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Physical examination records

Physical examination records

By 青木Published 3 months ago 72 min read

My junior high school was in the XX High School, which is a prestigious school. In high school, I was admitted to the high school affiliated to another university, which is also a key school in the district. So the school takes things like physical examinations quite seriously. When you graduate from junior high school, you are still a child. Although your whole body is examined during the graduation physical examination, it is usually ended hastily, as long as there is no serious problem, so as not to affect your chances of entering a higher school.

When I entered high school, the school was afraid of admitting students with problems, so it asked doctors to conduct strict investigations. Our physical examination is conducted at the same time as the entrance physical examination for college students. This university is also a paramilitary institution, so you can imagine how strict the physical examination requirements are.

Beforehand, the teacher also specifically asked to take a shower the night before and put on clean underwear. I did as I was told. It was early September, and the weather in Beijing was quite warm. I was wearing a T-shirt on the upper body, a pair of loose shorts with a flat mouth, and blue trousers on the lower body. I know that I have to take off my pants for the physical examination, and my shorts can be less revealing.

On the morning of the physical examination, you can’t eat. You have to go to the university hospital to have your blood drawn in the morning. All physical examination tests, chest X-rays, B-ultrasounds, and electrocardiograms are performed there. In the afternoon, the boys and girls were separated, and a group of five went to a teaching building next to the school hospital. Ophthalmology and otolaryngology are examined in a large classroom on the first floor; internal medicine and surgery are on the left side of the second floor for boys and on the right side for girls.

I won’t go into details about the first part of the physical examination. We were a group of 5 people because one of our classmates was late, so the teacher arranged for us to be at the end. When we entered the classroom on the left side of the second floor, I was stunned. It was like a changing room in a bathhouse.

This is a larger ordinary classroom. There is a row of five small rooms separated by the windows, just like the kind of partitions used in exhibitions, except that there is an extra half-height curtain to block the view. The cubicle occupies half the width of the classroom.

From under the curtain, I could see a pair of naked calves and a pair of calves partially covered by a white coat in each room.

The other half of the classroom is open to the outside of the small room. There are two old-fashioned wooden chairs used in conference rooms, with clothes placed on them. In front of a chair, several students older than us (probably college freshmen) were getting dressed, and several students were surrounding a set of scales to measure their weight and height. The students who were measuring their height and weight were all naked, and they were pushing and joking.

As they pushed and pushed, the genitals below swayed freely. Their pubic hair is already very thick, and one's hair has even grown below her belly button. Next to the scale they were surrounded by, a man in a white coat was taking notes.

As I watched, my heart tightened, and suddenly a slightly thick but obvious female voice came: "You classmates, come here, give me the physical examination form, go to that chair and take off your clothes!" I was scared! For a moment, I never expected that a woman would be present! I turned around and saw a middle-aged female nurse walking towards us. This nurse is about 40 years old and quite plump. She took away the physical examination form from the hands of several of us, pointed to an empty chair and said: "You are the last group today, hurry up and take off your clothes! Take off all of us!" They looked at each other, stuck out their tongues, and reluctantly walked to the bench. The four of them seemed quite reluctant, because no one expected that there would be a woman present. Even Xiao Qi and Xiao Qiao (our classmates in junior high school) who usually love telling jokes in this regard were hesitant. Despite repeated and stern urging from the female nurse, they all took off their clothes, but still placed their hands deliberately in front of their lower abdomens.

The female nurse looked at them and smiled: "Look at how shy you children are. My children are older than you."

Besides, we doctors and nurses have seen each other a lot, so who cares about you brats? Come and take your weight! "I hesitated and didn't take off my shorts. When I heard that the weight was being measured first, I wondered why I had to take off my clothes to take the weight measurement, so I followed them without taking off my shorts.

At this moment, I heard Xiao Qiao shouting: "Why is she still a woman?" Then I saw a female nurse sitting next to the scale. She had put all her hair in a hat and couldn't tell at a glance. This nurse is younger than the previous one, about thirty-five or six years old, but much more beautiful. At that time, I couldn't help but take a few more glances. After all these years, I can still remember his appearance. His eyebrows, eyes, and nose looked a bit like Maggie Cheung.

At this time, the older nurse saw that I was still wearing shorts and said: "Why don't you take them off?!" I said: "The shorts only weigh a few pounds, why do I need to take them off!?" "This is a rule, you still have to wait for the checkup" Take it off." (Later I read a book about the medical examination regulations, and sure enough it said that men must be naked when the weight and height are tested, while women can wear bras and briefs. --Is it so unfair?!) I said: " It's not too late to take it off during the examination." The young nurse smiled and said, "If he doesn't take it off, don't take it off. I'm afraid I won't look at it. Anyway, someone will look at it later." Then she glanced at the older nurse. . Only later did I understand the meaning of his smile. But I didn't care at the time.

The elderly nurse measured our grip strength and lung capacity. My grip strength is 48 kilograms and my vital capacity is 5280, which is considered high among the five of us. Even the old nurse had to say: "This guy is really good." I said:

"Of course!" "Then be my son-in-law." The young nurse and my classmates burst into laughter. My face turned red all of a sudden and I felt like it was burning all the way to my ears. The old nurse laughed even harder and said, "This child is so cute." But she said she was cute, but later she messed with me.

The young nurse measured our weight and height. They even touched my face with their hands when measuring my height. I'm 168 centimeters tall and weigh 56 kilograms, which is pretty standard. Then I used a tape measure to measure my chest, waist, hips, leg length, arm length, thigh circumference, calf circumference, upper arm circumference, lower arm circumference... up and down.

The nurse was very quick when measuring them, and when measuring me, she just tugged left and right. While measuring the circumference of my thighs and hips, he also deliberately touched and touched my penis and balls. She felt proud when she saw my face turning red and white, trying to hide away but not being able to.

We have finished measuring here, and the group in front has already dressed and left. At this time, the physical examination in the small room was also over.

The boys who were weighing before us came out one after another. The boy who walked out of the innermost room blushed.

The older nurse assigned us to a small room for examination. I was originally ranked first, and was also the first to finish checking outside. According to how I saw her classifying the first group, I should be assigned to the outermost room. But this time she sorted the four classmates first, and finally took me into the innermost room.

As soon as I entered, I realized that the old nurse was sincerely playing tricks on me. It turned out that this last room was inspected by a young female doctor. She wore a large mask, no hat, and a ponytail. He looks about twenty-five or six years old.

As soon as the old nurse came in, she whispered to the female doctor: "This child is very shy. He is too embarrassed to take off his shorts outside, so I brought them to you." She turned around and smiled at me and said, "We'll see if you can take them off this time." Take it off. Let me tell you, this doctor is young, just graduated from college, and he likes to see you." After hearing this, the female doctor punched the old nurse: "You are not serious." She also laughed as she said it.

When I heard them joking, I started to sweat a lot. The female doctor watched the old nurse go out. She turned around and saw my sweaty face. She smiled and took out a few tissues and handed them to me and said, "Don't be nervous. You don't have to be shy to show your naked body to the doctor. It's just like going to get a haircut. The barber will give it to you." Haircuts are for you, and I am for you. There are also male doctors who also treat female patients. When I was in college, the male doctor performed my B-ultrasound for my physical examination. When we graduated from college and did internships, the boys still stayed with us girls. Go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for internship." As the female doctor whispered, my heart gradually calmed down.

The female doctor saw me wiping off my sweat and said, "Let's get started. You sit down." She pointed to the stool in front of her.

I sat down.

"Sit up straight." He began to touch the sides of my neck with his hands.

"Put your hands on your head." I did. He touched my armpits and chest again. While checking the armpits, he asked my arms to hang naturally. He touched them for a long time, which made me feel painful and itchy. Then she started squeezing and rubbing my arms. It made me feel painful, numb and itchy for a while, and I temporarily forgot about the shyness of being naked.

The female doctor started to measure my pulse and blood pressure. She said, "Look, you are nervous. Your pulse is still fast and your blood pressure is high. I have been massaging you for so long and you still haven't fully recovered. What should I do? Wait and measure it, it won't work." , you need to re-examine again." I lowered my head and said nothing.

"You stand up, move the stool away and do 10 squats." I moved the stool back and did 10 squats. She took my pulse again.

"Turn around and stand up straight." She started to touch my neck, went down my spine, and then returned to touch my shoulder blades after reaching my waist: "Your shoulders are high on the right and low on the left. This is because you The shoulders are a bit slippery. I always tend to shrug when carrying a schoolbag on one shoulder, which is caused by habit. There is no problem with my spine. In the future, I should be careful not to carry a schoolbag on one shoulder, and change it to a double shoulder." I agreed.

The female doctor began to touch from the waist down along the spine, and while touching, she took off my shorts. I knew that the moment that I was both afraid of and a little bit looking forward to was finally coming. The female doctor slowly but firmly pulled down my shorts. The elastic band of the shorts hung on the base of my penis for a moment, and then quickly slid off.

The female doctor grabbed the elastic band of the shorts and said, "Pick up your feet!" I lifted my left and right feet in turn, and the shorts were finally taken off. I felt my pulse quicken again and my face became hot, but my heart felt tight. After my shorts were taken off, I didn't hear the doctor speak for a long time, nor did I feel her touching me, because my back was still turned to her, so I didn't know what she was doing, and I was too embarrassed to look back.

