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Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Joe Biden

Part 2 of a really long series

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 4 years ago 12 min read


In 2016, I saw that the astrological community was very divided on who was going to win the presidential elections, but I noticed that these astrologers had one thing in common: their predictions were driven more by bias than astrology. Hilary Clinton supporters were predicting her win, while Trump supporters predicted his win. Not once did I see a Democrat predict Trump's victory nor did a Republican predict Clinton's. For someone actually wanting to study astrology, it was very disappointing.

This election, I want to see predictions based not on bias or personal opinion, but on actual astrology. This election, I'm going to give my own take on 2019s election. It's not that I don't have any biases—I obviously do—but when it comes down to it, I'm not really for any politician, so my predictions are not based on who I want to win (there are definitely some candidates I hate less than others), but who I think is going to win. As I'm writing this, I'm still not sure—it might even be Trump (I hope not)! It depends on the birth charts, transits, progressions and return charts of everybody running. My source for presidential candidates is ballotpedia.org, and while I must confess there are a few names I haven't heard of before, I included them in an effort to be fair.

I was originally going to write one big long article about the election, but because the article got to be too long, WAY TOO LONG, I decided to separate it into parts. I'm going to analyze the charts of each candidate in alphabetical order by last name. If there's someone I'm missing, please feel free to let me know.

To view Part 1, where I analyze the chart of Michael Bennet, click here.

The Natal Chart of Joe Biden

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was representative of Delaware in the United States Senate for over 30 years, and is most famous for being Vice President to Barack Obama. To learn more about his plans for presidency and vision for America, click here.

Born on November 20th, 1942 at 8:30 AM in Scranton Pennsylvania, Joe Biden is a Scorpio Sun, with a Scorpio stellium consisting of Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus, all in the 12th house. Scorpio is the sign of power; it is associated with obsessiveness and control. In that sense, Mr. Biden was born to be a politician. The 12th house is the house of all things hidden, and indicates a secretive nature. It is also the house of self-undoing; perhaps Joe Biden is his own worst enemy.

The Moon, however, is exalted at the first degree of Taurus. This gives him a sense of inner steadiness and stability. The Moon is your private side, and with Moon in the fifth house, those closest to him may seem him as fun or an entertainer even if that's something we don't see.

It's worth noting that both his Moon in Taurus and his Mars in Scorpio make squares to his Pluto in Leo. Some of the darker, more negative traits of Scorpio are emphasized here. These aspects can indicate a person who is power-hungry, manipulative and relentless in pursuit of their desires.

The Sagittarius Ascendant shows us that he is a very opinionated man, with a lot of opinions on how to run the country. Sagittarius is also known for being very blunt. It doesn't look like Joe Biden is always able to think before he speaks, prone to exaggeration and talking out of his ass at times.

Joe Biden has an angular Uranus on the seventh house cusp. The seventh house is the house of the other—marriages, as well as open enemies. Uranus is the planet of revolution, shock, and rebellion. It is likely that Joe Biden attracts a lot of unusual, even revolutionary people into his life—whether this be partners or just the opposite.

If the Moon is his private side, the Midheaven is his public side. The Midheaven Virgo shows him to be a pragmatic, liberal in thought, conservative in approach. The planet Neptune is in the 10th house, close but not quite conjunct the Midheaven. This indicates big dreams, which a presidency certainly is. If well-aspected, which Biden's Neptune is, with a trine to Uranus and sextile to his Ascendant, it might feel like some sort of higher force is guiding him to where he wants to go. But is Biden actually destined to be president? Let's read on and find out.

Joe Biden's Transits

Joe Biden's transits for the primary election on November 5th, 2019 look pretty good. The transiting Sun conjunct his Mars in Scorpio gives him a strong sense of courage, strength and virility. Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter transiting his 1st house gives him the charm and charisma needed to win over voters. Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, one of the most important conjunctions of 2020, is also sextile his Sun and other planets in Scorpio. This makes him incredibly conscious of his own power and authority.

