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The Astrology of Kamala Harris

Will she be Vice President? Here's what the stars say.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 12 min read

Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor & senator from Oakland California, and running mate to former Vice President, Joe Biden. If he wins, she will be the first ever African-American, Asian-American and female Vice President. To read more about her platform, you can click here.

With a Gemini Rising and Libra Sun, Kamala Harris is a social person with a multi-faceted approach to interacting with the world. In fact, her Gemini Ascendant is trine her Libra Sun in the expressive 5th house, making it easy for her to project herself out into the world. Gemini and Libra are both Air signs known for their duality and their ability to get along with people from all walks of life. As a politician, there may be a tendency to play to both sides of the fence and this can be her weakness as well as her strength, depending on how she uses this energy. She might either try so hard to appeal to opposing sides that she winds up angering them both, or she could serve to bring people together.

Its important to note that her natal North Node in Gemini falls directly on her Ascendant while the South Node in Sagittarius falls directly on her Descendant with the Lot of Fortune. Destiny and fate play a huge role in Kamala Harris' life. You may argue this is true for everyone but the way I see it, chance plays a larger role in some people's lives while choice plays a bigger role in the lives of others. Essentially, the South Node represents our past & the things we need to let go of while the Descendant represents other people. The conjunction between the Descendant and the South Node shows that when in trouble she has many trustworthy people in her life who she can always fall back on for support, people who provide her with a sense of optimism and growth. However, depending too much on these people may lead to stagnation and it might even be her downfall. The North Node on the Ascendant shows that her true destiny is one of independence and thinking for herself.

Meanwhile, Saturn in it's home sign of Aquarius completes the Grand Air Trine, giving her a serious edge especially in regards to academics and philosophy. In addition to the Libra Sun, the 9th house, where her Saturn is located, is also associated with law. Before getting into politics, Kamala Harris worked as a prosecutor or district attorney for law enforcement, something that has helped her to further her career, but also something that many potential voters find questionable.

Perhaps, this controversial past of hers can be seen through the Midheaven. The Midheaven represents our reputation, how we are seen in the eyes of those who don't know us. On the surface, the Midheaven in Pisces, a sign often stereotyped as "soft," and sensitive, may not say much. But when we consider the position of its ruler, Jupiter, things start to fall more into place. With Jupiter in the 12th house, she is seen as someone with many secrets and a shady past. In the sign of Taurus, she may be seen as someone concerned primarily with her own comfort and security. Furthermore, her Aquarius Saturn in the 9th house makes a square to Jupiter, ruler of the Midheaven, showing the negative effect her role in law enforcement has had on her reputation. It's also worth noting that the 12th house is associated with prisons and prisoners. If you ask her, her motive is to reform an unjust prison system, but in the eyes of her critics, she's just another cop.

Its also interesting to note that Kamala Harris was born on a Full Moon. The Moon represents our emotions as well as our family and upbringing. With an Aries Moon in the 11th house of friends, Kamala Harris has a fierce & fiery way of dealing with people and leading organizations. She is passionate about what she believes in, and this passion may have been fueled by early childhood experiences & encouraged by one (or more) of her caregivers. She may come across as aggressive with her opinions at times and maybe even a little too caught up in her own feelings. However, born with an exact Sun-Moon opposition, her Libra Sun shows that she is fair-minded and considerate. She takes her time before forming an opinion on something or making a tough decision, preferring to think things through. However, once her mind is made up, she will fight hard for it.

The Ascendant in Gemini makes Mercury in Scorpio her chart ruler. With Mercury, planet of communication and thought, in the sign of Scorpio, she has a good intuition and an ability to suss out the true intentions of others. She is able to dig underneath the surface and see whats behind the scenes. Her mind is blessed with investigative qualities which have helped to shape her career. Not only can she detect people's secrets, however, but she may have some secrets of her own. Despite the reputation of Gemini as a big-mouth, as a Scorpio Mercury, Kamala Harris may keep many thoughts to herself, preferring only to share them with those she really trusts.

