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A New Normal: How Saturn in Aquarius Will Affect Your Sign

On December 17th, 2020, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. It had briefly entered the sign of Aquarius on March 21st, 2020 when the coronavirus lockdown was at it's peak. This may have given us a taste of what was to come before Saturn went Retrograde back into Capricorn on July 1st. This time, however, Saturn will stay in Aquarius until March 7th, 2023 when it enters Pisces, it's home.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 18 min read

On December 17th, 2020, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. It had briefly entered the sign of Aquarius on March 21st, 2020 when the coronavirus lockdown was at it's peak. This may have given us a taste of what was to come before Saturn went Retrograde back into Capricorn on July 1st. This time, however, Saturn will stay in Aquarius until March 7th, 2023 when it enters Pisces.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius 2021

Saturn has been historically known as the "Great Malefic." It rules over limits, delays, blockages, etc. etc. but also, organization, structure and time management. Without Saturn, there would be nothing of substance: Saturn is the container, the planet that keeps us locked into the material world. Saturn is a teacher as well as an administrator. That said, we've been experiencing the challenges of Saturn in Capricorn since December 20th, 2017. In theory, I would say this transit brought lessons related to hard-work, structure and managing your time wisely. Perhaps for some people, particularly those undergoing their Saturn Returns, it did. However, I also realize that there was a major change in our political climate around this time. In the United States, Donald Trump had just been elected and was inaugurated into office a month later. In the U.K. there was BREXIT and a rise of right-wing populism & anti-immigration sentiment through much of Europe, from France to Germany & many places in between. Could astrology perhaps tell us something about why or how this rise in right-wing ideology took place and if so, will things change?

While I wouldn't have necessarily predicted this, with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, it's domicile, you could say that Saturn's qualities (such as hardship, limits, challenges etc.) were given more strength. While I can't speak for the U.K. or Europe, I know that in the United States of America, many people felt a sense of doom in the air when Trump got elected, roughly about the same time Saturn entered Capricorn. Many people were very afraid of his blatant racism, xenophobia, ableism and misogyny, and the way he made racist groups feel like it is ok to express hate. It's also worth noting that Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn and at times suffers from a kind of 'pick yourself up from the bootstraps' mentality associated with the right-wing. This isn't to say all people with Capricorn placements are right-wingers (far from it) but as the sign of the goat, Capricorn is associated with mountain-climbing. By that, I mean hierarchy and social climbing, setting goals and following them through. Even if not judgmental towards other people, those with Capricorn placements often suffer from a type of self-loathing stemming from a inner need or desire to be productive and make something of themselves. That desire to climb to the top is very Capricorn-like in nature, but also, Capricorn can be authoritarian and rule-bound, hierarchical, as the right-wing is. Perhaps, the rise in right-wing populism might have something to do with Pluto being in Capricorn as well, rather than simply Saturn on it's own.

However, Saturn actually rules over Aquarius, as well. This is due to the fact that Aquarius is directly opposite Leo, and Saturn is the planet farthest from the Sun that can fully be seen with just the naked eye. Many modern astrologers are confused by that fact, not understanding how a sign associated with rebellion & uniqueness can be associated with any planet other than Uranus. While as an earth sign, Capricorn is concerned with the structure of a person's work ethic, reputation or material success, Aquarius, being an air sign, is more concerned with the structure of an idea. Unlike fellow air signs, Gemini & Libra, who are often more fickle, indecisive and/or scattered all over the place, Aquarius is goal-orientated and often quite stubborn. I don't think this necessarily contradicts Aquarius' modern associations with humanitarian ideals of freedom and egalitarianism. On the contrary, Aquarius has an agenda in mind, that agenda being to carry those ideals to completion. You can't be revolutionary without organization.

Saturn in Aquarius March to July: Nature Reclaiming it's Territory

Saturn actually entered Aquarius on March 21st, around the same time much of the world went into lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It's time in Aquarius was brief, retrograding back into Capricorn on July 1st, but I believe this short window of time was a preview of what's to come, from December 17th 2020 when it enters Aquarius again onwards until March 7th, 2023. Obviously this was a challenging time, not the idyllic "Age of Aquarius," that the hippies sang about. Schools and businesses shut down. People were out of work. Travel was shut down; hardly did it bring about the globalism that the Age of Aquarius is usually associated with. Some would say that this shared experience brought us together. Considering the politicization of this virus (and the divisive conspiracy theory that it doesn't even exist) I am not going to say that. However, being confined to our homes did do something. The imposition of quarantine helped wildlife to reclaim their land. The shutdown of commercial and industrial activities lead to less pollution, less noise, cleaner rivers and cleaner air. With many out of work, sometimes with no more insurance, and hospitals being both crowded and expensive, many were awakened to the limits or problems inherent within our oligarchic government. In America, the stimulus check has lead many to consider the possibility of a more permanent UBI (universal basic income). While hopefully we won't all be forced to wear a mask in public forever, I think we should continue to consider our impact on other people, i.e. wearing them when we are sick with even just a cold. I also think that many fields or work will stay virtual or remote, assuming that in-person contact isn't necessary.

