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Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Amy Klobuchar

Part 8 of a really long series

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 17 min read


In 2016, I saw that the astrological community was very divided on who was going to win the presidential elections, but I noticed that these astrologers had one thing in common: their predictions were driven more by bias than astrology. Hilary Clinton supporters were predicting her win, while Trump supporters predicted his win. Not once did I see a Democrat predict Trump's victory nor did a Republican predict Clinton's. For someone actually wanting to study astrology, it was very disappointing.

This election, I want to see predictions based not on bias or personal opinion, but on actual astrology. This election, I'm going to give my own take on 2019's election. It's not that I don't have any biases—I obviously do—but when it comes down to it, I'm not really for any politician, so my predictions are not based on who I want to win (there are definitely some candidates I hate less than others), but who I think is going to win. As I'm writing this, I'm still not sure—it might even be Trump (I hope not)! It depends on the birth charts, transits, progressions and return charts of everybody running. My source for presidential candidates is ballotpedia.org, and while I must confess there are a few names I haven't heard of before, I included them in an effort to be fair.

I was originally going to write one big long article about the election, but because the article got to be too long, WAY TOO LONG, I decided to separate it into parts. I'm going to analyze the charts of each candidate in alphabetical order by last name. If there's someone I'm missing, please feel free to let me know.

Click the underlined links to view parts one, two, three, four, and five, where I analyze the charts of Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Steve Bullock, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro (who has since, along with Cory Booker, dropped out of the race) and Tulsi Gabbard.

The Natal Chart of Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is an American lawyer, Senator of Minnesota, and 2020 presidential candidate. To read more about her plans for presidency, click here.

With both Sun AND Moon in Gemini, as well as her Mercury, trine her Ascendant in Aquarius, Amy has a very airy chart, meaning that she is very intellectual, communicative, and that freedom matters a great deal to her, especially her freedom of speech and thought. She is likely to be very friendly, and social, with a strong ability to relate to and connect with people from all walks of life.

The Ascendant in Aquarius is especially good for someone who works in politics. It is the sign of the humanitarian. Aquarius uses the water it carries to cleanse and purify society. Many Aquarius Rising people are progressive, principled activists who fight long and hard for social change. With an Aquarius Rising, Amy Klobuchar is likely to be very innovative, skilled at coming up with new ideas and creative solutions to social problems that leave people thinking, "why haven't we thought of that before?"

As for the Gemini in her chart, it's interesting to see that Amy Klobuchar was born on a New Moon. In astrology, the New Moon phase fresh starts and new beginnings, making those born under this phase of the moon very creative and dynamic people, great at jumping into action and initiating new projects, although they might not always be so great with the follow-through. That is especially true when the Sun and the Moon are in the sign of Gemini; the sign most associated with the label "jack of all trades, master of none." Geminis are known to be multi-taskers and even polymath who involve themselves in a number of different projects, and engage themselves in diverse fields of study. Geminis seem to always be doing something, but at times, they can involve themselves in so many things that they spread themselves thin, unable to dive deeply into just one thing, starting a new project before they finished the first. Anyway, because their Sun and Moon are in the same sign, those born on New Moons have their egos and hearts aligned. This gives them a strong sense of self-assurance as they're in touch with their feelings and they know what they want. While a Sun-Moon conjunction often makes a person quite sensitive and emotional, having the Sun and Moon in the same sign makes them less conflicted than those of us who have Sun and Moon in separate signs.

With her Gemini in the 4th house, however, Amy Klobuchar is likely to be more introverted than the typical Gemini. Rather than being constantly on the go, she is likely to be more of a homebody. Her home and family are the most emphasized areas of life for Amy. She is probably very proud of her origins, her heritage and where she comes from. Her family is likely very, very important to her and she probably spends a lot of time with them.

That said, she is a very typical Gemini in the way she uses humor to distinguish herself from the other Democrats, and it is no surprise that having a stellium in the sign of communication, she specialized in telecommunications law. Geminis, having flexible minds that are able to see both sides to every issue and multiple angles to every situation, are often skilled in debate and are likely to be very skilled lawyers, much like Libras.

