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Dinner, Chapter 12

The Past

By Mercedes ChanttooPublished about a month ago 10 min read

Emma's eyes sparkled with mischief. "So, I was thinking we could try the treacle," she suggested, her voice tinged with excitement.

Lyra shifted uncomfortably, her brow furrowing slightly. "I don't know, Em. Last time it was a bit too... icky." Remembering their earlier encounter with the treacle, Lyra added in an overtly loud voice, “and I think it almost made Jenna wet herself! She had to get out and run to the bathroom.”

Emma laughed softly, squeezing Lyra’s hand. "Babe, you’re so sweet. Not everyone's made like Jenna. They've made some amazing improvements lately! They've totally revamped the formula. No more residual stickiness, just that luxurious, intensely warm sensation that grips your whole body. It's incredible."

Lyra giggled at the thought, her cheeks flushed from the cocktails and the steamy water. "But wait," she said, leaning in and continuing to whisper loudly, "You're not wearing underwear! Won't it get all up in your... you know, lady bits?"

Emma's laughter rang out again, clear and unbothered. She snorted, shaking her head. "It's totally safe now. No irritation, no weird side effects. Just pure muscle-relaxing heat."

Lyra still looked sceptical. "And you’re sure it won’t feel weird?"

"Absolutely not," Emma reassured, finding her hand again under the water. "Now, when it’s done, it’s more like having been massaged in a super luxurious body cream. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.”

Lyra pondered, a tentative smile forming. "Alright, I’ll trust you on this one, Em. But if I end up a treacle monster, you’re on cleanup duty."

Emma's response was quick and flirtatiously bold. "Oh, you dirty girl. You know I’d enjoy every moment of cleaning you up."

Just then, the sound of a door closing echoed faintly from inside. "That should be Vix," Lyra noted, a hint of anticipation in her voice.

"That’s perfect timing," Emma responded with a grin. "We can all give the new treacle mode a test drive together. I know Vix loves it."

Lyra smiled, finally convinced. "Alright, let’s try it. But you’re definitely on cleanup duty if it gets messy? No, see ya later alligator, I gotta go punish Tom."

Emma's laughter echoed warmly. "I’ll make sure you're well taken care of, babe!"

She leaned in and kissed Lyra gently on the cheek, her voice softening. "We've had a really productive afternoon session, but now it’s time to kick back and relax. Let’s let all the worries of the last few weeks drop away." Emma's gaze shifted to the deck doors just as they swung open.

As Vix appeared at the door, she was a vision of sensuality and confidence, striding onto the deck completely naked with a pile of robes under her arm and four cocktails expertly balanced between her hands. She gracefully dropped the fluffy gowns onto the sofa, adding to the growing pile of assorted clothes and towels.

"Don't let her get a rise out of you," Emma whispered to Lyra with a mischievous wink. "Just enjoy."

With a graceful movement, Vix navigated herself into the hot tub, the water rippling around her. As she did, a small amount of one of the cocktails spilled onto her chest. Lyra couldn't help but notice the way the fluid glistened on Vix's skin, and the way her pussy lips seemed slightly fuller than they were before.

"I can't believe you two would hit the tub without me!" Vix exclaimed, her voice tinged with mock outrage. "You're absolute cows!"

Emma, who had been lounging back with her eyes closed, opened them and laughed, the sound rich and genuine. "Hey, sticky tits, the reason for having a shower is to keep the tub clean!”

Vix laughed, “Well if you want to lick them clean, you’re welcome.”

Emma said wryly, “I’ll leave that to your tentacle wielding boyfriend. But are you expecting someone else? You've brought enough cocktails for a small party!"

Vix handed a cocktail to both Emma and Lyra, her eyes sparkling with mischief. She quickly downed one of the remaining ones in her hands and raised the last one in a toast. "You girls are absolutely steaming, and I need to catch up!"

Lyra, who had been sipping her cocktail with a bemused smile, protested weakly, "I'm not thunk..." She dissolved into a fit of giggles, her shoulders shaking with the force of her laughter. "Maybe a little..."

