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Dinner, Chapter 11

The Disturbance

By Mercedes ChanttooPublished 9 days ago 12 min read

Emma noted the tension easing from Lyra’s shoulders but sensed the lingering weight of unresolved thoughts. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she leaned towards the hot tub controls. "I think it's time to really amp up our relaxation therapy," she declared with a flourish.

Lyra’s eyes widened in alarm, her mind racing to the little gadget she had seen Emma tuck discreetly away in her room. "Em, I don’t think I’m quite ready for—"

Emma burst into laughter, cutting her off. "Not Ms. Strapless, Lyra! I meant the hot tub jets." She moved her hand over the panel, and immediately, streams of bubbles surged around them, tickling and lightening the mood. “Though that’s an idea for another day,” she added with a wink.

Relief washed over Lyra like a warm, sensual wave, her body melting into the water as the jets worked their magic. The memory of her dream from the previous night suddenly resurfaced, and she couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt as she recalled Emma's expert touch guiding her through the use of Ms. Strapless. She wondered if Emma suspected anything, and her cheeks flushed at the thought. Lyra laughed nervously, “you had me going there.”

Emma smiled, her eyes playful. "Speaking of going, this girl needs a pee. And, I think we're due for a top-up on our drinks anyway. Any requests?"

Lyra hesitated for a moment, shrugged and half-heartedly said, "I don’t know, something strong."

Emma's expression softened as she noticed the remaining traces of tears on Lyra's face. She reached out, using her wet hands to gently wipe them away. "Of course, LyLy. You're so strong, and we'll get through this together."

Leaning in, Emma gave Lyra a reassuring hug before climbing out of the hot tub with effortless grace. The water streamed down her legs, accentuating the daring cut of her Barbarella skirt. As she stood up, Lyra couldn't help but notice the smooth, nicely shaven skin beneath Emma's skirt, the sight sending a shiver of nervousness through her.

As Emma's figure vanished into the soft glow of the house, Lyra was left cradled by the warm embrace of the bubbling water, her thoughts meandering between concern and curiosity, each bubble seemingly lifting a fraction of her worries away.

When she returned, she was carrying two amber-coloured cocktails, the ice clinking cheerfully against the glass. She also had a bunch of towels which she deftly dropped on the sofa, and a swipe between her shoulder and face, happily talking to someone.

After handing Lyra the cocktails and still at the edge of the hot tub, she said, "Yes, well I’ll punish him later for that. Wait, I’m at the tub now, I'll put it on scope."

Lyra instantly reacted, hastily reminding Emma she was topless, putting an arm across her own chest even though she was in her bra. Emma laughed it away, saying, "Vix isn't shy."

With a tap of her swipe on the side of the tub, she tossed it to the sofa, and an image appeared in a larger projection at the hot tub edge. It was clear that Vix was in her work gear, an augmented robotic miner-logistics suit.

"Holy cows, you can't get naked if I’m not there, I'm coming over," Vix declared.

Lyra blurted out, "I’m not, I’m not..”

Emma looked at her with a smile on her face, “Don’t rise to it, babe..”

Vix's image winked out as she hung up.

Lyra replied, “But, but, shouldn't she finish her work?"

Emma chuckled and replied, "Well, I think Vix has her priorities straight. Besides, she mentioned a stuck AI robot, and she'd be done in a jiffy."

Emma grabbed Lyra’s arm that was still protecting her chest, moving it away. "And you know, babe, scope mode isn't real—it's just a 3DE projection. It's not like the camera was underwater pointed at our boobs."

"I know it's a projection mode, but still..."

Sensing Lyra's unease, Emma leaned over and tapped the sleek controls embedded at the edge of the hot tub. With a flicker, the holographic display sprang to life, pulling up the image of Vix, her features rendered in startling clarity.

“Look, I have my display set on enhanced," she explained, readjusting the settings. The image of Vix, previously clear and almost too perfect, flickered and transformed under the 'best realistic representation' setting. Now, it showed Vix as she truly was: streaks of dirt smudged across her overalls and beads of sweat on her forehead, evidence of the strenuous work she had been engaged in.

Lyra bit her lip, then blurted out, "She probably has hers set on 'explicit' knowing her."

Emma burst into laughter, the sound bright against the soft bubbling of the hot tub. "I wouldn't be surprised," she admitted as she swiped away the now-dirty image of Vix, dismissing it from the projection. She turned to Lyra with a mischievous grin, her voice lowering to a playful, intimate tone. "But remember, I'm the only one who gets to enjoy the reality of things around here. Even if you insist on keeping them nicely packaged."

Lyra smiled, the first real time since she’d arrived, a combination of the relaxed atmosphere and alcohol beginning to take away her inhibitions. "I guess I have a few priorities of my own to define," she mused, more to herself than to Emma.

Emma leaned closer, her voice softening. "You know, LyLy, sometimes it's not just about redefining the rules, but also about exploring what truly makes us feel alive and connected." She traced a finger along the edge of the hot tub, her gaze locked onto Lyra's. "Have you ever thought about what truly makes you feel desired and fulfilled?"