It took two minutes before I heard the doctor say: "Put your feet apart and bend forward." "Hold the stool in front of you with your hands!" I did so and felt her touch at the same time. Only then did I realize that she was wearing rubber gloves. She spread my buttocks with her gloved hands and I felt the moving air stimulate my anus. I stayed in this position for two or three minutes, not knowing what she was looking at.

"Use your elbows to support the stool and push your butt up." My head is lower, my butt is higher, and the back is more fully exposed. I wish I could crawl into a crack in the ground.

The female doctor used her thumbs to separate the skin on the outer edge of my anus, and I felt a little pain.

"Have you ever had blood during bowel movements?" "Occasionally." "You have an external hemorrhoid and a slight anal fissure. You should pay attention to your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. Go to the hospital for a closer examination in the future. Stand up straight and turn around. Come!" I finally faced the young female doctor completely naked. I saw an imperceptible smile in the female doctor's eyes. I know that my penis is relatively small and I have very little pubic hair, just a handful at the base of my penis.

When I was taking a shower with my classmates, they called me "Punch of Hair" when they saw me (there is a bandit nicknamed "Punch of Hair" in "Taking Tiger Mountain by Wisdom").

"Come, stand on this platform." She pointed to a wooden platform about 25 centimeters high next to the examination bed. After standing on the table, my genitals were as high as the female doctor's face, making it easier for her to examine me.

Because of my shyness, my penis was tightened. It was only the size of a joint of a thumb and was wrapped by foreskin. The female doctor first held my hips with both hands and carefully observed my lower body; I closed my eyes. Because looking at her long hair always reminded me that I was standing naked in front of a young woman.

I later read a book about the KGB of the former Soviet Union. When training agents, there was a course where they stood naked in front of clothed members of the opposite sex and had the opposite sex make malicious comments about their bodies. Because if captured by the enemy, he will definitely be stripped naked and interrogated. According to research by psychologists, standing naked in front of a clothed member of the opposite sex will make you feel ashamed, your self-esteem will be severely affected, and you will be more likely to submit and submit. At that time, I had a strong mentality of submission when facing female doctors.

"Have you ever had nocturnal emissions?" The female doctor's question once again reminded me of my situation. After being stunned for a moment, he calmed down and answered: "Yes." "How long was the interval?" "Not necessarily, sometimes two weeks, sometimes more than a month." "Have you ever masturbated?" "No." Really not? I don’t believe it.” “It’s just not!” “If not, then it’s not. See how anxious you are.” It’s really unbearable to be asked this by a lady.

She didn't move her left hand, still holding my right hip, gently brushing a bunch of my hair with her right hand, and then pushed the foreskin toward the base of the penis, trying to expose the glans.

"Can your glans be exposed when you have an erection?" "What is an erection?" "You really don't understand, it's when it gets hard and gets bigger." She raised her head and glared at me.

"I didn't pay attention." "Your foreskin is a bit long. Does it hurt when you push it like this?" She continued to push the foreskin down slowly.

"It hurts a little." "Then I won't push you today, but you must go to the hospital. It's best to have your foreskin removed. Otherwise, it will affect your marriage in the future." "Doctor, are you married?" I asked.

"What are you asking for?" She also made me stunned.

"How do you know this if you're not married?" "I'm a doctor, you kid." "You're not much older than me." "I'm more than 10 years older than you, and you guys are about 16." In fact, I'm still a few years behind. I am not even 15 years old, so I have nothing to say. I saw her ears were a little red.

She started touching my balls (scrotum) with both hands.

"You're still nervous. It's so tight here that I can't even check it." She kept massaging my scrotum as she said it, and I couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"Forget it, let's not check it now. You sit on the examination table." I sat on the edge of the examination table, and she tapped my knee joint with a small hammer. My calf moved with her tapping. Lift it up.

"Lie down." I lay naked on the examination table, like a sheep being slaughtered. She grabbed my ankle with one hand and my knee with the other, bending, extending, shaking left and right, first the left leg and then the right leg. Then he touched my thigh again and it hurt a lot. Then he hit my feet with a hammer and scratched the soles of my feet with a pen.

After these inspections were completed, she took off her rubber gloves.

At this time, several of my classmates outside had finished checking and asked me to hurry up. I thought I was about to get up after the examination was over. But the doctor said: "Don't move, it's not over yet." He picked up the stethoscope.

I heard the older nurse say: "You guys go out first and wait for him outside." My classmate said:

"Let's go first, we won't wait for you!" The female doctor began to listen to my heart, left, right, up and down, and used a ruler to measure and make marks, and she continued to work for a long time. The pulse and blood pressure were also re-measured. "Your pulse rate of 72 is considered normal, but your blood pressure of 90/140 is still high. Please wait for the notification for re-examination." At this time, the two nurses were fine and they all came in to see me. Especially the younger one, who stared at my lower body as soon as he came in, "Let me see it this time." I covered my penis with my hand and said, "You're perverted!" "Stop teasing him, I'm still The check is not finished yet." The female doctor pushed them out.

The female doctor began to examine my abdomen and asked me to bend my legs. She enjoyed touching all my parts from below my ribs to above my pubic bone. I pressed for a while, pressed for a while, and tapped for a while. I felt very itchy at first, but then I felt very comfortable.

It was during this time that I took a closer look at her appearance: her hair was dark and neatly combed, with a few bangs in front of her forehead; her eyebrows were wide and black.Black, although not modified, the upper and lower eyebrows are all long towards the center, and the eyebrows are not messy; because of the mask, the mouth and nose cannot be seen, but from the height of the mask, it can be seen that the nose is relatively high; There was also a strand of hair on the side, and her ears were strangled by the mask. I saw a small black mole behind her left ear; the skin on her neck was particularly delicate and a bit translucent.

"Doctor, you are so beautiful!" I said involuntarily.

"Get up, the examination is over. What did you just say?" I blushed again. "Doctor, you have seen my whole body, and I haven't even seen your face." She smiled and took off her mask, "Look! It seems that you always feel that you are at a disadvantage. I will let you know when I have the opportunity in the future. Earn it back." I looked at her face. The bridge of her nose was straight, and her closed lips formed a horizontal line. When she was calm, she gave people a sense of perseverance. When she smiled, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, giving her a playful look. Beauty--Wow, she's really beautiful.

"Have you seen enough? Go get dressed quickly and come back to get the physical examination form." I put on my underwear first and then walked out.

I got dressed and came back, and she said to me: "Your blood pressure is a little high, and there is no way to check the tightness of your scrotum. I won't give you the checklist. Let's wait until the re-examination is completed." "Is it still you for the re-examination?" "You hope it's me, Or not me?" she asked with a smile.

I felt that my question was really stupid and I had put myself into it.

"As long as there are no more female doctors." She laughed, and her smile became even more beautiful.

My physical examination is over. Do you want to have such a physical examination experience?

About a week after the physical examination, one Saturday, during the morning recess, the head teacher informed me that there would be a review of the physical examination in the afternoon. A total of 5 people from the whole grade would gather at the school gate at 3:30 to go together. I had just returned to the dormitory after lunch, and the dormitory life teacher asked me to answer the phone. I'm very surprised because no one has called me at school since I entered high school.

I picked up the phone and a woman's voice said: "You are classmate Lu XX, I am Wu XX." I said, "I don't know you." "You're such a tough kid, I'm here to give you a physical examination." Dr. Wu." "Oh, hello, Dr. Wu! You didn't tell me your name last time. I didn't recognize it. I'm sorry!" "You're welcome. You have received the notice for the reexamination of the physical examination, right? You will be here at 5:30 p.m. Go directly to room 509 on the fifth floor of the campus hospital to find me." "The teacher told us to gather together at 3:30." "You don't have to worry about other people, just find a reason to come here alone, but don't say that I called you directly.

Understand? "I understand." "We'll talk about other things when we meet." Didn’t I say last time that I would let you earn it back? Don't miss your chance. "After that, he hung up the phone.

I was a little confused. I really had no idea what she meant by "earning it back." But I was still prepared to follow Dr. Wu's instructions.

There was no class on Saturday afternoon, so I made up an excuse and said I needed to find something to do with my old classmate’s brother, so I left first. I was the only one in our class who was reviewed. Because we haven’t been in school for a long time, the new students are not in the same class and don’t know each other, so they don’t want to go together.

I arrived at the fifth floor of the school hospital on time at 5:30 in the afternoon. This fifth floor was added on top of the original four-story building. The lower four floors are rooms on both sides of the middle corridor. The corridor on the fifth floor is on the north side, and there are only rooms on the south side.

There were signs hanging on the doors of the rooms. I saw that they were the offices of the hospital management agency. 509 At the east end of the corridor, the sign on the door reads "Female Dormitory", and there is also a printed piece of paper saying "No entry unless required." I knocked on the door twice.

"Please come in." A clear female voice responded.

When I opened the door and entered the house, the first thing I felt was that it was clean and bright.

"You are a classmate of XX from the High School Affiliated to the Middle School. Doctor Wu just called and asked you to wait a moment. She will be back soon." A girl with glasses and a round face said from the desk in front of the window opposite. stand up.

