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new wife

new wife

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Chapter One

Niujia Village is holding a wedding banquet today, and the family hosting the wedding banquet is the village chief of Niujia Village - Zhu Fugui's family. Zhu Fugui gave birth to two sons, and today his eldest son is getting married. The village chief’s family holds a happy event, and of course there are many people attending the wedding! After the ceremony, the bride was sent to the bridal chamber, while the groom was taken to drink by the young men in the village. By the time the banquet was over, the groom was already drunk and unconscious. It is unlucky for the groom to collapse before there is any commotion in the bridal chamber. What should I do? Someone with good intentions suggested that Zhu Fugui should replace his son. Isn't it said that children are the debts of their parents? If the son can't do it, then I will do it.

Niujia Village is not an important market, and there is nothing lively happening all year round. The only lively time is when someone in the village gets married, and the villagers are willing to let it go so easily if they finally catch the opportunity. Looking at Zhu Fugui's evasive appearance, he was very happy in his heart. A pair of eyes kept looking at the bride sitting on the bed.

It is said that the bride is a beauty from all over the country, and her family is in good condition. The bride’s mother is picking and choosing among the people who came to propose marriage. As for why she chose Zhu Fugui’s son Zhu Dabao? Now, Zhu Dabao is as handsome as his mother, and his figure is like Zhu Fugui's tiger-backed figure, so he looks good at first glance. There is another village elder. The row of brick houses in his house should not make others envious. Secondly, his family also paid a lot of betrothal gifts, and the bride's mother was a money-grubbing woman who was willing to let such a good son-in-law go, so she was naturally happy to marry him the family's loser.

Continuing to talk about the bridal chamber, Zhu Fugui pretended to shirk a few times and then readily agreed. He lifted up the bride's hijab with the wishful title that should have been given by the groom. The moment the hijab was lifted, there was a sound of inhalation in the bridal chamber. The onlookers all secretly sighed that Zhu Dabao was so lucky to have married such a beautiful wife. He will be blessed in the future. . As for Zhu Fugui, his eyes were straight, staring at the bride. The bride sat quietly on the bed and listened to those people saying that her father-in-law wanted to wait for her husband to have a wedding ceremony. Her face turned red, and her snow-white skin looked rosy, and she looked so tender that she just wanted to be bitten. Take a bite. Not to mention her cherry mouth, which looks small and perky, tempting people to want to step forward and take a bite. Zhu Fugui felt an itch in his heart and wished he could immediately put his bride's red lips in his mouth.

Chapter two

Although he was itching and unbearable, Zhu Fugui had to restrain his desire. If he lost his composure in front of so many village elders, it would be difficult for him to gain a foothold in the village, let alone become the village chief. The wedding ceremony has just begun. According to custom, the groom and the bride should kiss each other first, but now that the groom is drunk, it is impossible for him to ask his father-in-law to kiss his wife. There was an idle guy who said that Zhu Fugui was picking up the ashes in the wedding ceremony on behalf of the groom, so he asked Zhu Fugui to do the ashes action behind the bride, and the bride called the father-in-law in front to pick up the ashes... As soon as this was said, the onlookers cheered happily. , Zhu Fugui cooperated by standing behind the bride and doing the ashes removal action (normal action, don’t think about it wrongly). The bride's face turned red, and she couldn't scream as she stammered. The crowd around her began to cheer: "Louder, you can't hear me..." "Bridal, please be louder, we can't hear you from behind, please be louder"... As a last resort, the bride closed her eyes and shouted: "My father-in-law is picking up the ashes!" "Okay... hahaha..." The people around burst into laughter. Little did he know that the words that sounded funny to others were astonishing to Zhu Fugui's ears, as if he had already brutally ravaged the bride Ya'ai. Unknowingly, the Nie Gen in the lower body raised his was just because the hem of the top was so long that others couldn't see it.

By the way, we had eaten very late during the wedding ceremony, and now it was almost time to go to bed. People in the village were accustomed to going to bed early and getting up early so that they could be energetic for work the next day. Because the groom was drunk and unconscious, although his father arranged for the wedding ceremony on his behalf, he couldn't. Ask the father-in-law and daughter-in-law to do something extraordinary. Most people felt that the show was hilarious enough and went home. Only the idle guy and a few troublemakers stayed in the new house and refused to leave, insisting that the father-in-law and daughter-in-law would cause trouble again. This was exactly what Zhu Fugui wanted. He was worried that he would not have the chance to get close to this beautiful new wife!

So, Zhu Fugui pretended to be angry and said: "You bastards, you don't learn well on weekdays, and now you are making trouble. You will have a hard time in the future... As if knowing that Zhu Fugui is not angry, the idle and playful smile said: "The village chief Uncle, today is a happy day for Brother Dabao, so why don’t you all have a good time! "He said to those around him again, "You guys think so, right? " "yes! The wedding day was lively and lively... "The bride has a hard time to say," Zhu Fugui reluctantly nodded and said: "The last one..." He said it weakly. "Okay, okay... the last one." "Three people in a row agreed.

The troublemaker's eyes rolled around in vain, and he said: "Uncle the village chief, as the bride's elder, shouldn't touch the bride through her clothes like the groom does!" Well." Zhu Fugui nodded. "Hee Hee, then help the bride pee! Which adult has never helped a child to pee..." Several people around him gave a thumbs up to his bad idea. The bride said "Ah" and covered her face with her sleeves in shame. If this spread, she would still How should I behave, how should I face my mother-in-law and husband-in-law! I thought that I must not agree later, but I also wanted to give my father-in-law a wink so that he would not agree. Who would have thought that this time Zhu Fugui would pretend that he didn't notice her when he saw her wink? He looked away as if he was impressed. He nodded in agreement. Zhu Fugui, the good guy, flattered him at the right time: "Uncle the village chief is true to his word, he is worthy of being the village chief! "As expected of the village chief..." The few agreed. Who doesn't like to hear good words! Especially at this time, when you have achieved what you want and make people feel that you are true to your words, you feel so good that you take action immediately. . Without waiting for the bride to object, he stepped forward and stuck behind her, putting his hands through the bride's arms and placing them on the bride's two slender thighs, and directly lifted the petite bride up.

third chapter

Last time we talked about Zhu Fugui lifting the bride up. At this time, the bride was so embarrassed that she had to find a hole in the ground to bury herself. However, Zhu Fugui refused to let her go. He actually seemed to be peeing on her. action. I saw him slowly lowering his body and spreading his legs to sandwich the bride in the middle. Unexpectedly, this action would put Zhu Fugui's cock against the bride's ass. After all, the bride has not yet gone through the human affairs process. Although her mother told her a little bit about sexual intercourse last night, it is embarrassing to say that it is all based on practical experience. Therefore, the bride only feels that her father-in-law has a stick hidden on his body, which is really good for poking her. , how could she have imagined that it was the guy who would cause her pain and make her extremely beautiful.

