Why Men Come First?

by Jean Luc Lafitte 10 months ago in humanity

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Why Men Come First?

At first, when you look at the title of this subject, you would imagine that this article is erotic and sexy.

So, I hope that I am not going to disappoint you, by telling you that it's far more interesting than this, and I hope that it will not leave you feeling deflated, no pun intended guys. This article is more about the negative effects that social media is having on women and men, and the distorted view of sex that is being touted to young people living in a supposed Utopian world.

So why do men come first?

I know that as humans at the top of the evolutionary tree, we like to think we have all the answers. In the past, if proof was required, the sentence was preceded by "God" with a capital "G." Now when seeking proof, we say it's true because "science" has proved it. The problem with both approaches is that we are reluctant to admit that we may just be intelligent animals, well, intelligent in comparison to other animals, but that’s a whole other debate.

This is important to understand if we are to answer my question. So, I would if I may, ask you to accept the hypothesis that we are just intelligent animals. This is not intended to offend anyone reading this who is religious, and I offer no scientific proof. However, what I do offer is my experience of growing up in the countryside, traveling the world, and observing my greatest teacher, “Mother nature”

For this example, and I could have chosen thousands of other animals, however, I am going to choose the humble Deer, as I see these where I live on a daily basis. Let us presume that it is the mating season, and the big majestic stag with huge antlers is stamping at the ground, and generally letting all the other males know that he is boss. His antlers are impressive, and his blood is pumping with adrenaline and testosterone. Any young buck that thinks he can muscle in on his harem had better think again, because he is not going down without a fight.

So, what is a young buck to do? Because he is also full of testosterone, and adrenaline, and mother nature decrees that he pass on his genetic fingerprint. This scenario has been played out since the dawn of time, so the only way he stands a chance is to rush in and rush out when the alpha male is being distracted by another rival. This means he must be fast, and this also means he does not have time to put on a romantic seductive French love song, cool the champagne, and give his girlfriend a seductive massage. No, its wham bam, and thank you mam, and run like hell before he gets the sharp end of the alpha male's antlers. You see, this all comes down to biology and passing on our genetic seed. In fact, at this level nature can be very brutal. Not only does the female receive one sneaky suitor, but often several. Now you would think that's where it ends, but you would be wrong, because now the different sperm from different suitors start fighting each other until eventually, the strongest one wins.

Now let’s come forward to the current evolutionary step in human evolution. This is the bit where I believe that the conflict starts. There was a study done where a woman had a very small camera put inside her, to see what happens at the point of orgasm. As the woman orgasm-ed, her cervix pulsates and dips down into the sperm, which has been deposited inside her. So you can see what the problem is, one that is often overlooked, and that men fail to understand. If a woman is to stand half a chance of getting pregnant, she, unlike the man and the male young buck in our example, needs to be seduced, so that the timing of this contraction can happen at the same time, or after the sperm has been deposited. Unfortunately, males have been designed to come quick and fast, to ensure that their genetic makeup has any chance of making it into the future. So next time you see a young guy climbing out of a bedroom window, you know he is trying to avoid a conflict with the alpha male, and thereby ensure his genetic heritage.

A study published by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that nearly 37 percent of American women required clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm.

Therefore if mother nature has designed us this way, why then does social media and the constant barrage of pornography, try to convince us to the contrary. Young men think they have to make love all night without stopping, and feel somehow they are a failure if they ejaculate quickly. Young women are being given a message that says they are a failure if they don't orgasm through penetrative sex, and they have to be a contortionist. What we should be teaching young men is that women have more than one erogenous zone, and the most important one is the brain. Men are taught that it's polite to open doors for women, and that they should always let women go first, so why don't we teach men to extend this curtesy, and let the woman come first.

We should equally be teaching young women that men will be happy to make you happy if they don't feel like a failure when they are quick off the block as Mother Nature intended.

Next time you want the answer to that question that no one appears to have, just take a walk outside and maybe mother nature will let you have the answer.

Jean Luc Lafitte
Jean Luc Lafitte
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