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Review of club Insomnia Berlin

All you need to know before you go

By Electra OceanPublished about a month ago 5 min read
Review of club Insomnia Berlin
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Insomnia is the only sex club where I went alone, as a single woman. I had an amazing time there, I loved it, however I wouldn’t go there alone again. And here’s why.

Insomnia is a very popular club in Berlin, therefore you will find lots of reviews online. When researching reviews you need to consider however that people’s experiences in a sex club largely depend on their own and their partner’s appearance, personality, mood and social skills.

Personally for me it was way more fun going to a sex club alone, rather than with a partner. When alone, I could base my decisions solely on my own preferences which made it easy to hook up with people I was attracted to.

On the other hand, I had to be more mindful about my safety and scare off guys that were not so respectful. I had a lot more sex, being there by myself, but I was also way more stressed.

Community, male/female ratio and socialization (10/10)

The type of crowd to expect in a sex club is probably the most important factor one should consider. On this, I have very good news for you.

Insomnia is packed with hot people!

Most of the crowd is young (in their 30s-40s), attractive and fun. Personally I have a preference for tall, athletic black guys, which are rarely out there in sex clubs. In insomnia I could find plenty of hot, athletic men of all types: long blond hair with cute face and model type body, rough biker look with long beard and dad body, black and athletic…

It is a paradise for single ladies and partially that’s because there’s way more men than women customers. That’s because the club is open for anyone, including single men. I would say that the male/female ratio was close to 70/30.

Majority of the girls were super hot, too.

Location and accessibility (9/10)

Although location is not a priority when picking a sex club, it is still something to consider.

Insomnia is located in Tempelhof which is fairly safe and easily accessible area. Like most sex clubs, in Insomnia the exterior isn’t flashy and inviting however you can easily find the door by the logo.

Membership requirement and entry fees (9/10)

Insomnia does not have any restrictions, you can go there in a couple or as a single lady or man. This is mainly why the male/female ratio is skewed.

You don’t have to sign up as a member to get in. According to the club’s website, registration is required and only the people on the list will be allowed at parties/events.

Registration on the website was very easy. You only need to fill out a few identity and contact details. There are no verification procedures.

I registered in advance for a BDSM party on a Saturday. When I went to the club I wasn’t on the list though. They couldn’t find my profile in their system either, which makes me think the website is not very advanced technologically.

It also seems that the registration requirement is not enforced at the club, since I still could go in even that they couldn’t locate my name on their list. So probably you can just walk in, too.

Entry fees vary within the range of EUR 25 - 125 depending on the time of your visit and whether you go in alone or in a couple. On certain occasions access is free for single ladies, while single men pay the highest entry fees.

Club rules and reputation (6/10)

Insomnia does not apply any strict rules. Basic rules are listed on the website but when in the club, the only strict rule you are notified about is the no phone or camera rule. And of course you need to be 18+.

Based on the online reviews the club has a good reputation on paper. Insomnia is however probably not the number one choice for people of swingers lifestyle.

Among swingers community members the club has a reputation for providing access to people that would rather go to a sex club to get lid than pay for professional sex work.

Thematic parties and dress code (8/10)

Insomnia offers regular thematic parties, mostly on weekends. To the best of my knowledge the club doesn’t organize any exclusive sex parties though.

The club enforces a dress code which you need to comply with. It’s best to check the website for the dress code for a specific party, to avoid being rejected by bouncers.

In general it’s safe if you show up in a black erotic outfit, BDSM style.

I was wearing black leather leggings, high heels, black cleavage top and a BDSM style choker. After a while I changed into a leather thong, nipple sticks and BDSM style body belt.

Entertainment (10/10)

Unlike traditional swingers clubs Insomnia has night club vibes. The DJ plays good music and people dance all night. I never actually had this much fun in a swingers club.

There is a bar by the dance floor where you can only pay by cash. This is somewhat uncomfortable as there are no lockers at the club and you need to carry the cash with you for the drinks.

Space and thematic rooms (6/10)

Insomnia is a mid-sized club that is not very spacious. It gets especially crowded in the bar area.

Once you go through the formalities, you enter through the thick red curtains into the dance floor and bar area. The second floor overlooking the dance floor is for the sexy time. There are leather beds and couches and no intimacy at all, which is great for an exhibitionist like me.

When you tell someone to go upstairs with you, they should get the memo that you would like to hook up with them.

There’s no thematic rooms or private rooms. Behind the dance floor area there is a little space with a huge bed that is accessible to everyone. It’s great for groupies and to entertain the crowd.

There is one tiny room that has a swinging bed in it. You can lock the door there but the walls have quite large open space in between through which people can see you and reach you with their hands.

Facilities (1/10)

Insomnia has very limited facilities. There were no lockers available (as of May 2022) and no dressing rooms.

There is only one tiny cabin covered with a curtain where you can change and there’s a lady that keeps your valuable belongings.

There are communal showers, no doors and therefore zero privacy. Anyone can walk in and stare at you while taking a shower.

I had a very creepy experience in the showers. I was facing the wall and when I turned around I found four or five guys watching me and jerking off at the view. I had to yell at them to not touch me but they still wouldn’t leave and kept staring.

This is why I wouldn’t go to Insomnia alone ever again.

Safe, respectful and consensual environment (2/10)

The club obviously needs improvement in this area. I felt stressed all the time I was there because I had to watch out for unsolicited touching.

People simply don’t ask for consent before they touch you. I felt like I couldn’t get distracted for a second. I noticed too many times some creeps touching me or watching me very close.

If you are a lady and decide going to Insomnia alone, this is something you should be aware of.

You can read my guideline for single ladies planning to visit a sex club alone.

You can read my story about my experience at Insomnia’s BDSM Party.

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  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    That’s cool! I’ll have to check this club out!

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