While hopefully with this new vaccine, which was approved in early December shortly before Saturn left Capricorn and entered into Aquarius (which makes sense given Aquarius' association with technology), will rid the world of coronavirus, society is changing. While hopefully social distancing won't remain our "new normal," forever, it is clear we won't be returning to the "old normal," either. Aquarius is an Air Sign, and Air is the element most associated with the social-relational sphere. With Saturn in Aquarius, there will likely be more of a focus on community and the bigger picture or greater good. There will hopefully be more of an emphasis on supporting each other, and an awareness that we are not just individuals but part of a broader society. Not just society, but ecosystem and world. There is no going back to the pre-Trump days either; no longer can we trust an oligarchic government to have our best interests in mind, even if a Democrat is in charge.

Individuals with Saturn in Aquarius in their birth charts tend to be humanitarians, innovators, and activists, with a strong vision for humanity's future. Especially if ruling or on the Ascendant or Midheaven, these people know how to organize and inspire a community. However, as concerned as they are with the greater good, they may nevertheless come off as cold and detached, even merciless, on a personal level, especially towards those who do not subscribe to their ideals. If you can't get with the times, a Saturn in Aquarius person might think, don't expect to be accepted into the group. These people will be experiencing their Saturn Return over the coming years. How this will affect them on an individual level varies based on house placements (and if you have Saturn in Aquarius, please feel free to schedule a reading with me on my website to learn more about how this will affect you) but they may have a crisis related to whether these ideals are really possible, if they need to change, or if they are living in accordance with them.

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius: the Beauty of Diversity


It's hard to mention Saturn's entrance into the sign of Aquarius without mentioning the Great Conjunction that took place at the first degree of Aquarius on December 21st, 2020. These conjunctions happen every 20 years or so and historically have been associated with the rise and fall of empires and societies. To give one example, almost every U.S. president who has been elected under a Great Conjunction has died in office. However, this conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn is even more significant because it is also a Great Mutation. Essentially, Great Conjunctions occur in cycles called Trigons, with Jupiter & Saturn meeting exclusively in signs of the same element for a period of about 200 years or so. For the last 200 years, conjunctions of Jupiter & Saturn have been occurring almost exclusively in Earth Signs, but this current conjunction at 0'29 degrees Aquarius is the start of a new cycle in Air Signs. The first degree of any sign is a symbol of new beginnings, and in the sign of Aquarius, this will likely involve new beginnings regarding the structure of society. The last Great Mutation, in Aquarius coincided with the establishment of the Magna Carta, a document limiting the king's power, and the beginnings of parliamentary government in Britain. I have a feeling, however, that this Great Conjunction in Aquarius will see the beginnings of something much bigger than that. On another note, some people have also associated this particularly conjunction with manifestation. This is because while Jupiter represents hopes, wishes and beliefs, Saturn is all about structure and longevity, giving weight to the idea that our beliefs create our realities. Essentially, it's a good time for undertaking new projects because what we start now will likely reap successful and long-lasting results.

After that, things get a little bit more stressful, with Saturn opposing Uranus at 7'14 Taurus on February 17th. This represents a clash of two forces: the forces of tradition verse the forces of innovation. But despite what you may think, it seems that those with concern for the greater good (Aquarius) are the ones who are in power or more by the book in regards to structure and organization, while it's those who are stubbornly holding onto "old normal," who are protesting in rebellion. It seems as if this might be a conflict between the "alt-right," and the rest of the world, as we move past white supremacist and xenophobic ideologies and systems. This could also be a forced vaccination or possibly just another lockdown, an apparently restrictive law (Saturn) made for the common good (Aquarius) which understandably, people will protest against (Uranus in Taurus). This could be the anti-vax movement taking a hold, anti-maskers or other people who are stuck in their ways, preferring the freedom to decide these things for themselves or in some cases, the freedom to be selfish. In any case, this is a massive cultural class.

