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Three Crucial Sex Positions Your Man Should Do (Very) Well

If they can these positions right, you can open the karma sutra.

By Ellen "Jelly" McRaePublished 6 days ago 4 min read
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I know you're going to say this is an unromantic way to think about sex. But here goes. Sex is a skill one needs to master.

It's the same as learning a sport, learning how to read, or learning how to drive a car. You have to practice, get better at, and work on your performance. And, for better lack of a word, study it.

Once you have those basic skills, you can go on to master more complex sexual performances. 

In short, you can open the karma sutra and comfortably tackle any position you want. You have the foundations, now you can build on that.

For us women, though, we need a man who shares our same commitment to skill-building before taking that step in the bedroom.

We need a man who can nail the essential sex positions. And give us stock standard, guaranteed orgasms, to have the confidence the rest will be better. 

The rest being every other position in the karma sutra. And then some.

Because if he can't do these positions well, there's little hope the others will be any better.

Missionary Position 

In case anyone is wondering, we're talking about the guy on top, the woman on the bottom, legs up in the air for the woman.

Missionary is your standard, boring and conventional position. It also forms the foundation of many other positions, so mastering this position helps build onto others.

I know you're probably thinking; well duh, we knew this was a basic position for a man to have mastered. And whilst I agree with you, so many men get this wrong. 

They think because they can get their penis in and thrust back and forth, they've mastered the position.

As we know, they haven't. Just the action isn't enough to make you orgasm, nor does it always guarantee pleasure. There's also speed to consider, as well as how the rest of their body moves during it.

Men who are good in bed get the simple things really right. If they get the missionary position right, everything else should follow.

Doggy style

Not everyone enjoys this position, but once again, doggy style forms the basis of many other positions we would like to explore.

Being a master at doggy means the man knows how to handle the reversed position, where you are facing away from him.

The doggy position, where he is on his knees like you, is the easiest to do. Compare this to standing in a doggy position, like in the shower for example, and the difficulty increases with the added variables. 

Managing these variables will be easier for someone who can already get doggy right in the conventional position.

This is also a position heavily dependent on speed and pressure, as our body is in a somewhat unusual stance. I mean; we all lie down every day on our backs. Unless you do hours of yoga each day, you're likely not spending a lot of time in the table position.

If the man can respect speed and pressure in this position, they should be able to transpose this when the position shifts.

Anything off the bed

Finally, this sex position isn't a specific position at all. It's all about how a man has sex in general.

If you want to explore any nonconventional or interesting sex moves, your man has to be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

What manuals like the karma sutra are often known for is their incredible use of space other than a comfortable, plush bed.

It's about using the body in both horizontal and vertical positioning.

If your man can't have sex unless he's on a bed, you can guarantee explorative sex if off the table. I mean literally, no tables involved.

We all get it though; sex on a bed is the most comfortable option. But what we need to remember here is that it isn't always the most interesting option, if you're trying to spice up your sex life. 

Nor is it always the most pleasurable position for everyone, too.

Whilst we're talking about sex positions…

Ladies, it's not just men who should get these positions right. 

You need to do these well too. Now I know it's hard to self-evaluate your performance. You can't have sex with yourself in the same way someone else does.

The way they view your performance in the bedroom greatly differs from self-evaluation. You may need some help in this department.

I wouldn't fear asking your partner what they think you need improving, in the nicest possible way. Let's not encourage complete sledging and abusive, way-too-honest evaluation of how you have sex. No one needs to hear that, or feel that bad about how they are.

But you need to know if you aren't getting the basics right. It might be what's stopping them from going further with you, too.

Yet, don't forget the proverbial grain of salt for every part of this issue; your performance and theirs. It's all a matter of opinion.

What you think is bad might seem good to someone else. And vice versa.

Keep it about you and your sexual relationship with the person on your bed, and you can't go wrong.


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Happy…well, you know.

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