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I Heard It Through the Grapevine: What To Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde in Gemini Summer 2021

On Saturday, May 29th, 2021, Mercury will station retrograde at 24'43 degrees Gemini, where it will continue it's journey backwards until June 22nd when it will station direct at 16'07 degrees. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 17 min read
Don't Leave Me Hanging on the Telephone

On Saturday, May 29th, 2021, Mercury will station retrograde at 24'43 degrees Gemini, where it will continue it's journey backwards until June 22nd when it will station direct at 16'07 degrees. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving in the opposite direction. Astrologically, this means that the energies represented by the planet are directed backwards or inward. Retrograde periods are often riddled with delays and disruption, but they don't have to be. These periods are not so much a time for action, but a time for reflection. Retrograde periods are also loaded with synchronicity. So, they can also be periods of magic and manifestation if you just focus within rather than without. Things from the past will return to us. This could be people from our past, including from our past lives, situations, or memories that we thought we had forgotten about, or maybe just lessons that we're getting a second chance at learning after having failed the first time around.

And what kind of energy does Mercury represent?

Mercury is the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. Like Venus, Mercury is a social planet, but unlike Venus, which is more about intimate relationships, Mercury is more about communication in general. This includes letters, emails, and even divination. Mercury is also associated with commerce, travelers, and in astrology, it represents the mind (especially the logical mind), intelligence, and the way we think. Look out though: known for its speed and swiftness, Mercury is also the trickster god, associated with both tricksters and thieves.

Ruled by the mutable signs, Virgo (the virgin) and Gemini (the twins), there is a dualistic nature to the planet, that gave birth to the word "mercurial," (meaning unpredictable or changeable). It makes sense then that Mercury would travel between two worlds, being the only Olympic god with the ability to travel between the realm of the gods, and the realm of the underworld, where his job was to accompany souls on their journey to Hades. As the planet closest to the Sun, and also the planet with the fastest orbit, Mercury goes retrograde about three or four times a year, for periods of about three weeks.

Mercury in retrograde periods are generally riddled with delays and mishaps around communication, travel, and technology. For example, your flight might be inconveniently delayed, or your computer may freeze at the most inconvenient time. To use my own life as an example, just about every time Mercury is in retrograde, my phone charger breaks. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are common during this time, so try to be as clear as you possibly can when speaking to others, and avoid making assumptions. Astrologers generally advise that you avoid signing any major contracts during this period, for it may backfire on you once Mercury goes direct. These periods are often loaded with unexpected, unplanned, and seemingly inconvenient events that will make you think of Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

It really isn't as bad as it sounds, however, as this period also comes with numerous advantages. If Mercury direct represents the logical mind, Mercury retrograde represents the intuitive mind. As the messenger of the gods, it's retrograde period is probably the best time for divination: there may be messages in your dreams, including messages from your ancestors and guardian angels. The "unexpected," and "unplanned," events mentioned in the last paragraph are not always "inconvenient." More often than not, you'll find that these events are serendipitous and wonderfully fated, presenting you with opportunities of good luck, like being at the right place at the right time. As I said, Mercury is a very dualistic and tricky planet. You just need to know how to work with it. If you believe in the law of attraction, or other forms of manifestation, this is a better time than ever to take advantage of it. Even without the magic and the metaphysical, however, this is a good time to reflect on things; the kind of deep thought, reflection, and consideration necessary to yield powerful ideas and insights, insights that you can put into practice once Mercury goes direct.

Credit: clair0bscur on DeviantArt

Mercury Retrograde Gemini 2021

Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini, meaning that it generally performs well here. People born with Mercury in this Air sign tend to be like walking encyclopedias. Due to their curiosity about the world around them, they tend to know a little bit about everything. Their intelligence isn't limited to mere knowledge either but an ability to ask questions and think for themselves, possessing both strong analytical and creative abilities. Quick-witted and able to think on their feet, Mercury in Gemini's open mind and ability to see both sides makes them skilled translators and communicators in general. Adapting to their circumstances, they possess the skill of being able to relate to all walks of life. Known for their strong verbal and language abilities, these people can talk a mile a minute, captivating audiences with their unique thoughts and ideas. If Mercury in Gemini is so great, however, what can it mean for it to go retrograde?

Unlike the more structured earth sign, Virgo, who is also ruled by Mercury, Gemini is free like the wind and while this has it's strengths, it can also be a bit messy. Scattered in different directions, the chaotic Gemini has a tendency to go on roundabout tangents without there really even being a point. Therefore, we can expect this retrograde to wreak havoc and chaos into our lives. We may suffer from a lack of structure as everything seems to change at the last minute and nothing seems to go according to plan.

