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Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Cory Booker

Part 3 of a really long series

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 5 years ago 10 min read

In 2016, I saw that the astrological community was very divided on who was going to win the presidential elections, but I noticed that these astrologers had one thing in common: their predictions were driven more by bias than astrology. Hillary Clinton supporters were predicting her win, while Trump supporters predicted his win. Not once did I see a Democrat predict Trump's victory, nor did a Republican predict Clinton's. For someone actually wanting to study astrology, it was very disappointing.

This election, I want to see predictions based not on bias or personal opinion, but on actual astrology. This election, I'm going to give my own take on 2019's election. It's not that I don't have any biases—I obviously do—but when it comes down to it, I'm not really for any politician, so my predictions are not based on who I want to win (there are definitely some candidates I hate less than others), but who I think is going to win. As I'm writing this, I'm still not sure—it might even be Trump (I hope not)! It depends on the birth charts, transits, progressions, and return charts of everybody running. My source for presidential candidates is ballotpedia.org, and while I must confess there are a few names I haven't heard of before, I included them in an effort to be fair.

I was originally going to write one big long article about the election, but because the article got to be too long, WAY TOO LONG, I decided to separate it into parts. I'm going to analyze the charts of each candidate in alphabetical order by last name. If there's someone I'm missing, please feel free to let me know.

Click the underlined links to view parts 1 & 2 where I analyze the charts of Michael Bennet and Joe Biden.

The Natal Chart of Cory Booker

Cory Booker is a Democratic politician and the first African-American US Senator from New Jersey. To view more about his plans for presidency, click here.

Born on April 27, 1969 at 1:10 AM in Washington DC, Cory Booker is yet another Earth dominant. His Taurus Sun is trine his Virgo Moon, giving him a sense of internal harmony. He also has Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto one Virgo. The combination of Taurus and Virgo energy likely makes him practical, sturdy, reliable, organized, and a hard worker. On the downside, he may be a bit of a control freak; very stuck in his ways, and critical of anything different. This is not the chart of a person who thrives in chaos, but a person who likes to set things in order and have things under control. Messiness might stress him out. The Virgo Moon could give him perfectionist or purist tendencies, and he may be very health-conscious. Apparently he's a vegan and abstains from alcohol, which combined with his Aqua Asc. makes a lot of sense.

His Aquarius Ascendant helps balance that out a little bit. Aquarius is a very political sign; with an Aquarius Ascendant, Cory Booker is likely a humanitarian who cares deeply about social justice, and helping out the community. He may also appear to be a bit eccentric at times, and always progressive.

His Taurus Sun falls into the third house and his Moon in the seventh. This, combined with the Aquarius Ascendant, gives him excellent communication skills, and an ability to relate to others. The Earth dominance gives him a strong sense of composure and professionalism, but it does not make him boring and dry.

It’s worth noting that Cory Booker has a lot of fire in him as well. Venus in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius makes for a very enthusiastic, passionate person. He is an impassioned speaker, who gets real fired up about the things (or people) he cares about. Since Mars and Venus are, for the most part (Venus Rx, especially when in its detriment, may cause trouble in his love life and he may have been a late bloomer, but that’s no concern to us and whether or not he’ll make it into office) well-aspected, it’s likely his anger is limited to things that really matter. With Mars in the eleventh house, I think matters of social injustice (though Venus in the second house shows money might get him fired up as well).

With Scorpio Midheaven, he is drawn to positions of power. Like Biden he has Neptune in the tenth house, which shows high aspirations & big dreams. He may have long imagined himself as being someone important (like president) and may feel like a higher force is guiding him to where he wants to be. While Jupiter sextile Neptune and trine Mercury show strong communication skills and good luck achieving his dreams, with Mercury opposite Neptune, what he says may not be so clear sometimes. His communication might be elusive; if not dishonest, vague, confusing, and open to interpretation.

Cory Booker’s Transits

Looking at his transits for February 3rd, 2020, the first day of the primaries, and I see Uranus Direct applying to a conjunction with his Sun in Taurus, but applying to a trine with his Moon in Virgo. This transit could bring exciting changes into his life, and a unique sense of creativity, it makes it easier to be himself, but it could also shake up the solidity of his life, making whatever foundation he stands on just a little less stable.

It is also close to his Mars Return, with Mars returning to the same degree of Sagittarius it was in when he was born, helping him gain strength and vitality.

If he does win the primaries I think Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all in Capricorn shows a better sign of winning. This is one of the most important aspects of 2020, and as an Earth sign it benefits him enormously with trines to his natal planets in both Taurus and Virgo. However, his Aquarius Ascendant means they will be transiting his twelfth house, the house of all things hidden, so his victory may be something that no one, not even he, was expecting, something unknown, an opportunity hidden from plain view. Uranus is almost exactly conjunct his Sun now and separating from a trine with his Moon, which also, in my opinion, shows an unexpected victory. However, I see it's his Chiron Return, which could also bring pain, but also healing depending on how you look at it. There are other potentially negative transits such as Venus in Libra opposite his natal Venus in Aries, but to be honest, I would think these transits would have more of an effect on his personal/love life, so I'm not gonna get into them.

