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Proposal for marriage

Proposal for marriage

By 青木Published 2 months ago 13 min read

Shi Yu went shopping on the street. While walking, a middle-aged woman came out of the corner. The woman walked quickly and was ahead of him. Shi Yu's eyes were wandering around aimlessly, but suddenly he was attracted by the woman's butt. The woman was wearing jeans, her back was beautiful, and her waist and legs were in good proportion. A waist that is neither fat nor thin, with a big, round butt below, and plump legs below. That butt is jumping up and down, it's very beautiful. Shi Yu had seen many women with big butts, but he felt that this woman not only had a good butt, but also had a good-looking face, even though he was looking at her from behind. He wanted to confirm his vision, so he quickened his pace, caught up with the woman, and walked in front of her. Then, turn around and walk back. Sure enough, the woman looks good, with a Chinese character face and somewhat charming eyes. She is neither tall nor short. She is about forty years old and has a mature beauty. Shi Yu wanted to take a few more glances, so he followed the woman again.

After walking into an alley, not far away, the woman walked into a small residential area next to her. Shi Yu stopped and looked around, trying to recognize the location and name of the community. At this time, he saw an old man pointing at the woman's back and saying to another old man: "That's her daughter, who is terminally ill but wants to find a husband!" He then walked over and asked the old man: "Is there such a thing?" The old man said Pointing to a marriage notice on the wall. Said: "Take a look." When Shi Yu took a look, there was indeed something to tell him:

The little girl is 21 years old and suffering from a terminal illness, but she really wants to experience the feeling of being a bride. She is looking for a single man around 45 years old. Is there anyone who can give me happiness? The little girl died without regrets. If you are interested, please contact: 139xxxxxxx13.

After Shi Yu read it, he asked, "Maybe she comes from a rich family!"

The old man curled his lips and said, "I am an orphan and a widower, living in a shabby dormitory, and my wealth is limited!" After returning, Shi Yu inquired again and learned that the woman was an employee of a factory and a small workshop leader.

After his daughter contracted leukemia, the husband saw that the family expenses were high, and leukemia was a terminal disease, and the cost of treatment was a bottomless pit, so he suggested that his wife give up treatment. The wife refused, saying she would rather go bankrupt to treat her daughter.

The two quarreled, and finally the husband simply suggested divorce, divide the family property, and go to other places. It is said that he has remarried and had children in other places.

Shi Yu was thinking a lot, and the woman's back always appeared in his mind. He thought about himself, he was already over 30 years old, he was focusing on his career, and his hard work finally paid off, and he became the vice president of his company. Although his appearance is not striking, since he became the workshop director, many girls have approached him intentionally or unintentionally and expressed their kindness to him. But these girls are either too thin, ugly, or immature and beautiful. In short, they cannot arouse his interest. After he became the vice president, several women in the company fell into his eyes. He had a crush on them, but they were all the wives of his colleagues. He had to evade love. Look at it now, paper can never wrap it up. Fire, those adulterers, mistresses and mistresses were eventually exposed, not to mention that I had to think about my future. Considering things, it is impossible to marry someone as old as that woman, but there are not many women with as good a figure as that woman. This put him in a dilemma. Finally, he thought, it would be great if that woman could develop into a lover.

With this thought, he had his own plan. So that day, he dialed the marriage proposal phone number. The voice of a weak and feeble girl answered the phone. He thought, it must be the girl with leukemia. The girl asked him to meet at the People's Hospital, because the girl was hospitalized in the People's Hospital.

He immediately went to buy milk, nutritious rice noodles, cereals, etc., and also bought a bouquet of flowers. Then, we drove straight to the People's Hospital.

The girl was leaning on the hospital bed receiving an infusion, her face was pale, and she was so thin that almost all her bones were left. There was no one else in the ward, so he introduced himself gracefully. The girl asked him: "How old are you this year? Are you married?" He said: "32 years old or older, unmarried." The girl looked at him with doubtful eyes and asked again: "Is my announcement serious? It’s just child’s play, have you thought about it clearly?” “Think about it clearly!” “I’m not a rich woman, my family is very poor!”

"I know!"

The girl sighed, and then said: "I never thought there are really good people in the world! You came here sincerely, I am already satisfied, and I think I have fulfilled this wish. While no one knows about this now, you Let's go! But please leave your name, I will remember you forever." He was taken aback. In this case, wouldn't the plan fail?

Of course, at the same time, the girl's plight also aroused his sympathy. This is a poor kind girl!

After a moment of silence, he said, "I'm not kidding. I'm not a careless groom!" She asked in shock, "Then what are you planning to do?" "I don't have to have a bridal chamber, but I have to worship heaven and earth in an upright manner!" "Perhaps she was moved, and she shed tears. She told Shi Yu that her name was Han Lingling, and now there was only one mother at home. Her mother had to take care of her and go to work. Her mother was very miserable. As he spoke, he started sobbing.

