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Stranger Than Fiction: What To Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde in Aquarius Winter 2021

On Saturday, January 30th, 2021, Mercury will station retrograde at 26'29 degrees Aquarius, the fixed Saturn-ruled air sign, where it will continue it's journey backwards until February 20th, when it will station direct at 11'01 degrees. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago โ€ข 19 min read

On Saturday, January 30th, 2021, Mercury will station retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius, where it will station backwards until February 20th, when it will station direct at 11 degrees. Here's what to expect, both in general and for your sign.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving in the opposite direction. Astrologically, this means that the energies represented by the planet are directed backwards or inward. Retrograde periods are often riddled with delays and disruption, but they don't have to be. These periods are not so much a time for action, but a time for reflection. Retrograde periods are also loaded with synchronicity and karma. So, they can also be periods of magic and manifestation if you just focus within rather than without. Things from the past will return to us. This could be people from our past, including from our past lives, situations, or memories that we thought we had forgotten about, or maybe just lessons that we're getting a second chance at learning after having failed the first time around.

And what kind of energy does Mercury represent?

Mercury is the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. Like Venus, Mercury is a social planet, but unlike Venus, which is more about intimate relationships, Mercury is more about communication in general. This includes letters, emails, and even divination. Mercury is also associated with commerce, travelers, and in astrology, it represents the mind (especially the logical mind), intelligence, and the way we think. Look out though: known for its speed and swiftness, Mercury is also the trickster god, associated with both tricksters and thieves.

Ruled by the mutable signs, Virgo (the virgin) and Gemini (the twins), there is a dualistic nature to the planet, that gave birth to the word "mercurial," (meaning unpredictable or changeable). It makes sense then that Mercury would travel between two worlds, being the only Olympic god with the ability to travel between the realm of the gods, and the realm of the underworld, where his job was to accompany souls on their journey to Hades. As the planet closest to the Sun, and also the planet with the fastest orbit, Mercury goes retrograde about three or four times a year, for periods of about three weeks.

Mercury in retrograde periods are generally riddled with delays and mishaps around communication, travel, and technology. For example, your flight might be inconveniently delayed, or your computer may freeze at the most inconvenient time. To use my own life as an example, just about every time Mercury is in retrograde, my phone charger breaks. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are common during this time, so try to be as clear as you possibly can when speaking to others, and avoid making assumptions. Astrologers generally advise that you avoid signing any major contracts during this period, for it may backfire on you once Mercury goes direct. These periods are often loaded with unexpected, unplanned, and seemingly inconvenient events that will make you think of Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

It really isn't as bad as it sounds, however. Honestly, it really isn't as bad as people make it out to be, and this period also comes with numerous advantages. While Mercury direct represents the logical mind, Mercury retrograde represents the intuitive mind. As the messenger of the gods, its retrograde period is probably the best time for divination. These periods are also often loaded with tons of strange coincidences and synchronicities. There may be messages in your dreams, including messages from ancestors or guardian angels. To some extent, this is true of every planet in retrograde, but in my experience, it's more true with Mercury than with any other, given its nature. The "unexpected" and "unplanned," events mentioned in the last paragraph are not always "inconvenient." More often than not, you'll find that these events are serendipitous and wonderfully fated, presenting you with opportunities of good luck, like being at the right place at the right time. As I said, Mercury is a very dualistic and tricky planet. You just need to know how to work with it. If you believe in the law of attraction, or other forms of manifestation, this is a better time than ever to take advantage of it. Even without the magic and the metaphysical, however, this is a good time to reflect on things; the kind of deep thought, reflection, and consideration necessary to yield powerful ideas and insights, insights that you can put into practice once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius January-February 2021

Mercury Retrograde Aquarius 2021

Mercury is generally quite comfortable in Aquarius. Like Gemini, which Mercury rules, Aquarius is an Air sign, meaning that it is most at home in the world of logic and communication. Mercury in Aquarius is generally know to be detached and objective. While some may interpret this as 'cold,' this is exactly what allows Aquarius to be so open-minded, as they don't let their emotions get in the way of the facts. They are easily able to think in the abstract and see the whole picture for what it really is. Those born with Mercury in Aquarius are likely to be free-thinkers and problem-solvers. Their head constantly buzzing with news idea, these people are likely very creative and good at coming up with solutions to fix things. They look to the future and often, they are ahead of their term. In terms of communication, these people are usually open, honest, and friendly to all. However, Mercury in Aquarius is also known for being offbeat and eccentric, sometimes even contrarian, opposing others just for the sake of it.