His transits for the general election on November 3rd, 2020 are very similar. Again, the transiting Sun is conjunct his Mars, giving him a sense of strength and virility, and this time, we have not only Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, but Jupiter, his chart ruler, as well. Jupiter is at 21 degrees making an exact sextile to his natal Mercury. This improves communication skills; there will probably be fewer "gaffs" reported around this time. Saturn is nearing an exact sextile with his Sun and his Venus, giving him a strong sense of responsibility. However, Saturn is also closely opposite his natal Jupiter in Cancer, which could indicate disappointments stemming from high hopes. Ups and downs. Transiting Uranus in Taurus square to Mars in Scorpio is more problematic, however. It is revolutionary energy and could indicate an unpredictable temper. Surprises that shock and hurt us.

The Inauguration Day chart , however, is the most interesting, because his Lunar Return will occur on that very same day, when the transiting Moon will return to Biden's natal position at 0 degrees Taurus. This is very significant. The Moon is square to the Sun, which shows it will be an important month. It also shows conflict, challenges. Obstacles to overcome.

Joe Biden's Progressions

Joe Biden's current progressed Sun, Moon, AND Ascendant are all in the sign of Aquarius. This makes sense, because Aquarius is known to be a very political sign, associated with the community, humanitarianism, and social progress. The progressed Sun in the 12th shows a certain degree of hidden intentions, but in contrast, the Moon shows that he wears his heart on his sleeve. Maybe, it's not so much hidden intentions, that the Sun in the 12th symbolizes here, but subconscious motivations that are hidden even from himself. The South Node is also conjunct the Ascendant; there could be karmic lessons relating to focus on others rather than on himself. It's interesting that his progressed Aquarius placements should be square his natal Scorpio planets. This might show a conflict between the person he's evolving into, and deeply ingrained behavioral patterns he finds it hard to let go of.

His progressed Mercury in Capricorn is in Retrograde, which makes sense given his "gaffs" and recent social blunders. With Mercury in the 12th house, they might be Freudian slips, or words that reflect his subconscious thoughts in a way that he didn't plan. Mercury is also opposite Jupiter, suggesting exaggeration or storytelling. With Mercury in Capricorn itself, he might appear over-serious and lacking in warmth or reliability when speaking to others.

However, Uranus is almost exactly trine Neptune here and that shows a certain degree of attunement with the collective.

Mars is in it's exalted position of Capricorn, in the 11th house, ruling over the community and social groups, and making a sextile to Venus, also exalted, in the 1st house. This is a very good influence and affects his image for the better. Saturn and Uranus in the 3rd house, however, might be a problem. These planets are square Venus. I'm thinking since 3rd house rules over communication and media, there may be gossip in the news and in social media that negatively affects the image he wants to display.

Joe Biden's progressed chart for Inauguration Day is slightly better. While we still have Saturn making an exact square to Venus (and Uranus making a wider square), we also have Pluto making an exact sextile to Saturn, giving him strength and authority. We also have Moon conjunct Venus, giving him a more compassionate, gentle, sort of persona. The Sun and Mercury are still in the 12th house, but Mercury is now direct, strengthening his communication skills. There is less awkwardness, less blunders and politically incorrect statements for the media to report on.

Joe Biden's Return Charts

This is Joe Biden's current Solar Return chart, and let's just say he's had a rough year. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury all in the sixth house of illness & disease, as well as slavery and servant-hood, is never a good sign. It is even worse when you see that Mercury is Retrograde in the sign of it's detriment, Sagittarius, and closely square Neptune. This is a repeat of much of the same themes I've already mentioned; a lack of clear thought, a lack of clear speech, potential dishonesty as a result of confusion even if that's not your intention, over-exaggeration, promising more than you can deliver, bluntness—talking out of your ass and accidentally hurting people as a result, or social blunders. With Neptune in the 10th house, the square to Mercury has had a negative effect on his career. To top it all of, Mercury is his chart ruler of the year. Meanwhile, Jupiter, too, is making a square to another planet in the 10th house—Mars. This indicates a lack of forethought in action, throwing yourself into things and taking risks without thinking of the consequences, potential over-aggressiveness. This could also have a negative effect on his career and overall public image.

