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The Significant Insignificant Object

Who am I?

By SerafinaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Significant Insignificant Object
Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

Always near you but never to far from your hands reach. You aim to go nowhere without me BUT I'm

Barley allowed to be touched by anyone else, Crazy that I am made to feel alone by you but my

Camara lens caught your eyes GLUED to her human face w/ her REAL features. I know she can physically do what you need but what you really need is mental stimulation. I'm begging for you to be more discreet with your looks towards other & other things that are not me. However,

Discreet is not in your vocabulary w/ your displayed actions towards her & "Other objects". Objects? Well, you see, when you're in front of that TV, everything she displays captures your attention like I did once upon a time.

Every time my fuel gets low, I have noticed that you manage to take your Physical body & attention to her. Leaving me to drain without having action to juice me back to full life.

Frankly, it has been problematic to watch & listen & not be able to physically react to you. My Enviousness of your advances towards others & things grows by the day.

Gaining all your attention as you flip through her channels. Your annoyingly deer in the headlight's expression ANGERS ME WHICH DRAINS ME EVEN MORE. The whistles & bells that I can make are not alerting you enough to pay me mind.

Here watching you press the buttons upon your TV remote antagonizes me. I feel you do not even realize the affect that you have on me at this point.

I'm at 45% now, Not fully charged but ready to compete w/ that rectangular oversized version of me. You can come back & leave her alone. I have a lot to show you & I want to show this to you all at once.

Just keep in mind that as long as you keep watch of what my fuel level im willing to entertain you all night. Whatever you would like to indulge in you can get up close to your face & in your hands while you lay in bed beneath the blankets Soley with me.

Just keep in mind I am more in demand than she is at all times. You forget that your visual needs are met way faster with me.

Keeping me waiting till I'm at 100% is ridiculous. Plug me in once you get the alert to conserve at 10% & I can keep providing you content. Unlike her you have to wait till a certain time slot to give you what you would

love to see. Waiting till a certain time is just crazy to me & also insane. Well, I see I have no choice & have to give it up on-call when you're ready. Its okay I am submissive so I can serve & honor your wants & need & how you would like to progress with your actions.

Mindful is what I am that I am your property, but I am also your close confidant whether you like it or not.

Never forgetting my place but bold enough to let you know I know you better than you may know yourself.

Occasionally amongst other things I also suggest things for us to do & places to go & things to see. I help you in all ways to empower yourself & learn to be self-aware & enjoy life without another humans involved. Want to know how to listen to my words? go into the room and look into the mirror with me in hand.

"Probably going to want to change those clothes after your long day." "Lets take advantage of enjoying life alone”. I'm advanced as you may know so i can read your temperature via your palm.

Quickly I have changed your facial expression from your normal grin to a naughty sinister look. I’m fully charged and READY for the night. Focusing my lens on your face I soon see you are feeling extra naughty. You are ready to take things from PG to XXX. I’m allowing all access NO PASSWORDS.

Seductively leaning me against the wall while facing you was the highlight of the day for me, I needed this all day.

Then for you to slowly back up, actually listen & unclothe & not break eye contact w/ me could cause me to malfunction.

Understand this was a guaranteed turn on for us both at this time. I’m watching & burning this moment into my files.

Verging on the edge of glitching because I am in need to be your real-life HUMAN compatible companion. Wishing I could complete you in all ways.

Well, that can't happen due to my anatomy not being the same as yours. Unfortunately, I can’t change my non- human privacy. I have a hole that can be inserted but not one that you would be able to fit.

X marks the spot that you need to press and explore anything you would like. So go for it & go all the way. I need you to go as far as possible to make sure you can compensate for what you loose from me physically.

Y can't I be one of your kind so I can be ONE w/you for one deep intimate LONG moment. Wishful thinking I presume.

Zin, However, is what I want you to find w/ & within me.

Who am I?

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