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Snowbound Babysitter

A weekend to Remember

By DSPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Snowbound Babysitter
Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash

Hello, my name is Kathy, and I would like to tell you a tale of my college days when I used to babysit to make ends meet while I was in college. Now it was a small rural town that was home to the college so not a big city, keep that in mind.

It was mid-January and one of my clients' wives was going to be out of town for the weekend and he had to work late Friday night and needed a sitter. I told him that I could and would be over after my last class so I could meet the girls as they got off the bus. He told me they had a key and that money for dinner would be on the counter, so I did not have to cook.

I made it over to the home, but it was still a bit early and was starting to get colder. I sat in my car with the heat on until the girls showed up. All went well for me, we had pizza from a local place that delivered, and I got the girls all bathed and down for the night at bedtime. It was near midnight, and I had accidently fell asleep on the couch waiting for Greg to make it home. I went to the door to look for his car coming down the road but to my surprise all I found was a heavy coat of freshly falling snow. It was coming down so hard it was hard to see past the front yard. I went back and looked at my phone to see if I had any messages and I did.

Greg had texted that he was on his way home and would be there as quick as he could. Our small town took forever to get the roads plowed and with it coming down so heavy the roads would be a mess.

I sat there and after another hour Greg rolled in. He came inside and spoke, "The roads are terrible, I do not think you can make it back to the dorm tonight. If you don't mind you can stay here, and I will sleep on the couch you can have the bed. I'll even throw in some extra if you help with the girls this weekend. My wife called and she will not be flying out until Monday morning because of this storm."

I spoke, "That will be fine I would love to help out with the girls and spend the weekend with you guys."

Greg went to his bedroom and grabbed one of his wife's night shirts and brought it out to me. He thought it would fit because we were basically the same size just, she was a bit shorter than I was. I told him I would take the couch, so he brought out a pillow and some bedding for it.

I made the bed and went to the bathroom and changed into the night shirt. It did fit but my bust size was just a little bigger. It made the shirt fall short of covering my bottom but did just cover my breasts if I did not reach up with my arms. I had come from the gym earlier, so I had on my thong which showed off my booty.

Greg had said something I did not hear so I went to the bedroom and walked in to ask what he said. His eyes nearly fell out and his jaw dropped to the ground as he looked at me. He managed to stammer out that he had wanted to know if I needed anything else for the night. I replied no and noticed that he had two prosthetic legs. He was sitting in his boxers on the side of the bed taking them off. I noticed a huge bulge forming in his boxers so I stretched my arms up as high as I could and faked a yawn to get his attention. My breasts were in full view and his boxers lifted a good 9 inches from his waist.

"I am pretty tired Greg, so I am going to go to bed." I spoke.

Greg simply nodded and started crawling up on the bed to lay down.

I walked out just far enough to be out of view so I could peek at Greg. He pushed his boxers off and laid them next to him exposing a huge monster size tool. Not only was it long but it had a massive girth too. He started rubbing it and closed his eyes and laid back in the bed.

Now was my chance. I snook in and took off my shirt. I got right next to him and placed my mouth on his very hard tool and started sucking it while he was stroking it.

He sat up and opened his eyes and started moaning from my lips touching him. I started going deeper and deeper with my strokes. Sliding down more and more each time. It was hard to take him all the way down, but I managed it. I was full deep throat, and my body was just quivering thinking of him sliding into my very tight love canal.

I slipped off my thong and swung around so Greg could lick my love nubbin while I played with his massive tool. His tongue was very masterful, he had my spilling my juices all over his face within minutes. His member was still holding its own though and no sign of releasing any time soon.

My juices were near drowning poor Greg, so I spun back around and slid his massive tool into my love canal. It was so huge he made me feel like a virgin again. I could feel his every movement inside of me. I started a nice slow ride. Up and down, nice, and slow. All the way up and then plunges all the way down, my juices were gushing from me and coating his tool. I reached down and grabbed his chest hair with both hands and pulled as I made my pace quicker. You could hear a sloshing sound with each stroke I was so wet.

Greg reached up with both hands and grabbed me on either side and held me on his tip. He did that for a couple minutes. Then he lowered me down about halfway and started using his legs to throw himself into me with great precision. He was bringing it home every time. I could feel him building. Each thrust took him deeper and deeper even. He suddenly dropped to the mattress and started lifting me up and down. His upper body strength was off the charts. He was still hitting bottom and going even deeper. It was as if his tool was growing bigger inside of me. Just when I thought I could not take any more he raised me straight up to the tip and back down hard and held me there as he moaned a long deep moan. I could feel his tool pulse as he exploded deep into my love canal.

He finally lets loose his grip and I lay down on his chest with him still very deep in me. We were both a sweaty mess and the bed had a puddle from our juices on it.

As we lay there Greg tells me that ever since the accident his wife very rarely has sex with him, let alone goes down on him. He usually just pulls it off in the bathroom every morning.

I slid off his tool and lay beside him. I was amazed at his tool as it was still very stiff even after he blew his load. I grabbed it with my hand and squeezed and stroked it. I milked out more of his juices and leaned down and tasted him. It was very sweet compared to most I had tasted. I continued and managed to get him upright again. It was stiff as ever. I started just sucking his tip with my mouth and stroking him hard and fast with my hands. His skin was rough along the shaft and has been desensitized. I tightened my grip and was real rough pulling it up and down. My mouth sucking the whole time. I had him exploding in just a few minutes. His load filled my mouth and I swallowed it down. I kept sucking and I cleaned his whole tool. He had three mouthfuls of love juice in that huge tool of his.

Licking on his head it started shrinking after I jerked him off.

Greg reached down and pulled me up and gave me a long hard kiss. Then he spread his legs what was left of them anyways. He grabbed me and lifted me up and placed my legs on either shoulder or laid me back in gentle yet strong arms as he feasted on my love machine. He made me feel like I was on cloud nine. My body was quaking again and again from his expert tonguing.

Stay tuned for Snowbound Babysitter the next night.


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