Saturn square Uranus: Total Chaos, Plans Being Undone

However, it's important to consider that Aquarius isn't always a bringer of liberty and justice either. "Progress," may also refer to forces of technology, and Saturn in Aquarius may bring technology that takes away our rights, which many people, including myself, will oppose. This could be technology (Aquarius) that controls us (Saturn) or takes away our privacy, while people rebel against it (Uranus) by promoting the idea of getting back to nature (Uranus). There is definitely a focus on conscious food production and agricultural with Uranus in Taurus, as well, while Saturn in Aquarius may represent genetic engineering and processing that so many people believe to be unnatural. Saturn will square Uranus again (when retrograde) on June 14th (13'07 degrees) and again (when direct) on December 24th (11'04 degrees).

On a more positive note, Saturn will be trine the North Node at 12'02 degrees Gemini on April 9th 2021. This promotes evolution and gives us the stability and structure to turn our ideas into a reality. It promotes a spirituality that is actually based on action and work. Next year, when the North Node enters Taurus, Saturn will be squaring the North Node at 22'52 degrees on April 11th 2022. This is quite the contrast as this will perhaps bring obstacles that may seem to impede our growth, difficult and challenging karma perhaps, but you may think of it as being like a test.

Saturn will station retrograde on May 23rd at 13'31 degrees of the water-bearer and will stay retrograde until October 10th 2021. A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backwards and from an astrological perspective, it means that the energies the planet represents are turning inward or in some cases, "going haywire." Saturn will be Retrograde again from June 4th to October 23rd 2022. Expect an article from me on Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius some time in the future.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing. If you want to know more about how this transit will affect you in depth, on a more personal here, click here to schedule a reading with me.

Build Friends That Mean Something, Aries

Aries Rising

You may be making changes in your circle of friends, with transiting Saturn falling into your 11th house. While Jupiter there does suggest that your circle of friends may be expanding, Saturn's placement suggests that you may nevertheless be walking away from friendships that no longer have use for you, limiting your connections towards those that are more meaningful. In any case your friendships are getting deeper, stronger, and more serious as a result of this transit. However, it also indicate a focus on your politics and ideals. You tend to have a lot of opinions Aries. Now is the time to get serious about putting those ideas into action!

You're at the Top of the Caste, Taurus, but Expect Responsibility

Taurus Rising

You're an ambitious person, Taurus, and with Saturn in the 10th house, your career is solidifying. If you were unsure of what you wanted to do before, now is the time you find your calling. Your goals are coming into fruition as you enter a place of more permanent satisfaction, perhaps even a position of leadership or administration. Of course, such a position comes with a high degree of discipline and responsibility - make sure you're ready to take it on!

Time to Get Serious About Those Travel Plans, Gemini

Gemini Rising

As much as you love to learn, let's face it, Gemini, you can be a little bit all over the place! Too many interests, too hard to decide! Your obsession of today is often old news by tomorrow and this flightiness makes it hard to complete your goals and be the scholar you want. I believe Saturn's transit through the 9th house will be beneficial to you, as it will force you to decide on a major or path of study and stick to it. Not only will this transit help give you the discipline to complete your academic goals, but it will give you the discipline needed on your spiritual path, as well. If you've been wanting to engage in a research project or write a book about your many interesting ideas, now's the time because you're being given the discipline you normally lack. Long-term travel or immigration plans are also favored.

Cancer, Stare Down Mortality in the Face: You're Strong Enough

Cancer Rising

You're a very sensitive person, Cancer, whether you like to admit it or not, and sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the ways of this earth. With Saturn transiting through your 8th house, you may feel burdened by debt, taxes or other matters relating to joint finances. However, investing in something right now may provide you with long-term monetary success. Since the 8th house is not only the house of debt but death as well, this transit can sometimes bring a keen awareness of your own mortality, pushing you to complete the goals that before you've been throwing off to the side.

Only Commit to Someone You'd Be Stranded on Saturn With, Leo

Leo Rising

Sometimes you can be prideful, Leo, and sometimes, this may make it hard for you to let your guard down and admit you really love someone. But with Saturn transiting through your natal 7th house, you're being asked to get serious about your relationships with others, particularly the romantic kind. Of course, commitment is a huge responsibility, and so, relationships that were shallow or built around superficial reasons may fall to the wayside as you become more invested in the ones that are really worthwhile.