This room is longer than the average room in Tongzilou, and the door is right in the middle of the width of the room. A little to the east under the south window, there are two desks facing each other. There is only a phone, a pen holder, and an open book on the desk. The girl was sitting in front of the open book.

"Sit down and drink a glass of water first." She poured a glass of water and put it on the table opposite the table where she was sitting.

I sat down on the chair next to the desk opposite.

"Let's get to know each other, my name is Chen ×." She stretched out her hand and we shook it gently across the table. Her hand was soft, cool and a little wet. She seems to be the kind of girl who is not very beautiful but is quiet and quiet. I didn't expect her to be quite generous.

"I was assigned just after graduating from the nursing college, and I have only been in the school hospital for a month." I listened to her and observed the room. The walls of the room were newly painted, and there were windows on the east and south sides. There is a door behind the girl's seat to the west of the window. It turns out there is a balcony, so the room is very bright. There are two single beds on the west side of the room. The one on the south side is covered with white sheets and the quilt is folded like tofu pieces, like a soldier's bed. The one on the north side is covered with light green sheets and folded pillows. The quilt is covered with a light-colored floral silk scarf.

Due to the long entrance, two beds were placed, a passage to and from the balcony was left on the south side, and a cabinet was placed on the north side. There is a washbasin in the corner of the east entrance, with a faucet on top, and a 1.5-meter-square white tile floor underneath; in front of the east window is a flat trolley for transporting patients, and between the trolley and the sink is an old-fashioned bookshelf. There are some daily sundries placed on it; there is a medical trolley on the side of the trolley closest to me that contains items. The items on it are covered with white gauze and appear to be medical sterilizers or the like.

"Dr. Wu told me about you, and she has a very good impression of you." Girl, oh--no! You should call the female nurse, but when she saw that I didn't speak, she told me again.

"Really, Dr. Wu and I only met during the physical examination. Why do you have a good impression of me?" I blushed again when I thought of the physical examination.

"She said you are very honest and there are not many boys like you." She said and blushed. I guess Dr. Wu accurately told her what happened during my physical examination.

"Humph, Doctor Wu is telling embarrassing stories about me behind my back." "Who is telling embarrassing stories about you?" Doctor Wu just pushed the door open and came in with a blood pressure monitor in his hand. We laughed together.

"It looks like you had a good chat. I'll be able to do my ideological work later." I didn't understand what Dr. Wu meant, but Nurse Chen lowered her head in embarrassment.

We chatted a few more times. Doctor Wu looked at her watch and said, "It's almost six o'clock. Let me check your blood pressure first." She called to nurse Xiao Chen: "Xiao Chen, come and measure his blood pressure. One more practice is enough." Xiao Chen looked at me When he saw that I had no objection, he moved a chair over and sat down. I held out my left arm and she put on a stethoscope and took my blood pressure.

It’s funny to see her wearing a stethoscope, like a child playing a game. She was a little embarrassed when she saw me smiling, but she didn't stop and took the measurement three times.

"75/115 is completely normal. Dr. Wu, please take the test again." "I won't check anymore. He was fine to begin with. He was too excited last time." He laughed again.

While we were taking my blood pressure, Dr. Wu moved a floor-standing medical examination lamp from behind where I was sitting and placed it in front of the bed in the south. He connected it to the power supply and turned on the indoor lights. The days in September start to get shorter, and it gets dark quickly after six o'clock. I didn't notice it at first, but as soon as I turned on the light, I felt a lot brighter. Xiao Chen closed the east curtain. Because it is close to the main road in the south, and there is a large playground on the south side of the road, there will be no visual interference, and the curtains do not need to be drawn.

I watched them busy, but I didn't know that I was about to be in "disaster" again.

Dr. Wu stood in front of the bed and called me: "Come here, baby, are you embarrassed to take off your pants this time?" Then I remembered that I still had to re-examine my genitals. All these preparations they made were for examination. And it seems that Xiao Chen also knows that I want to check my genitals. I saw that Dr. Wu did not answer immediately. After looking at Xiao Chen, I said:

"She is also present?" "She is a nurse, what are you afraid of?" "I said it last time, I don't want other female doctors to be present, and neither can nurses." Xiao Chen blushed. "Doctor Wu, I'd better sit next door for a while." "It's already off work. There's still people next door. How about we do it as we discussed?" "Then you discuss it with Xiaolu first, and I'll go out first." Then walk out.

Dr. Wu stopped her and gave her a bunch of keys: "Go to my office and sit for a while. I'll call you when you're done." I didn't know what they were plotting, so I had no choice but to say nothing. Xiao Chen took the key and went out.

"Come on now." She sat on the edge of the bed.

"I haven't showered in two days. I forgot that I have to check this place today. And I only found out about the re-check in the morning." "It doesn't matter, how dirty can a kid like you be? Stop making excuses, hurry up. Come here. Take off your outer trousers first." I had to start to loosen the waistband of my pants, take off my trousers and put them on the chair. Walk over and stand in front of her. I was wearing a pair of tight briefs, and my genital area was bulging.

"Take off your underwear below your knees." She said commandingly. At the same time, the medical floor lamp was turned on.

I slowly took off my underwear and pushed it down to my knees. The underwear is relatively tight, and it won't slide down by itself even if it's taken off below the knees. The weather in Beijing has begun to get cold, so I wear a hurdle vest underneath and a long-sleeved shirt on top, with the hem just enough to cover my penis.

Dr. Wu pushed up my shirt and vest to expose my navel, and then asked me to hold it on myself. I was completely exposed to her from my knees up and down to my navel. The lights in the room were already bright, and the floor lamp illuminated my genitals so brightly that my pubic hair reflected the light.

Although I had the experience of the last physical examination, and it was still examined by Dr. Wu, my mental endurance has improved.

But I still feel weird and my heart feels tight. In particular, Dr. Wu did not wear a white coat this time. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a sweetheart collar on the upper body and a blue skirt that just reached the knees. Looking at her, I felt my heart was in chaos, and a wave of heat went straight down from my dantian. I quickly turned my attention and looked out the window.

She held my hip with one hand like she did during the last physical examination, but the other hand no longer touched my penis, but stroked my lower abdomen.

"Your skin is really nice, white and thin like a girl's." "Ouch, it's so itchy!" I felt itchy and ran away. Since the panties were tight on my calves, I only rubbed them back a little. Dr. Wu reacted very quickly and thought I would fall. The hand that was holding my hip quickly stretched and pulled, pressing my butt and pulling me back. As a result, she pulled me harder than I could hide, and I almost jumped on her.

This time she was sitting on the bed. Since the bed was shorter than the chair, my genitals were only a little lower than her face.

As soon as I pounced, her mouth kissed me hard on the lower abdomen just above my penis.

"You're so mean!" She slapped my butt. His eyes were staring at me, but his face was obviously smiling.

"You nudged me and pulled me. You still blame me!? You also hit me!" I was really unhappy.

"Okay, okay, okay. I apologize to you!" As he said that, he began to touch my scrotum with his hand. Only then did I notice that she was not wearing rubber gloves this time.

"Spread your legs a little further." Because the shorts are not completely taken off, if you want to spread your thighs further, you have to bend your knees and turn them outwards. Only then did I understand why I had to pull my underwear down below my knees - it was to make it easier to spread my thighs further apart. I stayed in this position for three minutes.

"It's fine this time. You can feel it all clearly. There's nothing wrong with it. He's a completely healthy man." She said but she didn't stop and kept rubbing my testicles. It made me numb and swollen, and I couldn't help but start to react, and my penis jumped. Dr. Wu felt it and immediately stopped. He said, "Don't worry, wait until you have a chance to show off. Pull up your underwear first." After saying that, he stood up and washed his hands.

There is something in what Dr. Wu said. After putting on my underwear, I asked uneasily: "What do you want to do later?" "Xiaolu, I think you are a good boy. You must be kind-hearted and willing to help others. I want to ask you to help Nurse Xiao Chen." "I How can I help her?" "Well, Xiao Chen has just graduated from nursing school and is not very skilled in many nursing tasks. To put it bluntly, he is still afraid of caring for the special parts of male patients, and he is not skilled in the skills. Previous Last week, a college boy had a boil on his lower abdomen, which was about one centimeter above and left of the base of his penis. The doctor asked her to deal with it after looking at it. But Xiao Chen was shy. She should have shaved or trimmed the surrounding pubic hair first. Remove it, then disinfect it carefully with iodine or other disinfectant, then apply medicine and bandage. If pus has emerged, it should be drained.

"But Xiao Chen was embarrassed when he heard that he was in such a place. Seeing that Xiao Chen was young, the male classmate didn't want to ask her to handle it. Xiao Chen put the ointment on the gauze and gave her some tape to let the male classmate handle it by himself. . As a result, the boil got worse and almost caused a serious accident. When the dean found out, he severely criticized Xiao Chen and almost punished her." "Then what can I do to help her?" I pretended to be confused.

"I want to take this opportunity today to ask you, no! Please, be a model for Xiao Chen." "Be a model for her?!" "Just let her look at you, exercise her endurance, and at the same time become familiar with you. Let's talk about the care of male patients." "Why should I let her see me naked? I feel bad enough if you see me naked during the physical examination. But there is nothing the physical examination can do about it. Show her to her for no reason, I won't do it! "I won't let you show it to her for nothing. After you finish modeling, the two of us will treat you to "Lao Mo" for Western food. Then you will make money back!" "This is what you have said many times, "make money back." "Yeah? I'm not the one who suffers the most! When I work as a model, you are so full that your eyes are happy, and you practice my skills, but you are full of food, which is good for your mouth. They are not the same thing at all. They cannot offset each other.