Let’s talk about Zhu Fugui! It was already the end of the rape. His penis was dripping on the young and beautiful wife’s ass. He was so excited when he thought that there were two layers of cloth between her vagina and her vagina. He waited until he helped the bride to urinate. When he lowered his erect penis to the bride's delicate little ass, it was so beautiful that he ejaculated directly into his crotch.

I thought that he could usually penetrate his mother-in-law's pussy for thousands of times before ejaculating, but he never thought that he would ejaculate before entering his new wife's pussy today. I couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, but when I thought about it, I was right. The woman in my arms was from a virgin place. My mother-in-law had been fucked by him so many times and she had given birth to two children. Her vagina had been so tight that she couldn't even lift it. Get interested in fucking her. After waiting for several months, I encountered such a tender wife today, and I had premature ejaculation.

The bride was still wondering why her father-in-law's stick suddenly disappeared. Zhu Fugui also stopped here. He had to finish peeing because he couldn't continue to make people suspect his bad intentions. A few people over there were still not satisfied. They touched their chins and smacked their lips and said: "Uncle Village Chief, this is not interesting! It has to be passionate. Anyway, there are just a few of us. Brother Dabao is also drunk and no one knows. , let’s have a passionate and fun time for everyone! My brothers have never been married before, so I don’t know what sex is like. Can you give me a demonstration! I promise not to tell anyone! You guys, please swear !" Those few people have also sworn the same thing, and they are just waiting to see Zhu Fugui! Zhu Fugui secretly gave the leader a credit in his heart. His chance had come!

The bride was extremely anxious. These people were getting more and more angry, and the father-in-law didn't stop himself from doubting her. She also thought that her father-in-law was someone who kept fighting on the streets to gain advantage of her daughter-in-law! Thinking like this scared me again. What should I do if this is true? I am a weak woman, and my husband is very drunk, so I can't stand up to them.

While the bride was muttering, Zhu Fugui was impatient to take action. He pretended to say: "My uncle's son is very happy about his wedding today, so I'll let you open your eyes. However, we must agree on three rules first. Today must not be changed." Let's talk about it." Seeing that Zhu Fugui really agreed, those few nodded yes, and moved the groom to the inner bed affectionately so that Zhu Fugui could have a vacant seat.

Zhu Fugui secretly nodded and praised this guy for his eyes. Then he pretended to say to the bride: "Daughter-in-law! It seems that we can't escape tonight. You can be patient and get over it soon." After saying that, without waiting for the bride's consent, he picked her up and put her on the bed. . By the way, he took off the bride's shoes and touched the bride's petite feet.

Chapter Four

Last time, we mentioned that Zhu Fugui, who was worse than a beast, had already placed the weak bride on the bed of sin, and then he slowly took off his shoes and went to bed. He knelt beside the bride so that those few could see clearly. Those few were also shameless and gathered around the bed with great interest. Only the poor bride covered her face with her wide sleeves and sobbed softly. She would be a fool if she knew her father-in-law's intentions, but she couldn't resist and let more people know, otherwise her life would be over.

Seeing the bride covering her face, Zhu Fugui said impatiently: "The first step of sexual intercourse should be for the two of us to kiss each other. It's just that my father-in-law and my daughter-in-law cannot have skin-to-skin contact. Let's forget about it! The second step is right here!" "As he spoke, he touched the bride's breasts. Looking at the round shape, he had wanted to touch them for a long time, and now he finally felt them... The poor bride was too embarrassed to rub her breasts hard when she took a bath. Now, Being treated like this by her father-in-law in front of a strange man made her cry more and more choked up. I just wish I could crash to death in this new house right now, but do I have the guts...

Besides, Zhu Fugui pinched the bride's breasts and it wasn't enough. He said to those people: "It's not enough just like this. If you want to make a woman emotional, you have to do this..." As soon as he finished speaking, he pinched the bride accurately with his thumb and index finger. nipples. "Ah——" At that moment, the bride let out a cry and forgot to cry. She only felt that her body was extremely soft, and there were bursts of tingling in the shameful place on her lower body. She was so embarrassed that she couldn't help it even though she was covered up. There is no expression on her face, but her pink ears still betray her emotions.

"Oh -" the spectators suddenly realized and laughed obscenely again, complimenting: "Uncle the village chief is still great, Bugui is a good player. Is there anywhere else? Uncle, please give us some pointers." Zhu Fugui said proudly laugh. Slide your fingers along the bride's waist to her private parts. Zhu Fugui was taking his time here, but the bride on the other side was stirred up again. It turns out that the wedding dresses made in the hot weather are all made of tulle. Zhu Fugui's hot fingers on the other side went all the way down, and the bride on the other side followed suit. There were layers of goosebumps, but they were different from usual ones. I just felt extremely crispy at this time.

When Zhu Fugui's hand came to the bride's private part, the bride immediately clamped her legs out of instinct, but she didn't want to clamp the hand tighter and instead moved closer to that part. The bride suddenly felt something bad. Zhu Fugui took the opportunity to poke the depression with his middle finger, causing the bride to tremble even more.

The onlookers' eyes almost straightened when they saw this, and their lower bodies couldn't help but become hardened, wishing that the hand sandwiched between the bride's legs was their own. Not to mention how proud Zhu Fugui was to see their envious eyes, his subordinates were also busy. After all, this was a rare opportunity.

Through those thin obscene pants, Zhu Fugui, the father-in-law, molested this beautiful daughter-in-law in front of everyone. I saw one of his hands stretching and contracting under the skirt, and the other hand was not idle, repeatedly rubbing the bride's plump breasts through the coat. The bride desperately tried to avoid Zhu Fugui's hand but had nowhere to hide. She felt that her life was miserable and started sobbing again. However, his body didn't obey the instructions, and he made waves with Zhu Fugui's rhythmic provocation, and the shameful liquid oozed from his lower body.

Zhu Fugui's hand was just outside her vagina. He didn't know what was going on, so he moved his hands harder. After a few more moves, she suddenly put her fingers together and pinched the pearl, "Ah--" the bride screamed. At the same time, his body became completely limp. He spread out on the bed and even spread his legs.

chapter Five

Zhu Fugui proudly took out his hand to show those people the spring water in his hand, and said: "At this point, the woman is in love, and the next thing is..." He stopped and laughed in the middle of the sentence, and everyone understood and suddenly realized. But my lower body became even harder, and I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to find a place to insert it twice to relieve it.

When everyone thought that Zhu Fugui was over, they wanted to find a place to relieve themselves. Just as he was about to say hello and leave, he saw him spreading the bride's legs and squeezing between her legs. Several people exchanged glances and stayed silent to watch Zhu Fugui's next move.

Zhu Fugui had a new idea. She lifted up the hem of the bride's skirt and squeezed it to the top of the bride's thighs. She put her extremely hard member close to the bride's pussy, then lowered the hem of her skirt and lifted the bride's legs. After reaching his shoulders, he turned around and said to those people: "This is called going straight to the Yellow Dragon. Your Majesty, you will use this posture the most."