When Mercury is Retrograde in Aquarius, it might be this more 'negative' side of Aquarius that we see. While this transit may bring many of us to think outside of the box and this could be a good thing, these ideas may be too 'strange' or 'out there' to explain in a way that other people will understand. We may say wrong thing and find ourselves labelled as 'weird' or maybe even out-casted. Expect people to say bizarre and even shocking things under this influence. It's possible that while Mercury is Retrograde in Aquarius, we'll forego social conventions altogether, leading to 'socially inappropriate' behavior across the board. For example, we may talk to our boss the same way we would a close friend. Hierarchies may temporarily seem to lose any meaning and we may talk to everybody as if they're the same. Overall, we might be more rebellious or 'free' in our speech than we usually are and while this may seem liberating, there might be consequences when Mercury goes Direct. We may benefit most from this transit by taking a step back and reassessing our ideas and beliefs, being sure of them before we share them.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius May Lead to Problems With Technology

On a more mundane level, as a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is often associated with politics and the ideas that govern society. As the sign of the water-bearer, Aquarius is also strongly associated with science and technology. With this in mind, we may expect technology to go haywire. There may be issues with the internet and social media. Regarding the 'free speech' issue discussed in the last paragraph, I wonder if this could be people getting into trouble for the things they say online. Perhaps Facebook or Twitter or whatever will do some kind of 'crackdown' on those with 'radical' ideas. As far as politicians go, this could be an e-mail or something that gets leaked to the public, leading to uproar and chaos. On that note, we may even find that our own private e-mails somehow get leaked to the public. Perhaps this might be something small but embarrassing like accidentally sending a screenshot of our conversation to the person we screenshotted it from.

Mercury has been in the retrograde zone (or it's pre- 'shadow phase' ) since January 15th so we may have experiencing some of these things already. On a political level, since Mercury entered this shadow phase just days before Joe Biden's Inauguration, QANON supporters are convinced that Donald Trump will be inaugurated after Mercury goes Direct on March 4th, since that was the original inauguration date before Roosevelt changed it in the 1930's. I highly doubt that's going to happen since nothing they've said has come true thus far. However, it is possible that political conventions are being overturned. There may be a major clash between people with different ideas. On another it may be a policy (such as the stimulus checks? for those of you in the States) that gets delayed.

Valentines Day Brings Hope: Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter

Mercury will not be aspecting anything at the time of it's station. However, the Sun will be at 11 degrees Aquarius, which I think is interesting considering that's the same degree that Mercury will station direct at. It's possible that there will be a repeat then of whatever happened the day it went retrograde. The Sun will be square Mars at 11 degrees Taurus. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, and with this in mind, the retrograde might bring conflict and violence, particularly widespread political violence. There might be accidents, clumsiness, and conflicts based on misunderstanding as well, with the retrograde.

To make matters a little bit more hopeful, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter at 13 degrees Aquarius on February 14th. This is an excellent aspect for communication. Since Mercury is still Retrograde, this could be a conversation with someone from the past, perhaps receiving closure or reminiscing with someone about past times. This transit could bring good luck or wish fulfillment, as well, perhaps a manifestation coming to fruition. All in all, I'd say Valentines Day may be the most positive day of the retrograde season.

Mercury in Aquarius Direct

Mercury Direct

On February 20th, Mercury will station direct at 11 degrees Aquarius. From there on out, matters of communication, logic, travel and technology should go fairly smoother. Mercury will be right in between Jupiter and Saturn, showing a balance of positivity or bigger picture thinking with practical realism, and all in all, a better grasp of how we can put our ideas into reality. Mercury will also be configured by trine to the Moon and North Node at 16 degrees Gemini, which shows that our thoughts are aligned with our feelings. This trine makes it easier for us to communicate our feelings in a way that is "detached," logical and understandable to others. Don't expect things to go completely back to normal, however, until March 13th when it leaves it's post- "shadow phase."

On the day Mercury goes Direct, there will also be a square between Venus at 23 degrees Aquarius and Mars at 23 degrees Taurus. With the two sexual planets square to one another, there might be some sexual frustration or sexual tension that is going unexpressed. On a broader level, this could also be a conflict between women (Venus) and men (Mars) with women wanting more freedom or equal rights and men wanting more security or a return to tradition.


Now it's time to see how it will affect your sign. I suggest reading the horoscope for your ascendant or rising sign, first, instead of the sun. I find the rising sign horoscope to be more accurate than the sun, as these horoscopes are based on the houses. If you don't know your rising sign, click here to generate a birth chart. Yes, you will need your birth time for this. If you don't have your birth time, Sun sign horoscopes are the next best thing. If you want to know more about how this transit will affect you in depth, on a more personal here, click here to schedule a reading with me.

