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What do women think about men who are particularly thick?

The true feelings of three women

By 青木Published 2 months ago 6 min read

What do women think about being particularly thick there? For this reason, I specially interviewed three women who have experienced it. Let’s take a look at what they have to say. The first one, Wang Lili, is thirty-six years old this year. He said that which man doesn’t like women who say he is very thick? What woman would complain that her man is too thick, but I have a unique feeling about this. Whenever I have sex with him, I feel that his penis is too thick and the feeling of being too full makes me feel unbearable pain every time. If we do it for a long time, I will feel pain down there every time after doing it. That kind of pain makes me feel suffocated and makes me feel scared. Then I became a mom and everything changed. After giving birth to the child, I seemed to have become a different person. Every time I lived with him as a couple, I no longer felt pain. Instead, I felt unprecedentedly comfortable. It made me feel particularly happy every time. The feeling is like soaking in the warm sunshine, and the whole person is full of happiness. I found that I especially liked sitting on top of him. In that position, I had complete control over the rhythm and could bring myself to the highest level of pleasure. He was like a sculpture lying there quietly looking at me. He didn't need to move much for me to feel completely satisfied. I can come several times. My life now is full of expectations. I look forward to every night and every intimacy with him. Whenever night comes, whenever the child falls into a sweet dreamland, I will give my husband various hints. I will let him see my expectant eyes and hear my expectant breath. I will use my Tell him in every way that I look forward to him and that I look forward to our every intimacy. The second person, Xu Lulu, is thirty-one years old this year. He said that my boyfriend is too thick. He looks so polite, you know? The pair of deep glasses on the bridge of his nose looks like a half-cute scientist. You think he is a gentle and artistic young man, but in fact he is an eager and impatient beast inside. Whenever we are together, he becomes impatient and can't wait. To enter me, it seemed that the primitive wild impulse deep in his heart had to break through his gentle appearance and go straight to the sky. He almost didn't care at all about the so-called foreplay. He just kissed me gently, Then he couldn't help but enter. It seemed to me that he thought his behavior was so romantic and cheerful. In fact, I know very well that it is just an excuse for him to cover up his desires. One time when we were making out, his Adam's apple started to show up again, and before I was fully in the zone, he started to rush in. I only felt a sharp pain, as if my lower body was violently torn apart, as if my whole body was torn apart. At that moment, I could only bite my lips tightly to resist the painful feeling. After the pain, I saw his satisfied expression, and I knew he didn't understand why I was in pain at all? He was just fulfilling his own desires and he didn't care if I felt comfortable or not. The next day I felt pain when I walked, as if my body was completely taken over by pain. I went to the doctor, and the doctor told me to be gentler with my boyfriend next time, but I knew he wouldn't change. His tightness and rudeness are all manifestations of his selfishness. He only cares about his own desires, and he doesn't care about my feelings. Every time I have sex with him, I feel a sense of fear. He is too obstructive. I am afraid. I don’t understand. I don’t understand why some people say it feels good. I don’t feel good at all. The third one, Yu Xiaoxuan, is twenty-four years old this year. He said that we have many reasons for fear, just like a chain with one link after another, you may never find the end. My fear stems from the thickness of my boyfriend’s body, which is unacceptable to me and even slightly terrifying. This fear was like an insurmountable mountain that stood between him and me and blocked our five-year relationship. He and I have been in a special situation for five years. That state is a bit like a bear breaking off corn husks. Although there are corn kernels there, there is always a lack. Our feelings are very deep, but our relationship has not really gone deep into that level, to the most intimate relationship between a man and a woman that has ever happened. Behavior. I know that the problem is not with him, but with me. I am worried that the reality that his skin is too thick will cast a shadow on me. I am worried that this shadow will take over as firmly as psoriasis, and I will not be able to get rid of it. What I worry about is that if I graduate and go to work and live in Shanghai in the future, this shadow may prevent me from having a normal sex life. Whenever I think about this, I feel sorry for him. I know that he has been patient for me and persisted for me like a brave warrior, silently guarding me. His patience and persistence are like a mirror. , revealed the weakness and selfishness in my heart. So I will work hard to face my fears, overcome them and defeat them. Because I know fear is just a mountain and I just need to have the courage and I can cross it. Then he and I can move to a deeper and more intimate level and start our real love life between a man and a woman. In fact, men, especially those who are thicker down below, are sometimes like a weed that grows too wantonly. Although its thick growth brings a strong wild beauty to people, it also carries a daunting tenacity. Their presence makes the women seem to see a dangerous cliff standing there, full of distant and silent power, but also daunting and somewhat withdrawn. However, isn’t life a struggle between courage and fear? When did we start to learn to retreat, instead of rising to the challenge and using our love to influence the person we love? This fear may be addressed starting with foreplay. Foreplay is a wonderful introductory process, like a carefully crafted opening that both arouses interest and smoothes the transition to the subject, it is a deep dig. For women's bodies, for women's desires. For women's sensitivity, it is a process of continuous exploration. Every kiss and touch are digging out the deep passion and stimulating it, so that the woman's lower body can be thoroughly lubricated. When the lower part is moistened, Once we arrive, the thick weeds will no longer be so intimidating, but will become more friendly and acceptable. In this process, the woman can discover that the fear was just a misunderstanding, but she was not fully prepared and did not find the most comfortable way to face it. As for those stout men, they must also learn to be patient, learn to wait, and learn how to use their hands, their eyes, and their words to explore the desires in women's hearts, so that they can accept them in the most comfortable state. of stoutness. In this process, both men and women need to learn to understand, respect, and appreciate each other. Only in this way can they have a better life as a couple, let the fear dissipate, and let the love continue to bloom.

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