I won’t do it. "You are a little kid and a ghost. You do one thing after another." I've long guessed you would be like this. Alas, it seems that I am the only one who will pay the debt for her. "How do you pay it back?" "I'll let you look at me too. Is that okay?" "Let me see you?" What do you think? "Even I took it off..." Her face turned a little red.

My eyes widened in surprise and I was speechless for a long time.

"Speak quickly if you agree or not, don't let me regret it." I paused for a while, suppressed my blush and said: "You looked at me twice, you should have paid me the debt; I don't want you to pay the debt for her. I, I, I want to see her too." She thought for a moment and said, "This opportunity is really rare now, so I'll ask her to come back to discuss it." Doctor Wu called Nurse Xiao Chen. "Xiaolu basically agrees, but as I expected, the third option is needed." "You have to spend some tuition fees yourself." "Don't miss the opportunity." "You forgot about the old dean's approval." "You go first. Let’s discuss it when we come back.” I felt that I had become “bad” after passing this physical examination. Dr. Wu's words aroused my strong curiosity. I suddenly felt that it didn’t matter if I let them see me naked. In fact, I didn’t lose anything. I knew that Xiao Chen, a girl under 20 years old, would not agree to my exchange terms, but deep down in my heart I was hoping for a miracle. I fantasized about Xiao Chen and Dr. Wu without clothes, and my heart became hot.

I put on my trousers and Xiao Chen came back. I noticed that she changed her clothes, took off her original pink top and white cropped pants, and put on a white nurse uniform. She lost all her cheerfulness and generosity when we first met, and she never looked at me head-on after she came back.

After Dr. Wu and her secretAfter my words and bargaining, the miracle really happened. It seemed that the dean's criticism was very irritating to her, and she really loved her job as a nurse and wanted to do it well.

Finally, we reached an agreement as follows: I will be a model according to their requirements, and I will absolutely obey their instructions and cannot make any more conditions. After they finished, they let me see their bodies: Dr. Wu was naked from the upper body, but was only allowed to wear underwear on the lower body; Xiao Chen was naked from the lower body, and was only allowed to wear a tight-fitting vest on the upper body. I can let them do the actions they asked me to do, but the touching must be allowed before it can be implemented, otherwise they have the right to interrupt the transaction.

The show has officially begun.

The two of them discussed it, placed two chairs side by side next to the desk, placed a medical floor lamp in the middle of the chairs, and pulled out a low stool more than 20 centimeters high from under the bed and placed it opposite the chairs. Then he pulled the trolley with the medical equipment over and placed it next to the chair. After everything was ready, they sat on the chairs and began to give me orders.

First, I was asked to take off all my clothes in front of them. The order was: 1. Take off my shoes and socks and put on a pair of hotel slippers prepared for me; 2. Take off my shirt and put it on the bed; 3. Take off my pants. After taking off, stand up straight and pause for a while; 4. Take off your underwear below the knees, then stand up straight and pause for a while; 5. Take off the vest; 6. Finally, take off the shorts that are already below the knees.

Dr. Wu said that this was done to train Xiao Chen's tolerance and dare to face naked male patients.

While I was taking off my clothes, I saw that Xiao Chen's face was always red. I wanted to look but didn't dare to stare for a long time, and my eyes were evasive. Dr. Wu mainly stared at Xiao Chen and reminded her to pay attention. And I was literally doing a striptease.

I finally stood naked in front of the two ladies. At this moment, I really regretted it. The feeling of submission that made my heart tighten during the previous physical examination suddenly emerged again. I took the initiative to take two steps closer to them. I was only 30 centimeters away from them, and my feet and theirs were touching. Doctor Wu first stretched out his right hand to grab my scrotum, and used his left hand to push me in front of Xiao Chen, asking me to face Xiao Chen.

“When doing a male genital examination, you must first observe the pubic hair. The pubic hair is the adolescent stage that has just begun to develop. The pubic hair starts from the penis and grows with age. As the age increases, the pubic hair will grow all the way to the navel, and even be connected with the chest hair.

Then check the penis, but today we'll check the scrotum first. The male scrotum is a very delicate organ. It is particularly afraid of collisions and is particularly sensitive to the influence of internal and external factors in the body. For example, it will relax and sag when you are hot or tired, and tighten when you are cold or refreshed. "Dr. Wu really understands. While she was talking, she asked Xiao Chen to touch my scrotum. While touching, she introduced the spermatic cord, testicles, and epididymis. When Xiao Chen's hand touched mine, I couldn't help but tremble. They Even without gloves, Xiao Chen's hand was still cool, wet, and very gentle. It was so stimulating. Xiao Chen's hand touched it for two or three minutes, getting heavier and heavier without stopping. I felt my penis I started to react, and I couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Doctor Wu noticed it and said, "Let's start checking the penis." Only then did Xiao Chen realize and quickly retracted his hand.

Dr. Wu took Xiao Chen's hand and asked her to hold the middle and rear part of my penis with the thumb, index and middle fingers of her left hand, and held the front end of my penis with the same three fingers of her right hand.

"For penis examination, you need to push down the foreskin to expose the glans, all the way to the coronal sulcus. Be gentle, oh! Stop first.

Xiao Chen, please bring the disinfectant, tweezers and absorbent cotton. "Xiao Chen took a bottle of transparent liquid from the trolley next to him, opened it, arranged the tweezers, and took a pack of absorbent cotton that had been rolled into a ball and placed it next to it.

"Xiaolu, the foreskin of your penis is a bit long, and the foreskin has never been pushed up before. I didn't push it on you twice because I didn't prepare sterilizing equipment. After pushing it up, it will hurt a little, but it must be done. I won't do it today. I will do it again in the future. There will be foreskin secretion under the foreskin and it needs to be disinfected." This time, Dr. Wu grabbed my penis and pushed the foreskin up little by little. I am very nervous and afraid of pain.

But the result was not as painful as expected, just because the glans was a little sensitive when it was exposed to the air for the first time.

As the glans was exposed, a faint odor spread. I blushed but felt cold all over.

"Most of the secretion is protein, and it will smell after fermentation. This is normal. In the future, you should pay attention to turning the foreskin up when taking a bath. Xiao Chen, wipe him with hydrogen peroxide." Xiao Chen picked it up with tweezers. A few cotton balls and some liquid in a bottle were rubbed onto my penis. The coolness of the hydrogen peroxide made me smart. I took a deep breath and couldn't catch my breath for a long time, which made Dr. Wu laugh.

Xiao Chen fixed my turned-up foreskin with one hand, and used tweezers with the other hand to wipe it with a cotton ball. First wipe from the urethral opening, circle around the urethral opening a few times, and rub to the top of the glans; use another cotton ball and wipe again, and expand to the entire glans. The third cotton ball wiped the area wiped twice before and then started to wipe the coronal sulcus. Just like this, I gradually went down and changed the cotton ball five times to wipe the entire penis.

I feel the most stimulating when rubbing the upper part of the glans penis and the coronal sulcus, and my penis can’t help but stand up. They both noticed it but neither said anything. Dr. Wu just smiled slightly, while Xiao Chen's face turned red, which he just used his monograph work to cover up.

After the disinfection was finally completed, Xiao Chen used his hands to push down the foreskin that had been pushed up. My penis was already nearly horizontal and would definitely swell if it went any further. The two ladies looked at my majestic figure and said nothing for a long time, but their eyes never left that part.

It was Dr. Wu who spoke first: "Xiao Chen, you see, the scrotum tightens after Xiaolu is excited. This is why I want to check the scrotum first today. Now let's prepare to check the anus. Go get the gloves." "Why?" We also need to check the anus. Aren't the anus different between men's and women's?" "Of course it's different. As we just said, you must obey our requirements." "This is an unreasonable request!" "Men have a gland called the prostate. The organ that grows at the junction of the urethra and bladder can only be touched from the anus. I want Xiao Chen to experience it." Facing her as a doctor, I was speechless.

"I have never practiced digital anal examination of male patients. I must make good use of such a good opportunity today." She said in a teasing tone - sincerely pissing me off. I saw Xiao Chen secretly laughing. They each put on a rubber glove on their right hands, readjusted the lights and turned a chair.

"Pose properly, you already know how to pose!" I helplessly turned around and faced the floor lamp, leaning on the chair and bending down.

"You have to use your elbows to prop up the chair." I had to adjust my posture and push my butt higher. I lowered my head and looked under my armpit. Dr. Wu was squatting behind me on the left and holding my left buttock with his ungloved hand; Touching my right hip. After a while, Dr. Wu started massaging my anus with his gloved fingers. I felt as if there was oil on his fingers.

"When checking the anus, you should first massage the subject's anus with your fingers for a while to let him relax before inserting your fingers. If it is a female patient, you should also be careful not to touch the vaginal opening to avoid contaminating the vagina." Dr. Wu said His fingers began to insert into my anus. I closed my eyes and started breathing through my mouth. Apart from the swollen foreign body sensation in my anus, I didn't feel much discomfort.