The last thing I want to point out is that only does she have Mercury in it's home sign of Gemini, but she has Mars and Venus in their home signs as well, of Aries and Taurus, respectively. With Venus in Taurus, she is likely to be very attune with the five senses; also very practical, security-minded and loyal to the people she loves as well as the issues she really cares about. With Venus in the 3rd house, she comes across as a very pleasing communicator, someone you can relate to and trust. Mars in Aries shows that she has a very aggressive, combative, competitive and confrontational side to her too, however. This isn't a bad thing. It's something that makes her strong, someone who knows how to take charge and make decisions. The combination of Venusian and Martian energy likely makes her a very nice person but someone who stands up strong for what she believes and can fight to the death for it if she has to.

Amy Klobuchar's Transits

Here are Amy Klobuchar's transits for February 3rd, the day of the Iowa caucuses, the first major electoral event in the country.

What interests me is that these causes correspond with Amy Klobuchar's Lunar Return in Gemini. In fact, the chart here shows an exact conjunct with the Moon to her natal Moon and Sun. Whatever goes on during the first month of the primaries will likely have a very strong emotional affect on her.

As she is born with natal Saturn in Capricorn, she is going through her second Saturn Return as well. Saturn Returns are known to be a time of hardship but also growth. The first Saturn Return, occurring at around the age of 30, is known to cause mid-life crisis's, as you're just becoming face to face with reality learning what it means to grow up. Second Saturn Returns, occurring at around the age of 60, are usually more manageable than that since you've already gone through the first one, but because Saturn is a planet of karma, if you haven't been living responsibility between the ages of 30 and 60, your second Saturn Return will come and make you come face to face with the consequences of your mistake, forcing you to atone. If you've been making responsible choices, however, your Second Return could be a period where you finally receive the recognition and reward you deserve.

Transiting Mercury in Pisces making a t-square to her natal Sun and Moon in Gemini and Pluto in Virgo could cause some communication errors. Possibly coming on too strong in a way that people don't know how to react, driving her point home too hard. There could also be evasiveness, secrecy, and omissions on her part that causes her to fall out of favor with some.

Transiting Jupiter in Capricorn square her natal Mars in Aries could increase her aggressiveness and competitive nature. Because Jupiter falls into the 12th house, she may not be aware of how aggressive and confrontational she's coming across. Subconscious or repressed issues could cause her to snap and lash out, which isn't a very good look.

On the bright side, Venus in Pisces is sextile to her natal Venus in Taurus so she knows how to come off as charming regardless.

Once again, the General Election occurs shortly after her Lunar Return. I see this as very significant and a possibly point of good luck, especially since the Moon in Gemini is applying to a conjunction with the North Node, which represents growth, what we're heading towards. There is something destined about her political campaign or whatever is going on in her life at this point, and she may experience a certain amount of spiritual evolution.

I also see that the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjunction that is negatively affecting so many other candidates is making a trine to her natal Venus in Taurus. So, Amy Klobuchar is actually benefiting from these energies. She is given an extra dose of optimism, power, strength and stability, that may seem to come from behind the scenes (since they fall into her natal 12th house).

Amy Klobuchar's Progressions

Amy's Progressed Sun and Moon make a close conjunction to each other, just like in her natal. Only here, they are in the early degrees of the proud, flamboyant and sometimes self-centered sign of Leo. Her Progressed Venus is also in Leo. With this in mind, we can currently expect her heart to be involved in whatever she does. If her heart's not in it, it's not important to her. She's currently at a moment in life where she craves being the center of attention and thrives in leadership roles. Self-expression, especially the expression of feeling, comes naturally to her at this time.