Everyone was a little surprised to see him demonstrate like this, thinking that the village chief must have drunk too much! He thought that what he had done just now was his limit, but why are his movements getting more and more... This is because the bride's skirt is big enough. If they see Zhu Fugui's big dick under the skirt, he has squeezed into the bride's vagina and squeezed tightly. I wonder if my eyeballs will fall off if I stick it on.

Besides, the bride just recovered from the stimulating pleasure and found that her father-in-law had been close to her lower body at some point and there was a hot stick stuck tightly to her vagina. She couldn't help but recall her mother's teaching last night. , and suddenly became afraid of what this was. Then he struggled to get up, never thinking that his legs were firmly placed on his father-in-law's shoulders and that he couldn't free himself no matter what. At this time, he didn't care whether he was embarrassed or not and just wanted to rescue himself quickly. He begged: "Father, please put me down quickly. This is wrong." However, Zhu Fugui said shamelessly: "Oh - today is a great day. It doesn't matter! Besides, these are your brothers in the village, they won't talk nonsense, right?" After saying that, he looked at those people sideways.

At this time, those people were somewhat aware that something was not right, but sometimes it was hard to go back on their own words. Besides, the village chief and Dabao's wife didn't have any physical contact, so they should be fine, so they nodded.

Zhu Fugui became even more unscrupulous after receiving the guarantee, hitting the bride's vagina through two thin layers of fabric. The bride resisted for a while and was exhausted. She slumped down on the bed and covered her face with her sleeves and shed tears silently.

He also thought about how he would live in the future. People in these villages would not look up when they looked down. If word spread, they would be in a pig cage. It didn't matter if he died. His parents' family would be implicated by him, and his younger sister who had not yet reached the height of her family would be implicated in the future. The wedding will be delayed. Thinking about it this way, I felt that it would be better to die now. Although she wanted to take action in her heart, her uncontrollable body became sensitive again. Although she was wearing underwear, the pleasure was still coming from her lower body. There was no way that she, an untouched little girl, could withstand it. Yes, another big wave of water came out and instantly made the two people's thin underpants muddy. The bride's original thoughts were completely interrupted, and all that was left was her rapid breathing.Sound sucked.

Zhu Fugui's breathing also became rapid. He had mentioned before that he had not had sex for several months, but now facing this petite and lovely daughter-in-law, with others watching, it was another kind of stimulation. After a few hard thrusts, he also had diarrhea. . This time, both of their underpants were wet. They were already thin, but now they were as good as nothing at all, and their lower bodies were even closer.

Some of the spectators were also aroused by this exciting scene and couldn't help but have diarrhea. The other few who didn't have diarrhea also took the opportunity to hide aside and deal with it with their hands, so everyone present was relieved.

Seeing that it was really late, those few also took this opportunity to say goodbye. Only the father-in-law and daughter-in-law are left on the bed. Now the bride is really in the tiger's mouth, and her virginity cannot be preserved.

Chapter Six

But those few spectators came out of the new house and saw that only Zhu Fugui's mother-in-law, Mrs. Li, and his young son were still in the yard, stupidly wandering into the mess. They had no idea what kind of moral decay had happened inside. They couldn't help but shake their heads and left without saying hello.

The two of them went back to their room and fell asleep until they left and cleaned up the yard. As a mother-in-law, she didn't realize that her husband was not sleeping beside her. She didn't know whether to say that she was stupid or that this was the bride's sorrow. This was the fate of her tonight. I'm going to be bullied by this father-in-law who is worse than a beast.

Returning to the bridal chamber, the bride thought that all this nightmare was over, but she never imagined that this was just the beginning. The scary thing is yet to come!

When Zhu Fugui saw that everyone was gone, he felt more confident and bold. He directly puts down the bride's legs, pulls the bride into his arms, and lets her sit astride his vagina. The bride was caught off guard by his move and said hurriedly: "Father-in-law, what are you doing! They are all gone, let me down quickly." As she said this, she pushed Zhu Fugui's shoulder, trying to push him away.

But I didn't expect a weak woman to be a match for the tall and powerful Zhu Fugui.

Zhu Fugui stretched out his hand to wrap her up in his arms, making her unable to move. He pressed his lips to the bride's face and said, "My dear daughter-in-law, there were so many people just now that I couldn't kiss you. Daddy will make up for it now." Before he finished speaking, , that big mouth took the bride’s pink cherry mouth into his mouth.

The bride struggled desperately but could only make a "wuwu" sound.

Zhu Fugui was not satisfied with eating the other's small mouth, so he stretched out his thick tongue to pry open the bride's mouth and hooked the bride's small pink tongue. The bride was forced to accept Zhu Fugui's tongue and threw her head back desperately in an attempt to escape, but Zhu Fugui held her head against her and could no longer move.

Zhu Fugui was not satisfied with eating the bride's small tongue. He rolled his big tongue and ate all the bride's mouth. He also passed the mouthful and drooled into the bride's mouth, making the bride choke. Then he retracted his tongue with satisfaction, and kissed the bride's face from time to time, loving this fair and delicate little face so much.

Thinking of the yellow-faced woman in the west room, he suddenly became excited again. After resting for a while, Nigen raised his head again.

Because of this posture, and after the two flood discharges just now, this time the big stick was directly inserted into the bride's unexplored vagina with her underpants, causing the bride to suffer excruciating pain immediately.

Chapter VII

The bride kept struggling, but she didn't want to move the big guy. The deeper it sank, the more painful it became. Such a vicious cycle, tears streaming down my face again.

Zhu Fugui felt sorry for the newlyweds after all, so he resisted the urge to push in, and lifted the bride's body up slightly, letting the big rod come out slightly but not far away, still tightly attached to the honey hole.

The bride felt better now and couldn't help but stop crying. When Zhu Fugui saw that the bride was being coaxed by him and clinging to him, he even reached out with one hand from the hem of the bride's daughter-in-law, passing through the bride's dress and reaching directly to the bride's breasts. The smooth and delicate breasts were just right for Zhu Fugui to touch. Master, Zhu Fugui couldn't help but guess that this daughter-in-law was prepared by God for him, otherwise how could she be so suitable.

Besides, the bride was attacked by Zhu Fugui. This time, it was not touching through her clothes. This was direct contact, and the feeling was deeper than before. Her body began to become weak again. She felt extremely comfortable at this time, and she tried her best to keep contact with the bride. Resistance to the fatal pleasure. I kept reminding myself that this was wrong, this was incest.

How can this poor new daughter-in-law be compared to Zhu Fugui, a veteran who has been intruding for more than ten years? He pinched the bride's breasts with two fingers, and the bride immediately shuddered and fell into Zhu Fugui's arms, leaning her head on Zhu Fugui's shoulder. Where is there any will to resist?

The little hole down there was even more empty. When something happened, she felt extremely itchy, so she thought about something that could be inserted into it to help her relieve the itching.