The fingers turned and touched up, down, left, and right in my rectum, and finally pressed on the front wall of the rectum. The strength of my fingers increased, and I felt that the joint between the penis and the scrotum was sore and stretched, and I couldn't help but hum.

"It looks like this is it. It's as big as a chestnut, soft, and obvious. Xiao Chen, come and touch it." I took out my finger and breathed a sigh of relief. After a while, I saw the two of them changing places. Xiao Chen dipped his gloved hand into a small jar - it must be lubricant - and then stretched it towards my anus. I closed my eyes again.

A trembling finger began to touch my anus. The technique was too gentle and made me itchy. My anus spasmed. The fingers began to insert, which were obviously thinner than Dr. Wu's fingers.

"Turn the pad of your finger so that it's facing downwards. You don't have to insert it too deep. You can feel a chestnut-sized protrusion. It feels soft when you press it gently. This is the prostate." "I felt it. There seems to be a strip in the middle. Small groove." "By the way, let's do some prostate massage." "I don't know how." "It doesn't matter, you give it a try. Press from both sides of the chestnut to the middle." -- "Try more force." I felt sore again. --"Then squeeze from top to bottom." The sore and numb feeling extended to the urethra. I'm breathing heavier.

"Xiaolu, do you feel like you need to pee?" "It seems - not - yet." "Xiao Chen, let me come." My anus experienced another thrust and thrust. Dr. Wu's techniques are much more severe than Xiao Chen's. I felt my fingers massage it first left and right and then up and down again. When I massaged it up and down for the third time, I felt like peeing.

"I can feel it." Dr. Wu didn't pull out his fingers and continued to massage, but he leaned forward and stared at my penis. I also opened my eyes and saw a few drops of crystal liquid flowing out of my urethral opening.

"This is the prostate fluid. Success." The finger was finally pulled out. I stood up straight and took a deep breath. When I turned around, I saw a smile on both of their faces, as if they had accomplished a great cause.

"I want to go to the toilet." I said.

"Not now, just hold on a little longer. I'll let you relax soon." They both looked at each other and smiled.

They took off their rubber gloves, washed their hands at the sink, and then worked in front of the trolley where the medical equipment was placed. And I was still standing naked in the middle of the room. After being tortured by them just now, my shame has reduced a lot, and I feel more helpless submission. I don't know what to do without their orders. Xiao Chen also became much bolder, and his eyes no longer evaded my naked body. Dr. Wu was even more unscrupulous.

"Xiaolu, go and lie down on that examination bed." Dr. Wu said, pointing to the flat trolley placed against the wall for pushing patients.

It turns out that the wheels of this flat cart can be raised and lowered. When the wheels are lowered, it can be pushed around. When the wheels are raised, four steel pipes can be placed on the ground to serve as an examination bed. The examination bed is much higher than an ordinary bed so that the doctor can bend less during examination.

I held my hands and climbed up. The bed was covered with white sheets and a low pillow - it seemed that they had been prepared for it.

After I lay down, Dr. Wu came over. Xiao Chen followed behind, pushing a trolley with medical equipment. He placed the trolley close to my calves on the examination bed, and moved the medical floor lamp over, raising it higher so that the light could be directed directly. Between my legs.

Doctor Wu stood next to me and said to me: "I added that part of the examination just now. Who asked you to negotiate conditions with us? But you are also suitable. If you go to the hospital for foreskin cleaning, there will be a charge. Now you will be a model Let Xiao Chen practice three nursing skills: 1. Enema; 2. Lower abdominal skin preparation; 3. Urinary catheterization." I was still young at the time and didn't know much about the medical terms he said, so I had an extra thought. , and said: "I don't quite understand what you are talking about. You need to explain it clearly. First of all, what is an enema?" "An enema is a method of cleaning the patient's rear intestine. It is to drip the cleaning liquid from the anus into the abdominal cavity, keep it for a while, and then Natural discharge to achieve the purpose of cleaning the intestines..." "No, no! This is not special care for male patients, it is beyond the scope of our agreement. No!" I didn't hear Dr. Wu finish. Just sit up and object.

"Because the lower body needs to be exposed during an enema. Of course, men and women are different." "She saw my naked body and even touched my anus. Why does it have to be an enema? If you want to practice enema, help her practice it. You can be her model." "You kid..." Dr. Wu wanted to say something else, but Xiao Chen stopped him: "Why don't you forget it, Dr. Wu."

I gave an old man an enema two days ago, and I thought it was okay. "Then I'll spare you, you brat." "I" hum! He lay down again with a cry: "Then what is called - Bei Pi?" "I feel that we must clarify these things.

"Skin preparation is the cleaning of the surgical area before surgery, including cleaning, shaving, and disinfection..." "What? Shaving?" "Don't yell again, like the head, armpits, especially the lower abdomen, All surgeries on the perineum require shaving." Seeing that I wanted to speak again, Dr. Wu immediately said, "Don't even think about objecting anymore. You must let Xiao Chen practice the skin preparation of the lower abdomen and perineum. You can't return it. Men and women are the same, right?" "I haven't seen what you women look like, who knows the difference." I muttered in a low voice unreasonably.

"Hey - you are still impatient. Xiao Chen will let you see what she looks like in a while." Dr. Wu laughed. Xiao Chen blushed and lowered his head.

"What about 'catheterization'?" "Don't you understand? It means inserting a thin tube into your urethra to release urine." I was horrified by this, but I couldn't find any reason to object.

Seeing that I had nothing to say, Dr. Wu called to Xiao Chen, "Let's get started. Let's practice skin preparation first." He turned around and said to me with a wicked smile: "What a pity, your poor "punch of hair" also needs to be No more!" I closed my eyes helplessly. Just leave it to fate!

First I heard the sound of a thermos bottle pouring water into the basin, and then the sound of hand towels being twisted. After a while, a hot towel was placed on my lower abdomen - the temperature of the towel was just right, quite hot but not hot - it was so comfortable. The towel stopped on my lower abdomen for a while, then slowly started to go down and back, then wiped it to the left and right; the towel was dipped in hot water again and gently wiped around my penis; it was dipped in hot water again. Then the towel was wiped between my legs.

"Spread your legs further." This was the first time Xiao Chen gave me an order, and his voice was very soft.

"Spread it wider." Because the examination bed is relatively narrow, the legs are spread too wide and the feet are outside the bed. I had to stick my knees out in a bow-legged position.

The towel was dipped in hot water again and applied to my scrotum without moving. I heard Xiao Chen using this time to stir something in a jar. I raised my head from the pillow and saw that Xiao Chen took a long-haired brush in his right hand and dipped it in the small jar. He took off the hot towel with his left hand and began to brush around my penis and scrotum. After a while, I started to get up. There was a lot of white foam. Xiao Chen put down the brush and picked up the razor.

I was shocked when I saw it. The knife was foldable. The handle was 7-8 centimeters long and the blade was 5 centimeters. It sparkled under the light.

"You won't cut me." "Don't worry, my skills are good. I have never cut a female patient when shaving her hair." She tightened my skin with the middle finger and thumb of her left hand, holding the hand in her right hand. The razor was cut about 10 centimeters above my penis and started to shave. I started to get very nervous and my belly felt tight.

Xiao Chen kept telling me to relax, and I gradually calmed down. It seemed that Xiao Chen was not bragging when he said he had good skills. After shaving twice, she wiped the blade with a disinfectant wipe. The lower abdomen was shaved quickly. My "pinch of hair" has also come to an end.

Then I shaved the hair on my scrotum. In fact, there was no hair on my scrotum yet. It was just for Xiao Chen to practice his skills and let the knife go over it.

She used the palm of her left hand to block my penis, and her fingers almost completely grasped my scrotum, tightening the skin little by little., with the action of the razor in my right hand, I shaved my entire scrotum. The last two strokes were from the back of the scrotum from near the anus to the scrotum, which made me feel so itchy and comfortable. I thought it was over, but Xiao Chen scraped a few more times between the inner side of my left thigh and my scrotum.

Suddenly there was a stinging pain, and my thigh was cut. This was what I was most worried about, but when it happened I didn't rush.

Looking at Xiao Chen's uneasy eyes, I comforted her, "It doesn't matter. It's just a practice. It's inevitable to shave a man for the first time. Just put a band-aid on it." Dr. Wu took a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide and cut it. I wiped the broken area, and then put a piece of "Bundi" on my thigh. Of course, at the same time, I can't forget to take advantage of it.

"It's okay, it's just a small cut, but the epidermis is broken and there's not much blood." Xiao Chen said, "Women don't have the dead curve at the base of their thighs, so it's easier to shave, and when they're shaving, they put their legs up so my hands can move a lot." ." "Then let me lift my legs too." I thought, I've shown you everything and still don't care about this. I want you to do this later too. As I said that, I crossed my legs and made an upright posture. Xiao Chen looked at me with grateful eyes and quickly finished shaving my right thigh. She put down the razor, got a hot towel and wiped the shaved area several times.

I raised my head and saw that my lower body was white and really beautiful. It’s just that my lifeblood only raised the flag at half-mast.

