Social Etiquette: When Is It Polite To Ask?

(When we notice a gaping wide anus.)

Social Etiquette: When Is It Polite  To Ask?

Of course, it is rude to ask strangers personal questions. Though our innocent curiosity might be aroused by some physical change, or change in behavior, sometimes we even hesitate with co-workers.

A delightful young woman passed through my photography studio three years ago, then she moved to San Francisco. The last time she came to visit, when her ass was high in the air, and brightly lit, it was obvious: Something new had occurred. Her anus used to be a cute, tight, little, cheery pucker. And, now it a gaping, deep, dark hole. My imagination filled with happy fantasies! Entire galaxies might disappear into this Black Hole. What has this girl been up to?!!

Our common English language, and the normal sexual stories of stand-up comics, would not have been possible in most places fifty years ago. Now, our social etiquette regards stand-up comics and dirty talk in general, as silly and normal. But, we still do not talk about butt-plugs in the Synagogue, Mosque or Christian Church. And when grandma comes to visit, we rarely mention shooting splooge, or glow-in-the-dark dildos. Butt-plugs are very personal, like inserting tampons, or favorite flavors of lube. Being pumped in the ass is also very personal. So I was truly afraid to ask Kelsey if she had been pounded deep and hard for the last three years. Was it self-manipulation? One partner? Several partners? Boys? Boys and girls? Girls only? Or the effects of some new hi-tech anal-fuck machine?

The truth is: It probably never polite to ask a young woman if she likes taking it in the ass. Common sense and common courtesy tell us to let the girl bring up the subject on her own, without any intrusive questions. If she wants to. If she wants to share that part of her life. Innocent curiosity is not a good reason to ask intrusive questions. What is polite, and what is not polite, is often determined by the personalities of the specific people. Kelsey does not do porn, and has no ambitions in that direction. Talking about her sexual behavior or sexual preferences is not as spontaneous as it is for me. Well, quite simply, my artistic standards and personal sexual behavior are less refined than hers. I will talk about most anything if given the opportunity. Whatever pervy little thing that pops into my head.

AND STILL – We all really want to know: Is cute, sweet Kelsey taking cocks, dildos or butt plugs hard up into her sweet little ass?!! It becomes a burning philosophical need. A soul-defining, metaphysical and religious question: Who is enjoying her warm, friendly anus!! Has she found the deep sexual satisfaction humans ache for, that partner or situation which is perfect and mind-blowing, a reliable and repeatable way to deliver BAM-BAM orgasms whenever she wants them? Our human spirit cries out for salvation!! We want to be delivered from lame-ass, boring sex! We want a cosmic revelation, a commandment of God, any good suggestion from any Higher Power. Her anus might Deliver Us From Evil, and Lead Us Not Into the Temptation of lesser joys. We must know if Kelsey's anus has reached Nirvana. We must know if her delicious ass is the key to Spiritual Bliss!

So, at last I ask the question. We are looking at her anus on my high-resolution big-screen laptop monitor. I say casually,

“Kelsey. Your anus looks different from the last time you were here. What's the story?”

Kelsey looks at the floor for a moment, then her eyes meet mine with a shy smile. And she says, “Roscoe, I really enjoy being fucked in the ass. I had never done that before I moved to San Francisco. For so many people there, ass-fucking is normal, like drinking coffee, or walking the dog. My two next door neighbors, young, athletic medical students at UC Berkeley, introduced me to this joy. Now, I can't get enough.”

She paused for a few moments, again looking at the floor.

She whispered. “Roscoe. Honey. Please make your cock hard and pump my ass.”

Roscoe Forthright
Roscoe Forthright
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