With all three of these progressed Leo planets square Neptune, there can be some delusion involved in this. She could experience a certain delusion of grandeur, as if all eyes were on her. She might feel as if the world is a stage and she's in the starring role. She might think she has a more important or special role to play in American politics than she really does, as if she was destined to be where she is right now. With Moon and Venus square Neptune especially, there is also a possibility that she could fall victim to manipulation, as she's more empathetic than usual, more sensitive to the plight of others, which can lead to being taking advantage of. Since Neptune is in the 6th house, it's especially likely that she'd be manipulated by those who work under her. The 6th house is also the house of health, so manipulation by doctors, or the medical industry, or escapism through medical means is another possibility, and she may also fall victim to some mysterious and confusing health problems that interfere with her ability to campaign.

Mars in Taurus is strong here. Her Ascendant in Taurus is slow, steady and practical, and Mars here in the 1st knows what it wants and exactly how to get it. Mars is well aspected by a trine to Saturn in the 9th house, Capricorn, and a sextile to Mercury in the 3rd house, Cancer. She is confident, practical and knows all the right things to know. She is strong-willed. Whatever the outcome of this election, she has her head on her shoulders and knows she'll turn out okay, though Uranus square both the Ascendant and Mars indicates a certain amount of eccentricity and maybe even rebellion that could lead to opposition from others. It's possible she'll take positions that others find "radical" but it is a very creative energy.

The progressed chart for inauguration day is very much the same, but now with the Moon separating from it's square to Neptune, delusions are less likely. In fact, she might instead experience some major disillusionment.

The Moon is also separating from the Sun. There is less of the get-up-and-go she had before. But the Moon is closer to Uranus now, and Venus is closer to the Moon. She may be more sentimental now and it's also possible that her personal life - her romantic life, her family, her relationships in general - will take more of a priority, and politics will be put on the back burner. With Moon conjunct Uranus, there is likely to be some shock and surprise, and she may seek freedom in these areas of life. Perhaps she feels her job as a politician to be constraining in some ways.

Amy Klobuchar's Return Charts

With the Sun and it's ruler Mercury in the 12th house of her Solar Return chart, this year has likely been a bit difficult for Amy Klobuchar, at least as far as her political career is concerned. As opposed to the 1st house (house of self/life force) or the 10th house (house of career/public image) which would place her up front and center in the public eye, the 12th house is all about seclusion, and what's going on behind the scenes. She may not be feeling like she's getting the recognition she's deserved, flying under the radar compared to high-profile candidates like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. She qualified for the debates though - so this is mostly just in her head, as Mercury conjunct the Sun would indicate. She might be suffering from a lot of internal anxiety, and overthinking, in relation to her campaign or life in general. She may want to hideaway. The 12th house is all about self-undoing, the subconscious, dreams, intuition, exile, and places of seclusion such as hospitals, mental institutions, prisons and monasteries, not often viewed as a house of good luck, especially from a traditional perspective, but it does, however, have a spiritual component, at least from a modern point of view, a sense of oneness and mysticism, that Amy Klobuchar could possibly be benefiting from, not necessarily in terms of politics or career but internally. The 12th house is often seen as a house of healing.

The Moon is in the 9th house, in the sign of Aquarius, her natal 1st house, and exactly sextile Jupiter, so she has likely been feeling pretty good, very optimistic and happy, despite what the 12th house Sun might say in terms of how her career is going. The 9th house is the house of philosophy, ideology, and higher learning, things that very much matter in politics. She has likely been digging deep into the study of ethics and law, as these things very much matter for a person in her position. She may even be emotionally involved in the debates. She may even feel like she has to campaign for a cause, because she feels like it's the right thing to do. She may have done more traveling this year, as well.

