your standards have gotten higher. In any case, now is a time for pinpointing just what it is you really enjoy. What is it that really makes you happy, in relationships, aesthetically, artistically?

You're looking for relationships that help you grow past old patterns, Pisces


Old family issues may come back to haunt you, when Venus goes Retrograde through your 4th house. This could be directly related to the family; perhaps things aren't so comfortable at home. Perhaps, being in lockdown has forced you to confront issues you've thought were long forgotten. Venus is the planet of love, however, and these family issues could also be playing out through your intimate relationships, Pisces. Patterns you've developed in childhood long ago are repeating themselves, and it could be taking a toll on your ability to develop the most healthiest partnerships. Perhaps, you're finding yourself more triggered than usual. Now is the time to heal. On another note, Venus also rules over beauty and aesthetics, so it may also be a good time to redecorate your home. You're cleaning house, both literally and figuratively.

As Cupid & Psyche show us, even with all it's trials, Love always finds a way


In conclusion, Venus's Retrograde transit through the sign of Gemini, starting on May 13th and ending on June 25th, is a time for reflecting on our relationships and reevaluating what we value. It is also a time for rebirth, healing from any past patterns, and potentially a time for reconciliation, reconnecting with people from our past. With Venus in this mercurial air sign, there is a special focus on issues of communication and thought. What we say and think can make or break our relationships. Gemini is a bit of a trickster so it may feel like the gods are playing tricks on us throwing things out of whack in our love lives to make themselves laugh. Because Gemini is a sign of duality, third parties might especially be an issue. Other people coming between us and our loved ones, one way or another. This time is best used for going within and getting really honest with ourselves about what we really want and what we really care about. It's important that we are honest with others as well, as Neptune square Venus Retrograde shows potential for deception. If not outright lying or cat-fishing, then self-deception as a result of our own idealization.


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