The Moon in Aries & Mercury in Scorpio are both desposited by her Leo Mars in the 3rd house of communication. Kamala Harris is a fiery and passionate communicator who knows how to entertain a crowd. She feels comfortable being the center of attention and she feels confident taking charge. Her speech may be blunt or straight to the point, at times even cutting. She is a natural warrior, skilled in debate.


On September 9th, Mars stationed Retrograde at the same degree as her natal Moon in Aries. This may have brought old wounds up to the surface for Kamala Harris or perhaps, it has just caused her to be more irritable or easily annoyed than usual. Not only is transiting Mars conjunct her Moon, however, but also opposite her Sun, which brings an even more challenging influence. This could indicate opposition from friends or organizations or even family members. She may find herself dealing with more critics than usual and getting into more fights. But the trine from Mars Retrograde to her natal Mars in Leo keeps her strong and healthy enough to fight back. This should overall be a good transit for her in some ways, perhaps helping her to get in touch with what things are really worth fighting for.

However, Saturn (who is also her profected ruler for the year 2019-2020) and its conjunction to Pluto & Jupiter in Capricorn have not been so kind to her. The Great Malefic and Lord of the Underworld have been transiting her natal 8th house and square her Sun in Libra. The 8th house traditionally represents death, loss and fear, but also other people's money. With such a negative configuration, I was not surprised when her bid for presidency came to an end. Saturn tells us where our limitations are and Saturn in the 8th indicates a lack of funding. The lack of financial support from others prevented her from living out her wishes to be president.

Since then, however, she has been able to bounce back, and I'd argue this has something to do with the North Node's entrance into Gemini. Not only is it transiting her 1st house and conjunct her Ascendant but it's also her Nodal Return, indicating a movement towards destiny. Her life may currently be filled with fated circumstances and serendipitous opportunities as she finds herself moving closer towards her own destiny.


Regarding her progressed chart, she is a progressed Leo Rising for starters, activating her 3rd house Leo Mars. She is in leadership mode: confident and ready to take chart.

Her Progressed Sun is in the optimistic and philosophical sign of Sagittarius and more importantly, conjunct her natal Descendant and South Node, as well as the transiting South Node, activating that part of the chart. This should bring some very significant people into her life. People she has known in the past (such as Joe Biden) may come back to play a role in her life. It is a very karmic period: she may experience the consequences of things that happened in her past, for good or for ill, and because it's conjunct her Descendant, this likely involves other people.

Her Progressed Mars in Virgo is conjunct her natal Venus in the 4th house while her Progressed Jupiter in Taurus is making an exact trine. This brings good luck as far as Venusian matters are concerned. She may feel more motivated to bring harmony to her surroundings or make herself beautiful. This aspect could indicate a surge in her popularity, making her seem more likable in the eyes of voters. It can also be a positive influence on her love life but that does not concern us.

I think its interesting to note that her Progressed Moon is in the 10th house, the house associated with career and reputation. Usually, when someone is elected into office, some 10th house influence shows up in their horoscope (which I'll be honest, Donald Trump has a lot of) but more interesting than that, her Progressed Moon is in the sign of Taurus, the same sign as both Joe Biden's natal Moon, and the Moon on Inauguration Day, as I write about here.

Solar Return

The South Node/7th house theme repeats itself in Kamala Harris' Solar Return chart for October 20th 2020-October 2021. The Ascendant in a Solar Return represents one's outlook and persona for the year ahead, and her Ascendant is located in the adventurous, free-spirited and truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius. The Solar Return Moon is in Sagittarius as well; the Moon conjunct the Ascendant shows that she has a very emotional year ahead of her, a year full of ups and downs. Because this is located in her natal 7th house, these traits will manifest through her interactions with other people. The Moon in the 1st house of a Solar Return chart often indicates a year where we'll be more apt to wear our hearts on our sleeve. But the South Node is very closely conjunct the Moon which could possibly indicate fated events, potentially relating to her ancestors or her inheritance (Moon, also ruling the 8th) or she may have to let go of something, perhaps certain ingrained habits or emotional patterns that were holding her back in some way.