Han Lingling said to Shi Yu again: "You are like this, but I am afraid. I am afraid that the matter will get bigger and everyone will know about it. It will be bad." Shi Yu thought about it and asked Han Lingling what to do? Han Lingling said: "I will take some time off to go home and worship quietly at home. If anyone asks, I will just say you are my cousin, okay?" Shi Yu said, "Okay, it's up to you!" Shi Yu left. Later, Han Lingling's mother also came. Han Lingling told her mother about this, and her mother said, "Lingling, you were acting impulsively. What would you do if you met a liar?" Han Lingling said, "We have nothing, what can he lie to us about?" Her mother said, "Then You have to be more careful. If he is really a good person, send him away after he is done. Don't delay him!" On this day, Shi Yu took Han Lingling back. Han Lingling's mother also took leave and took a car to the photo studio together. After taking wedding photos, they returned to Han Lingling's simple dormitory.

The dormitory is very small, only more than 30 square meters, with one room and one living room. Han Lingling's boudoir is just a corner of the hall.

Han Lingling usually puts a bed there and surrounds it with a curtain, which is the room. After the visit, Han Lingling's mother's face was filled with tears, and mother and daughter hugged each other and cried. Thank you Shi Yu profusely.

Shi Yu said, "Mom, Lingling, don't cry. From now on we are a family and we will cope with difficulties together!" A few days later, Han Lingling's condition suddenly worsened. Shi Yu now regarded her as his wife. He held Han Lingling's hand and said, "Hold on, you don't have to worry about the money for medical treatment." Shi Yu immediately took out 20,000 yuan and told the doctor that he wanted He spared no effort to cure Lingling's disease.

After taking the medicine, Han Lingling's disease gradually came under control. But at this time, she no longer had the strength to sit. She lay on the bed, thinking about the happiness of marriage.

Shi Yu came to see Lingling whenever he had time. Lingling's mother also came often, and they started chatting in the ward. Shi Yu finally learned her name: Zhi Fangxue. Of course, during this, Shi Yu felt the allure and sexiness of Zhi Fangxue's butt. But at this time, a sense of responsibility had suppressed this desire deep in my heart.

When Han Lingling was critically ill, while Shi Yu was away, he called his mother to him and whispered something. Zhi Fangxue blushed and said angrily: "Crooked method, crooked idea, this is impossible, I am still young!" Han Lingling said:

"He is indeed a good person. Otherwise, you two can consider yourself brother and sister!" Han Lingling finally died.

After settling the funeral arrangements, Shi Yu and Zhi Fangxue returned to the small dormitory together. Things have changed and people have changed, so naturally it is sad.

The two of them cook together. Dinner was quickly prepared, and then the two of them ate together. The two of them had their own thoughts and ate in silence.

Suddenly, Zhi Fangxue broke the silence and said to Shi Yu: "Thank you, Xiaoyu. I will introduce you to a girl in a while." Shi Yu smiled bitterly and said: "Lingling just left, don't talk about this, let's talk about it later!" Zhi Fangxue then said, "This is just Lingling's wish to come true. You two are not a real couple. Don't take it seriously. Don't miss your own important event!" Shi Yu came to the opposite side and said, "Mom, you should too." You're looking for a partner, let me introduce you." Zhi Fangxue blushed and said, "I'm so old, and besides, men are unreliable!" Shi Yu saw Zhi Fangxue's blushing face, which made her even more angry. charming. My heart couldn't help but beat loudly, and I was determined to have this woman. However, this is a rather traditional woman and cannot be rushed.

Shi Yu then said, "Then don't talk about it yet."

Another day, since there had been no news from Shi Yu in the past few days, Zhi Fangxue had already regarded Shi Yu as her biological brother, so she called Shi Yu to ask if he was at work normally. However, no one answered. Half an hour later, Zhi Fangxue dialed again. This time I answered, but it wasn't Shi Yu's voice. The other party told Zhi Fangxue that Shi Yu drank too much at Chunlai Hotel and might have to be sent to the hospital to cure his hangover.

Zhi Fangxue immediately rushed to Chunlai Hotel. Sure enough, she saw Shi Yu vomiting all over the floor. She said to Shi Yu's friends, "Send him to the hospital!" But Shi Yu refused to go, saying he was not drunk and was very sober. what to do? After she discussed with these friends, she would send him to a dormitory.

We hired a taxi and everyone scrambled to get Shi Yu back to the dormitory. Shi Yu went to bed and fell asleep.