Later I heard that when shaving a man, it is best to do it when he is in a semi-excited state. If it is too hard, it is difficult to manipulate and can easily bring the man to orgasm. If it is too soft, it is difficult to operate.

Xiao Chen applied some moisturizing oil on his hands, and then rubbed it on my lower body: "After shaving, the oil on your skin will be gone and you will feel uncomfortable. Let me apply some oil for you. If it is a formal skin preparation, you cannot apply oil. , but then disinfect.

Those are the same for men and women, so there is no need to waste disinfectant. "Thank you, sister nurse, for your care." Nurses care about people better than doctors. "I said and glanced at Dr. Wu.

Doctor Wu heard that I was talking about her, so he patted my little brother back. "You'll feel better later." I quickly covered my lower abdomen with my hands and turned sideways to see what they were busy with.

Dr. Wu basically didn't do anything, only Xiao Chen was busy. She took a jar and placed it next to the bed, then picked up a transparent rubber tube with an outer diameter of about 5 mm from the trolley, inserted one end of the rubber tube into the jar, and inserted a thinner black The rubber tube is connected to the plastic switch at the other end of the clear rubber tube.

"Xiaolu, please lie down. It will hurt a little when the urinary catheter is inserted. I have to disinfect you and then use a little anesthetic. But it may not completely solve the problem. Please cooperate and support me more." Ting Xiao When Chen said this, I couldn't say anything else, so I could only act like a hero: "It doesn't matter, I can do it." In fact, what gave me strength at this time was the hope that I could see their secrets later.

Xiao Chen pushed down my foreskin again, exposing the glans. She held my penis with her left hand, and with her right hand she held tweezers and a sterile cotton ball to wipe my urethral opening and glans. My newly softened penis started to get hard again.

"You are quite sensitive." Xiao Chen said.

Before I could say anything, Dr. Wu said first: "That is the most sensitive part of a man. You can't rub it for too long, or you may lose control of it." Xiao Chen changed two cotton balls, put down the tweezers, and picked up the tweezers. A dropper sucked up some yellowish liquid and dripped it into the urethral opening. "This is an anesthetic." Xiao Chen explained to me. In order to prevent the anesthetic from flowing out, she straightened my penis without letting go. This also kept me in a semi-excited state and made me understand that it was so comfortable for my little brother to be touched by someone (of course, a woman).

Not long after I felt comfortable, pain came. Xiao Chen picked up the black rubber tube with tweezers and dipped it in the small jar of lubricant. He used three fingers of his left hand to pinch my glans and squeezed it gently. With his right hand, he aligned the black rubber tube with the urethral opening and inserted it. Go in. At first, due to the anesthetic, the urethral opening only felt swollen and not very painful. After inserting two centimeters, I felt a pin-pricking pain in my urethra. I tried my best not to scream and grabbed the edge of the bed with both hands.

The urinary catheter continues to go down. Xiao Chen told me: "Relax, didn't you say you wanted to go to the toilet? Just relax now like when you pee." I felt very painful and couldn't relax, so I had to do my best. Xiao Chen stopped the intubation and asked me to take a rest and try my best to understand the feeling of urinating.

Then I started to insert it down again, and finally I felt that the catheter broke through my sphincter defense line - there was another stinging pain at the root of my urethra, and then there was a feeling of relief in my lower abdomen - I just heard Xiao Chen say, "The urine came out at night." She said I freed my left hand to close the plastic switch to stop the urine from flowing out, inserted the catheter a short distance further, and then fixed the catheter on my penis with two pieces of tape.

"Okay!" Xiao Chen looked at my face with a smile, and then at the penis with the catheter inserted, as if he was admiring a trophy.

The catheter inserted into the urethra keeps stimulating you, and the penis is always ready for war, but cannot vent. Moreover, the urethra is always painful and very uncomfortable. I vowed never to be catheterized again in my life.

"My good sister, pull it out as soon as you're ready." I begged Xiao Chen.

She was happy: "Let your urine go out now, so you don't have to go to the toilet." She said and turned on the plastic switch.

The pressure in my bladder decreased and I took a deep breath. The urine is finished and the jar is more than half full. When Xiao Chen peeled off the tape, I felt excited again. Removing the urinary catheter is much better than inserting it, and it doesn't hurt as much.

But this catheterization made my urethra hurt for three days. It didn’t hurt all the time, but it hurt when I urinated, making it difficult to urinate.

After Xiao Chen pulled out the urinary catheter, he went out to empty the jar of urine while Dr. Wu packed up the used medical equipment.

When Xiao Chen came back, I asked, "Has my mission been completed?" None of them answered. If you ignore me, you are acquiescing, so I will get up and get dressed. They still didn't speak, cleaned up, took the basin and towel and went out.

I suddenly became nervous. It was my turn to "charge the service fee", but I was at a loss. At the same time, I also thought that they would not regret it and cheated. I need to calm down quickly and clarify my idea of "charging service fees".

I saw that the floor lamp and the trolley were still placed next to the examination bed, so I moved a chair to lean against the examination bed and placed it next to the trolley. I placed another chair in the middle of the room and turned the floor lamp around; then I sat down to examine it. Waiting for them on the chair next to the bed.

The era when I was in high school was not as open as it is now, and there were very few channels for disseminating knowledge about men and women.

The "Physiological Hygiene" class taught in school does not talk about the reproductive system, so boys and girls have nowhere to satisfy their curiosity about the opposite sex. And I am relatively introverted, so I bury my curiosity deep in my heart. I never dreamed that I would have such an opportunity today.

After about ten minutes, they finally came back. Still not talking, they each put down their things and sat on the edge of the bed. Xiao Chen rubbed the sheets unnaturally with his hands; Dr. Wu folded his arms and lowered his head. I couldn't help it anymore, and I mustered up the courage to say: "Now it's your turn to pay the service fee. Should you pay it separately or together?" I wanted to be more forceful, but the words still came out. Trembling and soft. Dr. Wu couldn't help laughing, and Xiao Chen also laughed.

Dr. Wu said: "You performed well just now, and Xiao Chen and I have kept our promises. In fact, when we were in school, we also exchanged models with male classmates, and you are more than ten years younger than me, so I am fine. Xiao Chen has never experienced this. You are a few years older and a little shy. So I accompanied her and we came together. Xiaolu, you don’t know anything, so I’ll take charge. You can also make requests.” I really didn’t know what to do, so I just went with the flow and said: “Okay. Okay, but first you have to take off one piece of clothing and stop for a while. Let’s get started!” I ordered the next time.

They each changed into slippers. Doctor Wu stood up first and glanced at Xiao Chen, who also stood up. Dr. Wu (hereinafter referred to as Wu) pulled the hem of the white T-shirt out of the waistband of the skirt, then turned his hands upward, first took off his arms, and then took off the T-shirt over his head. During the process of taking it off, I saw that Wu’s armpit hair was very thick. Wu's breasts were plump, and her bra was white and thin, with her protruding brown nipples vaguely visible. My throat feels dry.

Xiao Chen unbuttoned the nurse's uniform slowly. Wu finished unbuttoning her clothes and when I turned my eyes to her, she happened to unbutton the last button. When she took off her nurse's uniform, her upper body was directly exposed to her bra, which was light yellow in color. Perhaps because her breasts were small, she intentionally wore a bra with sea cushions.

(It needs to be stated: I was young at the time and didn’t understand anything. Now that I recall it, I use today’s terms for the convenience of narration. The same below.) When Wu saw Xiao Chen finished taking off her bra, she started to take off her bra, and Xiao Chen also took off her bra at the same time. I don’t know who to look at with my eyes.

Wu's breasts were indeed plump. After taking off her bra, her breasts saggled a little, but her nipples were upturned. Xiao Chen's breasts were not big, like a small bowl buckled on her chest, and they did not sag even after she took off her bra. Her nipples were pink. I swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva in a row.

Xiao Chen realized that I was looking at her, and hurriedly hugged her chest with her hands, blushing to her ears. I turned to look at Wu. She understood what I meant and started to unbutton her skirt. Xiao Chen had no choice but to let go and start unbuttoning his white cropped pants.

I kept staring at Xiao Chen. When I took off my pants, I first took off one leg and then the other leg. I couldn't stand still. I jumped twice on one foot. Because I was half-bent, my completely loose breasts started to tremble. It was really shocking. Saw tachycardia.

Xiao Chen's underwear was also light yellow, a regular one, relatively conservative, but it covered her buttocks tightly. I turned to look at Wu, and my eyes suddenly burst into flames: She also wore a pair of flat pants under her skirt. She was wearing cloth shorts, but she was very conscious and took them off too. Wu was wearing a pair of low-waisted, narrow-hem, light blue, translucent briefs. The waistband is 15 centimeters below the navel, and the width on both sides of the crotch is only 2 centimeters. The middle of the briefs is obviously a different color from the two sides, and a few hairs are vaguely exposed from the sides of the pants.

My lower body responded immediately, and my breathing changed rhythm. The hands couldn't help but pinch each other. Wu noticed my reaction and covered her belly with her hands. I looked up at her and her face turned red. I tried to adjust my breathing and looked at them both in turn. They seemed to be stunned. Xiao Chen folded his hands on his chest and lowered his head. Wu crossed his hands on his lower abdomen and looked at Xiao Chen. He didn't move for a long time. I suddenly remembered, didn’t I say that Xiao Chen would not take off his shirt? Did she forget? Who's stripping down next?