People with angles or personal planets (or even the North and South Node) between 11 and 27 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will most especially be affected by this transit. If you have angles or personal planets between 11 and 27 degrees of the other Air signs (Gemini and Libra) you may be affected as well.

You May be Feeling Like Your Friends Don't Like You, Aries

Aries Rising (or Sun)

There might be a conflict or miscommunication with you and some friends. You can be a blunt person, Aries. Perhaps you said something insensitive or 'weird,' and threw someone off. Now, you may be worried about what those friends may think. I would try to reflect on who your real friends are, but also whether or not it is necessary to express every thought that pops into your head. You don't want to end a perfectly good friendship over some stupid misunderstanding, but at the same time, is it really a good friendship if you're not allowed to speak your mind? I would weigh these thoughts in your mind and then decide. Sometimes, life requires a little bit of balance. On the other hand, an old friend may come back into your life looking to work things out.

You're Always on Top of Things, Taurus, but does that Matter if You can't be Yourself?

Taurus Rising (or Sun)

You're a hard-worker, Taurus, but lately, there may have been a blunder at work that has left you feeling anxious. This may have been something you said to your boss or a co-worker or even a client that perhaps you wouldn't say normally. At the same time, however, you may be feeling stifled in the workplace. I would reflect on whether or not this job is really worth it to you. If yes, just be more careful next time. If no, perhaps there is something else that is more in line with the goals of your soul. On another note, your old job may look to have you back or you may run into an old employer.

Could School Be Stressing You Out, Gemini?

Gemini Rising (or Sun)

You're a smart person, Gemini, but if you're in school right now, you may find that it's stressing you out. Perhaps, you just can't seem to meet the deadlines in time or maybe it's a technology problem that makes your computer shut down five minutes before your assignment is due. You might also make a typo on your paper that changes it's meaning completely. If you had any travel plans, they may be delayed. Of course, I know not everyone reading this is in school or traveling during a pandemic, but if you're not questioning your major or program, you might still be questioning your beliefs. Aquarius is a sign very much concerned with ideals and you may be questioning what those ideals or beliefs really are.

Are You Holding on to the "Ghosts" of Your Past, Cancer?

Cancer Rising (or Sun)

With Mercury Retrograde in the house of "death," you may be dwelling on the past, thinking and reminiscing about the things or people you've lost, whether through an actual death or a break-up (romantic or platonic). You may feel the urge to contact someone whose no longer in your life anymore, whether through text message or through sรฉance.. This transit may be bringing up a lot of past - perhaps painful - memories for you and you may even more emotional than you usually are, Cancer. In any case, I would maybe write a letter or journal entry expressing those feelings. On another note, the 8th house also rules over "other people's money," so there may be a debt you forgot to pay or a payment that you were expecting to receive may be delayed.

Does Honest Self-Expression Lead to an Awkward Dating Life, Leo?

Leo Rising (or Sun)

A misunderstanding with a partner may have you biting your nails with nervousness, Leo. While normally a confident and courageous person, right now, you may be questioning if your partner really likes you back or if they are really the one for you. If every misunderstanding leads to an argument, they may not be. However, if they're really worth it, it wouldn't hurt to try and meet them half way. If single or dating, you may find that your ideas or ideals are scaring your love interests off or maybe you're discovering how essential it is that your partner shares your ideals. If I were you, I'd take a break from the dating scene and use this time to get in touch with what you really want in a partner. In other news, a love interest from your past may come back into your life or this could be you whose seeking out amends.

Chores Don't Have to be Boring, Virgo

Virgo Rising (or Sun)

No matter how good you are at them, Virgo, chores are boring and you may feel like the stresses of daily life are wearing you out. Being ruled by Mercury, you're often more affected by these retrograde periods than others, and as organized as you usually are, you may have trouble getting your life together while this transit is in effect. Perhaps you're losing things, forgetting appointments, neglecting small details, and it seems everything that can go wrong does! I would like to say that the answer is to make cleaning fun, but retrograde periods through the 6th house are also good for cleaning house within. Keep what you need and get rid of what you don't. On another note, too much overthinking may have negative effects on your health.

Honest Expression is Beautiful, Libra, but May Have You Feeling Naked & Vulnerable

Libra Rising (or Sun)

As creative as you are, Libra, with Mercury Retrograde in your 5th house, you may be feeling like you're having trouble expressing yourself. Maybe your brain is bursting with ideas but you're having trouble executing it or too worried what people may think. Either that or a piece of art or whatever it is that you're creating or have already created may be deemed "controversial," by others, which might be stressing you out. Perhaps a project of yours gets delayed. If this project involves technology, it could be internet problems messing things up. I would maybe use this time to reflect on what you're trying to express. On another note, there could be problems communicating with your child or with a romantic interest. It's possible that an old romantic interest may reach out to you as well.