The Moon in the first house is relatively well aspected by a trine to an Aries Mars in the 4th house of family and a sextile to the Sun in the 11th of friends. This shows that she will receive lots of support from her friends and family, both emotionally and materially. The Sun in the 11th house on it's own shows that her friendships will play a big role in the year ahead. However, the 11th house doesn't "just," rule friends but hopes and dreams as well. An 11th house Sun, especially if well aspected, can often mark a year where our wishes come true. Since the 11th house also rules groups and social organizations, not just individuals, I've observed that an 11th house Sun can also place a focus on politics and humanitarian affairs.

However, the Moon is also impacted by a square to Venus in the 10th. On it's own, Venus in the 10th is a good influence on her career, making her likable in the eyes of the general public and increasing her favorability with voters. In the sign of Virgo, also the sign of her natal Venus, there may be perfectionism at play, and a desire to control her image in any way she can. But with Venus square the Moon in Sagittarius, she may not be able to curb her blunt and uncouth emotional nature, and this could do damage to her reputation if shes not careful. Venus is also in it's Fall, when placed in the sign of Virgo, so not a very comfortable place. There may be an internal conflict between the desire to please others and the need to be herself.

Election season may be a difficult time for her, as the Sun in Scorpio will be transiting her Solar Return 12th house. Mercury sits Retrograde here, indicating conflicting and hazy information, potentially even deception, and miscommunication. The 12th house is the house of hidden enemies and with Mercury ruling the 10th (Virgo) her reputation may be damaged by gossip; her opponents may reveal some sort of juicy secret from her past that may or may not be rooted in fact. Mercury opposite Uranus shows that this information may be quite shocking. Uranus is located in the 6th house of illness and disease, and in addition to ruling the 1oth, Mercury rules the 7th. So, this opposition could also indicate sudden changes in the health of her opponents - or business partner. This could be Donald Trump or even Joe Biden. The Sun's transit through the 1st house and the well-aspected Moon shows that Sagittarius Season may fare better for her.

Its also worth noting that Kamala Harris is in a 9th house profection year. The 9th house rules over matters of foreign travel, higher education, and religion (or philosophy) so its possible some of these themes may be highlighted for her in the year ahead, but more importantly, her natal 9th house is not only ruled by Saturn but her natal Saturn resides there as well, making Saturn's transits especially significant this year.

In the Solar Return chart, her profected ruler, Saturn is in the sign of it's domicile, Capricorn, and conjunct both Pluto, and Jupiter, her Solar Return Ascendant ruler, in the 2nd house. With both the chart ruler and the profected ruler located here, a very significant importance is placed on matters of money and finances. With both planets square not only the Sun but Mars as well, its possible she may struggle financially. If its not her specifically struggling, it may be that her friends (Sun in 11th) and family (Mars domicile in 4th) may be struggling, and she may have to help them out. Capricorn Season, particularly January and the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, may be especially limiting for her as far as finances go. However, Saturn returning to it's natal position of Aquarius, along with Jupiter, in December may be auspicious for her.

Will Kamala Harris Be Vice President?

Despite challenging aspects from Saturn (and Pluto and Jupiter) in Capricorn, Kamala's Harris was selected to be Joe Biden's running mate, and the Nodal Return (on her Ascendant!) shows that she is meeting her destiny. Does this mean she will be Vice President? I'm still not 100% convinced on that. Multiple aspects (Venus-Moon square in Solar Return, SR Mercury Rx in the 12th house, transiting Mars Rx) point to potential difficulties in her career and trouble maintaining the good reputation she strives for. But the progressed Moon in the 10th is a good sign for anyone working in politics, and many factors indicate that if Trump gets sick as I predicted here, Kamala may benefit from it. Time will tell.


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