Gemini also has quite the reputation for being a gossip. The sign is literally about the exchange of information. Expect rumors to be spread and secrets to be let out. The last time Mercury went retrograde in Aquarius this past winter, the truth was exposed: for example, multiple women gained the courage to speak out about "shock rocker" Marilyn Manson's horrific abuse, while in the astrological community, Maren Altman was exposed for stealing content from black creators. Given it's reputation for humanitarian-motivated rebellion, it makes sense that Mercury Rx in Aquarius would expose the people in power. I expect Mercury Rx in Gemini to play out in a similar way, except to an even more significant extent: this time, no one is immune. Unlike the truth-telling Aquarius, an unevolved Mercury in Gemini has a reputation for being quite the trickster, causing drama just for the fun of it. For the sign of the Twins, the truth can be flexible and there are two (or more!) sides to every story. So, while some of what we're hearing might be true (and I do think some people's intentions will be exposed), in this case, we might need to try a little harder to discern the real truth from malicious hearsay, especially in regards to our personal lives.

Some of the themes behind this Mercury Retrograde period might have already came up for you during Mercury's pre-shadow phase between May 14th and May 29th.

With Merc RX conjunct Venus and square Neptune, be wary of feeling love-drunk

Apart from that, I expect Mercury's Retrograde journey through Gemini to take on a particularly romantic theme this year, given it's conjunction to Venus at 25'34 degrees at the time of it's station. Past lovers may come back into your life. This could be to try and win you over or it might be to seek closure; it might also be to apologize and make up for leaving or hurting you. It could be for any reason, but for some people, this "contact with past lovers" may simply take the form of gossip; we might hear a rumor about our ex or we might hear that our ex is spreading rumors about us. It's possible that some people may learn something new about their current partner's past in which case, definitely talk it through before you jump to any conclusions or involve yourself in any drama. The retrograde could also bring misunderstandings and chaotic situations (think: third parties) into our love lives, in a way very similar to Venus Retrograde in Gemini last year.

Mercury and Venus will both be square Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces, which brings trickery and deception in love and in general. So definitely be careful about what you believe, whether its a rumor about the one you love or your ex's promises about becoming a better person. Idealization and projection are likely with this influence, as we are prone to viewing life through rose colored glasses or otherwise living in a fantasy, falling for the wrong people. Since Neptune is a spiritual planet, I would like to say this could bring about the reunion of soulmates and for some people, maybe it can, by shattering the illusions that drove you apart. But for others, it may bring a separation between those who thought they were soulmates, as it's likely this idealized person's true colors will be revealed during or after the retrograde.

Beware of 3rd Party Situations (credit: Nicholas Ballesteros)

This might include a lot of purging, as well, as the retrograde coincides with an exact conjunction between Pluto and the Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn. Any contact with an ex partner, lover, or even friend is likely to bring out intense emotions and there might be confrontations. Because this Moon-Pluto conjunction is opposite Mars at 22 degrees Cancer, some of these confrontations may even turn violent or at least bring out a lot of angry and aggressive or otherwise unpleasant emotions. While it is unlikely that everyone will be in contact with an ex, this retrograde could also bring up past issues in our current relationships, things that have been ongoing or swept under the rug. Since Mercury is in Gemini, we may feel a greater urge to actually talk about the things that have been bothering us, whereas previously, we might have hid our feelings out of self-protection or a need to appear strong, as Moon in Capricorn is prone to do.

Whatever the case, the Sun at 8'45 degrees Gemini will be conjunct the North Node (at 10'58 degrees) nearby. I think whatever happen (whether it's a reunion, a break-up, a rumor, a confrontation or something entirely different) will be necessary for our healing and growth, teaching us to communicate and relate to others in healthier ways.

Credit: Azurylipfe on DeviantArt

Mercury Direct

On June 22nd, Mercury will station direct at 16 degrees Gemini. From there on out, all matters of communication, logic, travel and technology should go fairly smoother.

Mercury's trine to Saturn in Aquarius at 12'47 degrees shows a newfound clarity in our thinking. If we were previous feeling insecure or unsure about something, this aspect helps to erase that by bringing more stability and solidity into our thoughts and decision-making processes. There may be a newfound stability in our communication with others as well; for example, we might feel inspired to be more direct, firm or consistent with our words than we were before.

With the Moon at 5 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the South Node at 9 degrees, we may have to walk away from a situation. The South Node represents endings and while for some, this could be letting go of a relationship, I think for many of us, it means letting go of emotional pain. The Moon does represent emotions, after all, and given the nature of the Moon, I think it's conjunction to the South Node will more likely help people to let go of the habits and childhood experiences that have held them back from having healthy attachments in adulthood.