Another important thing to consider is the Ascendant at 0 degrees Cancer with Mars in the 1st house - just as with the progressed chart. Cancer themes - such as home, family, emotion, nostalgia, security - take up major space in her life this year, and Cancer qualities such as sensitivity, moodiness, empathy, intuition, possibly defensiveness, clinginess and over-protection, are upfront and center this year, even if not usually the case. Mars in the 1st house is a very aggressive and assertive placement: she knows what she wants and how to get it. The thing is, Cancer is the sign of Mars' Fall. With Mars in Cancer, the aggression turns into passive aggression. She knows what she wants and gets it through subtle and often underhanded means, manipulation or maybe that word is harsh, emotional intelligence, reading the room and using it to your advantage. Mars is well aspected by a sextile to Uranus in the 11th house (the house of friends, social groups, organizations and the house I most strongly identify with politics, to be real honesty) so I think this is an indicator that perhaps, she will indeed get what she wants. I think maybe there will be some sort of surprise victory here. An unexpected turnaround in popularity. This one aspect alone doesn't necessarily mean she'll win the primaries, let alone the election, but perhaps, for example, she'll start out low in the polls and then when the election comes around, we'll find she's gotten 47% of the Democratic Vote compared to someone else's 49.

It looks like the second half of 2020 will get a little better, at least in terms of her political career. I say this because of the stellium in the 10th house consisting of the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the North Node, all in Gemini. Whether she wins or becomes vice to someone else, at the very least, it puts a strong emphasis on career matters. Whether good or bad, she will most likely play a much more visible role than she did the year before, spending more time up front and center in the public eye. What seems most indicative of success to me is the Sun directly on the Midheaven. That is a very strong indicator of fame, recognition and even authority. The Sun is well aspected by a trine to Saturn too, making her professional success solid, stabilized, set in stone. She may go down in history, stand the test of time. With the North Node here too, there may even be a degree of destiny involved here. With Venus and the Moon in the 10th house so closely conjunct the North Node and Mercury, planet of communication as well, she will most likely find success by wearing her heart on her sleeve, and appearing relatable to the public, or even vulnerable. Populism could benefit her.

There are a couple of things to be concerned about, however. For one thing, Venus is in Retrograde, which of course is often said to cause problems in romance, or at least a reevaluation of your romantic life, sudden break-ups, or people from your past coming back, such as, but not limited to, ex-partners and old lovers. Sure, this could very well happy for Amy Klobuchar. She is a human too. But considering this strictly in terms of career, since it is after all in the 10th house, she could come off as socially awkward on the public stage. Since Venus is a significator of women, it's possible she falls out of favor with female voters for whatever reason. Most likely, however, I think because Venus rules the 2nd house (house cusp in Libra) Venus Retrograde indicates problems with money and finance, which could negatively impact her political campaign if she doesn't have enough money to fund it anymore.

Venus is square Neptune in the 7th house, which rules both partners and enemies. So is Mercury, and I suppose, by a wide orb, the Moon and North Node. This is also worrying. It indicates deception, manipulation, possibly, especially with Venus here, self-deception due to idealization or escapism. She may idealize someone, become blinded to their flaws, only to find out that they were undermining her the whole time. This could be romantic interest but mostly I think it refers to a political opponent of some sort who might manipulate her by establishing a friendly camaraderie of some sort.

Mars exactly conjunct the Descendant or 7th house cusp sends a similar message. Her opponents are aggressive, violent and hateful, but in the sign of Pisces, this "aggression" I mention is more passive aggressive, the violence more emotional than physical, and the hatred more subtle and not altogether obvious. Mars is sextile Uranus: it could be surprising who this person is or why they are doing this to undermine her.


I am definitely not saying she'll win. I don't think she will. Other charts look more promising than hers. But I have to say I definitely do think there's a chance. I'm surprised by this myself, but I think, with the Sun on the Midheaven in her Solar Return chart and that 10th house stellium that there's a chance she'll win the primaries. I think she could be the dark horse candidate who surprises everyone by succeeding. I actually think we're seeing this now. Almost unrecognizable around the 1st debate, people are saying she won the last one. I don't know if she has as strong of a chance at winning the general election though, with all that negative 7th house (open enemy) energy.

Don't worry. When I am done analyzing the charts of each candidate, I am going to make a conclusion post, after comparing the charts of those like her who I think stand a possible chance (and not those whose charts spell out an obvious NO), and give you my final prediction.


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