Seeing her performance, Zhu Fugui didn't know that the bride was already in love. He smiled silently, stretched out his tongue and licked the only thin neck of the bride that was exposed outside the dress.

I don’t know if the bride’s body is too sensitive, but just one lick brought her to a small climax. The water in my lower body couldn't stop, and it got even wetter.

Zhu Fugui was no longer as anxious as before. He only teased the bride slowly and ignited her body. After a while, the bride couldn't bear it anymore and took the initiative to hook her arms around Zhu Fugui's neck. From time to time, he would straighten his small waist and rub his pussy against Zhu Fugui's cock, seeking stimulation.

When Zhu Fugui saw that the time was right, he took out his hand. He then put both hands into the bride's skirt and pushed her trousers down to her thighs. Then he raised the bride's body and unbuckled his own belt, releasing his already furious cock.

I saw that the meat and rod were as thick as a baby's arm, with blue veins popping out on it, and the turtle and head were as big as an egg. It was even harder to be released now.

Zhu Fugui slowly opened the bride's petals, put the turtle's head against the opening of the hole and stroked it back and forth twice. After the turtle's head was covered with the bride's juice, he slowly pushed in. They saw that the closed door was slowly opened and expanded greatly because the knocking stick was too thick, leaving only a thin layer.

The bride was awakened by being entered. Seeing this, Zhu Fugui immediately changed his strategy and pierced the membrane that had been held for more than ten years without mercy and went to the depths of the cave. "Ah——" The bride screamed because her body was broken, and her whole body was stiff due to the severe pain, and her lower body was also tightly stretched.

This was very painful for Zhu Fugui, who had been struggling to endure it because of the bride's tightness, but when the bride collapsed like this, it almost leaked into the bride's body. I couldn't help but take a deep breath and finally resisted the urge to urinate. At the same time, he kept rubbing the bride's pearls to let her adapt as soon as possible.

chapter eight

After a while, the bride finally relaxed, but she burst into tears and couldn't stop them. This is already his woman. Seeing the bride crying so sadly, Zhu Fugui felt heartbroken, but it was all his fault, so he could only comfort the bride in a soft voice: "My dear daughter-in-law, stop crying! You are crying My heart aches. It's all my fault. Who made you look so beautiful? You couldn't help it. It's all my fault. Stop crying, or you can hit me twice." He said and held up again. The bride slaps her face with her hands.

The bride retracted her hand, and he held the bride's face and kissed her tear stains and her eyelids. The movements are gentle, the bride is indifferent to her affairs, how can she withstand such care. Gradually he calmed down and said in a crying voice: "How can I face Dabao if my father-in-law does this! How can I survive if he knows about it..." He wanted to cry again, so Zhu Fugui hurriedly said: "My dear daughter-in-law, don't worry. As for me! My little baby, I will never let you be wronged. Stop crying -

He stroked the bride's face again and coaxed her for a while. The bride finally settled down, and then she remembered that her father-in-law's big cock was still inside her, and she suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable.

He moved his body and asked Zhu Fugui to pull the guy out.

It was okay not to move, but when Zhu Fugui moved, he immediately felt pleasure. Seeing that his daughter-in-law had been coaxed by him, he pinched her waist and began to jerk her slowly. The bride has not yet adapted and wants Zhu Fugui to stop. Now it is her turn to make the decision! Zhu Fugui couldn't care too much at this time. He only cared about how comfortable his lower body was, so he opened and closed it.

At first, the bride was not used to cooperating with Zhu Fugui. After being penetrated for more than thirty times, she gradually started to feel better. She gradually cooperated with Zhu Fugui's thrusts and began to sink. After more than a hundred thrusts, the pleasure in the bride's body gradually accumulated to the top, and she moaned out of control. She hugged Zhu Fugui's neck tightly with her hands and brought the rosy double layer to Zhu Fugui's mouth.

There was no reason not to eat the food that was delivered to his door. Zhu Fugui immediately took the lips that were so close to him, and the two of them mingled with each other, exchanging body fluids. For a moment, there was only the sound of hissing and heavy breathing in the room.

Of course, while kissing, Zhu Fugui did not forget to thrust a few times, making the bride extremely beautiful. Once again, the bride let out a long moan of "ah--", hugged Zhu Fugui's neck and thrust her body back. Became a bow. His lower body was clenched even more tightly. Zhu Fugui felt so good from being strangled that he knew he couldn't escape this time, so he simply pushed himself up again. He grabbed the bride's waist and sat down hard, successfully breaking through the barriers and passing through the narrow mountain gate to the cradle of life.

Zhu Fugui hugged the bride's waist tightly, his body tensed upright, and his lower body kept shaking. A stream of sperm was sent directly to the uterus and palace, and one sperm broke through many obstacles and entered the room and took root.

The bride first felt pain and then was poured with Zhu Fugui's hot semen. She reached a second climax in an instant, her toes stretched straight and her whole body trembled.

After a while, the two of them finally came to their senses. Zhu Fugui had only eaten meat once in several months, and felt physically and mentally refreshed. As for the bride, because she had experienced the sexual pleasure of a man and a woman for the first time, she began to feel... It was uncomfortable, but when meeting a skilled person like Zhu Fugui, he naturally enjoyed more fun than the other newlyweds.

Chapter nine

After Zhu Fugui had obtained the bride for the first time, he was not in a hurry to have sex again. He just hastily picked up his pants and went out to go back to the west room to sleep.

Zhu Fugui over there was released and fell asleep quickly. The bride here, Li Waner (the bride will be replaced by Li Waner in the future, it is a bit inappropriate to call the bride a few days after the wedding) was sore all over. She endured the discomfort and got out of bed to put the candle. Chui Mie took off her wedding dress again and lay down next to the groom wearing only her middle coat. Seeing that the groom Dabao was still wearing his clothes, he also took off his clothes, and then covered the two of them with the mandarin ducks playing in the water quilt and closed their eyes. But I was tossing and turning and couldn't fall asleep (nonsense, who could sleep after being raped by the father-in-law on the night of the wedding!) I was thinking about how I would explain to my husband Dabao when he woke up tomorrow morning, and I fell asleep unknowingly while thinking about it.

The next morning, Li Waner woke up before Dabao probably because she had something on her mind. As soon as I thought about it, I fell down again, my back was so sore. After waiting for a while, he slowly stood up and waited for her to finish dressing before waking up Dabao. Zhu Dabao drank too much last night and just woke up with a headache. When he got up, he saw virgin blood on the bed. Although he had no impression of his bridal chamber, the blood was genuine, so last night must have happened. (It can be seen that Zhu Dabao is also confused) He didn't say much about getting dressed and going out to wash his face and mouth. Li Waner was feeling uneasy, but she didn't know if Zhu Dabao knew about it without saying a word, so she was a little uneasy. Following Zhu Dabao out, I felt relieved again when I saw him smiling and saying hello to his younger brother as if he didn't know.