The three women laughed together, the sound echoing off the surface of the water and into the night air, as they settled back into the warmth of the hot tub, their cocktails in hand.

As Emma checked the settings of the hot tub, she glanced over at Lyra and asked, "Ready to get sticky?"

Lyra, still a bit flushed from their earlier conversation and the heat of the tub, hesitated. "Actually, I need a wee," she confessed, but made no move to get up.

Emma smiled understandingly and gave her a gentle nudge. "Go on then, we'll wait. Don’t worry, we’re not starting without you."

Vix, ever the tease, couldn't resist a comment as Lyra prepared to stand. "I do love your homage to 19th-century lingerie, VaniLyLy," she laughed, eyeing Lyra's plain bra and panties.

Lyra rolled her eyes, but before she could retort, Emma playfully pinched Vix under the water.

"Ouch!" Vix screeched, more from surprise than pain, splashing water towards Emma.

Emma chuckled and waved Lyra off. "Ignore her, just hurry back," she called after Lyra, who was now carefully making her way across the deck with a slight wobble in her step, the cocktails increasingly having taken their toll.

As Lyra disappeared inside, steam from the hot tub mingled with the scent of a floral perfume. Vix turned to Emma, a curious glint in her eye. "So, tell me more about the upgraded Ace. You and Tom have been giving her more than a test run, by the sounds of it?"

Emma nodded, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "Oh, she was already great before, but this upgrade is on another level. Tom and I have been giving her a thorough test all week. And that mouth on her—filthy in the best way, just like you… it really enhances the experience."

"You wouldn't believe it," Emma leaned in closer, her expression conspiratorial, "but on poker night, after you all left, Ace had me and Tom just soloing ourselves, next to each other, no other touching allowed. It was incredible—the tension, the sounds of our own pleasure mingling. We hadn’t done that in ages."

Vix raised an eyebrow, a playful tone in her voice. "I thought you guys had your 'little Tom' routine, at least you used to?"

Emma sighed, a hint of nostalgia in her voice. "I managed to change things up, that I mainly stay local these days, so I’m hardly away much, and the same goes for Tom. It’s just not something we do that often anymore. Anyway, playing together with Ace and Tom has been super exciting."

Emma's grin widened. "I had an amazing orgasm this afternoon, after winning the order from Ace to sit on his face. After that, when we were fucking, he couldn’t hold back very long, not least as a result of Ace's almost too expert talk." Emma glanced around, ensuring Lyra was still out of earshot. She knew deep down that letting Vix know that Lyra had been watching, adding to the excitement, should best be left unsaid.

The water rippled as Vix moved closer, Vix's hand idly drew circles on Emma's leg, her voice soft. "I miss playing with you and Tom, and controlling his pace was always part of the fun. I wouldn’t mind helping you punish him."

Emma’s tone turned serious. "You know very well that Tom has difficulty separating fun from love. Besides, what we had with Tom and us, it was a long time ago. We shouldn’t be so obvious in front of Lyra; she needs some space to sort out her life with Mike and doesn't need our past muddying the waters. She's already fixated on finding out what happened with Jenna."

Vix’s voice grew more sultry as she started to reminisce, her fingers tracing a slow, teasing path along Emma's leg. "Do you remember, Em," she whispered, her breath warm against Emma’s ear, "how it felt when Tom would take you, his body moving in perfect rhythm with yours, his touch igniting a fire within you?"

Emma's eyes fluttered shut as she nodded, her body tensing at the memory. Vix's hand continued to move, her touch growing more insistent as she painted a vivid picture in Emma's mind. "And I would be there, beside you, my hands exploring your body, my lips brushing against your skin, my touch adding to the pleasure that Tom was giving you."

Emma held her breath as Vix's hand moved to the edge of her skirt, her fingers toying with the fabric. "And then, when Tom had reached his climax, when his body was spent and his touch had grown gentle, I would take over," Vix murmured, her voice growing more urgent. "I would taste you, Em. I would taste the mix of you and him, the tang of your desire and the bitterness of his release, my lips and tongue exploring your most intimate places, my touch bringing you to the brink of ecstasy and then pushing you over the edge."