I suppose since Venus at 24 degrees Cancer will be opposed Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn, we might need to let go of obsessive and co-dependent behavior. Relationships built on manipulation or toxic and unequal power dynamics may come to an end. However, with the Sun at the first degree of Cancer trine Jupiter at 2 degrees Pisces, I think such endings, if they happen, will be more liberating than painful. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, is at home in Pisces, suggesting a much more positive and happy energy than a negative or sad one. The influence of Jupiter is conducive to development and growth, as well.

The emotional energy of Mercury's retrograde period may not TRULY be over, however, until July 7th, when it ends it's post-shadow phase.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing. If you want to know more about how this transit will affect you in depth, on a more personal here, click here to schedule a reading with me.

People with angles or personal planets (or even the North and South Node) between 16 and 25 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will most especially be affected by this transit. If you have angles or personal planets between 16 and 25 degrees of the other Air signs (Libra and Aquarius) you may be affected as well.

The Words You Say Have a Life of Their Own, Aries (credit: Rafal Olbinski)

Aries Rising or Sun

Rumors and gossip abound, with Mercury Retrograde in your 3rd house of communication. A secret from the past may reveal itself, whether this is about your past or somebody else's, like an ex lover or even a sibling or neighbor (two other groups of people that the 3rd house rules). It might help to watch what you say as well. You can be blunt sometimes, Aries, a little harsh with your words, but right now, saying the wrong thing can get you into trouble. A statement you made in the past might even resurface and get out of hand due to the misinterpretations made by others. Clear up any misconceptions but try not to over-react: this transit only lasts a few weeks and if it's really a misunderstanding, people will forget it in no time; just take it as a lesson to not talk out of your ass.

Some Possessions Weigh Less Than Air, Taurus (credit: Rene Magritte)

Taurus Rising or Sun

You're normally pretty organized and on top of your game, Taurus, but with Mercury Retrograde in your 2nd house of money and possessions, you may find yourself feeling a little all over the place. For example, you might lose an important belonging just when you need it most or you may just lose track of your budget. There might be misunderstandings with other people that are money related, as well, such as whose turn it is to get the check. On a more positive note, items that were previously lost or missing might return to you at this time, and it's a good time for reflecting on what it is you truly value, beyond materialistic goods.

Embrace the Chaos, Gemini (credit: Eugenia Loli)

Gemini Rising or Sun

Are you forgetting how to be human, Gemini? With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograding through your 1st house of self, you might be having a much harder time communicating with others than you are used to. Perhaps, you'll find yourself swinging back and forth from saying the wrong thing (think: word vomit) to not saying anything at all (think: social anxiety). The way you interact and relate to others is up for re-examination, and perhaps, this time is best used for going within and bettering yourself. But an opportunity to fix a mistake or two from your past may also present itself. This could very well be a romantic or otherwise relational one. While other people may be freaking out from all the chaos, you're used to it: use this time to your advantage.

Use Your Intuition, Cancer

Cancer Rising or Sun

You may be a kind and loving person, Cancer, but some people do not have your best interests at heart. With Mercury Retrograde in your 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies, you may learn that you've been giving your kindness and love out to some of the wrong people. For example, you may learn that your friend has been talking behind your back or you've entrusted a secret to someone whose now going to blab. Of course, paranoia doesn't do any good either but trust is something that, in many respects, has to be earned. On the bright side, your already strong intuition is only getting stronger: you can see through people; use that to your advantage, without making any unfair assumption.

Keep the Right Crowd, Leo (credit: Annette Von Stahl)

Leo Rising or Sun

With Mercury Retrograde in your 11th house of friends and social groups, you may have an old friend on your mind or perhaps, an old friend will reach out to you. This may have been someone who you've had a falling out with or it might be someone who you've merely grew apart from. With Neptune involved, you do need to be careful of idealizing people, but as a Leo, you also have a tendency of sometimes being too prideful. When it comes to letting this person back into your life, be vulnerable with this person but use your judgement. On another note, Mercury Retrograde could also bring a conflict or misunderstanding with a friend, helping you gain a clearer understanding of who your true friends are.

Steer Clear of Gossip, Virgo (credit: Maisa Rabelo)

Virgo Rising or Sun

You're not exactly known for loving to be the center of attention, Virgo, but with Mercury Retrograde in your 10th house of career, that might be where you are, for better or worse. It's possible that a rumor or a statement you made in the past may seek to threaten your job or social standing, perhaps spread by someone whose jealous or possesses otherwise negative intentions. You might also find yourself more disorganized on the job than you are used to, like everything that possibly could go wrong can. But have faith: those with negative intentions will be exposed for who they are by the time Mercury goes direct and those who remain honest and compassionate will come out on top. Viewing the retrograde from a more positive angle, an old employer, client or co-worker may reach out to you and perhaps help you further along your path.