Lyra felt a flush creep up her cheeks, her heart rate quickening at the intimate turn of their conversation. "I... I'm not sure. I've never really thought about it like that."

Emma's hand reached out, gently resting on Lyra's knee. "It's okay to explore those feelings, Lyra. It's how we grow and learn to embrace our own desires."

The warmth of Emma's touch, sent a shiver down Lyra's spine. She took a deep breath, her voice barely above a whisper. "I want to feel desired, to be seen and appreciated. But I don't know how to make that happen."

Emma's smile was gentle and encouraging. "It starts with realising that you deserve to feel that way, and then taking the steps to make it happen. Whether it's through self-exploration, communication with your partner, or even seeking out new experiences."

As they clinked their glasses together, Lyra became acutely aware of Emma's perfect boobs gently swaying against her side as they sat in the hot tub, enjoying the pulsing of the jets.

"You've been so good, babe, opening up like this," Emma said, moving closer to Lyra. "I'm so proud of you. You can ask me anything you want, what's on your mind?"

Lyra began cautiously, "So, about what I saw earlier, with you, Tom, and Ace... How does that work exactly?"

Emma settled back into the tub, her face alight with amusement. "Well, aren’t we the curious one? Ace is really quite the enabler. Think of her as a very proactive therapist—she adds a bit of spice and keeps things... interesting."

“But Emma,” Lyra exclaimed, frustrated, “that doesn’t tell me anything..”

“Calm down, babe. Ace says nice things, sexy things, empowering things.”

“Like what?” Lyra implored.

Emma's smile softened, and she reached out to gently tuck a wet strand of hair behind Lyra's ear. “If it were you, I think she’d say how beautiful you were. She’d say how wet you make her, how she’d like to be there enjoying it with you. How she’d like to hold you as you reached your climax. She’d remind you of your power, your control...”

Lyra opened and closed her mouth several times, not making a noise, before she gulped and asked, "Did she, you know, make you tingle?"

Emma laughed at Lyra's question, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "Well, ‘she’ didn't... make me tingle.. well, not while you were watching,” choosing to use Lyra’s turn of phrase. “But I did come earlier, when Ace had me sit on Tom's face."

Lyra gasped, her eyes widening in shock and fascination. "What's that like?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Emma's smile was knowing and sensual. "It's almost always good, babe. The feeling of his tongue, his breath... it's a whole different level of pleasure. You know, Ace is always ready to help out the girls," winking.

Lyra's mind was racing, and gasped asking, "but, but isn’t that cheating"

Emma nodded, her eyes gleaming with amusement. "Oh, absolutely. Ace is all about making sure we're satisfied and having a good time. She's a true team player, team girls just wanna have fun, that is."

Emma took Lyra’s hand and guided to her breast. “You’re making me quite excited, with your dirty girl talk.” Lyra felt Emma’s stiff nipple press into the palm of her hand.

Lyra, emboldened by the intimate atmosphere, inquired, "And what about Jenna and Astra?"

Emma removed Lyra’s hand, her eyes sparkled with mischief. "Lyra, you're really pushing your luck. That’s off topic, and I might have to punish you," she said, her tone playful yet firm.

Lyra's heart skipped a beat at the mention of punishment, and she quickly blurted out, "I think I heard you say something to Vix on your swipe about punishing Tom?"

Emma's lips curled into a knowing smile, her eyes never leaving Lyra's. "Ah, you heard that, did you? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. I wanted to come twice, but all the excitement took Tom over the edge too quickly. It was still a fantastic shag, but I felt I deserved a little more. So, I promised him another session later." Her voice was filled with sensuality, the anticipation of her later encounter with Tom palpable in her words.

Lyra's mind raced, her own experiences with Mike suddenly coming to the forefront of her thoughts. "I had sex twice and wasn't satisfied even once," she blurted out, the admission feeling both vulnerable and empowering.

Emma choked on her drink slightly, surprised. "Twice? Now, it’s twice?"

Lyra, seeking to maintain a factual tone, explained, "when Mike's alarm went off. He.. took me again."

"Just like that?" Emma asked, her eyebrows raised in astonishment.

Without fully grasping the implications of her disclosure, Lyra continued, "Yeah, he was actually quite mad when I told him I wanted to see him. But then... I pulled down my bottoms and panties, he pulled them right off, and he just shoved it in."

Emma laughed, her voice echoing with amusement. "Really? Did he have a bucket of lube this time?"

Caught off guard by Emma’s playful interrogation and her own openness, Lyra confessed something even more personal. "I... I had been dreaming about you showing me how to use Ms. Strapless."

Realising what she had just revealed, Lyra’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. Emma, noticing her discomfort, responded with a soothing and reassuring tone. "Hey, it's okay. It was just a dream—a hot dream, but still just a dream. If it helps you connect, then there’s no harm in it, right?"