The new daughter-in-law wanted to serve tea the next day after she entered the house. At this moment, Zhu Fugui and his wife were waiting in the main room. Although Zhu Fugui's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Liu, was dissatisfied with Li Waner for getting up late, she thought that it was a newlywed and her son would definitely have to struggle, so she Silent.

Zhu Dabao and his wife knelt on the mat, kowtowed and drank tea. This daughter-in-law was considered married.

After breakfast, Zhu Fugui went out, and his brother-in-law also went to school. Zhu Dabao went back to his house to rest because of his hangover last night and his head hurt. Mrs. Liu grabbed a handful of melon seeds and went out to chat, while Li Waner was left washing dishes in the kitchen.

Li Waner felt that the room was dark. When she looked up, she saw that Zhu Fugui was leaving and returning. Thinking of the president and Zhu Fugui last night, his face became dry and he lowered his head. But she didn't know how tempting it was for Zhu Fugui, who was not full, to lower her head and expose her snow-white neck.

Zhu Fugui walked over and hugged Li Waner's slender waist from behind, feeling satisfied for a while. This willow-like waist that was not tight enough to hold was not comparable to Mrs. Liu's bucket-shaped waist after giving birth to two children. I also thought that Li Waner's look like a deer curled up in her arms was really cute.

She lowered her head and kissed Li Waner's earlobe. Li Waner trembled again and said in a slightly trembling voice: "Father-in-law, don't do this -" Zhu Fugui deliberately made things difficult for her, blew into her ear, and looked at the thin knots on Li Waner's neck, and said proudly: " Don't do that? Wan'er, tell daddy! "

Li Waner lowered her head and said softly: "Father, we are wrong. I am Dabao's daughter-in-law." Zhu Fugui snorted: "Dabao is just going to court with you. After all, I am your husband-in-law. We are married." To be honest." After saying that, he dishonestly touched his hands into Li Waner's clothes, followed the hem upwards and directly kneaded Li Waner's tender breasts.

Li Waner was so embarrassed by what he said that she just opened her mouth and was speechless. After all, what Zhu Fugui said was the truth. She was also afraid that her mother-in-law would be caught by her when she came to her house, so she grabbed Zhu Fugui's hand through her clothes to prevent him from causing further harm, and begged, "Father-in-law, don't do this. My mother-in-law will be back later and she will see her."

Zhu Fugui said nonchalantly: "Don't worry, that mother-in-law loves to chatter the most and won't come back until noon. It's enough for us to do it twice. Last night, dad was considerate of you for not having enough fun. Today, Wan'er, please be considerate of me and let dad take care of himself." It hurts you."

chapter Ten

As he spoke, Zhu Fugui kissed the thin neck. Li Waner felt a tingling sensation running through the place where he had kissed her, making her feel numb all over. She still had the strength to resist, so she just closed her eyes and leaned against her softly. In Zhu Fugui's arms.

Seeing how obedient she was, Zhu Fugui kept his hands on her. The hand under the clothes wrapped around Li Waner's breasts, grabbing them from time to time, feeling her softness. The other hand went to Li Waner's lower body, licking her pussy through her skirt.

Li Waner was speechless at this time and could only hear her comfortable humming. He raised his head high, as if inviting a kiss. Of course, Zhu Fugui would not miss this opportunity.

He lowered his head and took Li Wan'er's cherry mouth into his mouth, sucked it twice and felt unsatisfied. The thick tongue parted her lips and inserted them. Li Waner snorted, her lips and teeth met with his without emotion, and she even played a game of advancement and retreat with Zhu Fugui.

The two of them had fun playing, but Zhu Fugui gradually became dissatisfied. He took out his hand and pinched Li Wan'er's chin to suck her tongue and fluid. When Zhu Fugui was satisfied, Li Waner's lips were already red, and she lowered her head to kiss him again.

He also felt that Li Waner was uncomfortable kissing her with her back to him, so he turned her around and held her in his arms. Kissing and nibbling Li Waner, she gradually became dissatisfied with her neck, so she unbuttoned Li Waner's front buttons and exposed her bright red bellyband.

Looking at the fullness of Li Waner's chest, I love her so much. I think that I was busy having sex with my daughter-in-law last night to relieve my desire, but I forgot about my daughter-in-law's breasts. I really deserve a beating for being so unfair. He couldn't wait to take off the little clothes, and the round shape was displayed in front of Zhu Fugui's eyes.

For a moment, Zhu Fugui forgot to breathe. This is the real beauty! Thinking of my mother-in-law's saggy breasts and the dark nipples on her chest, how can I compare with the tall and straight jade peaks in front of me, and the pink and tender nipples are so attractive and attractive. Put your big hands up just within a palm, and knead it at will, and the tender whiteness will show through the fingers. It is really tempting.

Zhu Fugui kneaded Li Waner's breasts wantonly, but felt that it was not enough, so he pinched the pink nipples and bit them. "Ouch - Daddy, please be gentle, the bite hurts!" Zhu Fugui let go of his nipple and smiled at Li Waner, then took another one in his mouth and sucked it again and again.bite. From time to time, she rubbed the tip of her tongue, causing Li Waner to tremble all over. She felt that the numbness spread from her nipples throughout her body and gathered between her legs, making her very itchy.

Unconsciously, he stretched out his hands and wrapped his arms around Zhu Fugui's neck. He straightened his chest and came closer to Zhu Fugui. Only Li Waner was petite, while Zhu Fugui was very tall. The height difference was too big. Zhu Fugui was shorter when he was next to Li Waner's chest. I am really tired. He couldn't bear to let go of the alluring peach, so he simply held up Li Wan'er's buttocks with both hands and let her legs wrap around his waist.

Li Waner hugged Zhu Fugui tightly for fear that she would fall. This was an advantage. Zhu Fugui buried himself in the gentle countryside and enjoyed it. When Zhu Fugui finally had enough, he put Li Waner down a little, and discovered the benefits of this posture again, because - Zhu Fugui's big dick was tilted up and just pressed against Li Waner's depression, which was just right!

Chapter 11

Li Waner had already tasted the benefits of this giant thing last night. Now that she was being pushed, the spring water in the honey hole couldn't stop. When Zhu Fugui reached out to explore, he touched a hand of honey juice. Li Waner's face turned red with embarrassment and she buried her head in Zhu Fugui's neck without moving.

Zhu Fugui teased: "Wan'er, you want it, huh?" "If you don't say anything, then you don't want it?" Seeing that Li Waner didn't answer, he naughtily used his fingers to fiddle with Li Waner's vagina, and then rubbed the vagina. pearl. "Ah - Daddy, you are so bad! Don't do this to others." Li Waner finally couldn't help it anymore.

"Tell daddy, do you want daddy?" As he said that, he dug into Li Waner's flower hole twice more.

"Ah -" Li Waner just shouted out, then stopped, bit her lip, and said shyly: "I want daddy."

"What do you want daddy for?" Zhu Fugui was not satisfied yet and continued to ask.

"The big guy who wants... wants daddy's..." Li Waner replied in a low voice with her eyes closed.

