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Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Mike Bloomberg

Part 10 of a really long series

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 10 min read


In 2016, I saw that the astrological community was very divided on who was going to win the presidential elections, but I noticed that these astrologers had one thing in common: their predictions were driven more by bias than astrology. Hilary Clinton supporters were predicting her win, while Trump supporters predicted his win. Not once did I see a Democrat predict Trump's victory nor did a Republican predict Clinton's. For someone actually wanting to study astrology, it was very disappointing.

This election, I want to see predictions based not on bias or personal opinion, but on actual astrology. This election, I'm going to give my own take on 2019's election. It's not that I don't have any biases—I obviously do—but when it comes down to it, I'm not really for any politician, so my predictions are not based on who I want to win (there are definitely some candidates I hate less than others), but who I think is going to win. As I'm writing this, I'm still not sure—it might even be Trump (I hope not)! It depends on the birth charts, transits, progressions and return charts of everybody running. My source for presidential candidates is ballotpedia.org, and while I must confess there are a few names I haven't heard of before, I included them in an effort to be fair.

I was originally going to write one big long article about the election, but because the article got to be too long, WAY TOO LONG, I decided to separate it into parts. I'm going to analyze the charts of each candidate in alphabetical order by last name. If there's someone I'm missing, please feel free to let me know. Since Mike Bloomberg entered the campaign late, this article has been a departure from my original plan regarding alphabetical order.

Click the underlined links to view parts one, two, three, four, and five, where I analyze the charts of Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Steve Bullock, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro (who has since, along with Cory Booker, dropped out of the race), Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, and Bernie Sanders.

The Natal Chart of Mike Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is an American businessman and former mayor of New York City. To learn more about his plans for presidency, click here.

Just like some of the other presidential candidates whose charts I've analyzed, Michael Bloomberg was born on a New Moon, making him a very dynamic person, great at jumping into action and initiating new projects but not necessarily so great on the follow through. With both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aquarius, he is likely to be a very progressive and politically-minded person, concerned with humanitarian affairs and the fate of the world as a whole.

While Aquarius is normally a friendly sign, however, his Cancer Rising places his Aquarian Sun and Moon in the 8th house, the house of death and taxes, adding a darkness to his personality. He may have had a troubled upbringing, and he is likely to be privy to many occult (or otherwise secretive) matters. On the bright side, since the 8th house is responsible for other people's money, loans, and inheritances, having the Sun placed here often brings success with finances and business. He may have received a large sum of money from his parents, grandparents or other relatives. The Cancer Rising will also make him shyer, more withdrawn, more careful and less extroverted than the typical Aquarian but also more sensitive. While Aquarius is concerned with the fate of humanity as a whole, Cancer is typically more concerned with it's own self-preservation, as well as the safety of it's own immediate relatives.

In addition to his Sun and Moon, Mike Bloomberg also has Mercury and Venus in Aquarius but in the 7th house. Both planets are in retrograde, likely giving him a certain social awkwardness and an introverted demeanor. There may have been delays in love, and in communication skills. He may still feel uncomfortable in social situations to this day. He may have a habit of saying the wrong thing or he might be anxious about doing this, having to rehearse his speech, but having these planets in the 7th house could, on the other hand, give him strong negotiation skills, and could thereby help him succeed in the business world.

Pluto in the 1st house gives him a very powerful and potentially controlling demeanor. Retrograde Venus opposite Pluto might potentially cause problems in relationships; such as obsession, possessiveness and manipulation due to jealousy and insecurity, or he may be self-sabotaging in his relationships.

The last thing I want to point out is that triple conjunction between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is a very stubborn sign, and sometimes, a bit materialistic, both traits that can be said to characterize Bloomberg. Like Cancer, Taurus is typically concerned with it's own self-preservation, as opposed to the humanitarianism of Aquarius. With his Sun and Moon in Aquarius square his Mars, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, he may have an internal conflict between progressiveness and conservatism. While a part of him may be motivated to create positive changes that benefit humanity, the other part of him is driven to keep things the way they are, and maintain the status quo, as it benefits his own self-interest. These aspects can explain his constant flip-flopping between the Democrat and Republican labels. With Sun square Uranus, he may feel like an outsider, like he doesn't really belong anywhere. Too liberal for Republicans and too conservative for Democrats. Saturn square the Sun and Moon favors the conservative part of his personality. Even his more liberal beliefs such as gun control and climate change or health (such legally placing a ban on soda) are motivated at least in part by a need to control, to make more laws. Whether liberal or conservative, either way, he is an authoritarian. The very opposite of a libertarian. Meanwhile, the Moon square to Mars could cause anger issues, as well as issues with women.

Michael Bloomberg's Transits

Here is Michael Bloomberg's transit chart for the first day of the primaries. The grand trine between the transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (that has been causing more harm than good for most candidates!), Mike's natal Neptune at the last degree of Virgo and his natal Uranus and Saturn conjunction (and I suppose Mars by extension) in Taurus does show some success. The Sun in his natal sign of Aquarius and conjunct his natal Mercury surely helps matters as well. Jupiter in Capricorn trine his natal Mars indicates courage and strength.

