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The Astrology of the U.S.A Inauguration Day

This has been a crazy year! And in America, we have just elected a new president. Donald Trump (who is arguably the most crazy president we've ever had) is stepping down from office while former Vice President, Joe Biden is set to take over with his running mate, Kamala Harris... if all should go as planned, anyway. Because it turns out the 2021 Inauguration Day chart is just as crazy as the rest of this year's been! Here's my take.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 9 min read


This has been a crazy year! And in America, we have just elected a new president. Donald Trump (who is arguably the most crazy president we've ever had) is stepping down from office, and former Vice President, Joe Biden is set to take over, with his running mate Kamala Harris... if all should go as planned, anyway, because it turns out the 2021 Inauguration Day chart is just as crazy as the rest of this year's been.

I always thought it was interesting how the date for the U.S. Inauguration Day should be chosen for the January 20th, the same day as the Sun's ingress into the sign of Aquarius. It's interesting to me because Aquarius is very much a sign associated with politics and the ideas that govern the structure of society. In modern astrology, at least, this sign is often associated with ideals of freedom and democracy. It is also America's Moon Sign. Interestingly, Inauguration Day used to take place on March 4th, a much more arbitrary date, but Aquarius Sun, Franklin D. Roosevelt changed it during his second term. Astrology was never explicitly given as the reason to my knowledge, but interestingly, FDR was known to quote horoscopes.

Astrology of the 2021 U.S. Inauguration Day

As per tradition, the U.S. Inauguration takes place at 12:00 PM on January 20th, 2021, in Washington D.C. This is quite an auspicious time when you think about it. It puts the Ascendant at 14'11 degrees Taurus, a fixed earth sign ruled by the benefic planet Venus. This is symbolic of long-term (fixed) material (earth) prosperity (Venus) and success. Meanwhile, the Taurus Ascendant puts the Aquarius Sun in the 10th house, only a few degrees away from the Capricorn Midheaven. Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by the planet Saturn and as we discussed already, Aquarius has a long-standing association with politics and the ideas that structure or govern society. The 10th house (and Midheaven) is associated with career, status, success, reputation and public-life. It makes sense that the Sun would be placed in the 10th house of the Inauguration Day chart given that the Inauguration is a public event where a politician & to some extent a politician's ideas are put on display.

However, while based on the date and time of the event, the placement of the Ascendant, Midheaven and the Sun stay relatively static throughout every Inauguration, the Moon sign always changes. This year's Inauguration has the Moon falling at 29 degrees Aries, a cardinal fired sign ruled by the planet Mars. The last degree of any sign is said to be "critical," representative of endings or climactic change but also high-stress, and Aries is the warrior of the zodiac sign. This shows us that the emotional energy underpinning this day is fierce, combative, perhaps even aggressive or violent. This aggression gives way to crisis or climactic change. It's worth noting as well that the Moon falls into the 12th house of the Inauguration Day chart, showing that a lot of this aggression or combat will take place behind the scenes or in secret. However, the Moon is about to cross over into the 1st house, showing that this aggression will soon come to light. This could perhaps be a surprise attack, something that was planned in advance but that no one knew about until it was too late. On that note, it's interesting to keep it mind that Mars was at the same degree as the Inauguration Day Moon (29 degrees Aries) when Trump supporters decided to storm the capital. While that was something that our administration did indeed know about it and allowed to happen, I'm wondering if we'll see a repetition of that or something similar but potentially worse. I notice that the Moon is also separating from a square to Pluto on the MC, indicating a fall-out from secrets or corruption come to light

Hey, the Simpsons Weren't the Only Ones who Predicted These Riots: I DID TOO!!!

The Aquarius Sun in the 10th house is conjunct Saturn & Jupiter and Mercury is there as well. Normally, I would interpret this as a good omen for President Biden & VP, Kamala Harris. While Jupiter is the primary indicator of abundance & good luck, Saturn is the administer, good for people in power or authority and also an indicator of security of longevity. Mercury there suggests good communication or relations with the public, although it is in the retrograde zone which suggests these relations may wind up turning sour... but the main problem is that these planets are square, square to the Ascendant and square to the planets in the 1st house.

