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The Blind Date Gone Wrong

A raunchy story based on true events

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 26 days ago 10 min read
The Blind Date Gone Wrong
Photo by Zane Persaud on Unsplash

This is different than most of my writing but I thought this would be a fun piece to do and I WAS RIGHT. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Okay. Here I was, getting ready for my first blind date ever. I sighed as I checked myself out in the mirror for the millionth time. Why was I doing this again? Oh yeah, because my ex-sister in law set me up with him. Harold. I had never met the guy before, glanced briefly at one picture of him that she had stolen from his Facebook account. Apparently they worked together and she had ranted and raved about how "amazing" he was. Apparently he was a software designer at the tech firm she worked at. I hastily agreed to it because we had both agreed it was time for me to get back out there after my ex-husband had cheated on me. I thickly applied some more lip gloss before checking the time on my phone.

6:32 p.m.

We were supposed to meet at the bar by my house at 7 o'clock pm for wings and beer. I didn't want to be too early but I wanted to be there on time. I stared at myself some more in the mirror, why was I even trying to go out on this date again? Oh yeah, because Amber thought it was a good idea. My brain was just racing a million miles a minute. What if I embarrass myself? What if he snorts when he laughs? Do I bring protection? What if it leads to more and I'm not ready for more? I wish I could turn my anxiety thoughts off sometimes.

An idea sparked into my brain. I knew what to do to loosen myself up. I ran to the kitchen where I stored my liquor. I know I shouldn't be drinking before heading to the bar but I figured one shot of tequila wouldn't hurt. Taking one quick shot of straight tequila that burned my freshly glossed lips and throat. I shook my head. Whoops. That might have been the worst choice ever. I checked the time again, now it was closer to when I should start walking to the bar. I sighed and tossed my long blonde hair over my shoulder as I swiftly walked out the front door with more confidence than I had in years. Maybe this was a good thing. Dating again.

I arrived at the bar perhaps a little too early. I grabbed a table and ordered a draft beer, one of my favourites. Sipping on it slowly, I studied the menu carefully as if I hadn't read it a thousand times before. This bar had so many different flavour options to choose from when it came to their wings. I debated trying something new or sticking to my regular buffalo wings. I wanted to impress this Harold guy. I was beginning to regret that tequila shot when a tall, handsome curly haired man showed up at the bar. Was it him? No it couldn't be. I didn't look at the picture that closely when Amber had showed me his Facebook but I did have his phone number. I sent him a quick text letting him know I was seated at a table close to the bar, hoping that the guy that had just walked in was him. It wasn't. The curly haired man hopped up on a barstool and began chatting with the bartender. I felt jealousy for some reason. Maybe I needed a career change. I could be a bartender. If I wasn't so insecure or maybe had some sort of formal training, I could be.

Soon, I ordered my second beer. The waitress reminded me that the kitchen closes at 8 p.m. I was quite familiar with this bar as I come in for a drink quite often. Sighing, I glanced at my phone. It was 7:50 p.m. and he was nowhere to be found. No text or anything. So I tried calling him. No answer. Well fuck, this must have been a prank or something. I should have known than to trust my stupid ex-husband's sister of all people. I waved the waitress over to the table. "Can I just order my wings to-go?" She gave me a look of sympathy.

"Is he not coming?" The waitress asked as she whipped out her notepad. I sighed. "I don't know maybe something happened to stall him. I just hope he's okay."

Very politely, she asked me what I'd like to order. "Just a dozen buffalo wings, a side of ranch, and an order of mozza sticks. Oh and, a tequila shot please."

She smiled and said that she would be right back. I downed that second beer. Fuck Harold. Fuck Amber. Fuck Ryan. Who's Ryan you ask? Well he's my bitch of an ex that left me for a younger woman. So especially fuck that guy. The waitress arrived with my shot of tequila and another beer that I didn't even have to order. I slammed the shot back and took a long sip of that beer. I knew I needed to slow down but I was just disappointed. In myself more than Harold. I decided to bring my beer up to the bar instead of sitting alone at that table, just a few seats away from the handsome man that had walked in earlier. I told the bartender I had decided to sit here instead. She was petite, probably too short to be working behind a bar but she was an incredible person. Her name was Tracy, we had got talking a few other times that I had come in and she was always super easy to talk to.

"How's it going tonight?" Tracy asked politely as I waited for the waitress to bring me my to-go order.