"Haha..." Zhu Fugui laughed. "Since Wan'er wants it, daddy will lend the big guy to Wan'er. You have to treat it well."

After saying that, he freed his hand to unbuckle his belt, and the pants without a belt immediately fell to the ground. He also took off Li Waner's obscene trousers and left her skirt hanging down, but it wasn't in the way, so she didn't touch it.

Zhu Fugui's huge cock rubbed against Li Waner's vagina twice. Li Waner shivered from the heat, but Zhu Fugui refused to go in. Li Wan'er's consciousness was aroused with lust, and the depths of her flower hole felt even more empty. She wanted to find a stick and poke it twice to relieve the itch, but Zhu Fugui kept hanging her like this. Feeling wronged, tears came out.

Seeing that Li Waner was crying, Zhu Fugui hurriedly coaxed her: "My dear Waner, stop crying. It's all Daddy's fault. Daddy will give it to you right now. Be careful not to break your body if you cry, and Daddy's heart will be broken."

As he said that, he used the egg-sized turtle head to slightly push open the erupting spring. It seemed that he had found the right position. Zhu Fugui lowered Li Waner's body slightly, then thrust his buttocks hard. Pushed in.

"Ah——" Li Waner screamed in pain: "It hurts so much, daddy. Come out quickly, my baby is going to be broken, wuwu——"

Li Wan'er just opened the bag last night. Although it was lubricated by honey at the moment, her vagina was so tight that there was no room for Zhu Fugui's giant thing as thick as a baby's arm, and she suddenly felt extremely painful. Besides, Zhu Fugui was also feeling uncomfortable now. Li Waner's vagina was already tight, and it was squeezed even tighter because of the pain. He just felt that it was biting his cock tightly, as if he wanted to bite it off and swallow it into his stomach. .

You want to pull it out! It's like a whirlpool, sinking you deeper and deeper into it, never getting up. I had no choice but to persuade Li Wan'er to relax: "Good Wan'er, you bit daddy too hard and he can't pull it out. Be good and relax. It won't hurt in a while. Didn't you have a good time last night? Daddy, please give me a rub." ! Just rub it and it’ll be fine.”

While talking about Zhu Fugui, he kneaded Li Waner's pearls. Perhaps it was too exciting, and a lot of love fluid suddenly surged out of Li Waner's vagina, which acted as a lubricant. It was much better than before.

Zhu Fugui thrust tentatively twice more. Li Wan'er grunted twice and stopped crying out in pain. Zhu Fugui then started thrusting with confidence.

At first, I was worried that Li Wan'er wouldn't be able to bear it, but after a few times I didn't see her shouting or making any moves.

Zhu Fugui held Li Wan'er's buttocks, and kept pushing his butt upwards, inserting and pulling out. The hole was so muddy that it seemed to break through many obstacles when inserting, and it was hard to suck when pulling out. put. That feeling really killed Zhu Fugui.

Chapter 12

At this time, she didn't care about any tricks. She only followed her own desires, pulling out and inserting them hard every time. Because the two of them were standing, when Zhu Fugui pushed in, Li Waner would inevitably fall down, which was convenient for Zhu Fugui. , pushing into the heart of the flower again and again.

Zhu Fugui only felt that there was a small mouth sucking his penis inside. It was so comfortable that he entered harder and harder. Where is Li Waner! It hurt at first, and then felt numb. As Zhu Fugui touched the area again and again, he felt soreness and numbness accumulating in his body.

Li Wan'er couldn't stand the stimulating feeling and opened her mouth and moaned: "Ah um - ah - be gentle - ah -"

This really added fuel to the fire. The moan was like an aphrodisiac, which made Zhu Fugui even more excited. He took two quick steps and pushed Li Waner against the wall, and penetrated her hard.

"Ah -" Li Waner let out a long groan, and more love fluid couldn't help but overflow from her lower body, and the corridor was suddenly muddy.

Zhu Fugui also reached the climax at this time. He grabbed Li Waner's waist and thrust hard, reaching the heart of the girl again and again. "Ah - Daddy, I can't do it anymore. Please be gentle - be gentle - ah - ah - dead - dead - ah -" There was another climax. Li Waner's lower body continued to tighten, and her flesh walls Constantly squirming. Zhu Fugui could no longer hold back his semen and finally ejaculated deep in Li Waner's pussy.

The two people who had experienced orgasm just hugged each other and leaned against the wall, panting. It took a long time to recover. Li Waner loosened her long legs and slowly stood firm on the ground. Due to her movements, Zhu Fugui's cock slipped out of her pussy.

Zhu Fugui hugged her and said: "Why is Wan'er so anxious to separate from daddy? It's best for us to stay connected. It's better for you to have me and me!"

Li Waner lightly tapped his shoulder and said, "What nonsense are you talking about, father-in-law! There are still husband and mother-in-law here!" Then she looked at the sky outside and said, "father-in-law, it's getting late. Let's clean up quickly. Mother-in-law will be back soon." ." As he spoke, he began to tidy up his appearance.

When Zhu Fugui saw that it was getting late, he put his penis back into the waistband of his trousers. I was a little unwilling to let my daughter-in-law go, so I hugged her and started chewing her again. When her little red mouth relaxed with satisfaction, Li Waner was finally able to take a breath, holding on to the wall and gasping.

When Zhu Fugui left the kitchen, Li Waner started to pack the dishes for today's lunch. After only taking two steps, she felt her legs shaking terribly. I had to sit on the bench to rest. It took a while before my legs felt strong enough, and I quickly started cooking. He kept complaining about Zhu Fugui in his heart, saying that he was using too much force, and then he blushed when he thought about how small/comfortable it was.

When Mrs. Liu came back, Li Waner had finally cooked the rice. He went back to the room and woke up Zhu Dabao and the four of them to start dinner.

After dinner, Zhu Fugui went back to his room to take a nap, and Mrs. Liu went out again. The young couple returned to their new house together. Zhu Dabao took Li Waner's hand and said, "Daughter-in-law, thank you for your hard work! Thank you very much. It's all my fault for being reckless last night. Please take a rest. Your steps are a little unsteady."

Li Waner was extremely embarrassed by his words and thought to herself, if you knew it was your father-in-law who did it, you might not feel so guilty. He kept his face quiet and lay on the bed obediently. He was probably really tired and fell asleep after a while.

When Li Waner finally woke up, she found Zhu Dabao sitting by the bed and staring at her. The blush on Li Waner's face from sleeping became even redder, and she said shyly, "Ms. sir, what are you looking at!" She took the quilt to cover half of her face.

Zhu Dabao scratched his head and said with a simple smile: "I think my wife is pretty, hehe!" Li Waner spat at him and rolled her eyes at him. Little did he know that in the eyes of Zhu Dabao, an inexperienced person, this look was like he was ogling her. With a thought, he leaned down and kissed Li Waner's lips. It was pity that he didn't know how to kiss at first. The technique only pressed Li Waner's lips and twisted them.

