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Stop Selling the Public Lies

Sex Workers are not victims. It’s time the public understands that.

By Taryn ThomasPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
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Something about sex work has a tendency to bring out a bunch of fake advocates who want to save people who absolutely do not need to be saved. I am not a victim because I worked or work in the porn industry. I am an adult woman now and was one when I made the decision to enter the porn industry. I have always been proud of my work in the porn industry. Despite the fact that people continuously criticize me, try to shame me, and try to categorize me as someone of a lessor class for it.

The real woman who should be shamed and ashamed of themselves are all of these false helpers, fake advocates, and advocacy agencies, that run themselves as a charity, non profit something that claims to help sex worker victims with the money given to them. They also put on these big ridiculous productions, go to all these events against the sex industry, and flat out aren’t looking to save anyone. If they were they would be doing what real sex work advocates do. So let’s be real here for a moment. How are women that have never worked a day in the sex industry going to sit there and comfortably speak to a room full of people and tell them about it honestly? It’s almost as bad as sending a sex worker to a prostitution diversion program taught by the cop who arrested you for prostitution, when he never made it through your front door. Fact is they cannot, but they do, all the time, and they do not do it honestly. They feed lies, fear monger, and push an agenda that is outdated and tired. After all, everything they are about is based on feeding lies. Simple.

Photo and graphics curtesy of @wordswaggapp

If maybe for a second they would listen to members of the adult community, or actually hired retired sex workers who have experienced working in the sex industry whether their experience was good or bad, though they had a strong desire to help other sex workers when in need, or spoke to sex workers about things that could use some changing within the sex industry and actually tried to be a positive force within the industry and let us live our lives, things might actually get accomplished. Though it seems like everywhere you go there is someone waiting to tell sex workers that they are victims of a corrupt industry, need saving, porn is a addiction, sex work is bad, so on and so forth. But in this moment in time I don’t know anyone in the sex industry who feels that way. It is only these fakes, continuing to push their negatives views on people.

For me, working in the porn industry has done wonders for my life, and my self esteem. This type of work alone has helped my co workers and I to stay in the best shape of our lives, make amazingly strong friendships and bonds with one another, and make more than sizable incomes which in turn helped us to not only take care of ourselves, but also our friends and family which needed. Most sex workers I have ever met have enjoyed their work more than most of the people I know who are working other kinds of jobs and drowning in their own misery doing them. People always want to say that sex workers are being exploited. Truth be told the people that I know in the sex industry love what they are doing, and are happy to be doing it. For legit sex workers, we made the choice as adults to enter an industry that we felt comfortable working in. We don’t need to be saved or told that we are being exploited in some elicit legal sex trade. The only thing that we are victims of is the horrible judgment that society places upon us and our industry, deeming us corrupt and worthy of criticism. No one in the sex industry needs to be told that we should save ourselves and escape. We just want to be able to tell people what we do for a living without watching them make some horrible face in response to the news.

Everyday, advocacy agencies are making false claims that the people who work in the sex industry, work as strippers, escorts, etc. are victims in an industry that we all love in reality. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and these so-called advocacy groups are doing nothing more than putting our lives and our futures at risk. Despite the fact that these groups claim that they are advocating for us, they are working directly against our favor. If you want to help out people in the sex industry, take the time to treat us with dignity and respect. Don’t buy into these groups who will tell you that we are victims while they fundamentally strip away our rights. We are doing the work that we chose to do as adults, and that is our legal right.

We don’t need to be saved.

We need to be heard.


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From the bedroom to the art room I create :) 1st Ever Dirtiest Girl in Porn Retired Adult Film Star on her journey through life.

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