Seeing this, Zhi Fangxue said to several friends: "You go back, I will just watch him here!" In the middle of the night, Shi Yu woke up and complained that he was thirsty. Zhi Fangxue was sleeping on a stool nearby. When she heard Shiyu's call, she also woke up, got up and turned on the light. Asked: "Xiao Yu, what do you want?" Shi Yu stretched out his hand towards her, touched Zhi Fangxue's plump breasts, and rubbed it a few times. Shi Yu said: "Lingling! Lingling!" Zhi Fangxue thought he was still drunk and let him go. Then he asked, "Xiao Yu, are you thirsty? I'll give you some water!" But Shi Yu pulled her hard, and she immediately lay on top of Xiao Yu. She wanted to struggle away, but Shi Yu held her waist tightly with both hands and said: "Lingling!" After a while, he said again: "Sister Fangxue, don't leave me!" Zhi Fangxue She tried to break free but couldn't. She heard him talking nonsense again, so she had no choice but to let him hold her. Her towering breasts pressed tightly against his chest. She felt uncomfortable due to the strong smell of wine and turned her face to the other side.

After hugging her for a while, Shi Yu reached out to touch her buttocks and rubbed her hard. At this time, she took the opportunity to struggle hard and get out of his arms. He stood up and said angrily: "If you keep doing this, I won't care about you!" "If you don't care about me, who will care about me?" "If I want to care about you, then don't mess around!" "Oh, my head hurts so much, oh! !" he shouted.

Seeing his painful look, she quickly reached out to touch his forehead and said, "Do you have a fever?" He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled hard, and she fell on him again. He hugged her tightly with both hands again. Said: "Sister Fangxue, I want to hug you like this!" Zhi Fangxue was hugged tightly by him, so she had to say: "Don't mess around, I will ignore you if you mess around!" Shi Yu only heard She murmured: "Fangxue, I like you, don't leave me and wait for me to take care of you, okay?" Zhi Fangxue said: "It's impossible for us!" "Really impossible?"

"It's really impossible!"

"Okay, you go, I don't need you to take care of me, just go!" Shi Yu looked disappointed and let go.

Zhi Fangxue stood up and tidied her clothes. Then he tidied up and said, "Why do you have to do this? What do you want me to do? Just have a good sleep, and you will be fine when you wake up!" "I am awake, and I want to tell you that you have failed your soul." "Ling Ling's last wish!" Zhi Fangxue was startled and said, "Did Lingling tell you?" "I didn't say it. I saw it when I wanted to burn her diary! She said that he was actually proposing marriage for you and helping you. Find another man!" After saying that, he fumbled around on the bedside, took out a diary, and handed it to Zhi Fangxue. "Read it for yourself!" She took the diary and burst into tears. From the bottom of her heart, she had no shortage of suitors since her husband abandoned her, but she thought that there were not many reliable men, so she rejected them all. But since Lingling was critically ill and told her about this, she also liked Shi Yu from the bottom of her heart. You can think of the age difference between yourself and Shi Yu and think this is impossible, so don't stop thinking about it. Now that I see Shi Yu really likes me, I feel very conflicted.

After sobbing for a while, she said, "I'm afraid you will regret it."

Shi Yu didn't say anything, but stretched out his hand to her and said, "Come, give you a hug!" "Xiao Yu, don't do this now, please give me some time, okay?"... It was the weekend, and Zhi Fangxue couldn't help but give Shi Yu another try. Go to the phone. When she learned that Shi Yu was at the restaurant, she asked with concern, "Don't you want to drink?" Shi Yu said, "Drinking is to relieve boredom." "I will ignore you when you are drunk!"

"I haven't drunk in the past few days, are you ignoring me?"

"You have a car, which is very convenient, but you ignore me!"

"Okay, I'll pick you up!"

Soon, Zhi Fangxue got on the rain-carrying car. Shi Yu asked: "Want to drink tea?" Zhi Fangxue said: "You know how to drink tea. The air in the suburbs is good. Can't you go for a walk in the suburbs?" "Okay!" The air in the suburbs was fresh and they came to a secluded place. somewhere, park your car and take a stroll on a patch of grass. Outside the grassland is the big river, and the river breeze blows, which makes me feel happy. He took her hand, but she didn't object and let him hold her hand, just like a couple in love. When she stood quietly and looked at Dajiang silently, he hugged her from behind. Then he reached into her underwear and rubbed her two big breasts. As she rubbed it, her breathing became heavier.

Just as he was about to take further action, she said, "Go back!" He pointed to the "tent" set up by his dick below, "How to go back?" He pulled her quickly into the grass next to him. He quickly took off her pants and made her bend over. He inserted right behind. As soon as his crotch touched her plump ass, he felt that it was very fat and soft. However, after a few fucks, he pulled his dick out, put his pants back on, and asked her to put them back on. Drove back.

Returning to his dormitory, the two took a mandarin duck bath and then made love to their heart's content. He happily hit the big ass that once made him lose his soul. After the passion passed, she asked him: "You are such a weird person, why do you come here so often when you are in the suburbs?" He said: "I am afraid that you will regret it when you go back, so this is to strike while the iron is hot and pay the deposit." She twisted his ears, She said softly: "You are so bad!" In the days to come, Shi Yu would often think back to that big butt who followed him on the street. But this kind of memory is no longer obscene or annoying, but a sweet memory. Because the two fat and round buttocks were ready for him to rub and hit, the anus in the center of the two buttocks opened shyly under his enthusiastic call.

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