I took another deep breath and said, "Doctor Wu, go ahead." Dr. Wu no longer had the fearless look at the beginning. I saw her take a deep breath, then bit her lip and walked to Xiao Chen's side. , pulled Xiao Chen a few steps closer to me and said: "Xiao Chen just said that she was embarrassed to take off her lower body alone, so I said to accompany her. Then she said that we should take off together. It is cheaper. I'm sorry for you." Dr. Wu's last words made her return to normal. I kept staring at Wu's lower body while she was talking.

As I got closer, I did see the thick hair in the transparent briefs.

I was very surprised. I didn't expect that women also have hair there, and it's so thick. I thought only men had hair there. When Xiao Chen said he was shaving female patients, I thought he was just shaving her hair. I’ve seen hair under a woman’s armpits while swimming, and I was shocked to see the hair under a woman’s lower body. At that time, the penis was so hard that it almost erupted.

When Dr. Wu saw that I was silent, he signaled to Xiao Chen, turned around, hooked both sides of the briefs with his thumbs, and pulled them down. She took off her panties from under her feet, took a step forward and placed them on the bed, then stepped back:

"Let you admire a woman's back first." Wu was completely naked, and Xiao Chen followed Wu's example and also took off his clothes. Looking at the naked backs of the two beauties, the sexual response that had just been high suddenly cooled down. What I felt was a beautiful shock.

Wu's shoulders are relatively flat, almost as wide as his hips. From his armpits to his waist, he has an inverted trapezoid shape. The two hypotenuses are almost straight lines. When he gets close to his waist, he begins to turn into a pair of hyperbola with the spine as the axis of symmetry. It forms two small arcs that are curved in opposite directions; the two legs are straight together, with only a little gap at the junction of the thighs, below the knee joint, and at the ankle. In other parts, the two legs can be close together. The buttocks are plump.

Xiao Chen's shoulders are a bit sloppy, and her shoulders and hips are not as wide as Wu's. Her waist is so thin that it can be pinched with both hands, and she is one size smaller than Wu. But her curves are softer. Xiao Chen's face is round and I think she is quite fat, but in fact She is not fat; especially Xiao Chen's skin is much whiter than Wu's. The gap between her legs is relatively large, and her buttocks are not as upturned as Wu's. Therefore, the middle groin of her buttocks, the folds under her buttocks, and the inner edge of her thighs together form the word "Jie". The bifurcation of the word "Jie" can still be seen. A small inverted M shape.

I was stunned. "Do you want us to turn around?" Wu asked me.

"Oh, no, no, um - turn around!" I tried to remember what I had just thought when I was waiting for them to come back.

"You have quite an idea." Wu said while turning around. Since there was no unified password, they turned to face each other.

Xiao Chen did not turn 90 degrees, but also subconsciously covered his vital parts with his hands. Wu grabbed Xiao Chen's hands with his own. The two of them, one positive S and one reverse S, form an incompletely symmetrical vase shape. The only fly in the ointment was that I felt their holding each other's hands was a bit in the way. He had an idea and said, "Put your hands on your head. I remember Dr. Wu asked me to do this when he gave me a physical examination." "Xiaolu, I'm really convinced by you." Wu glared at me and let go of Xiaolu. Chen's hand lifted the arm.

Xiao Chen had no choice but to follow suit. This action makes their breasts stand out and their S-shaped curves become more beautiful. Those two nipples are like crystal grapes, making people salivate. But what attracts the most attention is the obvious black on the white skin-the hair under the arms. Wu's armpit hair is dark and dense, and the entire hairy part of his arm is nearly 20 centimeters long; Xiao Chen's armpit hair is also dark, but only concentrated in the armpits.

They stood sideways for about two minutes before Wu put down his arms and turned around on his own initiative, and pulled Xiao Chen to ask her to turn around too. I finally faced two naked women, and my blood boiled immediately. The younger brother who had restrained himself was ready to move again. My eyes were like camera lenses, scanning from their heads and faces to their legs and feet. I felt that every blink of an eye was a waste of time.

Wu's eyes looked at me without hesitation and she smiled slightly, making me even more embarrassed than she was. I avoided her eyes and turned to look at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen is far less free and easy than Wu and is very shy. My hands always wanted to cover the vital parts but felt that they shouldn't, so I repeated it up and down several times, and finally made up my mind to carry it behind my back. She stood with her head lowered like a primary school student who had made a mistake.

I scanned Xiao Chen's naked body, not wanting to lose every inch of her skin. Of course, what attracts me most is the mysterious triangle. Xiao Chen's pubic hair is black and shiny, but it is mainly concentrated in the middle. It is not an inverted triangle but a rectangle. The hair is very straight and upward, very neat. Xiao Chen noticed that I was staring at her, and her face turned red like rouge. Even my neck and chest were red, and my legs were shaking a little. Suddenly, Xiao Chen turned around to the bedside, picked up the nurse's uniform, wrapped it around him, lowered his head and sat down.

Wu and I looked at each other and said nothing. I continued to admire Wu's naked body. Wu is very strong and athletic, and you can even vaguely see the outline of his abdominal muscles. Wu's pubic hair is in the shape of a typical inverted triangle, and the hair is curly and thick. If Xiao Chen’s hair could be calledFor beauty, then Wu's is sexy.

I looked into Wu's eyes and said, "Come closer to me." Wu walked up to me and her legs were already on my knees. I pointed to the breasts in front of me and said, "I want to touch them." Wu nodded and held my shoulders with both hands.

I raised my right hand and first pressed the area a little above her left nipple with the three middle fingers. It was soft and elastic; then I pressed the entire palm of my hand. My palms were not enough to cover her entire breast. I pinched it gently with my thumb and ring finger, and the palm of my hand was right on the nipple.

I pressed her right breast with my left hand in the same way as my right hand, and pushed her breast upwards with both hands at the same time, as if to test the weight - it was heavy; then at the same time, I pressed it, kneaded it, and rubbed it gently with my palms. nipple.

I felt Wu's breathing quicken, and the breath he exhaled went straight to the top of my head.

Her hand on my shoulder moved to the back of my neck, and then to the back of my head; suddenly, with a strong push of both hands, she pressed my face between her breasts, and I smelled her body fragrance... But only In just a few seconds, she immediately pushed me away.

"Are you done?!" Wu exclaimed very artificially, then turned around to look at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen still lowered her head. I knew she was performing for Xiao Chen. She walked over and the two of them whispered.

I waited for a while and said, "I haven't seen you bend down yet!" I was incoherent, but Wu certainly understood what I meant.

"Okay, since I promised you, I will do it to the end. I don't want to leave a bad reputation for not keeping my word. I will show you a standard posture. Xiao Chen, you tell him." Wu stood up next to Xiao Chen and said, He turned around and knelt beside the bed, spreading his knees to both sides and bending down.

Wu's upper body was completely invisible from where I sat. I could only see a round buttocks, upright thighs and two soles of his feet. Due to the distance, only a dark one was visible between her legs. I stood up and walked over with a chair in one hand and a floor lamp in the other.

Only then did I see that Wu did not support his upper body with his hands or elbows, but turned his head sideways and pressed against the bed. His hands were bent on both sides of his head, and even his shoulders and breasts were touching the bed. This posture makes the waist rest, the back forms a reverse arc, and the buttocks become the highest point of the body.

Xiao Chen felt embarrassed when she saw Wu's posture, so she had to quickly explain: "This is the standard knee-chest position, mainly used for anoscopy and perineal surgery." I looked at the light and sat down. After the first part of the baptism, I started to calm down. Wu's position gave her private parts a clear view: Wu's pubic hair grew from the front to around the anus, giving people an obscene sensory impact, and my lower part suddenly became extremely hard. I had to clamp my legs together and lean my upper body forward so that I was closer to Wu's butt.

This was the first time I saw the human anus with my own eyes. In fact, it was very ordinary. It was just a hole with a circle of radiating wrinkles on the outer edge. Because she was rarely seen - not to herself, not to others - it aroused people's curiosity. It was a shame to be seen by others, but there was a sense of satisfaction in seeing someone else's anus.

The hair below Wu's anus (in front) is thicker, but two protruding caruncles and a tight flesh slit can still be clearly seen. The two hairy caruncles were more protruding than the thighs on both sides. "I want to touch it, is that okay?" I asked in accordance with the regulations.

"Xiao Chen, bring a finger cot and lubricant to Xiao Lu." Wu agreed.

I gently played with Wu’s pubic hair, and she moved. I used my thumbs and index fingers to separate the slit. As soon as I saw a little pink, Wu immediately clamped his legs and his anus shrank. Wu shouted:

"Don't open it and look!" I had no choice but to retract my hand.

Xiao Wu came back with a thin plastic sheet and a small can. She had already put on the nurse's uniform. Since the nurse's uniform was of good quality, she could still vaguely see three dark spots on her body. The piece of plastic she held turned out to be a single finger cot. She taught me how to put it on my middle finger and let me dip it in a small jar of lubricant.

