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The American Sex Education System. How it Failed us All.

The classes are known to be terrible. Let's get into the nitty gritty of how it has failed us all.

In 2020 it is typically known that the American education system is an absolute mess. From not paying hardworking teachers, to teens graduating high school not remembering anything but that sick party junior year.

School systems around the world have out shined the dying mainstream of the American education system. Japan successfully teaches young children in elementary school the basics of cooking. New Zealand provides out door education classes teaching children about health, wellness, and outdoor safety. While also proving that children perform better on assessments when they are given breaks with fresh air and exercise.

These examples are just a few compared to the many countries there are with a one up on the United States not only in K-12 education. Higher education is included in many of these examples as well.

We aren't here to fully distinguish the faults of an already broken system though. We are here to put a light on one of the most broken, almost not even existent part of the system. Sexual education.

It has been proven time and time again that sex ed. classes in schools are misinformed, shaming, and down right useless. Sure, it's a good thing to know the inner working parts of a man or woman. Yes, it can be great thing to teach a young woman about her menstrual cycle. These things are great, but this is not sex ed., these things are basic human anatomy.

Again, it's 2020, people. Sex. Is. Normal.

Was I ever taught that though, no. Were any of my friends taught that though, no. Most of us learned about these things the way any kid now does, from the internet. Or maybe, you had good parents who were open about these things. Luckily, I did. At 20 years old, my dad still gives me 'the talk' almost every time he's had a few too many.

Pretty much everyone knows that the internet is a great learning tool for plenty of things. Math, science, and now in the 21st century, sex education. This can be dangerous though.

Most likely if a young teenager feels failed by their school they check the internet. So, say a young impressionable person is feeling failed by his or her sex ed teacher, they want to know more? They are going to go crawling into an internet pit they might find to be scary, off putting, and plain out disgusting. I'm sure you catch my drift here.

This may be quite the unpopular opinion, but porn can be a good learning tool for someone who feels failed by the system. This being said though porn is not good for someone who is impressionable. The standards are different, it is a whole separate world from reality. It is a movie after all.

Letting people fall into this pretense of how sex should look is partly due to the American sex ed. system not teaching them anything in the first place.

If kids are taught something more than 'Get pregnant and you die', maybe the stigma around sex wouldn't be as bad as it is today.

America's sexual education system has failed pretty much all of us in more ways than one. Teaching nothing but abstinence makes people feel bad about themselves. Sexuality is not a thing to a afraid of.

The sex ed. system in America hasn't progressed forward in decades. The curriculum now is tragically the same one that was most likely used when your parents, or even grandparents were in school.

With the very little progression. The only teaching of how to avoid anything sexual of the sort. As well as just the little that is actually taught. The American sex education system is truly a never ending joke.

Leading most of us down a path of private browsers and pure curiosity. Plenty of us though getting lost in unrealistic standards, mixed with unfathomable amounts of questions unanswered.

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Sierra Lynn
Sierra Lynn
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