I gave her a thumbs down. "Not one of my finest days but I'm alright."

"Were you meeting someone?" She asked, a little too curious for my liking.

I sighed and looked at my phone. "I was supposed to meet someone here on a blind date tonight, but he hasn't shown up. I didn't feel like waiting any longer for the guy so I just ordered my meal to go. I should walk around with a score board, my luck with men is just perfect."

The handsome guy laughed. "Same with me, only when it comes to women."

I turned my head. "Isn't it a little rude to eavesdrop on other people's conversations, don't you think?"

He shrugged and moved his plate of food, which was mostly eaten closer to me. "Free country. You can tell me to fuck off if you want but I have nothing better to do tonight and I'd rather chat up a fine lady like you than sit by myself." He hopped off his barstool and plopped next to me. "I'm Gaston by the way."

I laughed. "Gaston? Like from Beauty and the Beast."

He furrowed his brow. His eyes were gorgeously brown. "Oh yeah what kind of name do you have?"

"Hedi." I swiftly replied as the waitress brought me my take out order.

"Well Hedi, I think I owe you a drink." He took one of his fries and waved it at me before putting it in his mouth.

I scoffed and gestured at my nearly full glass of beer. "How about a shot?"

He waggled his eyebrows. "Nice choice. What kind of shot did you have in mind?"

I shrugged. "Your choice."

He turned towards the bartender and asked for two shots of Grey Goose vodka.

Tracy looked at me and winked as she poured two shots of straight vodka into shot glasses.

With a clink, we cheers. I slammed my shot-glass down on the bar counter and smirked at him. Maybe I could turn this night around after all. "Thank you for the shot by the way."

He smiled at me, which stole my heart. I knew I liked him, so I opened my take-out order and grabbed a mozza stick and took a bite. Then, I showed him the container and offered him one which he happily accepted.

We continued to drink and talk to each other for a while. Turns out, he was staying at the hotel across the street on business. He worked in sales parts and he just got into town a few days ago. Still no answer from Harold though which was in the back of my mind bugging me. I decided to take a leap, I put my hand on his thigh and asked him if he wanted to go back to his hotel room with me.

His response was nothing more than a powerful, sloppy kiss on the lips. Tracy ushered us out of the bar quickly as it was closing time. I had a great time with this man. I guess this wasn't such a bad night after all.

We walked back to his hotel room, with a 6-pack of beer in hand. I giggled the entire time. I had never had this much fun flirting with someone. I knew there was a good chance I'll never see him again which broke my heart but excited me at the same time.

We got to the hotel room, and I knew I had too much to drink but at that point we were already here. "Milady," He said as he gestured around the room. I giggled again. Why was I so annoying?

We sat together on his bed and he cracked open two beer, one for himself and one for me. Setting them to the side, I decided to make a move. After all, I did have protection in my purse.

I got undressed in front of him and he grinned from ear to ear. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his pants. I began slowly giving him a blowjob. His moans were loud. I took the encouragement and he put his hand on my head, pushing my head farther down. I guess I was a little drunker than I thought, but the next part was a haze. I started gagging, and I ended up throwing up all over his lap because of how drunk I was. I was mortified. Beyond humiliated. I immediately stopped and he just laughed it off but I could tell I had just ruined his entire night. See this is why I was single.

Note to self, never even try and put out on the first date. Except this wasn't even a date, it was just supposed to be a one night stand but I couldn't even see from the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I ran to grab him a towel from the hotel bathroom, about to full on cry my eyes out. He laughed again when he was handed one of the fluffy white bathroom towels. I tried to help clean the mess up but I think I just made things worse.

He hopped into the shower and I gathered my courage to get dressed and leave without even giving him my number. I was too humiliated to even say goodbye.

Worse. Day. Ever.

I got home and I just sobbed. I sobbed because of how alone I felt. I didn't have many friends. I had just had my heart smashed into pieces by my ex-husband, stood up on a blind date, and then puked on my one night stand from the bar. My luck with men was just terrible.

Maybe I was just destined to be alone.


I hope you guys liked this fiction piece I wrote.

Chloe Rose Violet🌹


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  • Muhammad Azeem21 days ago

    Wow really great story!

  • Shirley Belk25 days ago

    I've only had one blind date, but it wasn't this bad. Sorry :(

  • Dana Crandell26 days ago

    Yeah, bit of a mood killer, that. Lol

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