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What should a man do to make a woman happy?

The true feelings of 6 women

By 青木Published 2 months ago 8 min read

Recently, a friend submitted an article and asked me. He said that his girlfriend is a relatively shy person. Every time he has sex with his girlfriend, he feels like he has no feelings. When he asked her, she didn't tell her. He had no choice but to do it himself. He came to ask me, so he wanted to know what a man can do to make a woman particularly happy and useful when having sex. So for this reason, I specially asked a few women who have experienced it to see what they have to say about it. The first Hong sister, who is 33 years old this year, said that actually I think my husband is quite powerful. Anyway, I really like his tricks. Every time he wants to hold me, he will hold me gently. I whispered some nice words into my ear, "Honey, you are so beautiful. Wife, I like you so much." Every time I hear his words, I feel soft and instantly feel very good. Then he would carry me into the bedroom, and all his movements were gentle and light. We could kiss for ten minutes each time, and we would never get bored of each other. The most important thing is that my husband is willing to spend time in our foreplay. He knows where I am sensitive and he knows where I like him to touch me. We can also do it for a long time, it could be more than ten minutes or twenty minutes, the time is uncertain. I enjoyed the whole process very much. So every time I think about having sex with my husband, I feel very excited and happy. The second man, Man Ting, is 31 years old and currently in Beijing. He said that my husband has a very impatient personality. So when we had sex, the biggest feeling I had was that it was a quick fight. In his state, there was no touching or foreplay. He went straight to the last step. But without some preparation, it felt like his body was not open. I was still very dry down there, and he didn't say anything. Just put it in directly. Can I not feel uncomfortable with this? It's not like I haven't told him about it. In fact, I've mentioned it to him a few times in a subtle way, but he obviously didn't take it to heart. What I want is quite simple, that is, when we have sex, he can slow down a little and not act like he has completed a task. Foreplay is really important, otherwise I will always feel uncomfortable, and there is something wrong with it. The third person, Yafu, is twenty-nine years old this year. He said, "I think my boyfriend doesn't have much confidence in himself in this aspect." Every time we have sex, he will ask me if he is strong and if I am comfortable. But many times I didn't feel comfortable at all, but for his sake I said things I didn't mean, and he especially liked asking me to wake him up. I obviously didn't and didn't want to, so in order to satisfy him, I had no choice but to do it. I did. I don’t think it’s necessary for him to always ask me those questions, because whether I feel comfortable or not is reflected on my face to a large extent, and if he asks too many questions, I really feel it will be very annoying, so don’t always let me know. I do things that I don't like, such as moaning in bed, and I really feel a little embarrassed. I want to be as comfortable as possible and show my true state naturally. Isn’t this better? The fourth sister, Meng, is 26 years old this year and is currently in Shanghai. He said that it was the first time for me and my boyfriend to fall in love, so he didn’t know about some things. Sometimes when he saw how he was at a loss, he felt that he was still in love. Quite cute. We have relatively few sexual relations, and he is also the kind of straight man who really doesn’t understand women very well. Every time we kiss, he stops after a few kisses. I still want to continue, but I'm too embarrassed to say it directly. For example, his movements are relatively large, which makes people feel a bit rude. Several times, I feel a little pain. I think about reminding him, but I am afraid of reminding him. After he lost his interest, I always said that I would talk to him next time. I hope he can have a formal relationship. He hugged me and kissed me before. I had better do this for a longer time, be more careful and gentle when doing it, and don't move so big or rough, otherwise it will really hurt sometimes. The fifth man, Manny, is thirty-five years old this year. He said that I am still not happy when talking about this topic. My husband and I rarely have sex at the same time, probably because he is quite busy at work, but I still understand him. But when we have a relationship, my husband always only thinks about himself, whether he is comfortable or happy. As for my feelings, he often ignores them many times because he suddenly wants them. He just takes off my pants whether I want to come up to him or not. Not to mention foreplay, he directly omits even the simplest kisses. . It makes it seem like having sex is just his business. I want him to consider my feelings and mood more when having sex, and not just do it every time he wants it, whether I want it or not. This would put me in the mood to kiss seriously and with all my heart. I don't think touching and foreplay is a waste of time. The sixth person, Huahua, is 27 years old this year. He said that he didn’t have any big problems with my boyfriend. Most of what he did was pretty good, and I was quite satisfied. But there are two points where we can find a way out. One is that I like to turn off the lights and have sex. I think the atmosphere is better in a dark environment, but my boyfriend is just the opposite. He wants to see more clearly, saying that it feels better this way. I think most girls think the same thing as me. I wish we could turn off the lights and have sex. Another thing is that I like a little variety when we have sex. Because my boyfriend likes to use a fixed position, and it feels like this every time. I feel like there is no freshness. I think I can change a few more positions and give it a try. Maybe I will feel different and comfortable. How does it feel? ? In fact, married life is not only a physiological need, but also a feast for the soul, and foreplay is an indispensable prelude to this feast, playing a wonderful prelude to the climax that follows. The importance of foreplay is that it arouses the most primitive desires deep in our hearts, allowing us to feel endless surprises and expectations in the universe of love. Zhang Ailing once said that love is a very personal matter and no one is allowed to interrupt. In this extremely private moment of a couple's life, foreplay becomes a bridge of communication and expression, allowing each other's souls to blend closely. Together, the couple gradually dissolves each other's defenses and barriers through foreplay. In the tender eye contact, they lightly traced each other's skin with their fingers, making every cell full of excitement and anticipation. With gentle breathing, they sucked each other's pure flesh and tasted the fragrance of love. The reason why foreplay is crucial is also because it is a kind of respect for love. In this bustling world, we are always busy pursuing material satisfaction, but we ignore the most authentic thing in love. And foreplay is the way we express our desire and cherishment for each other, allowing love to sublimate at its deepest level. Foreplay is not only a physical intimacy, but also an emotional communication. Xiaohui believes that the most important thing in love is emotion. In those lingering and sentimental moments, we use foreplay to convey each other's love and let the other person feel that we are wholeheartedly involved. This flow of emotions allows us to no longer just pursue physical satisfaction in the process of married life, but to get a great satisfaction deep in the soul. In the end, having a relationship is always a matter of two people. So if you have any questions in this regard, I suggest you speak openly and openly, because this thing will accompany most people throughout their lives. Now that they have developed to this point, they may be companions for life, and they are both adults. There is no need to avoid this topic too much. You have to know that what makes us comfortable and happy is different for each of us. Don't be shy about flexibility just because you are a woman. Don't feel embarrassed to speak out. You think it would be strange and inappropriate for a woman to say this. If you don't tell, some men won't know. If he doesn't know, he will act according to what he thinks, and in the end it will make you very uncomfortable. Why bother if he doesn't even know?

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