Li Waner felt a little unhappy after experiencing Zhu Fugui, a veteran in love, and then being judged by Zhu Dabao's kiss. Pretending to be out of breath, she left Zhu Dabao's lips, gave him a gentle push, and said, "My husband, it's broad daylight. It's not good to proclaim yin (the word has been harmonized) in the daytime." I don't want to know who was in the kitchen this morning. It was so beautiful to be in the room, but it was a pity that Zhu Dabao didn't know the situation and thought that Li Waner was shy and that he was having fun again, so he really let her go and thought of coming back tonight.

Chapter Thirteen

After dinner, Zhu Fugui was satisfied during the day and went to bed early at night. Unfortunately, his mother-in-law had been fucked by Zhu Fugui for several months when she was thirty years old. Take two drops to relieve the itching, but it's a pity that Zhu Fugui doesn't touch him at all. Mrs. Liu was so angry that she thought Zhu Fugui had had sex with the widow in the village again, and she thought that some widow would cause trouble for her tomorrow. Unexpectedly, it was difficult to guard against house thieves day and night, so Zhu Fugui had sex with his daughter-in-law on the night of their wedding.

He also said that Zhu Dabao couldn't wait to hug Li Waner as soon as he entered the room, and threw her directly on the bed. He then pressed on her and kissed Li Waner's face randomly. Li Wan'er was very uncomfortable by his unstructured prostitution, and couldn't help frowning, and because it was her husband after all, and she had done something sorry for him, she didn't say anything, and she lay there and let him do what he did.

Zhu Dabao felt dissatisfied with the kiss here. Seeing his wife's cooperation, he directly untied her coat, revealing her bellyband embroidered with red peonies, which was very attractive against Li Wan'er's snow-white and tender skin. Zhu Dabao's breathing suddenly became chaotic. He gasped and pressed against him. He rubbed the two mountain peaks with his big hands through his bellyband, feeling extremely soft under his hands. Then he opened the bellyband and saw the pink red fruit. Upon closer inspection, the red fruit was a bit broken. Zhu Dabao felt that he must have been drunk last night and couldn't control himself and hurt his wife. He felt annoyed again.

Now I am even more cautious towards the roundness, and gently lick the red fruit, which I feel is delicious. Swallowing the round one in a big mouth, holding the round one in his other hand and rubbing it clockwise, the bane of his lower body had already raised its head. Although Li Wan'er didn't really like Zhu Dabao's kiss at first, now that Zhu Dabao was sucking her nipples and licking or sucking them from time to time, a numbness appeared on the soles of her feet, and her vagina became a little wet.

Zhu Dabao played with Li Wan'er's breasts, and gradually felt unsatisfied. He stroked the private parts along the slender waist. He couldn't wait to take off her skirt and pants, revealing the woman's perfect body before his eyes. Looking at this smooth and delicate jade body, Zhu Dabao couldn't hold back his breath and felt heavy. He felt that his lower body was swelling uncomfortably, so he took a deep breath and kissed the flat belly. Zhu Dabao couldn't put it down for this smooth skin. Li Waner moved her waist with a soft groan, and the spring water flowing down her lower body was flowing.

When Zhu Dabao came there and saw that Li Waner's vagina was extremely red and swollen, he felt even more sorry for Li Waner. Gently kissing the red and swollen petals, Li Waner's body trembled, and the spring fluid in her body flowed out in streams. Zhu Dabao took a deep breath at the flower path, "Ah -" Li Waner's body was completely limp, the spring liquid flowed out, and Zhu Dabao swallowed it all in big mouthfuls.

"Daughter-in-law, it's so delicious!" After saying that, he smiled again. Li Waner weakly raised her arm and gave him a light slap, then fell back on the bed.

After Zhu Dabao's flirting just now, he couldn't help but took off his pants, and his legs suddenly bounced up. This Zhu Dabao not only looks like Zhu Fugui in body, but he is also the exact same person as her.

After thrusting hard into that sweet hole, they both sighed at the same time. Being wrapped up so tightly for the first time, Zhu Dabao couldn't remember anything else, so he just kept sending himself deep into the cave. After opening and closing so many times, I couldn't bear the stimulation and had diarrhea. Zhu Dabao hugged Li Waner and trembled a few times, feeling like he was ascending to the sky.

Besides, Li Wan'er had just been provoked by Zhu Dabao's big stick, and that guy was really useless and gave up halfway. She was a little resentful towards Zhu Dabao, thinking that Zhu Dabao was not as good as her father at such a young age. She also didn't think about how Zhu Dabao, a newbie, could compare to a veteran who had been on the battlefield for a long time.

Li Waner was complaining in her heart, but she didn't expect that Zhu Dabao would react again, and the soft flesh resting in her body had become as hard as a pillar without realizing it. By the time she reacted, Zhu Dabao had already been working on her.

Zhu Dabao knelt between Li Waner's legs, held Li Waner's thighs with both hands, and kept pulling back Li Waner's body that had been knocked out by him. He pushed deeply every time until Li Waner was knocked out of consciousness. I just felt so comfortable. There was no resentment anywhere, and I kept humming: "Husband, be gentle - um - be gentle -"

Zhu Dabao's arrow was on the string, his eyes were red at this time, he couldn't hear anything, he just pushed in blindly. For a moment, the only sounds in the room were Li Waner's high-pitched screams and the smacking sounds of flesh colliding.

Chapter 14

The bed shook violently and then became quiet again, leaving only heavy breathing in the room. Zhu Dabao lay on Li Waner's body and closed his eyes, recalling the bone-crushing ecstasy just now. He felt that this was the happiest thing he had ever done in his life! No wonder those young men who got married always had weird smiles on their faces when talking about this matter, presumably because they were remembering the times they made trouble on their wives.

Li Waner's whole body was already limp at this moment. Although she was a little out of breath being pressed by Zhu Dabao, she didn't even have the strength to raise her hands. I thought I had just compared my husband-in-law with my father-in-law, but I didn't expect that the two of them were really biological father and son, and they were both so powerful in this aspect. Thinking of having to serve these two father and son in the future, I couldn't help but moan secretly, but then I thought of the pleasure that came over me, and it was so beautiful.

Li Wan'er then thought about how she was a newly married daughter-in-law who had experienced two men. She couldn't help but blush on her face, which was intertwined with the blush caused by lust just now. Isn't she a beautiful person? Zhu Dabao opened his eyes and saw this scene.

With a thought in her heart, the thing under her crotch raised its head again... Li Waner felt a burning sensation at the base of her legs, and when she saw her husband's strange expression, she couldn't help but moan in secret. But it was too late, Zhu Dabao had already pushed his swelling in...

After all this tossing, Li Waner was finally unable to resist the young and strong Zhu Dabao and fell into a coma. Before going to bed, Zhu Dabao was still working hard on her.

