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Snowbound Babysitter

The next night

By DSPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Snowbound Babysitter
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The next day went well. Me and Greg both bathed together before the girls got up. We were both going on about two hours sleep but somehow, I did not feel sleepy at all. We were buried in snow. The road had not even been plowed yet and it was near noon now. We spent the day with the girls watching some movies and playing some board games and listening to music.

Night finally came and we got the girls back down for the night and Greg had plans for us tonight. They had a hot tub all enclosed and heated in a building just off the garage. I never knew it was there.

I get out there and there is wine waiting, with some soft music playing. He undresses me and lifts me straight up and into the hot tub. He then strips himself and removes his legs and slides in.

He reaches up and pulls a string and a bar appears from the ceiling hanging over the hot tub. He pulls himself up just enough to clear the water and I get his tool hot and ready. He has me spin around and enters me from behind. I must brace myself on the side of the tub his thrusts were so powerful. He was using the bar to support his weight and pounding me like no other man has. I was loving it. I screamed in ecstasy as he plowed me till he came all over and in me.

The water felt nice on my poor love machine being pounded these last two nights with a monster tool.

I thought Greg was done since he blew his load quick, but he was just warming up. I guess this was his playground. He sat next to me on the bench and spread my legs. What he did next was so bizarre, but it felt wonderful. He took his stump and started rubbing my love machine. After I had creamed several times, he started pushing in with his stump, little by little. I could feel his stump inside my lips pressing on my nubbin and he moved it so gentle and smoothly that I came again.

We were starting to wrinkle so we moved into the bedroom and got all comfy. Greg started rubbing my breasts and sucking on my nipples while I stoked his tool with my hands. Just enough to get him hard again.

Greg rolled around and grabbed both my legs and held them apart and used them to steady himself. He had me push the tip into my love canal and he started a two-hour love fest. He was so gentle. He only used half of his tool and it nearly filled me up. He kept varying his pace but never the depth. I was in heaven again. Never had anyone took the time to take care of me and not think of their self. I had a big puddle under me, but it was wonderful. I was having one climax after another, and it was just amazing.

I was so overwhelmed I finally spun Greg around and started giving him a nice long tonguing. I took him to the point then let it subside four or five times. He was in heaven. I was on my sixth go around when he exploded in my mouth from all the oral.

Just as I was sucking him dry the ceiling light comes on and his wife walks in and sees us.

His wife Gloria was not supposed to be home till Monday night.

Gloria walks over stripping as she does. Climbing into the bed completely naked and pushes my head back down on her husband's tool as she kisses him hello. Without a word she straddles his face, and he makes her climax all over his face.

Gloria finally speaks, "Ok honey I get the tool now, you get to watch till I'm done."

Gloria's little frame mounts it, and she is only able to take about a quarter of what I did. She pounds him super hard though and spills her juices all over him. You could see them run down the shaft.

It is not long at all, and Gloria climbs off and helps me mount him. She watches as I make him disappear inside of me. All of it in and out time and again. Gloria starts kissing him and rubbing my breasts. She starts sucking my nipples while I ride him and rubbing my little nubbin.

I cream all over his hard shaft and it makes Greg blow his load with a loud moan.

Gloria speaks, "Well if I knew you could do that you would be staying over every time you babysit. I try and try but he is too big for me, and I can never get it to blowup. My girlfriend used to help, that is how we got the girls. She would ride him till he was ready then I jumped on."

Gloria continues, "He wants a boy now, you think you could help us?"

I shake my head yes and fall into their arms and fall right asleep.

The next day we all wake naked as jay birds and Gloria is already sucking Greg's tool. He is hard as ever. I spin Gloria around and Greg starts eating out her cute little love box and I grab his stick.

I spoke, "Gloria I am going to get him to climax quick so after you get wet let me know."

Gloria spoke, "I am wet now watching you suck him."

I work my magic and we get the first of many loads stuffed into the baby mama. Our timing was not always the greatest so now Greg has two boys to match his two girls. We have a weird dysfunctional family dynamic, but Greg did the right thing and Gloria and me are very happy. We all live under the same roof and her kids are mine and mine are hers. We now have four girls and two boys. With two moms and one dad.

Gloria is never jealous; she even has sex with me if Greg is not in the mood. Which doesn't take long for Greg to get in the mood after watching us together.


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