Multitasking Can Wear You Down, Virgo: Focus on the Important Tasks

Virgo Rising

According to stereotype, you're an organized person, Virgo. But the truth is, as much as you love to stay clean, sometimes you can be too busy and on-the-go to really be as disciplined as you'd like to be. In fact, sometimes your perfectionist tendencies and desire to fix everything takes away from your focus on the main task at hand! With Saturn in your 6th house, you're getting a better handle on your routine, prioritizing those things that are really important to you and saving the rest for later. Health issues may also be affected.

Listen to Your Heart, Libra, and Create the Things You Want

Libra Rising

With Venus as your ruling planet, you are a natural artist, Libra. As an Air sign, your head is swarming with ideas that you can then turn into something beautiful and concrete, whether that be a song, a story or something visual like a sculpture or a painting. Sometimes, however, your indecisiveness and desire to keep the peace prevents you from following through with your plans. Saturn's transit through your 5th house is beneficial to you as it helps give you the discipline needed to finish your creative projects. If you have children, it's also possible that you develop more of a focus on your kids, providing them with the discipline, ethical conscience, and social awareness needed to thrive in the world today.

Settle Down Those Roots, Scorpio and Watch Them Grow

Scorpio Rising

The pandemic may still have you confined to the home, Scorpio, but with that, you're learning the importance of family. Even if you're going out as usual, you may be settling down roots for the very first time. Whether you're spending more time with family than usual, building a chosen family with like-minded friends or finally settling down in a place of your own, you may find that it takes hard work, but I'm sure in the end, it's worth it.

Finally, Sagittarius, You Have the Focus To Read All Those Books You Bought!

Sagittarius Rising

You have a way with words, Sagittarius, but sometimes, you say the stupidest things - or just the rudest. As lucky as you are, this bluntness may have cost you some opportunities or even pushed people away. Because of this, I think Saturn's transit through your 3rd house of communication is going to be beneficial to you, helping you to think before you speak. This transit will likely improve your writing as well and maybe for once you'll actually have the discipline to read through that stack of books you bought. Sometimes, your attention span can be a bit short but this transit helps give you the focus to learn, research and study all the things you want. Saturn in the 3rd may also affect matters pertaining to short travels, neighbors and siblings.

You Do Love Money, Capricorn

Capricorn Rising

Stereotype has it that you're good with money, Capricorn, but sometimes, you can be a little materialistic. That means, you may spend money on things that may not matter in the end. With Saturn in your 2nd house, you're being asked to stop and think for a moment, save money and invest in something worthwhile. Invest in something long-term. Or since this is Saturn in Aquarius we're talking about, if you really do have enough money to spend on useless things (not all of you do), is it possible that you could be using that money to benefit others instead?

Always Looking Like a Rebel, Aquarius, but Managing to Keep It Classy

Aquarius Rising

For a fixed sign, you can be hard to pin down, Aquarius! Like the wind, you're hard to grasp. As soon as someone's think they've got you, contrarian you are, you switch things up in the opposite direction. This goes for both looks, as well as perhaps ideas. You often define yourself by what you're not, but how would you define yourself? What are your real ideals and goals? Saturn's transit through your 1st helping you to find a more stable identity, one more reliable and consistent, but nevertheless, unique and all your own!

People Can Be a Headache, Pisces: Enjoy Your Alone Time

Pisces Rising

As fulfilling as it is to connect with others, Pisces, sometimes you can forgot to set boundaries. With Saturn in your 12th house, you are spending more time alone than usual. Saturn actually has it's "joy" in the 12th house, which is why it's a place associated with alienation, restriction and confinement, and places such as hospitals or prisons. It's possible that you may have been cut off from the world, isolated from your friends or oppressed or depressed in some way. However, you were also blessed with an imagination like no other and with your ruling planet Jupiter also here, I doubt it will be that bad. When you're alone, you can better connect to your dreams and visions. When you're alone, you can deeper your relationship with God or Spirit or whatever it is you believe in. And when you're ready to interact with the world again, you can learn to set better boundaries.


Saturn is domicile in Aquarius, a fixed air sign represented by the image of a person carrying a jug of water. These are the waters of life, of technology and purification. Saturn's transit through Aquarius may seem harsh or unforgiving at times, particularly when square Uranus in Taurus, but it will likely herald in many changes, for better or worse. During Saturn's transit through Capricorn, particularly during the past year when Jupiter was there as well, the problems with "the old normal," became un-ignorable. So, I believe Saturn's transit through the sign of Aquarius will therefore bring about a new normal that is more in accordance with the Saturn in Aquarius'' generation's ideals.


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