Emma's body shuddered at the memory, her skin growing hot and flushed. Vix's hand moved to her breast, her fingers brushing against the stiff peak of her nipple under the water. "And then, when you had cum, when your body was trembling and your breath was ragged, I would kiss you, Em," she whispered, her voice soft and tender. "We would share the taste, our lips and tongues moving together in a slow, sensual dance."

Emma's eyes opened, her gaze meeting Vix's as she removed her friend's hand from her breast. "I could never forget those moments, Vix," she murmured, her voice filled with emotion. "But they are in the past, and we have promised to leave them there."

Vix nodded, her hand moving away from Emma's body as she leaned back against the edge of the hot tub. "I know," she whispered, her voice filled with regret. "I was only saying that I missed it."

Emma took Vix’s hand, kissing it, her voice firm yet gentle. "I've always enjoyed it, you know that babe?” Emma released Vix’s hand hoping she’d got the message, and seeking a deeper meaning asked “But why have you been so frisky lately?"

Vix moved in again, her hand reaching across Emma’s stomach under the water. "I really like when you’re Barbarella, and I know Barbarella always likes to cum twice. I was just being selfless, offering my services."

Emma removed her hand again. "Babe, you need to stop."

Vix, finally getting the message, sighed. "I'm still allowed to ask, right?”

“Of course you are, babe.” Emma smiled, “Let’s be honest, if you didn’t, we’d have to get you checked out… but come on, what’s up with you, the last few weeks? Is it Martin?”

“I don’t know,” Vix said, a little resigned. “The Martian is great, he’s actually really growing on me, and that’s all your fault!”

“What did I have to do with it?”

“Well, darling, you just had to tell LyLy about ‘no holds barred’, he overheard parts of it, and now he’s practically addicted.. And he’s also rather good at it.”

“And that’s a problem,” Emma asked with incredulity.

“No, of course not. But, you know, he’s on 8 hours a week, which should be perfect, but it’s mainly remote. He’s always taking a tubular or a skimmer, and then he tends to stay over, wherever he is.” Starting to smirk, Vix added “so we only really get three days a week for 'tentacle' play."

Emma nodded, understanding. "It used to be a bit like that with Tom, which is why 'little Tom' came into being. Maybe something you and the Martian could consider?"

Vix laughed, admitting, "Earlier in the shower, I needed to 'bust a nut' and found 'little Tom' in his usual place. Now I understand why he wasn't as shiny as usual."

Emma chuckled. "You little vixen. I noticed your lips were a little swollen when you came back, and your boobs fuller than normal. Maybe you should get your own? You know, something with more 'tentacle'-like abilities."

Vix replied thoughtfully, "I'm toying with a new solution—a combination of a Mandroid during the week, and The Martian, sometimes enhanced with Ace, the rest of the time. But splashing out on either isn't appealing."

"Didn't think the upgraded Ace was that much," Emma commented, "I thought Lyra said 1500?"

"No, I looked it up, that was just for the NoSpy upgrade, you know, that Ace is better at remembering details between sessions? Although by the sounds of it, there’ve been other enhancements too." Vix sighed, "the base model is more than 300k, and a Mandroid is even more expensive."

Emma raised an eyebrow. "Oh, that’s much steeper than I thought. But, is a Mandroid really the way to go? Could be very uninspiring, off-putting for a partner."

Vix smiled mischievously. "Well, he doesn’t have to know about it, although maybe I’ll get me a Fembot with all the right attachments. And besides, I suspect that the Martian isn't idle when he's out of town. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s racking up credits in 3DE booths, you know?"

Taking a second to consider her options, Vix continued, "do you think Lyra and Mike would lend Ace to me for a weekend? You know, test her out?”

Emma laughed softly, swirling her drink in her hand. "I don’t see why not. Lyra’s pretty open about sharing. We can ask her later, but I doubt it’ll be a problem."


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