I raised my finger and touched Wu's anus directly. I also followed her example and massaged the outside of the anus a few times and then pushed it in. There was no resistance for the first centimeter. Then there is a very tight ring. When you insert it, it is like wearing a rubber band on your finger. When you go in, it becomes very open. I also turned my hand and touched the four walls of her rectum. I heard Wu snort, and his breathing seemed to be a little short, so I pulled back my fingers.

"First, don't - pull it out, then touch the inside - near the anus. Then, while pumping - turn it around and touch it." Wu said with some panting.

When she said that, I had already pulled my finger out, and immediately inserted it again after hearing what she said. Wu said "Oh!" again and said, "Tell me if you find anything." I turned and touched as she said: "There is a small bump on the left side near the tight ring." "That's it." It's a hemorrhoid, please massage it for me." I pressed the mung bean-sized pimple with the pads of my fingers and pressed it around. I heard Wu Zai's hissing breath, and then he increased his intensity.

After more than a minute, Wu said: "Okay - come out - come out." I reluctantly took out my finger.

Wu straightened up, and I quickly stood up, otherwise Wu's butt would hit my face.

Wu got out of bed, turned around and glanced at me without saying a word, her face was red. Wu started to get dressed, putting on briefs first. The pants were very tight, so she lifted them up little by little. When she was in position, she raised her head, saw me staring at her, and immediately said: "I haven't seen enough yet!" I was stunned for a moment, turned away and muttered: " You haven't laid down on the bed for me to watch yet." Wu said while putting on a bra: "Yes, yes, Xiao Chen will lie on the bed for you to watch." "Xiao Chen, it's your turn." Wu said to Xiao Chen .

When Xiao Chen heard what Dr. Wu said, he seemed to realize that it was time for him to dedicate himself. She took a breath and unbuttoned the nurse's uniform, but lay down on the bed without taking it off. Wu stood by the bed wearing only a bra and briefs, and directed Xiao Chen to bend his legs and spread them apart. He asked me to sit at Xiao Chen's feet and block Xiao Chen's feet so that he could not straighten his legs.

In this way, when I turned around, I could clearly see the secret between Xiao Chen's legs.

In order to see more clearly, I turned sideways, supported my upper body on my elbows, and put my head between Xiao Chen's knees, almost in a semi-lying position.

Wu bent down and saw that Xiao Chen always wanted to put his legs together, so he pushed Xiao Chen's knees to both sides. But it still didn't work, so Wu simply lifted Xiao Chen's right leg and blocked it with his own body, and then asked me to push Xiao Chen's left knee with my hand. I didn't waste a second in this process, I kept staring at Xiao Chen's legs.

Xiao Chen’s pubic hair only grows on his lower abdomen. There are only a few scattered hairs on both sides of the flesh slit. As the legs were separated, the slit gradually opened, and I saw two thin brown caruncles in the slit. Two centimeters below the flesh slit is the anus. Probably because the legs were spread apart and stimulated by the air, the anal folds expanded and contracted twice. It was really interesting.

When Xiao Chen saw his posture, he turned his face toward the wall in embarrassment and covered his eyes with his arms.

Wu may have felt embarrassed in front of Xiao Chen because of her two gaffes just now (putting my face on her chest and asking me to massage her anus). Moreover, all this happened today was entirely for Xiao Chen, so she also wanted to tease her. Xiao Chen, let Xiao Chen assume such an open posture.

Wu pointed to Xiao Chen's pubic hair with his left hand and said: "This part is called the mons pubis, with pubic hair growing on it; and the labia majora below it also grows pubic hair." "You have a lot of pubic hair there." I lost no time in saying.

Wu hit me casually and continued: "The subcutaneous fat here is rich, so it is very elastic." Wu used the thumb and index finger of his left hand to separate the slightly opened labia majora, and pointed inside with his right hand: "There is also the labia minora inside. The labia are rich in nerves and relatively sensitive, somewhat like the skin of the male scrotum."

Wu then used both hands to widely separate Xiao Chen's labia majora and minora, allowing me to see the parts that only my husband and gynecologists could see. After the labia minora were separated, the fresh pink color was revealed inside. There were two obvious holes, one upper and one lower, one small and one large. The small holes are round, and the slightly larger holes are actually about the thickness of a little finger and have irregular shapes. Doctor Wu explained: "The small hole on the top is the urethral opening, and the lower part is the vaginal opening. When a woman gives birth, the baby is born from the lower part." "Ah--? How can you give birth to such a small child?" I exclaimed in surprise.

Dr. Wu said with a smile: "You may think it is small, but in fact it is very elastic and can expand dozens of times than it is now. Also, Xiao Chen is not married yet. After getting married, the thin film around the small hole called the hymen will crack. , it will look bigger." "Why does the hole get bigger after getting married?" - I was just a "two hundred and fifty" at that time.

Wu didn't expect me to be so stupid, and said angrily: "Put that hard thing underneath you in and it will get bigger!" I stopped talking, my penis swelled again, and I quickly clamped my legs together Tight, from sideways to semi-prone.

I carefully observed the opening of the urethra. I had guessed how women pee before, but I didn’t expect that the opening of the female urethra was hidden so secretly. You shouldn't get it everywhere when you pee. I didn't dare to ask again.

Dr. Wu picked up Xiao Chen's labia and continued: "There is something similar to a male penis at the intersection of the labia minora called the clitoris." As he spoke, Wu used his right hand to show it to me. I saw Jing Wu’s push, and a red bean-sized, pink, bright flesh was exposed under a circle of soft skin. Wu touched the meat with his fingers. Xiao Chen's whole body trembled, and there was a simultaneous spasm between his legs, vagina and anus.

Wu did not let go. Xiao Chen grabbed Wu's fingers with one hand to prevent Wu from touching, and whispered: "Don't touch here." "What, can't stand it anymore? When you disinfected Xiaolu's penis, he This is how it feels, the first time you disinfected it five times. You should experience it a little bit." Wu said with a smile, while taking Xiao Chen's hand away and continuing to press the clitoris.

As Wu pressed, Xiao Chen shook his head and gasped for air, and his anus area struggled. Wu didn't stop until he saw some white liquid flowing out from near Xiao Chen's vagina. Said: "This is the most sensitive organ of women. What Xiao Chen feels now should be the same as what you just felt." - I understand.

Wu took a piece of toilet paper and wiped Xiao Chen. I saw that the "red bean" turned into a "soybean". He said, "I want to touch it." Wu glanced at Xiao Chen and saw that Xiao Chen was covering his eyes with his arm and not speaking, so he took my hand and let my index and middle fingers touch Xiao Chen's pubic hair and labia majora. . Xiao Chen's pubic hair is much softer than Wu's. As Wu just said, this place is really flexible and feels great. Then Wu grabbed my hand and used my index finger to dip my index finger into the liquid secreted by Xiao Chen's vagina, and then pressed it on the "bean".

Xiao Chen immediately trembled all over, and the muscles in his anus and between his legs spasmed. I took the time to rub the "bean grain" with my index finger. It was hard and very elastic. Xiao Chen no longer bothered to shield his eyes, he pushed us away with both hands and covered his lower body. We had no choice but to give up.

Wu talked about the perineum again, and asked Xiao Chen to hold her legs by herself, so that I could carefully observe the anus again, and then let Xiao Chen get up and get dressed.

I reluctantly stood up and sat back on the chair, seizing the last chance to enjoy the two beauties' dressing show.

Physical Examination Record (Postscript) This physical examination experience in high school is something I will never forget. It was a popular, vivid and profound sex education for me. Such an opportunity may be unprecedented. It has and will definitely give me a lifetime of sexual blessing and happiness.

It was already 8:30 pm when the "physical examination" ended that day, and the three of us went to dinner together. I was still a middle school student, so of course it was the two of them who treated me. Xiao Chen remained silent during the meal, probably still immersed in the embarrassing situation just now. Dr. Wu was still active, and she almost did all the talking.

From the conversation at the table, I learned the following information:

1. Wu is a master's degree graduate from a military medical university in the south. He was assigned to an armed police hospital in Beijing last year and is an active soldier. (No wonder the quilt on the bed is made of tofu, and she wears a pair of flat green shorts under her skirt, and her body is so toned).

2. This time I came to the university to support the physical examination of freshmen, and also to have more practical opportunities. Since the Armed Police Hospital mainly serves soldiers, and men account for the majority, it is even more important to be proficient in men's unique physiology and pathology. So take part in the examination of boys during the physical examination. The reason for the deployment of female nurses is that there are currently no male nurses in the school hospital.

3. Xiao Chen’s father is in the armed police force, so Wu takes special care of Xiao Chen.

4. During the physical examination for freshmen, Wu examined nearly 40 boys in total; later, some male students had objections to the physical examination by the female doctor, and Wu participated in the physical examination of the girls on the last day. I was the last boy she checked.

5. Although there are many male patients in the Armed Police Hospital, it is impossible to perform examinations such as prostate massage. Instead, specialized doctors do it. So she was very grateful to me for giving her this opportunity. Xiao Chen may have this opportunity once in his life.

Because Dr. Wu and Nurse Xiao Chen and I met in "chicheng", we became good friends from then on. My parents were transferred to the northwest for work, and I lived on campus. I often went to visit them on weekends. I learned a lot of medical knowledge from Dr. Wu and heard a lot of interesting stories. When I was sick, because Xiao Chen was in the school hospital, I got a lot of convenience and received a lot of care.

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