The next day, when Li Waner woke up, there was no one around her. Suddenly I remembered that I had to make breakfast, and I sat up suddenly. My waist felt sore, as if I had been punched several times, and my body was also bruised and bruised. Li Waner cursed at Zhu Dabao in her heart, and stood on tiptoe on the bed. However, she couldn't even stand firmly and sat down on the bed.

On that side, Zhu Dabao asked his mother for leave, saying that his wife was not in good health and asked his mother to bear with her. He turned around and went to the fields with a hoe on his back, feeling refreshed.

Seeing him like this, Zhu Dabao's mother didn't know why Li Wan'er was so unwell. Thinking that the two of them were in love, but she was abandoned by her husband, she suddenly felt a little dissatisfied in her heart. He snorted and went to the kitchen to cook.

When Zhu Fugui was sitting in front of the house and heard Zhu Dabao's words, he knew that the good thing between the two of them had come true last night. I feel a little unhappy in my heart, feeling that my woman has been slept with, but there is nothing to say, not to mention how useless she is. He doesn't want to eitherThinking about whose daughter-in-law this is, it is really ridiculous to think that she thinks that Li Waner is her own woman when she sleeps with her for the first time.

Li Waner sat on the bed and rested for a long time. Finally she had some strength, supported her waist and slowly moved to the dressing table to comb her hair. While combing her hair, she heard the sound of the door opening and thought it was Zhu Dabao coming back, saying, "Ms. sir, you are back!"

When she looked back, she saw that it was her father-in-law who had frightened Li Waner. He pressed his chest and said coquettishly: "Eunuch, why are you here?" Zhu Fugui swallowed when he saw Li Waner pressing her chest with one hand to make the pair of jade rabbits on her chest more attractive. Seeing his lustful appearance, and since she was already in a relationship with him, Li Waner was not afraid of him at the moment. She rolled her eyes at Zhu Fugui and continued to comb her hair.

Zhu Fugui closed the door and came behind Li Waner to watch her dressing up. Then he couldn't help but touch Li Waner's shoulder and squeeze it lightly. Feeling that this was uncomfortable, he simply leaned down and hugged Li Waner from behind. He crossed his hands on Li Waner's chest, just holding the pair of erections, and couldn't help but start rubbing them.

Li Waner put down her comb, patted his mischievous hand, and said: "Let go -" Zhu Fugui just pretended not to hear and continued his career. Seeing that he didn't stop, Li Waner simply pushed his hand away, stood up, and faced Zhu Fugui and said, "Father-in-law, it's broad daylight, and my mother-in-law is still at home! How about letting her see her?"

The end

Zhu Fugui had been sulking all morning. At this moment, his son Li Waner refused to let him touch him. He was unhappy in his heart and his face suddenly turned ugly. He said in a deep voice: "Why, Dabao felt so good when I hugged you last night. Now you don't want me to let you touch him." Touched——"

"Father, what are you talking about?" Li Waner's face looked a little bad, and she was afraid that Zhu Fugui would speak loudly and startle people outside, so she had to deal with Zhu Fugui carefully and said, "Aren't you afraid of being seen by others? Besides, you and your son will be exposed to you in succession." The two of them are almost broken——"

Zhu Fugui lost his anger now and said with a smile: "How about it, the old Zhu family is so exciting!" As he spoke, he became dishonest again and put one hand on Li Waner's buttocks and kneaded it.

Li Waner rolled her eyes at him, knowing that talking more would be useless, so she simply let him do whatever he wanted. Thinking of the giants of father and son, I secretly wondered if the roots of Lao Zhu’s family were so big? I don’t know what my brother-in-law, who is in school, is like. Thinking of this, I can’t help but curse myself in my heart, what are I thinking! She is sister-in-law!

When Zhu Fugui saw that Li Waner didn't move, he thought she had given in. He pressed forward and opened his mouth to suck on Li Waner's pink lips.

Li Waner let out a cry, clenched her pink fists, lightly punched Zhu Fugui, and finally leaned powerlessly in Zhu Fugui's arms. Not long after, he got even more emotional and climbed onto Zhu Fugui's neck and started playing with him, sucking each other's saliva.

The two hung out all morning and separated when they heard some movement outside the door. At this time, Li Waner's lips were bright red and her clothes were disheveled. Zhu Fugui stared at Li Waner's breasts with regret, because he didn't want it to end here and had no other choice, so he carefully walked out of Li Waner's room.

Li Waner also hurriedly arranged her clothes and sat in front of the dressing table to twist her hair. After careful inspection, she went out step by step. Seeing her mother-in-law cooking in the stove again and again, Li Wan'er sat down to burn firewood very wisely.

Ms. Liu glared at her and said "Huh--" and continued cooking, only to make a banging sound between the shovel and the pot. Zhu Fugui heard some noise outside and yelled at her before restraining himself. He just kept mumbling that he married a lazy woman who was also good at seducing people, and that she seduced her son into forgetting about my mother, and so on.

After lunch, Ms. Liu went out to chat as usual, but this made it easier for Zhu Fugui and Li Waner to have an affair. Only Li Waner's virgin body was not feeling well as she continued to serve them and their son. By night, the area was extremely swollen.

Zhu Dabao saw that Li Waner's area was red and swollen, so he resisted the rising desire and fell asleep holding Li Waner in his arms. It can be seen that Zhu Dabao really loves Li Waner, and Li Waner herself is very moved. In comparison, Zhu Dabao is more caring and considerate. My father-in-law only knows how to torment people, which is really annoying - but whether he really hates Zhu Fugui is only Li Waner. I know it myself.

After resting like this for a few days, Li Waner finally recovered. When Zhu Dabao found out that night, he was excited the whole night. Naturally, Li Waner got up late the next day, which earned Mrs. Liu countless looks. And Zhu Fugui's wolf-like green eyes naturally turned out to be a good thing again in the afternoon.

Li Waner just wandered between the two men, and a month passed in the blink of an eye. This morning, the family ate together as usual. Li Waner added a chopstick of fish and prepared to eat it. Unexpectedly, the fishy smell made her want to vomit, so she retched several times.

Zhu Dabao thought he was feeling unwell and extremely nervous. After all, Zhu Fugui had seen his wife give birth and looked at Li Waner thoughtfully. Mrs. Liu shouted straightly: "Isn't it possible that my boss has it? Dabao, why don't you go ask the doctor soon!"

Zhu Dabao looked overjoyed and hurriedly went to ask the doctor. After a consultation, he found out that it was indeed a wedding. Except for one person who made the whole family extremely happy, that was Li Waner. She knew that she gave her first night to her father-in-law, and later she slept with her husband. She didn’t know whose father this child was? Who should be called dad at that time is another confusing matter.

Zhu Dabao laughed and walked around her. Even Mrs. Liu was very concerned about her, not to mention Zhu Fugui. Maybe this child would be his seed and he would have another son by then! No one in the world thinks he has too many sons. Thinking that if this child is his own, it means that his own seed is more powerful than his young son's seed, and he can't help but feel happy again.

In short, it’s hard to say whose child it is…

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