However, the square between Uranus in Taurus and his natal Pluto in Leo indicates generational conflicts. The younger generation (Uranus in Taurus) is rebelling against the big money-fueled power and authority he symbolizes (Pluto in Leo, 1st house). Transiting Uranus also makes a square to his natal Venus in Aquarius, shaking up his relationships with others, particularly with women. Venus, as ruler of Taurus, also symbolizes money and possessions so he could be losing money from this campaign rather than gaining it.

Overall things look more good for Mike in the primaries than bad.

Here is Michael Bloomberg's transit for the general election. Will Mike Bloomberg be able to beat Trump? The triple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter trine his natal Taurus stellium and Neptune in Virgo will certainly benefit him, as well as transiting Venus in Libra's trine to his natal Venus in Aquarius. Even Mercury in Retrograde looks like it could work out in his favor somehow, with Mercury in Libra making a trine to his natal Sun-Moon conjunction in Aquarius. Overall his luck looks good, although Uranus square Venus with the transiting Sun in Scorpio square his natal Venus as well points to a loss of favor with women voters.

Mike Bloomberg's Progressions

Here are Mike Bloomberg's progressed charts for the primaries. While his transits point to some success, with a grand cross in the mix, his progressions don't look as good.

Neptune on the Ascendant opposite Venus in the 7th house and square the Moon points to some deception in the way he presents himself to others or delusion in his self-conception. His motives are hazy, mysterious, unclear, maybe even to him. Jupiter so close to the Midheaven usually points to good luck in relation to career and social status, but with Jupiter making a square to Neptune and Venus, that isn't so. He may believe himself more high and mighty than he actually is, taking foolish risks, only to lose as a result. Jupiter opposite the Moon, especially in Sagittarius, may cause exaggerated feelings of happiness and self-confidence that will only wind up harming him in the end.

The triple conjunction between Saturn, Uranus and Mercury, especially with Mercury making an exact trine to Neptune and an exact sextile to Venus does potentially cause him to have a very strong and vivid imagination and sense of creativity that could extend to his policy proposals and plans for presidency, as well as a certain empathy and pleasantness in his communication with others, but the evidence found in his progressed chart is overwhelmingly more negative than positive.

Michael Bloomberg's Return Charts

Michael Bloomberg entered the election on November 8th, 2019. So, I am including his Solar Return for 2019 even though he entered the election late.

The Sun exactly conjunct the Ascendant shows that this has been a very important year for Mike Bloomberg. He's been cast right up front and center into the public eye. The center of attention. His identity has been made known to everyone in the America right now, for better or worse. Sun sextile Jupiter in the 10th house Sagittarius shows that it's mostly been for the better, at least from his own perspective, and the Sun sextile Uranus in Aries shows some surprise success, especially in terms of money and finances. He succeeds by being himself and going against the grain, setting himself apart from other people somehow. Mercury in the 1st as well points to a very communicative year, while he'll spent a lot of time interacting with the media.

The 11th house stellium in Capricorn involving Venus, Saturn, and Pluto puts an emphasis on political involvement and social activism, especially with Neptune in the 1st sextile these three planets giving an air of idealism and even compassion or philanthropy, even if done for practical purposes.

As with the progressed chart, however, there are a number of hard aspects involving Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon. The Moon in Gemini is opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius, forming a T-square with Neptune in Pisces, pointing to losses and difficulties stemming from over-confidence and an exaggerated estimation of one's own luck. Likely, he is deceiving himself but with Neptune in the 1st house, he may be deceptive towards others as well. He may also suffer from escapist tendencies, vices, preferring to see things through rose colored glasses than face reality for what it is.

Mike Bloomberg's birthday just passed two weeks ago. Here is his Solar Return chart for the year ahead. He fares better here than in the last chart. The cluster of planets in the 1oth house (consisting of Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury) does emphasize a large involvement in career, most likely success in his political career. Aside from a very wide square between Venus and Jupiter, these planets are all positively aspected too, with Mercury and Neptune making a trine to the Moon, indicating high emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, the Sun in the 9th house places an emphasis on political ideology and rhetoric. The Sun's sextile to Mars in Sagittarius shows that he's able to make good arguments against his opponents and win in debates. The North Node in his first house shows that he is coming into his destiny, going down some sort of spiritual or fated path. The only "negative" aspect to contend with here is Uranus opposition to Moon in the 5th house which is wide anyway. This could potentially show a certain amount of emotional instability, while a 5th house Moon in general is a good omen placing an emphasis on creativity, children, fun and potentially affairs of the heart.


While the positive transits point to some initial success, the grand cross in his progressed chart and t-square in his 2019 solar return make me think that ultimately, he won't win. I could be wrong, as the 2020 solar return chart looks a lot better for him, especially in terms of career, but while I think he'll go far in the race, maybe even being the last of two candidates standing as the democratic candidates begin to drop-out, I don't think he'll win and I think his loss may even be costly for him. He'll probably find success in some other avenue of career.


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