Mars, the dispositor of the Aries Moon, will be exactly conjunct Uranus in the 1st house. While Mars is the warrior, Uranus is a symbol of revolution or rebellion. In short, this combination is explosive and potentially dangerous. While I'd love to see it as a sign of positive revolution, Taurus is a very stubborn and often traditional sign. So, I'm more inclined to see this as representative of violent riots initiated by those who do not want to see their Lord & Savior Donald Trump be thrown out of office. It's interesting to note that Mars rules the 7th house (Scorpio). Sometimes, in mundane charts, the 7th house could represent other countries, but in the case of Inauguration Day, I think it represents Joe Biden's political enemies or opposition. In any case, the square between Mars & Uranus and Jupiter & Saturn tells me that these people will try to fight the authority and abundance of the Biden Administration with all the energy they can. I do notice too, however, that the chart ruler Venus is located in the 9th house and trine to Mars, Uranus and the Ascendant, which to me suggests that perhaps these riots will be financially aided (Venus) by foreign powers (the 9th house).

Joe Biden's Lunar Return Chart

Lunar Returns

Interestingly, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will both be experiencing their Lunar Returns on January 20th, 2021, with Joe Biden's Moon falling at 0'59 degrees Taurus in his birth chart, and Kamala Harris has her natal Moon at 27'39 degrees Aries. This was my primary reason (aside from Trump's awful Solar Return) for thinking that Joe Biden would win despite what everyone around me was saying. In any case, I think this is significant and worth taking a look at.

First of all, using Washington D.C as the reference place, Joe Biden's Lunar Return will occur at 3:55 PM on January 20th. This chart puts the Ascendant in the sensitive but protective sign of Cancer with it's ruler, the Moon, falling into the 11th house. The 11th house is traditionally called "the Place of Good Fortune," so in of itself, this is a good sign for Biden. It is the house of friends, alliances and benefectors. It can also represent rewards as a result of one's labors (2nd from the 10th house). I find that it often shows up in the charts of those involved in politics. However, the Moon is involved in a close square to the Sun in the 8th house. It is about to square Saturn, the 7th house ruler as well. To me, the Sun & Saturn, in this chart, represent the people trying to put an end to Joe Biden's entrance into public office. The 8th house is the house of death and while it very rarely represents physical death, it may very well represent people trying to put an end to his career or perhaps (although hopefully not) even his life. The Moon is about to conjunct Mars & Uranus as well which again is more of that revolutionary, warrior energy. I see that the Moon's dispositor, Venus, is located in the 7th house which at the very least could mean that he has people - perhaps his wife - supporting him through this chaos.

Kamala Harris Lunar Return Chart

Using Washington D.C. as a reference place, Kamala Harris will have her Lunar Return at 9:10 AM on January 20th. This places the Ascendant in the changeable and emotional sign of Pisces, with Neptune in the 1st potentially indicating confusion or deception. Interesting, Pisces is her natal Midheaven and 10th house which does put the focus on reputation and career success. However, it's ruler Jupiter is located in the 12th house separating from a conjunction with Saturn & the Sun but Mercury is there as well. The 12th house is representative of hidden matters, things that are secret or behind the scenes. With the 12th house planets square Mars & Uranus in the 3rd, there could be newspapers, magazines or media outlets, including social media, (3rd house) threaten to expose a secret or some private matter (12th house) relevant in her life. The 12th house is also the house of self-undoing and in a Lunar Return can often point to months where we're feeling alone, isolated or depressed. In fact, the Sun is in the 12th house of my Lunar Return right now and that's exactly what I'm going through! Essentially what I'm saying is that the 12th house may be saying more about Kamala's emotional state than anything physically going on in her life, although with the South Node conjunct the Midheaven, there may very well be some sort of 'undoing' for her reputation-wise, but this could also be karmic and fated events that put her where she is. The Moon, however, is the real star of the show and the Moon is located in the 2nd house. This suggests that the majority of this month's focus will be on money and financial matters. Maybe it's a financial scandal that gets exposed and threatens her reputation in some way? We'll find out soon enough!

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris


All in all, with Mars, planet of war, being exactly conjunct Uranus on Inauguration Day, this Inauguration is sure to be chaotic and unlike anything we've seen before in recent times, especially with these planets falling into the 1st house of the chart and the Moon joining them shortly after. All in all, this is a very radical, revolutionary, warrior sort of energy. Mars-Uranus square Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun in the 10th house makes the conflict between the two forces even more pronounced. It's also interesting that both Joe Biden & Kamala Harris should have their Lunar Returns on January 20th, 2021, as well. This shows that it's going to be a big and perhaps emotionally heavy day for both of them.


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