The Ascendant in Gemini shows a busy year, full of social events, meeting new people. This makes sense, considering he's spent the majority of the year campaigning for presidency. Moon in the 11th house of community also makes sense, and it's likely he has had a lot of friends supporting his campaign. However, while the Moon's square to Mercury is good, showing his thoughts and emotions are in harmony, the Moon's square to Pluto shows an intensity of feeling that, if not channeled properly, might be destructive; emotional manipulation and mind games are possibly if these feelings aren't given a healthy outlet.

Joe Biden's upcoming Solar Return chart looks a lot more positive. The Sun is in the third house, ruling communication and media. Once again, it is likely he's going to spend the majority of the year campaigning and meeting with people. Once again, Mercury is Retrograde, showing communication problems, but this time, Mercury is in Scorpio, not Sagittarius, and positively aspected by a sextile to Saturn, showing a strong sense of rationality, and a trine to Neptune, showing a strong sense of imagination as well. Jupiter, at home in Sagittarius, is making a conjunction to Venus, which is very, very lucky, and the Moon in Virgo is making a trine to Uranus. The Ascendant and Moon in Virgo shows he'll take on a more business-like persona this year, devoted more to working hard and getting things done. Mars is very strong in this chart, at the first degree of its home sign Scorpio. He is intensely driven, but the opposition to Uranus may be problematic. His style of work may be erratic and an unpredictable temper is possible.

His Solar Return for 2020 shows Scorpio on the Ascendant conjunct his natal Mars; a very strong will and drive. Mercury is close to the Ascendant, but not quite, still in the 12th house, and opposite Uranus. A shocking change is happening, lurking beneath the surface, could likely be something internal, especially since Mercury rules the mind, a sudden change in thought or belief patterns. The Sun is in the first house, putting the spotlight on him this year and his own development. The third house Capricorn stellium consisting of a conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, is square Venus in the 12th, causing problems and blockages relating to Venusian themes (probably things related to his personal life?) but fortunately for him, the Sun is well-aspected, making a sextile to every planet in Capricorn. He is comfortable, strong, stable and well-protected. The conjunction between Jupiter and the Moon shows that he's able to remain in a good mood no matter what happens.

I haven't done this for anyone else, but since Joe Biden's Lunar Return for January 2021 is set to happen on Inauguration Day, I thought it was important to add. The Moon is in the 10th house square the Sun in the 7th. Whenever the Moon squares the Sun in a Lunar Return chart, it shows that it's going to be a climatic month. The Ascendant is also in Cancer, the Moon-ruled sign. The Moon in the 10th relates to his career and public image - it makes sense that he'd be inaugurated on this date - while the Sun in the 7th relates to other people, this could be his wife or it could be his open enemies. With Sun conjunct Saturn, it might be enemies, trying to stop him from succeeding. The Moon is conjunct Mars' conjunction to Uranus in the 11th house of community and social groups, a revolutionary energy. The angular Venus at 15 degrees Capricorn, right on the Descendant, is interesting, and could be a positive influence for Joe Biden, maybe Saturn and the Sun isn't an enemy after all but an alliance of some sort, a peace treaty. Who knows? I don't know what it all means, it could be something romantic, relating to his personal life and not to the fate of our country at all, but in any case it looks very significant and worth reviewing.


I have not yet analyzed the charts of each U.S. candidate, so I don't want to jump to conclusions or make any set prediction until I am done with all of them. But I will say, I think he stands a chance, especially considering the Inauguration Day Lunar Return. He is not popular with everybody and some aspects (especially those between Mars and Uranus) lead me to think his victory might spark a revolution, maybe even a civil war, potentially angering leftists who are fed up with the DNC (or Trump supporters) but maybe not, maybe it's a revolution he brought on about himself. Maybe his victory alone will bring about great chances to this country. Positive changes. OR maybe, for example, if in the general election, Trump wins the electorate, and Biden wins the popular vote, he (along with his supporters) might make it his mission to bring down the electoral college and prevent Trump from winning. There are many possibilities. I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet but I think he stands a chance of winning, for sure.


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