You Might Be Swayed in Many Different Directions, Libra (Credit: AnnMLoveArt on DeviantArt)

Libra Rising or Sun

You have quite the reputation for indecision, Libra, and this can translate to your opinions, as well. With Mercury Retrograde in our 9th house of religion and belief systems, you may find that your ideas are messy or disorganized; perhaps you're being accused of playing both sides. You might feel a stronger drive to discover what it is you truly believe in now, as old ideas you inherited from friends and family are up for reassessment. It's possible that your faith is misunderstood or misrepresented by others but try not to take it personally; the important thing is that you remain confident in yourself and your own ideas. On a more general note, there might be mishaps or delays related to travel or education, as well.

Unchain Yourself From the Past, Scorpio (Credit: Gyuri Lohmuller)

Scorpio Rising or Sun

The 8th house is quite a mysterious place: traditionally associated with death, this "death" is often metaphorical and extends to other forms of loss or other stressful events, as well as rebirth. With Mercury Retrograding here, it could be that the ghosts of your past come back to haunt you. For some, this could be an ex lover. For others, it could be your own personal demons. Whatever the case, you might be dealing with relics from your past that you'd rather forget and some of you might find this to be a very stressful time. However, the more you try to sweep these things under the rug, the more they'll bother you but by confronting these issues head-on, we're granted an opportunity to transform and become stronger. You know this better than anyone, Scorpio.

Your fate is lining up with another's, Sagittarius (credit: Rafal Olbinski)

Sagittarius Rising or Sun

Your love life is about to get crazy, Sagittarius. Just when you thought everything was calm and peaceful in your relationship, an ex (whether yours or your partner's) comes in to try and disrupt it. Just when you got used to the independence and freedom of the single life, someone new comes in to transform your life and make you realize two is better than one. Perhaps, there are weird coincidences or synchronicities aligning your fate with someone else. While this may be an interesting ride full of important lessons related to communication and interdependence, with Neptune involved, there is a possibility for deception (although for some, this could also be from a jealous ex) and it's best not to fall head over heels with someone who is too good to be true. Use your judgement and try not to get too cozy until this retrograde is over.

You're Not Used to Clocks Melting, Capricorn (credit: Salvador Dali)

Capricorn Rising or Sun

Health issues could resurface when Mercury Retrograde transits your 6th house of illness and disease or issues you've been ignoring may start to get worse. However, the 6th house is also associated with your daily routine and I think it's more likely that you'll suffer from disorganization, missing appointments and the like. You're used to being a leader, Capricorn. Always on top of your game, you're the type of person who other people look up to. But this time, the roles are reversed, and lost in a web of chaos and confusion, you might find that you're the one who needs to ask others for help.

You May Need to Face Up to Some Childhood Wounds, Aquarius

Aquarius Rising or Sun

You may prefer to keep your emotions to yourself, Aquarius, but you're not immune to the love-drunk feeling of Mercury in Retrograde either! With Mercury Retrograde in your 5th house of children and creativity, an old childhood memory may resurface or you may re-visit a creative project from the past. However, the 5th house is also about romance, of the more light-hearted and fun, kind, and with Venus involved, this subject is likely going to come up. Having too much fun can sometimes hurt you, leading to deception and heartbreak, in which case Mercury is asking you to communicate your needs and be clear about your boundaries.

You're Searching the Seas of your Past, Pisces

Pisces Rising or Sun

There are many different scenarios that could happen with Mercury Retrograde in your 4th house of home and family. On one hand, your house may be a mess and you may feel the need to declutter. On the other hand, a rumor about your family or past may come to the surface, leaving you to do some intense soul-searching. There might even be a need to seek closure or clear something up with a parent or loved one. You're a deep and sensitive person, Pisces, and this transit may motivate you to heal some deep-seated wounds stemming all the way back from childhood, or you could be reminiscing about your early life as well. By revisiting the past, you may be inspired to build a better future for yourself.

Credit: Pat Brennan


From rumors and gossip to lost items, from messy schedules to misunderstandings with friends, there's a lot that can happen with Mercury Retrograde in it's home sign of Gemini. With Mercury RX square Neptune and conjunct Venus, there is likely to be a certain amount of deception as well as plain old confusion, especially in regard to our relationships. Truths may be revealed about a love interest, whether past or current, and intentions will be exposed. Gemini is a mutable air sign and events are likely to happen at a very fast and changeable pace. It certainly will be a very chaotic and probably even stressful time, although not without it's own sense of magick and synchronicity. But the purpose of it all is to learn how to better relate to others, to communicate properly in a way that is both honest and empathetic. We may very well realize too how much our thoughts create our reality, recognizing just how powerful our words really are: language is power, language is magic, and something to be used with consciousness and care.


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