The Home May Be a Place Haunted by Memories, Scorpio

Scorpio Rising (or Sun)

A misunderstanding with a family member may be stressing you out. Perhaps you feel like your family doesn't understand you. Sometimes you can be a hard person to understand, Scorpio, but this may be a political disagreement, which may have you feeling frustrated. On another note, however, this is a good time to heal from any childhood trauma. If you needed to have a difficult conversation with a parent or other family member about something that has happened in the past, now would be the time to do so. You may also be missing your family or thinking about them more than usual. On a different note, this would be a good time to renovate the home.

Use Your Feet, Sagittarius: With Merc Rx in Your 3rd House, Cars & Even Scooters Might Break Down

Sagittarius Rising (or Sun)

You love to talk, Sagittarius, but with Jupiter Retrograde in your 3rd house, you might find that you can't seem to find the right words or when you think you have, you've said the wrong thing and scared somebody away! You're learning the importance of tact. If you've gossiped about someone in the past, expect that gossip to come back to haunt you. If you're a writer, it could be that you make an error or a typo that changes the meaning of your text. If you have any travel plans, it's possible that they may go awry or be delayed. The 3rd house is about local travels, so this could be that your car breaks down or the bus doesn't make it on time, causing you to miss your appointment or something like that. On another note, if you've had any conflict with siblings or neighbors, now would be a good time to talk things out and patch up any possible wounds.

Only Spend Money on What Really Matters, Capricorn

Capricorn Rising (or Sun)

You love a good find, Capricorn. As the sign of the goat, you're known for your ambition and love of money or material things, but you're also very cautious. However, with Mercury Retrograde in your 2nd house, you may be spending more impulsively than you usually do, which may not be worth it in the end. For example, the product you buy now may turn out to be broken or not functioning properly. On the other hand, it's possible that you may temporarily lose a prized possession that you already do have. Money matters may be stressful for you right now and if you've been waiting on a paycheck, it's possible that it may be delayed. Perhaps you'll receive a payment during this time that you should have received sooner.

Given that he was an Aquarius Rising, this horoscope is for David Bowie himself

Aquarius Rising (or Sun)

You thrive in chaos, Aquarius, but with Mercury Retrograde in your 1st house, things may be even more chaotic than even a rebel like you is used to. Perhaps you've been acting even more unconventional or oppositional than usual and have had to deal with some nasty consequences because of it. This may have lead you to being extra careful about what words you use because you don't want people to misread you. Usually the first to express your ideas publicly, you may have been hesitant to say what you really think because of it. You may have been having doubts about how you come across physically as well, perhaps wanting to make a change in your style. Do experiment but maybe avoid any permanent changes to your appearance until after Mercury goes Direct.

It May Feel Like the Darkness is Catching Up with You in Your Sleep, Pisces, but in Reality, You have Nothing to Fear

Pisces Rising (or Sun)

You're a dreamer, Pisces, but with Mercury Retrograde in your 12th house, those dreams may be more like nightmares. Old insecurities and people or situations you'd rather forget may be catching up with you in your sleep. Try not to let it get to you: this extra alone time can be used for spiritual growth, magic and manifestation if you know how to work with it. The 12th house, of course, rules over all things hidden so it could also be that a secret comes out. Perhaps, this involves a hidden enemy, someone who you thought was a friend but really seems to be holding ulterior motives. However, the thing about Mercury Retrograde is it can cause misunderstandings. While you usually do have a good intuition, wait and make sure it's not just paranoia before you react.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction


With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius from January 30th through February 20th, we may expect strange things to happen. Perhaps, people will be more open and free in their interactions with others to the point of being unconventional, unsettling and even controversial. Conflicts may arise due to a misinterpretation of each other's ideas and ideals. Politics may seem to go awry for those same reasons and it could be that policy gets delayed. There may also be major malfunctions regarding technology. While the Sun at the degree of Mercury's station Direct on the day Mercury turns Retrograde is square Mars, which suggests aggression and war, Mercury itself will be positively aspected by a conjunction to Jupiter on February 14th, which is good for reminiscing about the past and perhaps some of us will hear from someone we've been waiting for. Aside from that, I guess anything could happen and I would continue to expect the unexpected, because the truth is? Reality is stranger than fiction.


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