Cory Booker's Inauguration Day transits are interesting. There are a lot of conjunctions. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll win, although the Sun conjunct his Ascendant at first degree Aquarius does show a man that was born to become president of the United States (I say this because Inauguration Day always takes place on January 20th, the day the Sun enters into the sign of Aquarius). That revolutionary Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is exactly conjunct his natal Sun at 6 degrees! Instead of winning, it could make him real fired up, angry about whoever does get elected president that day. But Jupiter & Saturn (the Great Conjunction of 2020) conjunct his Ascendant is a good sign, and does indicate victory of some sort. Since the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the first degree of Aquarius sets off a new 200-year cycle of Great Conjunctions occurring in air signs, it shows he could be the leader of a whole new generation.

Cory Booker's Progressions

His Progressed Ascendant in Aries with Mars in the eighth house Sagittarius shows that he is a fighter. Right now, he is willing to fight for what he believes in. With Progressed Mars exactly opposite his Progressed Mercury in Gemini, he can potentially use his words to hurt others.

His Progressed Sun in Gemini square Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus could show some stress. Sun square Pluto shows potential obsession and over-competitiveness. Sun square Jupiter shows potential danger of over-extending yourself. Sun square Uranus shows possible feelings of being misunderstood, or getting involved in causes more radical than the typical liberal is associated with.

I see that the Progressed Sun in Gemini is also square the North Node in Pisces and the South Node in Virgo. This is a very important time for Cory Booker's spiritual development, and perhaps this election was something he was meant to do. However, with the North Node in Pisces, it's perhaps more important for him to learn the lesson of surrendering to a high power, rather than over-extending himself or worrying about all the things he needs to be doing.

Progressed Venus conjunct Saturn in the first house sextile the Moon in its home sign of Cancer is a very positive influence, especially since Venus and Saturn are conjunct his Natal Sun in Taurus. In regards to his personal life, this aspect could help him find someone to settle down with. In regards to his political career, Venus is a pleasing influence, making him attractive to voters, while Saturn helps him maintain perfect professionalism.

Cory Booker's Return Charts

The first thing I notice about Cory Booker's current Solar Return chart is the first house stellium. The stellium includes a Uranus-Sun conjunction in Taurus square the Moon in Aquarius, and a Venus-Mercury conjunction sextile the Moon in Aquarius. This interesting. The Aquarius Moon in the eleventh house places a huge emphasis on his social life, the community, meeting new people, which when campaigning for presidency, sure makes a lot of sense. The first house stellium, however, places the focus on himself and his own self-development. At times, all this campaigning might be too much for him (as the square to Uranus and the Sun shows) but at the same time, it helps him to meet a lot of new people (possibly even love connections?) who will be important influences on his life, as the sextile to Venus and Merucry shows. The Ascendant is at the last degree of Pisces, which is important in terms of spiritual evolution. He might find he's ending a spiritual journey and embarking on a new one. Gemini Mars in the third house square Neptune in the twelfth house is the most challenging influence, as it shows big dreams, but difficulty knowing how to pursue them. It might feel as if he is chasing after fantasies.

Looking at his Solar Return for 2020, I see a lot of interesting things here. The Ascendant in Cancer, for example, is conjunct the Sun of the United States (born on July 4, 1776), showing he's going to play a big part in the country this coming year.

Moon, the chart ruler, is in the twelfth house, Gemini, conjunct Venus and square Neptune. The twelfth house is all about secrets, the unconscious, things that are hidden. He may spend a good portion of the year alone, isolated, and hidden from the public eye. It may be, since Venus is involved, that he wants to spend time with loved ones in private, instead of having his personal life scrutinized by the media. It could also indicate confusion about other matters, or spiritual experiences.

Sun conjunct Uranus in the eleventh house of friends, however, shows that he'll be out and about. This is a very political, even revolutionary energy. Saturn in the seventh house, which is not just about marriage, but also open enemies, square the Sun and Uranus, shows opposition, political opponents trying to bring him down or silence him. He may change his political format as the year goes by, adopting a more radical platform when faced with opposition.


After analyzing Cory Booker's charts, I think he stands a chance of winning. The Inauguration Day Uranus-Mars conjunction on his Sun is just too important to overlook, as is the Great Conjunction of 2020 on his Aquarius Ascendant. I don't necessarily think he will win—I don't know yet—but even if not, I still think he'll have an important part to play in the political life of the United States, as his Solar Return Ascendant in Cancer on the United States' Sun surely shows us.


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