Lyra sighed, her initial enthusiasm dampening as she recounted the rest of her experience. "It's no use, Em. Mike just pumped away, his head buried above my shoulder, finished quickly, and then headed straight for the shower."

Emma reached out, touching Lyra's hand gently. "You deserve better, LyLy. You deserve to be cherished, not just... dealt with. Let's focus on what truly makes you happy, okay?"

As Emma's words of encouragement lingered in the air, Lyra felt a stir of newfound resolve within her. "But how?" she pleaded, the vulnerability in her voice unmistakable.

"Well, we start with those lessons, we start with you feeling how you want to feel, and then we're gonna take control," Emma said, her tone imbued with determination and a reassuring warmth.

Before Lyra could respond, the tranquillity of the moment was broken by the distant murmur of voices approaching. Emma’s keen ears picked up the sound, her gaze shifting towards the garden path. She glanced at Lyra, noting the worry that flickered across her face.

"Show time, I suppose," Emma commented lightly, though her eyes remained observant. She reached out, adjusting a stray lock of Lyra’s hair, her touch gentle. "We were getting so far, but we’ll pick this up another time, okay?" Her voice was both a promise and a comfort.

"Look at you, though," Emma continued, her tone shifting to one of encouragement as she gave Lyra a quick once-over. "You’re looking fantastic. Just remember how strong you are, and whatever happens, you're not alone."

Lyra nodded, drawing a deep breath, bolstered by Emma’s words. They both turned their attention to the garden as the voices grew louder, heralding the arrival of their guests.

The sun had begun to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the garden, Vix and Tom emerged into view. The contrast between the two was striking. Vix, fresh from her work in the mines, was covered in dirt and grime, her overalls clinging to her full, rounded breasts.

Tom, in contrast, looked casual yet neat, still wearing the shorts Lyra had seen him in earlier, but now complemented with a tee-shirt that outlined his toned physique, revealing just a hint of belly.

Vix, with a seductive grin, quickly began to strip off her dirty work clothes. She nicked her head towards Tom, “I found this good-for-nothing bum loafing around near the driveway.” Tom simply beamed at his new monicker,

Emma, who had been watching from the hot tub, couldn't help but admire Vix's unabashed confidence. But as it became more apparent that the layers of dirt and grime were not only restricted to her outer garments, Emma quickly climbed out of the tub, her eyes wide with mock horror.

"Oh, no, you don't, Vix!" she exclaimed, her voice playful yet firm. She approached Vix and playfully smacked her on her bare bottom. "You're not getting in here with all that dirt. Go and get a shower, now!"

Tom, intrigued by the scene, started to take off his own shirt, revealing his muscular chest. Emma, however, was having none of it. "This is an impromptu ladies' night, Tom," she said, her voice low and firm, yet with a hint of desire.

Putting a hand to his chest, she added "You can't just join in whenever you feel like it." Tom, however, didn't seem too put out by this. He simply smiled, a broad, easy grin, and whispered something in Emma's ear. Lyra, who had been quietly observing the scene, couldn't quite make out what he said, but she heard Emma's reply, "You'll be punished for that later, Tom. LyLy practically insists that I take you to task for your performance."

Tom’s grin got even wider, and as he headed back towards the main house, he called out, "Still looking hot, Vix!"

Vix, now completely naked, was standing in the doorway, her breasts and pussy on full display.

Lyra shouted out “Vix,” as if reminding her that she’d forgotten that Tom was able to see her in her full glory.

Vix just laughed loudly. "Oh, Lyra," she called out, "Tom's seen it all before!" Tom had already retreated from view, and Vix ducked inside.

Lyra couldn't help but reflect on Vix's body compared to her own, and to Emma's. She found herself wondering, not for the first time, if she should shave herself? Completely, like Vix, or trim herself neatly, like Emma. Her own body seemed unruly and messy in comparison.

Vix's breasts were larger than Emma’s, and thus fuller than her own, and her pussy一completely shaved, had seemed to glisten in the fading sunlight. Emma's body, on the other hand, was toned and fit, her breasts perfectly proportioned, and the hair above her pussy, in a neatly trimmed triangle, seemed to point there, to invite exploration.

With Tom gone, Emma climbed back into the hot tub, straddling Lyra once again. The water bubbled around them, creating a sensual, intimate scene. Lyra could feel Emma's body against hers, the warmth of the water amplifying the sensation. The whisper of 'punishment' still lingered in her mind, adding an extra layer of eroticism to the scene.

"What did Vix mean, Emma?" Lyra asked, her voice hesitant, yet filled with desire.

Emma, however, simply dismissed the question with a seductive smile. "Oh, Lyra," she said, her voice gentle and soothing, yet with an undertone of eroticism. "That was a long time ago. We were just experimenting. We don't do that sort of thing anymore. And besides, I think you used up your dirty talk quota for today."

Emma leaned in placing a gentle kiss on Lyra’s lips. “I’m so proud of you babe.” She shifted, moving to sit next to Lyra, she grabbed her hand and said “Let’s turn up the power on this thing!”


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